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21-Yan, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 647
KealyHD 10 oy oldin
Was so crazy meeting you guys in Dublin! Gotta get myself over to LA and do a trip like that myself 🙌🏽 Welcome back anytime 😄
Hunter Morris
Hunter Morris 24 kun oldin
I knew that was you haha, went straight to the comments to check. shoutout to rob lipsett lol
TheGamingSquirrel _
TheGamingSquirrel _ 24 kun oldin
More like than subs lol
MGTV Channel
MGTV Channel 26 kun oldin
Can you resend the Logan Paul info: Im in Denver for a few more days. mgtv(at) yestheory dot ORG
Sander Haugli
Sander Haugli Oy oldin
Please go to norway!
Lucy W
Lucy W 3 soat oldin
This is so cool
Adrian  Chilpa
Adrian Chilpa 11 soat oldin
Got to do this in Mexico
ConorSVE 12 soat oldin
u should come to Northern Ireland and i would host you and get you to do some really fun northern irish stuff and give you a tour of belfast and tell you all about the troubles PLEASE UZvid MAKE THIS HAPPEN GO FOLLOW ME ON INSTA AT cmcg042 LETS DO THIS LIKE IF YOU WANNA SEE HAT VIDEO
Jayesh Sharma
Jayesh Sharma 14 soat oldin
Broo the content is amazing
Mol Earnshaw
Mol Earnshaw 21 soat oldin
it's so awesome how spontaneous you guys are, soooo wish I was like that!
Bella L
Bella L Kun oldin
You guys should go out and see if a stranger will let you stay at their house for 24 hours
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Kun oldin
Where do they get all the money lol
Nash. Kun oldin
from their other videos, merch, maybe sponsors
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Kun oldin
Haven't seen youtube videos for a long time that are so entertaining lol
XxTimelessxX Kun oldin
Out of every country you chose mine 😂 that's crazy glad you got to see what it's like 😊
Alia Ali
Alia Ali 2 kun oldin
Having permanent changes on your body for an “experiment” is totally not worth it sets a bad example for children. No hate, just an opinion 🙌🏽
Breckin Germon
Breckin Germon 2 kun oldin
Lyoen Clémentine
Lyoen Clémentine 2 kun oldin
Did not expect Thomas to speak in french. I alway wondered why you guys had a french flag in your house.
jmoyo1 2 kun oldin
once again great video, SEEK DISCOMFORT in EL SALVADOR....... VOLCANOES , SURFING ......... we are waiting for you guys.........
Johno Mccoy
Johno Mccoy 2 kun oldin
The boys come to ireland and im only seeing this now 😂
Gaga olala
Gaga olala 2 kun oldin
ryanair 💀
Bigfoot Country
Bigfoot Country 2 kun oldin
You guys are awesome. Have you ever thought on doing a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet. That would be so awesome to see. Subscribers do you want to see the guys do that? I have skydiving tandem jumps on my playlist. I am a skydiver and I love it.
Vraj Mistry
Vraj Mistry 2 kun oldin
I still don't know where you live! 😂
Yukzanaly Videograph
Who controls hhe options?? 🤔
The Cinematic Sandwich
Hey, just realized that this came out on my birthday
Toma Conlon Cahill
Toma Conlon Cahill 3 kun oldin
Fuck you literally came within 5 minutes of my house
UK Beast
UK Beast 3 kun oldin
Recreating my portfolio to show something I want to do instead of something I’ve been to told to(photography)
Juancho Nacho
Juancho Nacho 3 kun oldin
you should visit San Bernardino, or St. Joseph's
Carol Akie
Carol Akie 3 kun oldin
Come to Brazillll!!! São pauloooi
HYPNO LIFE 3 kun oldin
Come to Florence IT!
A 3 kun oldin
Can’t believe I missed them in dublin💔 and there is soo much more than dublin! I hope they’re explore Ireland again! None of the people sounded “Irish” though 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
A 3 kun oldin
They came to Ireland!! 🙂
A 3 kun oldin
Can’t believe I missed them in Dublin 💔
linda sundberg
linda sundberg 4 kun oldin
tune in and see my new cover!
