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We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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21-Yan, 2018

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KealyHD Yil oldin
Was so crazy meeting you guys in Dublin! Gotta get myself over to LA and do a trip like that myself 🙌🏽 Welcome back anytime 😄
Poopity scoop
Poopity scoop Oy oldin
KealyHD I live there :0
gamerboi88 Oy oldin
Dude you met them in Dublin that is so cool
Kody Nguyen
Kody Nguyen Oy oldin
KealyHD is gay
Hunter Morris
Hunter Morris 3 oy oldin
I knew that was you haha, went straight to the comments to check. shoutout to rob lipsett lol
Miguel 20 soat oldin
I feel my life is freaking boring when i see your videos xD
Elysia Kun oldin
Loving that I am getting a great deal of F0LL0WERS and LlKES from ====== *INSTASPEEDY. COM*
Rafi B
Rafi B 2 kun oldin
As an aviation lover....I cringed when they went in on a RYNAIR FLIGHT....real aviators will know why...
Wish 2 kun oldin
You have small pee pee LOL
Mmo Hunt
Mmo Hunt 4 kun oldin
My name is Ivan and my city is Kazanluk , Bulgaria you should come here.It is a special festival taking place in near future (the Rose festival )it's a one in a lifetime experience to have.
arina zaytseva
arina zaytseva 4 kun oldin
yall should go to Asia
Ayo to the gayo _
Ayo to the gayo _ 4 kun oldin
Come to Northern Ireland
Jood T Alfaraj
Jood T Alfaraj 4 kun oldin
Come to KSA :(
Ferdi 4 kun oldin
When they ended up being hosted by some stranger in DUBLIN, I lost it.... I ain't living:(
Dxlete_ Feelingzz
Dxlete_ Feelingzz 5 kun oldin
Oh my god it’s so weird to see you in town 😂 ( i live in Dublin )
A C 6 kun oldin
New fan after hearing you guys on LP podcast
Friday 7 kun oldin
Do another one of these!!
Ben Emerson
Ben Emerson 8 kun oldin
196k liked exactly
Flávia Souza
Flávia Souza 10 kun oldin
so crazy guy i hope you do more video other country
Angela M
Angela M 11 kun oldin
this is pretty awesome ! I haven't seen anything like it before out of any of my subscriptions.
Lara's Channel
Lara's Channel 13 kun oldin
come to Bali, Indonesia :)
Skye C.
Skye C. 13 kun oldin
Hey guys, a german boy tries to get your attention! uzvid.com/video/video-dDBtnXboeLw.html
KANTH_ 2.0
KANTH_ 2.0 16 kun oldin
This is some bandersnatch shit going on
Samcheese5-Gaming,Memes and more! Lol
What about in Scotland
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 18 kun oldin
Hey following your steps i sneaked into the goyas
Diannelys Rodriguez
Diannelys Rodriguez 19 kun oldin
I wanna go to Paris
Katja Shevchuk
Katja Shevchuk 19 kun oldin
Mado YT
Mado YT 20 kun oldin
Man You Guys Are Living The Life
aeyo 22 kun oldin
I thought the thumbnail was South Korea or North Korea lol
Pamela Daumer
Pamela Daumer 22 kun oldin
Seriously the quickest way to obtain plenty of new F0LL0WS is to just use ***** *INSTASPEEDY. COM*
KingMax YT
KingMax YT 22 kun oldin
Should I ask my crush out Like:Yes Comment:No Please comment lol. I don’t think she likes me anyways
sajkcbn nas
sajkcbn nas 22 kun oldin
come to Belfast. well I live an hour away but STILL come to Northern Ireland !!!
sajkcbn nas
sajkcbn nas 22 kun oldin
Dublin!!!! I love it
lil jeffi
lil jeffi 23 kun oldin
Wow I live like 4 minutes or so away from the airport you landed at in Dublin
rahul neupane
rahul neupane 23 kun oldin
I challenge you to come to Nepal and make it to Everest base camp!!
Mini Legoman
Mini Legoman 23 kun oldin
Go to Prague
Jonathan Giroux
Jonathan Giroux 24 kun oldin
Tell people to think about The food they would want. and Create the biggest dinner and eat with them
zeyad 24 kun oldin
I'm from Ireland :)
Moe- 37
Moe- 37 26 kun oldin
Where I live it's like -40 don't think it's cold there
Cedric Hong
Cedric Hong 27 kun oldin
Its Harry Potters House
Emma Schultz
Emma Schultz 27 kun oldin
HEY YES THEORY! I say you should try being vegan or vegetarian for 1 week, find out how it is. According to scientists this will be the only way to save the environment, but maybe if you share a few foods that you actually did enjoy and some ways people can help our world. Definitely a new experience for you guys!
Evan Romito
Evan Romito 28 kun oldin
If you think about it, 667 miles is only about 1/4 the length of the US so you could be in LA and end up in Wyoming
Peaceful Medicine
Peaceful Medicine 29 kun oldin
After finding your channel, you guys make me so happy. Thank you guys for just being you.
Rupali N.
Rupali N. 29 kun oldin
can matt explain why he is in grimes' music video, oblivion?
Jase Stanton
Jase Stanton Oy oldin
6:23 they had some fun with those girls that night 😏
Preita tamang
Preita tamang Oy oldin
The ring or bar earring dont feel that different they both feel equally weird for me😂 (I got them for cartilage btw)
VinceTheKoala23 l VTK23
Come back to Seattle!!!
