Insult To Injury (GAME)

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we get insulted AND injured. GMM #995!
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6-Okt, 2016

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A Thing That Somehow Breaths
My hair goes up My hair goes....my hair used to go down
Bob is A Taco
Bob is A Taco 2 kun oldin
Definitely fake
Nkiller Loser
Nkiller Loser 3 kun oldin
Core Gaming
Core Gaming 3 kun oldin
He's the only alex you know? What about hot or not alex?
SoSean 5 kun oldin
Rhett eating the wasabi is like a gremlin eating after midnight
Reyna Bedolla
Reyna Bedolla 5 kun oldin
That was funny hahahahahahaha
Cyber Samurai
Cyber Samurai 5 kun oldin
The clear winners? Us, the audience :)
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge 6 kun oldin
Ewwww I hope Link washed his ear out
Black Dragon 1232
Black Dragon 1232 6 kun oldin
OMG i have never laughed this hard in my life
GoldShortYT 7 kun oldin
7:10 0.25 speed thank me later
GoldShortYT 7 kun oldin
intro looks like robot chicken lol
Tristan Nguyen
Tristan Nguyen 7 kun oldin
8:53 Rhett was weird haha
Anime Rose
Anime Rose 8 kun oldin
Hello whoever sees this, I hope you have an awesome day or night
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Come on guys. "Satisfy his craving for adventure". People mostly crave food. If you crave food you're hungry. So Hungary. Why don't people just punify everything?
Susans Martin
Susans Martin 8 kun oldin
Link is the cute one
Ldbeastmode 06
Ldbeastmode 06 9 kun oldin
This could of been a perfect chance to call it “Insult or Assult?”
Isaiah Duran
Isaiah Duran 9 kun oldin
12:03 you can see rhett just evil laughing after he tases link
Expert Walk
Expert Walk 9 kun oldin
If you lick your finger and stick it into someone’s ear you take their earwax
Jón Viðar
Jón Viðar 10 kun oldin
Amsterdam is not a country xD
The cicada
The cicada 10 kun oldin
You may have went up but you’ll crash down on your feet like Alex trebek
SP M 10 kun oldin
11:26-11:34 also the best thing ever
SP M 10 kun oldin
#thebestthingever 12:03 -12:07
Quantum Gamer
Quantum Gamer 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Rhett win 80 PER CENT of the time
CreeperKFK 10 kun oldin
Rat trap next time
Emma H.
Emma H. 12 kun oldin
The Rhett wasabi dance
Manifest West
Manifest West 12 kun oldin
Im pretty Rhett could see the cards when they were handed to link just sayyin
Gideon Bowman
Gideon Bowman 12 kun oldin
We should see more of the Stun Cane.... randomly without warning.
Vladimir Avila
Vladimir Avila 13 kun oldin
11:50 - 11:55 just listen
devin mcnulty
devin mcnulty 13 kun oldin
I’d bet money Link an Alex’s dumbasses think Spain is in Latin America because it’s definitely a European country Southwestern European to be exact
bobby ornelas
bobby ornelas 14 kun oldin
You copied throwback Thursday from KidBehindACamera
Kevin11e r
Kevin11e r 14 kun oldin
I am watching in 2019
Connor Lover
Connor Lover 15 kun oldin
Wait why did Rhett call link Neil? Is his real name Neil?
Parker Knight
Parker Knight 12 kun oldin
Connor Lover I think Neal is his first name and Lincoln is his middle name. (Might be the other way around)
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 15 kun oldin
Love it😂
Willishere TV
Willishere TV 16 kun oldin
I wish cotton candy randy was here and insulted link
• Lps • Shadows • TM
11:54 to 12:09 gotta be the best part 😂😂
AROW 15 17 kun oldin
Your a Doodoo head - Link
Nev Cofresi
Nev Cofresi 17 kun oldin
8:57 *rhett gets possesed*
jon tompkins
jon tompkins 17 kun oldin
*my last two brain cells in math class* 8:57
TFmaster 96
TFmaster 96 19 kun oldin
Appropriate that Rhett & link got asked questions about flight since they played the wright brothers on epic rap battles. ✈️
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 19 kun oldin
or links forehead tennis
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 19 kun oldin
Rhetts chin was my fav for the insults
Mac Meinig
Mac Meinig 19 kun oldin
I'd rather walk on legos than hot coals easily
Jacob Kruckenberg
Jacob Kruckenberg 19 kun oldin
Lovin the Michigan hat Alex
Wechang KrimBlood
Wechang KrimBlood 23 kun oldin
Crazy Wolf
Crazy Wolf 23 kun oldin
i don't think Rhett deserved the wasabi. He could at least have insulted link.