Smit 39
Smit 39 4 kun oldin
Pls come to india
* 5 kun oldin
Getting tons and tons of new F0LL0WERS is fairly simple. Just use ------- *INSTASPEEDY. COM*
sergio martinez
sergio martinez 6 kun oldin
Mallets for dayz
Mallets for dayz 6 kun oldin
The only reason I liked UZvid Rewind was because Yes Theory was in it.
MGTV Sports
MGTV Sports 6 kun oldin
I like toilet paper
MGTV Sports
MGTV Sports 6 kun oldin
I like lamb
MGTV Sports
MGTV Sports 6 kun oldin
I like cheese.
Siddhartha Prem
Siddhartha Prem 7 kun oldin
You guys should have an intro plsssss
OCarroll21 8 kun oldin
I was in that pub 3 weeks before yous that’s crazy 😂
Daniel Bjørkman
Daniel Bjørkman 8 kun oldin
Yes Theory vs T-Series.
Not Me
Not Me 8 kun oldin
Paris? U mean islamic paris?
Rodel Sua
Rodel Sua 9 kun oldin
Wanna do this..
TrigezCSGO 10 kun oldin
Hi Yes Theory, I was thinking when you were going north why don't you go to Denmark? It's probably the weirdest country you'll ever find I beg you to come here, you will have a fun time I promise but I will prepare you its pretty cold in the winters -2c to -8c.
Wendy Neverland
Wendy Neverland 11 kun oldin
People of the world, subscribers to yes theory, I need your help. I want to live like these people right here and I can't be the only one. Right now I'm at a place where there aren't a lot of spontane, genuine people around. I'm in my first year of university in The Netherlands and I feel stuck. We hear a lot of people saying "live your dreams" and "start your life" but I don't know where to start. Anyone in a similar situation that wants to have a conversation and help eachother? Anyone who has been through something like this and can help me out with where to start? Or just someone that, like me, doesn't have a ton of supportive, crazy friends and wants to talk, maybe meet up? You can reply to this or shoot me an email at yaaaybands@gmail.com. Let's hope someone reads this and isn't afraid to say yes. :) Have a nice day
Jacob Kahler
Jacob Kahler 11 kun oldin
I live these awesome videos you do
Wendy 11 kun oldin
u lot have the best life pls adopt me
GUERMO 12 kun oldin
Give Aspect Science 5 minutes of your time
David Mac
David Mac 12 kun oldin
You should redo this video but instead of giving options for us you should do whatever the first person to reply says!
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. 12 kun oldin
This was one of the best episodes ever! Loved it! I'm thinking of doing it someday.
Pfc 13 kun oldin
Go to every single state in USA
Abigail Home
Abigail Home 13 kun oldin
Have you guys ever been in South Africa???
JimmyTHEgr8gamer 14 kun oldin
Come to Greece for a day We have some beds for you guys!
Chad Liss
Chad Liss 15 kun oldin
Denver CO. Come stay with some natives. Fuck all the people moving here.
Lua Bleah
Lua Bleah 15 kun oldin
Can I stay at that cute girl's house??
Julian Moses
Julian Moses 15 kun oldin
Marcus Torres
Marcus Torres 15 kun oldin
A tattoo? Never
Anneliese Rademaker
Anneliese Rademaker 15 kun oldin
I don’t think you guys would be crazy/daring enough to go somewhere in the Caribbean, like the Bahamas. You should go there I go every year, and it is so gorgeous, I recommend Freeport, Nassau, or Exuma.
IlIlToxicIlIl 15 kun oldin
I have a idea for a dare and the dare is Go tubeing down a snow mountain during a avalanche
Salim Nazri
Salim Nazri 15 kun oldin
volcano ? you know ? dare you yes or no 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Normal Gamers_YT
Normal Gamers_YT 15 kun oldin
Can you come to Saudi arabb
xX_EdG_WaNaBe_Xx 16 kun oldin
Come to Latvia
B Riehle
B Riehle 16 kun oldin
You guys should go to Pittsburgh
Einar A.
