International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test

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Can we guess where in the world these Dunkin Donuts options hail from? GMM #1339
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11-Iyn, 2018

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SHREYAS L Soat oldin
"When I think of sesame, I think of sesame chicken. And when I want sesame chicken, I order a Chinese takeout. That is why, I'm aiming for Bulgaria " I died there😂😂😂😂😂😂
sweetdelaney 6 soat oldin
kinda blows my mind that rhett and link have never had a kolache lol
Sir Derpington
Sir Derpington 7 soat oldin
pork floss is dried pork meat. think of it as dried pull pork.
Skill EXED
Skill EXED 17 soat oldin
Please do Traditional food from around the world with Tunisia included !!
Company with 3
Company with 3 Kun oldin
You would think they would get 🍩 from all over the world an not the donuts u can get here in America lol terrible fail, damn blonde moments
OddlyMe Kun oldin
Lorie Martin
Lorie Martin Kun oldin
Hey Rhett heeeeeeeeeeyyyyy
CRZ Destroyer
CRZ Destroyer 2 kun oldin
Why is Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan part of China?
Clara Pineda
Clara Pineda 3 kun oldin
ShadowShocker36 3 kun oldin
No dunkin donuts in canada
Rebork 3 kun oldin
I live in Texas and yes we do love them
Melanie Conway
Melanie Conway 4 kun oldin
Hopefully the floor is clean so you can eat those donarts later!
Jazmine Sanchez
Jazmine Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Yay I'm so happy that Link finally won this game!
France Henry
France Henry 5 kun oldin
No-one ever comes to New Orleans
haley herboth-wright
Rhett.....always throwing Link off :)
Danielle Pauline Asuncion
“My munchkins are gonna go everywhere. GLOBAL DOMINATION” -Link 2018
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 5 kun oldin
why is Korea included in China​?
JD Wohlever
JD Wohlever 6 kun oldin
Who is the woman who speaks during these? Not to be creepy, but her voice....
Allison Holly
Allison Holly 7 kun oldin
What?! Dunks has gone international?? As someone from Massachusetts, where dunks began, I’m proud.
Shawn6466 8 kun oldin
I love the dart episodes soooo much!!!
Hales 8 kun oldin
Ummm. I thought everywhere had Kolachies. I had no idea it was a Texas thing they are everywhere here.
Tyler Andrade
Tyler Andrade 8 kun oldin
Mo Yeti I don't have enough Yeti. I need Mo Yeti in my life.
rachel kalamaros
rachel kalamaros 8 kun oldin
You guys should make a season 3 of buddy system!!!! It was soooooooo good!
xclamation 9 kun oldin
duckin donut
Heather Morgan
Heather Morgan 10 kun oldin
Great job, Link! Yeah, a victory!
Fajar Ramadhan
Fajar Ramadhan 10 kun oldin
Keren Yolanda bisa masuk GMM
Flawless sinner
Flawless sinner 10 kun oldin
Do a food from IRANNNNNN
John Weisz
John Weisz 12 kun oldin
That denied high five though.... F for respects
nicolas tellez
nicolas tellez 12 kun oldin
Please come tour in San Antonio Texas
Aoibh Smith
Aoibh Smith 12 kun oldin
we have dunkin donuts in australai
Julian Harjono
Julian Harjono 13 kun oldin
Why do I always want Rhett to win? I have nothing against Link, but damn I always root for Rhett
Bdoturbanus3 13 kun oldin
Bruh I’m from Texas and I thought everyone new about kolaches
Zaraaf San
Zaraaf San 13 kun oldin
They never come to chicago :(
Nakota Flores
Nakota Flores 13 kun oldin
Booo link
Destiny Watson
Destiny Watson 13 kun oldin
I wonder if Link watched super troopers 2. My boyfriend and I watched it and we high-five backwards now
Tushna Eduljee
Tushna Eduljee 13 kun oldin
That intro was really similar to superwoman’s 😂
Rero Funk
Rero Funk 13 kun oldin
I wasn't aware Kolaches were a Texas only thing. I thought they were all over the US xD
gerghgh herb
gerghgh herb 14 kun oldin
4:33 Can we talk about how the USA think they invented the sausage roll?
Tyran Tyran
Tyran Tyran 14 kun oldin
How did Rhett just casually guess that the French colonized Morocco? Like how
The Polygon Yoshi
The Polygon Yoshi 14 kun oldin
Please come in Quebec city next year. We will waiting for you. And also a mythical bienvenue from Quebec city.
Bryant Fusilier
Bryant Fusilier 15 kun oldin
The fact that they made the Korean Peninsula apart of China really upsets me
prince joopie
prince joopie 15 kun oldin
As someone from MA, the dunkin donuts capital of the world, I must say that that was, in legal terms, a waste of munchkins.
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian 15 kun oldin
11:46, best line ever Link
Mark Santana
Mark Santana 16 kun oldin
I'm from Honduras and that was so obvious to me that's a signature Honduran breakfast
Tia R
Tia R 16 kun oldin
You: “Where in the world is Superwoman today?” Me, an intellectual: “Where in the world do these international Dunkin’ Donuts come from?”
I Want to Buy a Kitten
Would've been nice if they didn't constantly show the origin so we could play along.