Taylor F
Taylor F Oy oldin
you guys should come to philadelphia, Pa for a day. you can go to the farmers market and then end the day at the eastern state penitentiary. but i would wait until spring, because it is fucking cold here right now
Sicksquad YT
Sicksquad YT Oy oldin
Come to Zagreb
Molly Gracie
Molly Gracie Oy oldin
Hi i was wondering if you could come to Lombard I would be the happiest person alive and I am sure my family will welcome you
Matthew Gillis
I can’t believe you’ve done this
Leon Hamill
Leon Hamill Oy oldin
That’s the airport I go to
Daniel Meade
Daniel Meade Oy oldin
Cum to Kolkataaaa
Ani Ma
Ani Ma Oy oldin
Too much swaring To mee
SL1ght Oy oldin
Yo come to San Diego I’ll convince my parents to pick you up
Nina Keith
Nina Keith Oy oldin
People: What’s the most interesting UZvid channel? Me: umm...is the even a question??? People: Ye...I’m asking you Me: OBVIOUSLY *YES THEORY* People: ...who? Me:Ummm... #seekdiscomfort People:... Me: if you don’t know who yes theory is then don’t talk to me...
Cat Momma
Cat Momma Oy oldin
Atlantis Møller
Pelse Denmark pleas
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Oy oldin
I know French because I’m from Quebec Canada
Nathan Kaczmarek
I’m from ireland
Wardalan Francis
Come to Adelaide in Australia and I'll host you
Jerry Tian
Jerry Tian Oy oldin
this video made me smile
swaglad 99
swaglad 99 Oy oldin
I live in dublin
Brandon Burns
Brandon Burns Oy oldin
Come to east coast virginia
Daniel Brien
Daniel Brien Oy oldin
I am form Ireland
TeamCDG Oy oldin
Should of went Northern Ireland
dylan sherlock
i live in ireland
plz plz
plz plz Oy oldin
you can stay with me next i live in your mom
elliott johnson
how did you get a tatto than jump in the water that will cause infections
Mascud Muse
Mascud Muse Oy oldin
Just for you guyes. 200q
//FUBS// Oy oldin
go to denmark
Thomas Crilly
Thomas Crilly Oy oldin
6:42 ahh here we missed the nine
MO Oy oldin
Can you guys pleez company me to iraq. Fuck it. I'll host you
mishthefish2 Oy oldin
HEY! We are not strangers!
Omar Boudina
Omar Boudina Oy oldin
I live in Ireland in the county dublin
Anas Emad
Anas Emad Oy oldin
Hi everyone
Isaiah Sparks
Isaiah Sparks Oy oldin
I live in canada and gets -20
dr. P.M
dr. P.M Oy oldin
do one in Canada!!!
Karim Waleed
Karim Waleed Oy oldin
Hey guys , iam 21 recoverd cancer man and I have never travelled anywhere whether inside my country or outside of it , my college is really making me down and I am watching all your videos , I wish I can spend a day with you.
•ƖıƖy ʝσrԀαn•:*
Omg I swear I saw the building I used to live in in one of the shots!
Elijah Wilgress
U should come to Sydney, Australia
Zach Pranks
Zach Pranks Oy oldin
Go to Australia
Danny Liddell
Danny Liddell Oy oldin
Do it in scotland
Nolie65 Oy oldin
Lol I'm the 6,667 comment
Charisma Everard
Yes theory, I think you should take one of your subscribers either boy or girl and try and find there perfect match. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #spreadthelove
Soph_4267 G
Soph_4267 G Oy oldin
I have been to Ireland 6 times ans tgis will be the 7th in febuary btw is it super cold and in nortbern Ireland you have to wear a winter jacket in the summer 🇮🇪 I have been to Dublin and my dad says that the Dublin Needle is the biggest waste of money Ireland has ever spent it is just a needle sticking out of the ground and it is self cleaning
Signe Tralla
Signe Tralla Oy oldin
Pls pls pls come to SWEDEN 🇸🇪
Shreyans Bhurat
Learn from nas daily He makes super cool videos
brooklyn mc closkey
You are in my country
Niamh Obrien
Niamh Obrien Oy oldin
I’m Irish
Sarah Unicorn
Sarah Unicorn Oy oldin
Come to Qatar Doha
Gexx YT
Gexx YT Oy oldin
Do Go to A.North Korea B.South Korea C.Phillipines D.Russia E.Brazil F.Cambodia G.Themost dangerous land in the world Afghanistan 😈
I'm from Ireland northern Dublin I miss living there now I live I'm Kansas City Missouri
Lacrosse BEAST
I got an ad where it said should i pick this or that
Games R Me
Games R Me Oy oldin
Dumb, but epiccccly entertaining
Donjae Films
Donjae Films Oy oldin
i just really wanna know how you guys can afford to do all the things you do, i know youtube checks arent funding all of this.
WTC FOX Oy oldin
He picks up actions really fast
Inchikkk Oy oldin
That girl is cute as hell
Segal central
Segal central Oy oldin
Come to Melbourne australia
Imagine 21Pilots
Go to Oregon
gamerboi88 Oy oldin
I don't have a car😣
Rachele W
Rachele W Oy oldin
you guys should travel to idaho someday
Ellie The Enchanting Jellie
Y'all are crazy
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