Einar A. 17 kun oldin
That's the way I'd want to live my life
eric jovel
eric jovel 17 kun oldin
on what website does yes theory book their flights?
Video Clip
Video Clip 17 kun oldin
😂 so awesome 👏🏽
Divan Swanepoel
Divan Swanepoel 17 kun oldin
Do this type of thing in dubai
Jessica 17 kun oldin
Getting tons of new F0LL0WERS is easy. Just use ````` *INSTASPEEDY. COM*
Tess Koopman
Tess Koopman 19 kun oldin
Come to Valencia Spain
darius bekker
darius bekker 19 kun oldin
Please come to South Africa
Mk3 19 kun oldin
That was amazing!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Cheunne Unnie
Cheunne Unnie 19 kun oldin
Would you guys ever do this in Australia?
Iqbal Purwa
Iqbal Purwa 20 kun oldin
Come to indonesia (banjarmasin) please 😂
MrFly فلاي
MrFly فلاي 20 kun oldin
Damn your life is so awesome I witch I would be you some day.
PrettyChillPham 20 kun oldin
When you have money and can do w.e you want
ghighi queen
ghighi queen 20 kun oldin
I love you guys ♥♥
Lincoln Nazeer Davids
Do a no money challenge in South Africa Cape Town
niharika mantoo
niharika mantoo 20 kun oldin
Come to Delhi, India !!!!
VGQL 20 kun oldin
You guys should golf to Finland, kotka
Lana Jones
Lana Jones 21 kun oldin
The shape in the meat sauce at 0:43 looks like Ireland 😂
OrangeGraffiti 7 kun oldin
Foreshadowing! lmao
You guys are almost at 3 Million subs! I’ve been watching y’all forever and with the types of videos you boys make your gonna hit 10 million soon I know it! Speak it into existence and work hard. Keep up the great work. Austin TX
Vijfsnippervijf Vijf
1:35 that is the eiffel tower
H Sulka
H Sulka 22 kun oldin
Are they all bilingual in some way?
Jussi M. Konttinen
Jussi M. Konttinen 21 kun oldin
After the tattoo I would have asked whether we drink Absolut or Finlandia vodka
Venom Deluxe
Venom Deluxe 22 kun oldin
come to Bodensee the Biggest Lake in South Germany
The Magician
The Magician 22 kun oldin
Nice trip to the 40ft
One Two
One Two 22 kun oldin
Colton Mccoy
Colton Mccoy 23 kun oldin
This is some great content keep it up
Daniyal 23 kun oldin
You guys are the best channel on UZvid you deserve 50 million subscribers!
Melania Resubun
Melania Resubun 23 kun oldin
Come to Indonesia!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
GryffinCorgi 9
GryffinCorgi 9 23 kun oldin
Wow 😂
Emilio Darriba
Emilio Darriba 23 kun oldin
Come to Caracas Venezuela...
hileeery 23 kun oldin
Get someone famous to play a subscriber's garage 😂😂😂 I love your videos ❤❤❤
TJC 24 kun oldin
You guys are fricking awesome!!
Juann Uzayr
Juann Uzayr 24 kun oldin
why are you guys still on 2.9m yall deserve a lot more
Alex Boutch
Alex Boutch 24 kun oldin
Wow you kinda have impressively good french!
Alex Boutch
Alex Boutch 24 kun oldin
You were technically not allowed to take a shower😂
Andreas Omholt
Andreas Omholt 24 kun oldin
Nooooooo I was in Dublin😭😭😭😭
Luis Copado
Luis Copado 25 kun oldin
Did you really go to Paris???
Ian McCarthy
Ian McCarthy 25 kun oldin
Never fly Ryanair
José Mourinho
José Mourinho 25 kun oldin
5:40 welcome home potter
Dat Boi Trump
Dat Boi Trump 25 kun oldin
did anyome else read the first 5 words and think this was gonna be deep
MGTV Channel
MGTV Channel 26 kun oldin
Can you resend the Logan Paul info: Im in Denver for a few more days. mgtv(at) yestheory dot ORG