International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Can we guess where in the world these Dunkin Donuts options hail from? GMM #1339
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11-Iyn, 2018

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tenzin sangye
tenzin sangye 17 soat oldin
Like for TimHorton
Smithballin23 Kun oldin
I'm from Bulgaria!!
BestQuality DivaBoo
KOREA IS NOT PART OF CHINA WHY IS IT COLORED IN RED WWKODJDUHUWJIW Im guessing its a printing error but still :(
Sydney Hudson
Sydney Hudson 2 kun oldin
A pig in a blanket should not be enjoyed without mustard.
Veronica Blum
Veronica Blum 4 kun oldin
I dunno, while these international taste tests are one of my fav bits done by GMM, I'm not a fan of giving Link ridiculously generous help. They should win or lose fair and square. But I guess I'm old-fashioned lol
Treydon Caruth-Rector
we have that literally in every donut shop In Texas 💀
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 4 kun oldin
the chinese pork floss donuts are good
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 6 kun oldin
Do this with Burger King or just do more of these period they are so fun to watch
Raxit 6 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure there was a french occupation of morocco, actually.
James Barbatano
James Barbatano 6 kun oldin
I have a girlfriend who is allergic to sesame seeds. I can't take any of these home with me.
Natalie Workman
Natalie Workman 7 kun oldin
Kolaches are SO good. I didnt know they were mostly popular in the mother country, Texas. I thought everywhere had them.
Colby Ferguson
Colby Ferguson 8 kun oldin
It's sold where I live
cjwall2 8 kun oldin
Spartan 300
Spartan 300 8 kun oldin
Was anyone else wondering why Korea was apart of China
JM 9 kun oldin
You marked Korea as China, dummies
Super_Random_Usernam e
The coved Korea in china
Catie Wagner
Catie Wagner 11 kun oldin
I went to the Atlantic City tour of mythicality and I can easily say it was the best day of my life.
Fate_ Nikolai
Fate_ Nikolai 11 kun oldin
It actually happened. Link actually won
Milen Radev
Milen Radev 12 kun oldin
I am from Bulgaria too and a big fan of GMM. I have seen almost all episodes of GMM more than once and dont remember our country ever mentioned in any other episode.
Danielle Tidd
Danielle Tidd 13 kun oldin
Just so you know that piece of land sticking by Japan isn't part of China its the Korean Peninsula or North and South Korea just so you know your map isn't correct.
Christopher Adam
Christopher Adam 13 kun oldin
Superwoman's gonna sue y'all for that jingle
Eric Kanervalainen
Eric Kanervalainen 2 kun oldin
Well she took it from Carmen Sandiego...
kittylovesfilms 13 kun oldin
Something about this game.... Teeeheeehee NEVER get olds! ^_^ My fav ppl throwing darts and teaching me a bit about the world
Joshua Wulfsohn
Joshua Wulfsohn 14 kun oldin
why did it show tajikistan, kyrgyzstan, north and south korea in china on the map?
Haru Haru
Haru Haru 15 kun oldin
Can everyone just appreciate how good Rhett is at this game. Man he is good.
Luisa Paredes
Luisa Paredes 15 kun oldin
To Link: Come on- win without any help!
Chase Sepulvado
Chase Sepulvado 15 kun oldin
More dart games!
Its Emblock
Its Emblock 15 kun oldin
Wow kolaches are only in texas
Sages' Static
Sages' Static 16 kun oldin
Okay so I believe that the reason some counties are merged into larger ones because, not having the smaller countries probably makes aiming and measuring easier.
Trashboat 18 kun oldin
Ah, that's what Michael Jones is always talking about
Oh no, a Snake.
Oh no, a Snake. 19 kun oldin
Rhett was right, there was a French occupation of Morocco.
howdyjoenathan 19 kun oldin
IronMight365 20 kun oldin
What in the world(pun intended) was wrong with China on the map?
Blake Thomas Selph
Blake Thomas Selph 21 kun oldin
Hoagie top, hoagie top in the voice of Adam Sandler. #HoagiesAndGrinders #LunchLadyLand hahahahaha Link is awesome!
Віка Г.
Віка Г. 21 kun oldin
Why does Rhett think that Japan is in the Indian Ocean?
Jharad Cumberbatch
Jharad Cumberbatch 21 kun oldin
Link's logic: Rhett's a disingenuous contestant... because I am *copying* what ever comes out of Rhett's mouth and theyre sometimes lies.
Chip 21 kun oldin
Chase is so hot :D
Sonce !
Sonce ! 22 kun oldin
Honduran representation 🇭🇳
Info Warrior
Info Warrior 22 kun oldin
Breakfast Kolaches are the best thing ever
Maria Kircheva
Maria Kircheva 23 kun oldin
I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve never seen this doughnut 😂
Maria Kircheva
Maria Kircheva 23 kun oldin
I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve never seen this doughnut 😂
Dante Jones
Dante Jones 25 kun oldin
I have just discovered Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego and now I can't watch it without thinking about the GMM jingle XD
Beth Orr
Beth Orr 27 kun oldin
If that parmesan was coconut...man, that would be amazing!!! 🍩❤
Steph Agor
Steph Agor 28 kun oldin
the pork floss slander is real
geegeezlouis86 28 kun oldin
"I don't think there was a French occupation of Morocco but it sounded smart" Somewhere deep in the recesses of Rhett's brain lies entirely accurate information about Morocco that he doesn't think is real
bitten binder
bitten binder 29 kun oldin
Now i want donuts
HailOlympos! 29 kun oldin
Y'all have never had kolaches until now? Man - you guys have been missing out!
