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We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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21-Yan, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 329
KealyHD 6 oy oldin
Was so crazy meeting you guys in Dublin! Gotta get myself over to LA and do a trip like that myself 🙌🏽 Welcome back anytime 😄
WhoaItsFelix _
WhoaItsFelix _ 12 kun oldin
KealyHD u met them in Ohio ? I live there omg
miki jovanovic
miki jovanovic 13 kun oldin
Yes Theory come to Balkan and then have this kind of stuff, you will be amazed. I believe it was very hard but video and idea is just huuuge....big like
xxx Lifeo
xxx Lifeo 18 kun oldin
KealyHD Awww am in Javan ._.
Destruction Kingdom
Destruction Kingdom 19 kun oldin
LAX is what u went to?
Reny Bowen
Reny Bowen 20 kun oldin
KealyHD %
Victoria Abel
Victoria Abel Soat oldin
This is fucking amazing
FlameFalcon 4 soat oldin
Where are you? Why no videos
RTK Vids
RTK Vids 11 soat oldin
I live in Dublin did you jump off the forty foot
Emer vlogs Minecraft
Omg to late but my friend would if helping we live you guys
Alex Cava
Alex Cava Kun oldin
The next you go place is philippines
Kiera Scanlan
Kiera Scanlan 2 kun oldin
Love this do it in london!
Roblox the lonely oof
wow... 667 miles
Ella Madzarevic
Ella Madzarevic 2 kun oldin
Throw an arrow on the whole earthmap!
Lain M
Lain M 2 kun oldin
but what was the tattoo?
Max02 Ub
Max02 Ub 3 kun oldin
You Can not swim with a tatto
Sage 3 kun oldin
Lol this is like that movie nerve with less death lol
Ata Akpınar
Ata Akpınar 3 kun oldin
Come to Turkey, Istanbul sometime. It will be very cheap and very exciting experiment for you.
Sky Sky
Sky Sky 3 kun oldin
Please travel to Czech Republic :) PRAGUE is beauty :)))
keano salvador
keano salvador 3 kun oldin
Try to travel here at Philippines! :)
M Miller
M Miller 4 kun oldin
3:08 .... did you ever get that high five?
Jomarc Cala
Jomarc Cala 4 kun oldin
try going to ASIA man!!
Beastmode Pie
Beastmode Pie 5 kun oldin
Im from Ireland its always raining
Alicia Murtagh
Alicia Murtagh 5 kun oldin
I'm Irish and I live in north Dublin it's a cool place
Sajiv Shah
Sajiv Shah 5 kun oldin
where do you guys get money (other than youtube income) for your crazy videos like the air bnb for strangers?
isabella koptik
isabella koptik 6 kun oldin
i want to live like this
Eemil Luukkainen
Eemil Luukkainen 6 kun oldin
Two videos and already subscribed
judyboyyt 7 kun oldin
It's insane the you guys get it done when you need it... ppl that follow you hook you up! Awesome.
Name It For Me
Name It For Me 8 kun oldin
Tiger 09
Tiger 09 9 kun oldin
Next time go to South Korea
DarkWorldOrder 9 kun oldin
Why is everyone in irland american 😂
Oilerpa 9 kun oldin
Shoulda got name and number of tattoo artist
Robert Camacho
Robert Camacho 10 kun oldin
Just discovered Yes Theory... Love the channel.. Dope videos.. I don't know how someone can say no to them.. I'd say Yes to any adventure they were to try and get me on
L O 10 kun oldin
🚨video idea!!! 🚨what if you went to the airport and asked one of the employees to book you a flight to somewhere of their choice and you fly there?!? you could try make the destination unknown for as long as possible by wearing headphones, having someone guide you etc... LIKE THIS SO THEY CAN SEE🤪
Nico Sivelle
Nico Sivelle 11 kun oldin
Il parle hyper bien français
Øreo MCPE 11 kun oldin
*xd* -XD-
Sonic Farts
Sonic Farts 11 kun oldin
Y do people always go to Dublin why not Cork wexford Waterford and or mayo or sligo
Sean CRONIN 12 kun oldin
Common, you visited my two countries
WhoaItsFelix _
WhoaItsFelix _ 12 kun oldin
Why do u stop making vids
Martin de Boutray
Martin de Boutray 13 kun oldin
Les mecs ! Vous habitez à une station de RER A de chez moi ! C'est trop stylé ! Continuez, vous déchirez !
CrypticSpoon 13 kun oldin
Wish u knew you were in ireland
The I n D Girls
The I n D Girls 13 kun oldin
Y’all should come to Arkansas
Emily Chu
Emily Chu 14 kun oldin
Just amazing!!!!
Ronald Riley
Ronald Riley 14 kun oldin
i get my followers from instafollowersbay.com
Lynda Samples
Lynda Samples 14 kun oldin
you so right but instafollowersbay.com is far better
Albert Ball
Albert Ball 14 kun oldin
instafollowersbay.com is the best website to get followers
Terri Lawrence
Terri Lawrence 14 kun oldin
yea but I would recommend instafollowersbay.com over that
Heather Fernandez
Heather Fernandez 14 kun oldin
i always use instafollowersbay.com
mark ketcham
mark ketcham 14 kun oldin
don’t be cheap and get them from instafollowersbay.com
Carmen Jennings
Carmen Jennings 14 kun oldin
why are you so lame, just use instafollowersbay.com
William Montgomery
William Montgomery 14 kun oldin
man just use instafollowersbay.com
Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans 14 kun oldin
nah, don’t waste your time and use instafollowersbay.com instead
David Gray
David Gray 14 kun oldin
you so right but instafollowersbay.com is far better
Ann Foster
Ann Foster 14 kun oldin
i always use instafollowersbay.com
Robert Mosby
Robert Mosby 14 kun oldin
instafollowersbay.com holy shit is the best place to get follows
Jon Pickell
Jon Pickell 14 kun oldin
instafollowersbay.com is so damn awesome, got me like 10k follows in 5 minutes
Gary Rogers
Gary Rogers 14 kun oldin
instafollowersbay.com is the best place to make your instagram famous
David Moreno
David Moreno 14 kun oldin
instafollowersbay.com is the best website to get followers
Elliot JT12
Elliot JT12 15 kun oldin
Ay I live in dublin
Mark Brian
Mark Brian 15 kun oldin
Lucky you didn’t die on Ryanair on the runway landing
Its _Rayzer
Its _Rayzer 15 kun oldin
Did you get whiplash from that Ryan air landing???