Rex K
Rex K 24 kun oldin
Link: *"NOOO! NOO! NOOOO!"* Rhett: *"PUT UR FRICKIN...PUT UR FRICKIN LEG OUT THERE, NEAL!"* 'zaps leg' Link: *AhhAAAAAHaAAaaaAAaAaHhh* (God, this shows is so amazing)
Victor Takeuchi
Victor Takeuchi 24 kun oldin
*dOnT gEt MaD aT mE mAn!*
Dace Preikse
Dace Preikse 25 kun oldin
My mum and dad love wasabi
Ellie Alves
Ellie Alves 25 kun oldin
I'm watching this at 3:45 AM Christmas day. What is my life?
SCAT 27 kun oldin
11:31 and on made me laugh so much 😭😭
Isabelle Rodriguez
Isabelle Rodriguez 29 kun oldin
andrew eminson
andrew eminson 29 kun oldin
So Rhett clearly cheated on the second question?
Larissa Stevenson
George Tilbury
-stuns Rhett with lethal stun poker- “DONT GET MAD AT ME!!!!”
Griffin Kegley
Rhetts fingers at 11:25
Marcellus Tanaya
What kind of category is FEET
Kayne Craddock
Lego is more effective at 3 am
DefilerWyrm Oy oldin
ALEC...it's ALEC Trebek
Maimunah Zailani
I just realised there is a Rubik's Cube on the shelf at the the background
Serenity Eliker
8:57... yep
Calm down it’s like you got hit by a stun cane holy
Link: "Rhett is a doo doo head." Rhett: "Hahahahaha yeah." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alfredo Ayala
Alfredo Ayala Oy oldin
Link your hair is soooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mervin Good
Mervin Good Oy oldin
11:26-12:12 lol
Marshall Oliver
8:52 me when i see someone i dont like
Griffcee _17
Griffcee _17 Oy oldin
Do this as a regular Series please
Whiskey Grandpa
wtf would the deer punishment be
kurbywurby Oy oldin
daily double my foot covered in lego HAHAHAHAHA
hardminder Oy oldin
Alex : ''...in this european country.'' Link : ''Amsterdam. I don't know!'' Alex : ''No unfortunatly...'' (me thinking he's going to say ''Amsterdam is not a country'') ''...that's incorrect'' Rhett : ''And also...'' (me : oh yes Rhett knows) ''...you didn't ask it in the form of a question.'' Me : -_-
Smooddle97 Oy oldin
Yeah I also put my hopes on Rhett just to be let down
The Unicorn Squad
Ay ah ay ah ay ay aaaaaaaay laaaaaawsuit waaaaaiting to happen *to the theme of the theme song
Film Shenanigans
7:10...If Rhett was in a Home Alone movie
ElijahlovesOptimus Thor
After wasabi bomb he looked like he was having a seizure
Leah The Gacha Girl
Link: Rhett is a doo-doo head. Rhett: that’s about right
AsianGamur Oy oldin
What is chese,follow the damn train , the damn train cj
Ethan Dolan
Ethan Dolan Oy oldin
What’s the reindeer do
Vince Cazares
Vince Cazares Oy oldin
Take a knee son 11:26
MidnightProse Oy oldin
I know what you’re talking about, lol.
Sayed Al-Zalzalah
My little brother started laughing when link got shocked
Murad Beybalaev
Link pussied out of that stun, only getting a tiny touch of it unlike Rhett, just as I would expect from Link.
NIGHTMARE Deadpool Games
You are the two who we tell get your hand off the stove, they're turning into crispy pork rinds, close to literally
Is it weird that I love standing on LEGO bricks bare foot, I used to sit in a lego box as a baby and I love it. Its kinda relaxing
Matthew Cross
Matthew Cross Oy oldin
I’m just saying this now. This is possibly the best episode of gmm
Benjamin van Blokland
I practically live in lego
Brøken Škūł
i can take wasabi all day.
Hannah Ivins
Hannah Ivins Oy oldin
so many beautiful edits came from this one video.
Nuck Sipples
Nuck Sipples Oy oldin
8:56 Thriller performed by Rhett
Kaia Blauser
Kaia Blauser Oy oldin
Here's a burn for ya around 9 mins. in was Rhett having his first try at dancing
xydoit Oy oldin
Do insult game and let judges to decide who is the best insulter.
xydoit Oy oldin
Link will keep playing until he win 5 games in a row.
Hayden Navy
Hayden Navy Oy oldin
jpmplays [] terraria
I thought Rhett was gonna die here 8:53
Jimmy Mumme
Jimmy Mumme Oy oldin
Link needs to grow a pair
Scottishman 44
Retrocreeper 2000
rhett dropping the F bomb
Melissa Ducote
Melissa Ducote 2 oy oldin
I’m sorry but your face in the middle of the video you looked like me when I ate a jar of hot sauce
Melissa Ducote
Melissa Ducote 2 oy oldin