SheetSpark_blue 43972
Since when was part of russia anf alll of the korean peninsula part of china
Lindsey Shorter
Pigs in Blankets are sausages wrapped in bacon.... I don’t know why Americans have changed it and made it worse 😂 was a thing of beauty to begin with!
Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Oy oldin
Rhett: it has meat hairs! 😂 When he said that I thought it was funny
Antonio Myers
Antonio Myers Oy oldin
Why do they have an upside down star in the background
Jogha Ella
Jogha Ella Oy oldin
Lol, that American "donut" is what we in Eastern Europe call "wiener pastry".
XF3W PVP Oy oldin
5:00 "i live in the us and i love this" i believe you are a nationalist Link
Lil Duck
Lil Duck Oy oldin
Do you guys think Korea is in China?
Manny Blood
Manny Blood Oy oldin
I am a Texan and I can verify we love um
Nindita Syafitri
What? I'm from Indonesia and I don't even know that taste exists HAHA but chocolate and cheese definitely taste good on a fried banana, you should try it sometime!
Angelica’s ED Recovery
Dunkin’ Donuts has Santa Donuts they’re pretty good, I uploaded a video about them!
Han Wolf
Han Wolf Oy oldin
WAIT Kolaches are just a texas thing??????????
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Oy oldin
i feel bad for anyone who hasnt had a shipleys kolache
Somebody Not Saying Who
As a Chinese person who just ate pork floss I some what feel offended
6laderunner Oy oldin
Texas had a large Eastern European settler population, so kolaches are a big thing to this day. In central Texas, there are kolache shops everywhere... SO good. I had no clue they weren’t popular elsewhere in the US, at least in places with Czech and German settler populations.
Andre Touchy Fili
8:21 the way Rhett looks at link
Andre Touchy Fili
2:50 Hair-able?
Esther Oy oldin
well Korea aint China but... well I still love you guys
Gt Oy oldin
Wtf I thought all dd’s had kolaches they are hella good
Im_That_Monk Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks chase is cute lol
cuphands pel
cuphands pel Oy oldin
Do kolaches not exist out side of Texas
Brynnan Hill
Brynnan Hill Oy oldin
Yeah that's what I was wondering
min may Ngo
min may Ngo Oy oldin
Rhett is actually good at this game
It's 10:10
It's 10:10 Oy oldin
They really think Asian countries don’t eat cheese ? ☹️
Megan Buhanan
Megan Buhanan Oy oldin
I live in texas and i love Duncan donuts
Megan Buhanan
Megan Buhanan Oy oldin
Nathaniel Smith
Come to Ohio please
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz Oy oldin
I couldn't throw a dart worth a fart 😄
notesaw Oy oldin
6:59 I have nut- I HAVE *NUT*
Brittany Jackson
Love the coffee cups!
Jordan M
Jordan M Oy oldin
Tour of Mythicality MIDWEST I'll buy 10 tickets to every show!!!
sippin on straight chlorine
6:32 that is the largest bite I have ever seen someone take
nicole valletta
If all you did was this dart game... I would not be mad.
Cheap Coffee
Cheap Coffee Oy oldin
Link is such a wuss! Plan: hit somewhere close to Rhett to make sure you don't have to have your own bold opinion.
Avin French
Avin French Oy oldin
Mrmcderpstein Gamer
They’ve never had a kolache before??
Mrmcderpstein Gamer
I didn’t realize it was just a texas thing, I love my country (Texas)
Armando Orozco
No more advantages for link clean n fair from now on
Tokii Oy oldin
I was so confused when I saw the Kolache, "Do...they really not know what a kolache is...?????" It's so normal to me, and with such American ingredients, it's baffling that they've never seen it before.
Julius Hall
Julius Hall Oy oldin
So your doing clogs now
Sam Warwick
Sam Warwick Oy oldin
Close your eyes and listen to Rhett...tell me that's not Alan Alda. Then turn off the sound and watch link....his mannerisms are straight up Dana Carved and the church lady
Ethan Does YouTube
I like how on this Dunkin Donuts themed episode, I get an add for Tim Hortons. XD
Spencer Lim
Spencer Lim Oy oldin
You worthless poops. Korea is not China. You highlighted Korea as china. I hope your studio burns
Beardology Oy oldin
Pork Floss is delicious.
Ryan Calkins
Ryan Calkins Oy oldin
I can’t believe y’all don’t know what a kolache is
Conspiracy Queen
They don’t have colatchies in other states?
Azuan Azman
Azuan Azman Oy oldin
Rhett : "Link you're bad at this game." Link : *grin* OMG I DIED!!! HAHAHAHAAHHA
Will Carson
Will Carson Oy oldin
Rhett definitely got screwed. If you try to go frame by frame with where the munchkins land, they hit much closer to his dart. The powdered sugar that Chase points out so close to Indonesia had to be splatter and not an actual impact spot. It's a shame they didn't use video replay to get it right.
Doodle Daily
Doodle Daily Oy oldin
The funny thing is if you check back none of the munchkins ever hit that are they all hit china
Charles Dinkins
When Stevie said "sammich" I knew I was in love
teacherguy715 Oy oldin
Definitely... when seeing cheese and chocolate together... almost always Indonesia/Malaysia area
On My Windshield
You arent southern enough those are kolaches
Stevany J
Stevany J Oy oldin
Dunkin every where except Oregon. Ughh. I visited Florida and it was such a tease to have Dunkin! It’s soo good!
CrAyon bOx
CrAyon bOx Oy oldin
Do another tour !
Emily Robinson
It's weird when the last one is Indonesia when the person talking at the end is from Indonesia
Zoe Zarina
Zoe Zarina Oy oldin
Saddest kolache I ever seen
Am i the only one thats gonna ask whats wrong with the chinese borders?