International Candy Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we try and guess where in the world the candy we're tasting was made! GMM #1208
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25-Okt, 2017



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 7 091
Hexon _
Hexon _ 3 soat oldin
Yes Chad check time
Connor Gordon
Connor Gordon 6 soat oldin
on the fart why not throw all 4 individually
aceparker25 7 soat oldin
International Taste Test Scoreboard: Rhett: 3 Link: 3
Hank X
Hank X 2 kun oldin
1:13 that went down as one of the poorest ideas in the history of GMM 😂😂
Kasper Skovbjerg Knudsen Fælleshåbsskolen
Tyrkisk peber is danish..!!! important.. BTW they are sooo good
Jesper Buchwald Fuglsang
Well... Tyrkisk Pepper is original Danish, and produced by Perelly (A Danish company)... which is owned by Fazer... which is from Finland By the way... one of my faves!
Alex JumpMan
Alex JumpMan 2 kun oldin
Links smile is so cute
Potato Tube
Potato Tube 3 kun oldin
I love Rhett and Link so much, me and my friend started a fan channel called Good Mythical Evening! (We do not wish to mock or copy Rhett or Link ). It would really help if you subscribed. Our channel icon is a bunny looking up at the stars.
xydoit 3 kun oldin
I am from the country with the pop rocks in the chocolate.
xydoit 3 kun oldin
Fazer is the best candy in the world
xydoit 3 kun oldin
Israelis eat the paper by mistake and then say "this is the right way to eat".
Nipaho 4 kun oldin
Yes Finland! Finally! I live in there!
Julie Reed
Julie Reed 4 kun oldin
Chase is my favorite he's just so adorable and awkward he makes me smile.
Tea Nauha
Tea Nauha 4 kun oldin
Rhett and Link are famous, no doubt
Nathan Adrias
Nathan Adrias 4 kun oldin
Link is garbage
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 5 kun oldin
Not all spicy candies come from Mexico link
Markkanen 6 kun oldin
Haku Yuki
Haku Yuki 7 kun oldin
I love how the dart on chase’s hat is green, aka Links dart colors.
Additeya Kanjani
Additeya Kanjani 7 kun oldin
Im from turzistan, and I am offended.
DeadPan 7 kun oldin
"Im gonna spray the board" ......Chase running for his life
Captain Dan
Captain Dan 8 kun oldin
Captain Dan
Captain Dan 7 kun oldin
+Mary Moran I'm pretty sure hes the one who said it
Mary Moran
Mary Moran 7 kun oldin
Captain Dan that’s only when Link says Tokyo
LV.35 Boss
LV.35 Boss 9 kun oldin
Rhett didn’t scream when they said Japan I’m disappointed
Mary Moran
Mary Moran 7 kun oldin
LV.35 Boss that’s only when Link says Tokyo
A _
A _ 9 kun oldin
Weird, they had 2 made up countries on this map
Allon Lipshitz
Allon Lipshitz 8 kun oldin
A _ what? No. Chad is definitely a country
Sarah LaPorta
Sarah LaPorta 10 kun oldin
*Sings* Where in the world is carmel salty licorice.
Shawn davis
Shawn davis 10 kun oldin
What up
Noel Elander Niiva
Noel Elander Niiva 10 kun oldin
We have tyrkisk pepper in norway too
Joe Rams
Joe Rams 11 kun oldin
Chase is soo cringey Anyone else watching in 2019? 😂
yepprrzz 11 kun oldin
I love them both but the chewing noise is so aggravating.
Puneet singh
Puneet singh 11 kun oldin
Hom much do u guys make from youtube that you guys have entire fleet of people to bring up ideas for 4 videos each day.
Maddie Schreiber
Maddie Schreiber 12 kun oldin
. Y
Lt. Orange
Lt. Orange 12 kun oldin
Pocky is my favorite Japanese candy in America.
Nils-Christian Nilsen
Tyrkisk Peber is not the Finish name for the candy, but the danish one.
Nils-Christian Nilsen
+2500 subs with no vids?? I stand somewhat corrected. The finish name for it is turkinpippuri in Finnish, türkisch Pfeffer in German, tyrkisk pepper in Norwegian and turkisk peppar in Swedish, and Tyrkisk peber in Danish. But it was danish before it was Finish. So they have kept the orignial danish name on the package in Finland, and all other countrys.
2500 subs with no vids??
No the name "Tyrkisk Peber" Is Finish, Am not Finish by my self but this was from Wikipedia "Tyrkisk peber is a salty liquorice candy flavoured with ammonium chloride, Produced by the Finnish company Fazer and popular in Northern Europe." But i do eat Tyrkisk peber!
Mind Milk D20
Mind Milk D20 13 kun oldin
Ah, the days before the multi vid format. They were so hopeful, so innocent
Dr steve brule
Dr steve brule 14 kun oldin
I plarted once. At summer camp. Wrecked my whole day.
Enrique Cuellar
Enrique Cuellar 15 kun oldin
At the moment they started saying Link was bad at this game, they were Rhett 3 - 2 Link...
justin hunt
justin hunt 16 kun oldin
Rhett picks Argentina he’s be wrong 9/10 times. They don’t do the stop you things Rhett stop lol. The cow chocolate I was thinking Yemen
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson 17 kun oldin
christian buckles
christian buckles 17 kun oldin
That ASMR chewing tho at 11:40
Black Knight
Black Knight 17 kun oldin
Lappland aint finish its part of it. Lappland is the part of Sweden where its connects to Norway and Finland. Thats called Tre riks röset
yikes 16 kun oldin
that depends. there are two different places in Sweden and Finland both called Lappland.
