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We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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21-Yan, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 383
KealyHD 8 oy oldin
Was so crazy meeting you guys in Dublin! Gotta get myself over to LA and do a trip like that myself 🙌🏽 Welcome back anytime 😄
Robert Farrell
Robert Farrell 26 kun oldin
FistMeChipsa It’s the 40 foot
oxenford billy
sooo lucky your so kind for doing that!! good on you
WhoaItsFelix _
WhoaItsFelix _ 2 oy oldin
KealyHD u met them in Ohio ? I live there omg
miki jovanovic
miki jovanovic 2 oy oldin
Yes Theory come to Balkan and then have this kind of stuff, you will be amazed. I believe it was very hard but video and idea is just huuuge....big like
xxx Lifeo
xxx Lifeo 2 oy oldin
KealyHD Awww am in Javan ._.
xSlurp Gaming
xSlurp Gaming 11 soat oldin
Go to Washington
Justine James
Justine James 19 soat oldin
I love this!!
Evan Lynch
Evan Lynch Kun oldin
I live in Ireland
xxxtentacion my hero
This is great, yall should do it again
juan vera
juan vera 3 kun oldin
Good video but. oobah butler did it first.
jamesebisrael 4 kun oldin
Chris Cardenas
Chris Cardenas 5 kun oldin
Can someone please explain how they made money on this? The video isn’t at least 10 minutes and there’s no ads or sponsored material.
NarwhalsXD 5 kun oldin
Go to sweden
ItZ Danskit
ItZ Danskit 5 kun oldin
Ryanair Lol
STRAKOSHA Aviation 7 kun oldin
5:04 ah good old hard ryanair lading
miguel madureira
miguel madureira 7 kun oldin
Wait you guys already did Japan I just remembered and yeah oof
miguel madureira
miguel madureira 7 kun oldin
And of course you must go to Brazil
miguel madureira
miguel madureira 7 kun oldin
Any assaria country they are th friendliest well of course except for North Korea
miguel madureira
miguel madureira 7 kun oldin
Or Philippines
miguel madureira
miguel madureira 7 kun oldin
Yes theory goes to japan
Alex Ferrari
Alex Ferrari 7 kun oldin
I have my ear pierced with a hoop I’m 12 too and male what’s wrong with it
Bhavay Nagpal
Bhavay Nagpal 7 kun oldin
This is the Bestest channel on UZvid. I fuckin love you guys so much. Thanks for inspiring us all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Gaming Tm
The Gaming Tm 8 kun oldin
2:27 u should have gotten a tattoo at ur armpit so no one can see
Xlos Ksor
Xlos Ksor 8 kun oldin
Yes theory I challenge u to write ur own song and make it a big hit
Robert Kite
Robert Kite 9 kun oldin
How much money do you guys have to afford all this?
易城震 9 kun oldin
I challange you guys come to south east asia and have this challange at south east asia. Because the people in asia is more shy, so it's gonna be a challange......
Vaibhav Codian
Vaibhav Codian 9 kun oldin
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Monjurul Huq Eamin
Monjurul Huq Eamin 10 kun oldin
This does put a smile on my face :) You guys are amzing!
IRENA VARGA 13 kun oldin
Come to Cork pleeeeeeaaaassss :) Or Portugal,Lisbon for my birthday :)))))
Its Fenna
Its Fenna 14 kun oldin
It was uploaded on my bday
George  Silva
George Silva 15 kun oldin
Come to Sun Valley Idaho
Glenn Campbell
Glenn Campbell 15 kun oldin
I live in Ireland
Sarah May
Sarah May 15 kun oldin
Henry Towne
Henry Towne 16 kun oldin
Part 2
xExotic Plays
xExotic Plays 16 kun oldin
Dylan Cantwell
Dylan Cantwell 17 kun oldin
Do this again
AaronThicc 17 kun oldin
One side of ear ring is the symbol of gay. Do both side if you are not gay
Catherine Collins
Catherine Collins 17 kun oldin
U guys are mad crazy,i love it!😂😂😂😂💯💯🔥
FazeLuke Official:
FazeLuke Official: 19 kun oldin
Come to South Africa 🇿🇦
Lonely Panda
Lonely Panda 19 kun oldin
Equestrian Aspect
Equestrian Aspect 19 kun oldin
are u guys just fluent in every language 😂
Valencia D.P
Valencia D.P 19 kun oldin
Come To Bali guys !! Is my Honor to show you Bali island !! 💙 . Respect all your done works all ! Good luck .!
BlackBellTenCat 20 kun oldin
Wait Ireland ???? 😍😍😍 Yey mah country xD
Dancing in the 80s
Dancing in the 80s 20 kun oldin
You guys need to come visit Portland Oregon!
Rishi Cassim
Rishi Cassim 20 kun oldin
I dare you guys to make it on Ellen's show. You all belong there Like if you agree
Izaiah Klein
Izaiah Klein 20 kun oldin
It's really easy to gain a lot of F0LL0WERS daily.. I use --- *INSTASPEEDY. COM*
Rachael Shay
Rachael Shay 21 kun oldin
I love thissss
Ch33s3puffl0ver 22 kun oldin
Centerville Ohio!!! Much love yes theory you guys r amazingb
A T 22 kun oldin
Way better than the movie "nerve"
Sports Montage Vids
Sports Montage Vids 22 kun oldin
Do a one in South Kore
Teodora Terzieva
Teodora Terzieva 25 kun oldin
Bulgaria :)
Valentino27 26 kun oldin
Coolest video ever in UZvid ..im gonna subscribe now.. Wow you guys are amazing
Pandavap 28 kun oldin
You guys are insane... don't stop.