Memes Are funny
Memes Are funny 15 kun oldin
Can you please come to the Middle East
Ares 4190
Ares 4190 16 kun oldin
By far my new favorite UZvid channel keep it up guys.
Sophie Marie
Sophie Marie 16 kun oldin
isn’t it the worst feeling when you live in ireland and you only realised they were here rip
Lukas Jakubicki
Lukas Jakubicki 16 kun oldin
Since you guys are in Europe quite often and like to sneak into abandoned properties. You guys should visit Dismaland which is located outside of Bristol England and used to be an amususment park for people who enjoy spending time in a dystopian world.
Ethan Morales
Ethan Morales 16 kun oldin
Subscribe to my channel if you like to ride scooter
antonio ferreira louzada de mattos
Come to Brazil!!
《ellis》 17 kun oldin
Kruzer 77
Kruzer 77 17 kun oldin
Ur vids are CRAZY! Can't wait to see more content :D
Despacito thekrab
Despacito thekrab 17 kun oldin
You can go from London to Paris like it’s Florida to Mississippi
David Spett
David Spett 17 kun oldin
Hey guys, love the channel! Would be awesome to join you guys for an adventure sometime! I am from Sweden, 24 years old and grew up with a IBD, I am doing What I can to show that even if you are sick you are able to fulfill your goals. I do it by travelling and going on adventures, and by reaching those goals I am working almost 260 hours a month
Chigz 17 kun oldin
This was amazing 😮
Fortnite Moblie Players Matter
Tattoos and peircings are nasty
Edge Productionzz
Edge Productionzz 18 kun oldin
In Paris u literally showed my house
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Brennan 18 kun oldin
Should of came to Donegal but it’s ok🇮🇪🇮🇪
Ruben Rocha
Ruben Rocha 18 kun oldin
You guys are amazing.. I love this..
Pyark 18 kun oldin
Hey guys thanks for showing how great your life can be if you say yes (with lots of money)
shaden zein
shaden zein 18 kun oldin
this is the best video I’ve ever watched. i swear
Afnaan Vlogs
Afnaan Vlogs 19 kun oldin
You guys amazing and savage
CaptainWoogie 19 kun oldin
Lol I live in nj, and I just drove 667 miles to Tennessee
Rahul Bishnoi
Rahul Bishnoi 19 kun oldin
Bro u r crazy 😘 i fucking love it
The 3 McD's
The 3 McD's 19 kun oldin
Go to astrailia
Jessica Altimas
Jessica Altimas 19 kun oldin
I'm jessica and I live in Belfast that's in Ireland now you know me come to Ireland again plz
Rick Geng
Rick Geng 19 kun oldin
YoU Guys ARE So dope!!!
ItzTezzy 20 kun oldin
Ayyyye! Ireland🇮🇪🍀
Gamekiller Productions
You stayed at Harry Potters house it looked like
Xam0ran 20 kun oldin
Bea Mulder
Bea Mulder 20 kun oldin
I discovered your channel today and I LOVE you guys! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring!
IlianaBlue 20 kun oldin
this is definitely the extreme version of ig followers control my life..other ytbers simply ask for what to eat and what to wear lol this was so cool ❤👌
Ashton 20 kun oldin
I went to Dublin with my dad and stayed at a hotel but I live about a 4half hour drive
Eli Tadeo
Eli Tadeo 20 kun oldin
Lol it’s rayan air 😂😂😂
Zaid Shaker
Zaid Shaker 20 kun oldin
come to middle east!!! bahrain!
jedea jethro bullanday
i just created an Instagram account to follow you guys
Cute Dog Lover
Cute Dog Lover 20 kun oldin
Come to Neptune.
Great video I subbed
Allana Fraser
Allana Fraser 21 kun oldin
I have always wanted to go to Paris
Nicholle Frew
Nicholle Frew 21 kun oldin
don’t waste ur time and use muchfollowers.com
Elizabeth Crenshaw
Elizabeth Crenshaw 21 kun oldin
why waste time when muchfollowers can do this for a few bucks
Joi Quaranta
Joi Quaranta 21 kun oldin
i always get my followers from muchfollowers
Clark Hartfield
Clark Hartfield 21 kun oldin
you should try muchfollowers
Carl Grundy
Carl Grundy 21 kun oldin
muchfollowers.com is the best for this tbh
Colin Melchior
Colin Melchior 21 kun oldin
you should try muchfollowers.com
Danny Hansen
Danny Hansen 21 kun oldin
damn... i love you guys!
Alan Orbhan
Alan Orbhan 21 kun oldin
this video was so many Tuesdays ago ='(
ʙᴏʙ 21 kun oldin
тнυмв-nαíl mαke me think *ᴋᴏʀᴇᴀ*