Dolly 18 kun oldin
i like link but i hate it when he cheats or acts this childish
TheSeventhZombie 18 kun oldin
I hate when he wins. He is clearly the little brother of the duo. “Let your brother win so he’ll stop crying.”
Dev6Rehab 18 kun oldin
Candy from other countries are scary.
Tbone 55
Tbone 55 19 kun oldin
Bro link is such a cheater it ticks me off
Nakkimeister 20 kun oldin
tToby 645
tToby 645 20 kun oldin
Why was there no New Zealand Pinapple lumps
Crazy Dave Gaming
Crazy Dave Gaming 21 kun oldin
When Rhett throws the dart to Mexico in about 7:05-8:09, I said that he is the future Ross the dart thrower from the food around the world episode.
Tytanium 23 kun oldin
the intro sounded like iisuperwomanii's where in the world is superwoman today
יהלי גולדפילד
Oooo שוקולד ביסקוויטים טעים
Jaka Martinjak
Jaka Martinjak 24 kun oldin
I dont wanna be biased but i allways find myself rooting for Rhett in any game
Drop Bear
Drop Bear 2 kun oldin
Link's losses are so satisfying because he freaks out so hard
Layla Sterling
Layla Sterling 24 kun oldin
Anyone else notice that Stevie spoke partly in Spanish when taking about the Israeli candy? Lol
Bryson Patterson
Bryson Patterson 26 kun oldin
Nicole Kudla
Nicole Kudla 26 kun oldin
You guys should do a Will It Mac and Cheese?!
Sheriffen 28 kun oldin
I always thought tyrkisk peber was Swedish
santolify 29 kun oldin
@6:36 Pico!!!
Grainne Molloy
Pleeeeeease do Ireland
Red Panda
Red Panda Oy oldin
u guys bought smosh
Bryce Cox
Bryce Cox Oy oldin
I'm done watching you two eat. You make the most disgusting noises. Especially Link.
nikki baca
nikki baca Oy oldin
*can I reach this time?, *shoves hand in basket without rhetts approval**
Kerryn Dobbin
Kerryn Dobbin Oy oldin
I don't know why I laughed so hard at "I'm choking on nougat!" And also Link explaining the game got to me and made me laugh so hard.
Xavier Bury
Xavier Bury Oy oldin
ChaosDramon Oy oldin
i appreciete that you guys put the romanian flag in the video because im romanian and im proud of it
Exxotik Oy oldin
8:49 it said fur Peber on it i now it cuz im a norweagian
William Girven
I’m confused why you guys work with CM? I thought America’s was imperial?
Jumpandkick Oy oldin
I have had everburgur and it is good but it does not taste like coffe
Mr. Pug
Mr. Pug Oy oldin
2019 and Finland isn’t a place
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley Oy oldin
Can't some people just video the livestream though?
Tyler Schmidt
Tyler Schmidt Oy oldin
5:44 but Finland doesn't exist
Shelby Jauregui
Is that where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
Olivia Oy oldin
mysterious goose
Did Link do a line of cocaine?😂
Luis Gutierrez
I've never seen that candy here in Mexico in all my time of candy destroying...
hh hh
hh hh Oy oldin
Finally something finnish
Alyssa Oy oldin
Considering Rhett gave Link three advantages, he did *really* well.
David Lefebvre
wheres Cotton candy Randy!
melanie may
melanie may Oy oldin
lol how cocky. 2 farts AND a plart?!?!
Mathias Sørensen
You say Tyrkisk Peber is Finish, but the writting is danish
Tamara Pereira
Sadded that there were no candy from Argentina but still happy that it appeared.
Marvel Fan123
Marvel Fan123 Oy oldin
U guys r great but the plug tho
Sinley 2 oy oldin
There is this thing, i don't know if other countries have it, but at least all finns i know have it, when someone says "Finland" you go like someone said your name or favorite tv-show. It never gets old and no matter how aware you are of it being said soon, you go "Wut? Who? WHere? I am"
Artimus Protensor
Link playing this reminds me of me playing football. (My nickname became "Wrongway.")
Xavier Hargrove
Xavier Hargrove 2 oy oldin
the way link chews really irks me in all the wrong places
JR MCGRIFSTER 2 oy oldin
Love the dart that “missed” the board and hit his hat😂🙃
Silly chick
Silly chick 2 oy oldin
this is late but, IM DEONA im not mexican tho
Min-Yoongis Cup Of Tae
That intro tho😂😂
DJrobot44 2 oy oldin
I imagine link using his plart and still missing
Erla -_-
Erla -_- 2 oy oldin
I'm sad y'all didn't involve iceland
Strictly Anime!
Strictly Anime! 2 oy oldin
Link's just scared to lose and copy rhett's answer.
Team Kokhdft
Team Kokhdft 2 oy oldin
Tyrkisk peber is extremely good
JAGL 716
JAGL 716 2 oy oldin
11:51 " ima poprock in your ear"😂
Karpo Jii
Karpo Jii 2 oy oldin
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 2 oy oldin
This is a fun show
Diggerfan101.4 2 oy oldin
I'm American. But I'm of Finish and Swedish decent. And other countries.
TMG_RaptorYT 2 oy oldin
Argentina likes things that pop So do North Korea
Maze 2 oy oldin
Aj Downs
Aj Downs 2 oy oldin
At the beginning Rett face matched his cut out well and Link not really
Cremorne Sydney
Cremorne Sydney 2 oy oldin
turzistan is actually kyrgystan
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Link: I'm gonna try and spray the board Chase: Nope! *sprint*
PandaTopHat 2 oy oldin
2019 anyone?
Ben Rawson
Ben Rawson 2 oy oldin
Needed Pineapple lumps from New Zealand Gutted that you didn't give my sweet little country a mention
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