He’s gonna have soooo many stories to tell his grandkids
Essence Kymatic
Essence Kymatic 29 kun oldin
I just love you and your channel so much. I hope I can somehow maybe meet with you in this life or in other.
James Knudsen
James Knudsen Oy oldin
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Lurline McCullough
you should try muchfy.com
Eveline Bechtelar
by using muchfy.com you can become famous on IG instantly
sufi gamer2437
sufi gamer2437 5 kun oldin
*Stop scamming*
Diana Lesch
Diana Lesch Oy oldin
wow muchfy.com got me like 20k followers in no time
sufi gamer2437
sufi gamer2437 5 kun oldin
*Stop scamming people*
92Dups 7 kun oldin
Raul Miller
Raul Miller Oy oldin
don’t waste ur time and use muchfy.com
Maurine Boyle
Maurine Boyle Oy oldin
why waste time when muchfy.com can do this for a few bucks
Paul John Mudlong
Hi guys!! :) go here in the Philippines! avid fan here! ill tour you around! LOL.
Title Here Wuzz
This is why I love yes theory
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Oy oldin
They need to come to the usa
Luke Bennie
Luke Bennie Oy oldin
Come to Australia🇦🇺 don’t say why
Stinger254 Oy oldin
Come to Nairobi, Kenya and take a safari.
Wolf boy plays
I find it funny the way they jumped into the irish sea the way i do and the way i do in wexford too omfg!!!! I love u guys hope u visit again
Wolf boy plays
I cant believe u were in dublin my county in my country u were 30 mins away omg i cant believe it
celine b
celine b Oy oldin
can u come to lebanon
Madge Lyke
Madge Lyke Oy oldin
don’t waste ur time and use muchfollowers.com
Cory Samoila
Cory Samoila Oy oldin
Fly around the Earth from the north pole to the south pole then back "up" to the north again... I bet you cannot do that.
Domz08 08
Domz08 08 Oy oldin
I'm from Ireland
Kate Gerdena
Kate Gerdena Oy oldin
You should go to Latvia ! The one beautiful place you haven’t been to ! It’s amaizing, small, and full of breath taking places !
This is so neat! Going on an adventure while having no idea where your actually going... huh neat
Boogie bomb master
Can u do something in Canada 🇨🇦 pls
Triple J Brothers YAP
Yow Guys!! Your Channel was so Great!! I love your Videos Guys!! Keep it up!!👍💪💪
M -
M - Oy oldin
You look like Q-Tip
Gráinne Oflynn
Hon Ireland
Major Ramen Vlogz
This challenge was way too fun to watch, I can only imagine
Ezzy G
Ezzy G Oy oldin
fida hussain
fida hussain Oy oldin
So much content but very short videos ; more details
Seboom339 Oy oldin
The 1.3k people that disliked it are stupid
abhishek das
abhishek das Oy oldin
This is fucking cool subscribed
Kristers Lv-Rus
HOOLYY TRAVEL TO Riga its very beautiful here.
ImCrapAtGamez Oy oldin
WOWWWWW i was baptized there in the place u went in the sea its called the Forty Foot
Neo Oy oldin
This is crazy😆
iSkrillzz Oy oldin
Never thought I’d have my favourite youtubers, in Ireland. Not many people appreciate this country, the only reason they do is because of Conor McGregor.
13x.pringles Oy oldin
You guys should come to Australia!!
enes direk
enes direk Oy oldin
What was this kinda video called ? Oh yea quality content something a lot of UZvidrs are lacking
Fortnite Br
Fortnite Br Oy oldin
In Quebec City, it can go to -40°C... btw I love u guys
Bilal Mahmood
Bilal Mahmood Oy oldin
The thing I love about this channel is that the videos are genuine and you guys genuinely have an amazing time doing this If I had the chance to be part of any UZvid channel it would be this
akshay tilkam
akshay tilkam Oy oldin
These guys are underrated, Manh!!!
3:09 you just got friend zoned
Brady McCusker
You should come to philadelphia
Can u go to Indonesia?
KK 2
KK 2 Oy oldin
I live in ireland
Jz Music
Jz Music Oy oldin
Come to Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺!!
Ciara _cc
Ciara _cc Oy oldin
Florin H.
Florin H. Oy oldin
Hey Guys, I just subscribed to your Newsletter. I thought it would be very cool if you did a WhatsApp Newsletter too. Because I'm sure you will just share great, helpful stuff. Just think about it :)
Abhinam Shrestha
The girls that picked them up in the car looked like the girls from Kyoukai No Kanata
It’s Sophia Not Sofia
Oh my god, life goals? Like, you get to travel anywhere, I guess the adrenaline rush is just amazing seeing that complete strangers control your day
Chris Dunham
Chris Dunham Oy oldin
I need longer videos!!!!
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed Oy oldin
These people have the greatest life in time.
Vijay Patil
Vijay Patil Oy oldin