ExTY 16 kun oldin
im from bulgaria! FeelsGoodMan
ALBERT stuff-made my day
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
The best for last!!! Hehehe
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
Lord B298
Lord B298 17 kun oldin
Proud Texan here and needless to say we have lots of Kolache options here! Boudain Kolaches, Sausage Cheese Kolaches, Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Kolaches. Albeit the word Kolache is traditionally used by the Czech people as a fruit pastry. What we Texans call a Kolache a Czech person would call a Klobasnik
Long Live Animals
Long Live Animals 17 kun oldin
That’s what link said
Alex McGrath
Alex McGrath 17 kun oldin
This is a historic episode When link won a dart game
Platta 18 kun oldin
They both have said "Link, has a bigger size mouth, Rhett, a smaller mouth" yet, I see Rhett takes a much bigger bite than Link.
Jared Worman
Jared Worman 18 kun oldin
Are you telling me kolaches aren't popular outside of texas?
Sayyed Shah
Sayyed Shah 18 kun oldin
I’m from New Jersey what do they do in tour?? Someone please answer this
Dalton Holder
Dalton Holder 18 kun oldin
Add I’m going home can u
Shanna Tate
Shanna Tate 18 kun oldin
I saw the kolache and was like "how in the world do they not realize this is American" then I found out it was Texan and forgot we basically have our own culture going on down here
Christian Cowandy
Christian Cowandy 18 kun oldin
I remember when Link won by 1cm...
Pablo824 19 kun oldin
It is really tasty its freaking Bulgaria
Edna Playz
Edna Playz 19 kun oldin
Theres no fricking Dunkin’ Donuts where I live.
Richard Gillespie
Richard Gillespie 19 kun oldin
Great comeback Link! Donut forget this win!
Artizorg 19 kun oldin
this is not fair!
Jack P-W
Jack P-W 19 kun oldin
Don’t judge a country by it’s donut
kerflop 19 kun oldin
After Link almost impaled chase I can never watch these segments without feeling nervous someone is going to get a dart to the face
F0r3m4n 20 kun oldin
pig in a blanket is actually from Austria
daniel martinez
daniel martinez 20 kun oldin
I live in Honduras and I've never actually have eaten one of those😅
Dumbo Is da best
Dumbo Is da best 20 kun oldin
Jenny 20 kun oldin
dsfak;jgkfdsg omg i went insane when they knew it was bulgaria
CarbonBoy26 // 炭素少年26
k 20 kun oldin
In Texas we have really good Asian donut shops with really good kolaches
Mihail Ivanov
Mihail Ivanov 20 kun oldin
Hi this is my first time writing to you. I love your videos and I am from Bulgaria
Lollipop Awesomeness
I love kolachis!!!!! 😍
HoloPhan 20 kun oldin
I'm eating this video when watching doughnuts.
Faceless_Laughter 21 kun oldin
Canada doesn't have Dunkin' Donuts
NoahWHO 21 kun oldin
You mean dunkies right?
FLYY 21 kun oldin
imdanielamadrid 21 kun oldin
Omg the Honduras flag
Joe 21 kun oldin
actually there was a French occupation in Morocco in 1912 after the adgir crisis, it lasted until 1955 or 56 I think.
30Chances 123
30Chances 123 21 kun oldin
Next time can you please please please come to Colorado
Spencer Radie
Spencer Radie 21 kun oldin
I didn’t know there were people in the states that had never had a Kolache before. I’m shook
Julian Lundgren
Julian Lundgren 22 kun oldin
why is your hair so grey
Emily Bright
Emily Bright 23 kun oldin
Why was North & South Korea with China?
Skyler Bahon
Skyler Bahon 24 kun oldin
If I were one of them, I wouldn’t take A bite I would eat it all... unless it was nasty :/
Marc Chase
Marc Chase 24 kun oldin
imdanielamadrid 21 kun oldin
Marc Chase nah
Ryuu Shinu
Ryuu Shinu 24 kun oldin
Link doesn't actually make guesses when Rhett goes first he just throws it close to his dart 😂
jason wong
jason wong 25 kun oldin
In Malaysia, you can get sticky rice and red beans in donuts. Ya, we are weird.
weed_94 minev
weed_94 minev 25 kun oldin
I'm from Bulgaria,and I really enjoy someone talk about our country.It's small country but its so cool.
Nataly C.
Nataly C. 26 kun oldin
my country Honduras in there!!
Parkthatcarson 26 kun oldin
Are kolaches not a thing everywhere else?!
MMAK nugusy
MMAK nugusy 26 kun oldin
Hey thats a play on where in the world is superwoman toda-ay
Марио Петров
Bulgaria!! ^^
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev 26 kun oldin
I agree, we really have this doughnut and our food is really, really tasty!!!
Jane Sagan
Jane Sagan 26 kun oldin
who made the map?? you could have just googled world map instead of sticking Korea up China's ass.
CButtonshaw 27 kun oldin
Chocolate dipped with shredded cheese?! WTF is wrong with Indonesia?!
george babov
george babov 27 kun oldin
where are my bulgarian friends къде са
Sol_Occidit 27 kun oldin
You’re telling me there are doughnut places in the US that don’t have kolaches? I thought it was just something that was all over.
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders 27 kun oldin
Did link cuss? 10:22
Zack Gallinger-Long
Zack Gallinger-Long 27 kun oldin
Dear Chase, we seem to be doppelgangers. Let me know if you ever need a day off work and I'll totally cover for you.
piñada Fister
piñada Fister 28 kun oldin
I am from texas and it is strange how she said koloche