International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test

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Can we guess where in the world these Dunkin Donuts options hail from? GMM #1339
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11-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 683
Belphem more
Belphem more Kun oldin
Im from honduras 😁
SuperStarSophie Kun oldin
I don't think we have Dunkin Donuts in NZ.
Sami G
Sami G Kun oldin
Raktim Biswas
Raktim Biswas Kun oldin
The way they said the name of the game is exactly the way IISuperwomanII says "Where in the world is Superwoman today?"
J Master
J Master 2 kun oldin
Link is a horrible person and needs to lose at everything!
Kristin Harris
Kristin Harris 2 kun oldin
*WAAAZAAM BULGARIA* 😂 man I love you guys. I’m from Bulgaria and every time I visit home I will now say “WAZAAM BULGARIA” And confuse my whole town ❤️😂🇧🇬
Spell Of Darkness
Spell Of Darkness 2 kun oldin
I want donuts now :(
Angelina Hazell
Angelina Hazell 3 kun oldin
THE SUPERWOMAN JINGLE THINGGG. “Where I’m the world is superwoman to da-ay”
Damaris Vazquez
Damaris Vazquez 3 kun oldin
I'm admitting I'm late to the game, but I love these guys. I've had a best friend since kindergarten, same connection. The connection makes it.
Shady Ard
Shady Ard 3 kun oldin
What is the accent of these guys I like it which part of the US?
Zachary Snyder
Zachary Snyder 4 kun oldin
Bring that pigs in a blanket to Arizona.
Leo Jo
Leo Jo 4 kun oldin
KOREAS NOT PART OF CHINA T.T Hope you guys know that
Angela Zolli
Angela Zolli 4 kun oldin
I live in NJ so I’m going the one at Caesar’s palace, and my aunt and uncle live in CT so we’re going to the one @ Foxwoods. Wooo.
Luke Stubbs
Luke Stubbs 5 kun oldin
Make them try a halal snack pack!
Steven Costanza
Steven Costanza 5 kun oldin
I'm Indonesian and I've never tastes that , I didn't even knew that exist 😂
Stoned JR
Stoned JR 6 kun oldin
Yall put koreas in china
Ryan Oliver
Ryan Oliver 6 kun oldin
Rhett lost, so why does Damnyell have to eat the scronut? That doesn't seem very fair.
Not Rachel
Not Rachel 6 kun oldin
do other states really not have kolaches?
The Cuck Channel
The Cuck Channel 6 kun oldin
China's border is all wrong! They own the entire Korean peninsula, some parts of southeast Russia and also both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan!
Nanna Pedersen
Nanna Pedersen 6 kun oldin
The donut nr. 2 from USA, is called pølsehorn in Denmark and normally we add ketchup to it.
Chase Cracknell
Chase Cracknell 6 kun oldin
France actually did occupy morraco....
Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells 7 kun oldin
Scronut 🤣👍
Juan Sajan
Juan Sajan 7 kun oldin
I’m soooo happy for link
ObamasSixthNipple 7 kun oldin
The map is wrong btw. You eliminatedany countries and added them to China lol
MinecraftTobi 7 kun oldin
man we finally got germany on the board. makes me proud. thank you
MadeByForce 24
MadeByForce 24 8 kun oldin
They should put the answer in the annotations so viewers can turn them off if they want to play along
knightman 03
knightman 03 8 kun oldin
i am from texas and kolachies are really good
Adam Mullarkey
Adam Mullarkey 8 kun oldin
You know, guys, I can't help but notice something: Korea? Very definitely not part of China.
Victoria Carnes
Victoria Carnes 8 kun oldin
as someone from Texas, I didn’t know the rest of the country didn’t do kolaches?
AnOverwatchPlayer 8 kun oldin
"There are dunkin donats globally" Romania : Hold my beer boi
Just Clicks
Just Clicks 9 kun oldin
are kolaches not a normal thing in the rest of america?? I grew up in texas and I love kolaches but I thought they were a nationwide thing??
serenityq26 9 kun oldin
well its a recreation so the real deal might not be that bad...........i mean i've had some bad pizza but its not the that STYLE of pizza thats bad its THAT PLACE who cant cook
Jodi Santillan
Jodi Santillan 9 kun oldin
Lmaooo I was screaming “it’s a kolache!” 😂 we love out kolaches in Texas fo sho.
Jasmyn Larson
Jasmyn Larson 9 kun oldin
Lol I don't count that as a win for Link
Luke Steponaitis
Luke Steponaitis 9 kun oldin
link please stop copying everything rhett chooses!
Kameron Kirksey
Kameron Kirksey 9 kun oldin
Diana Palacios
Diana Palacios 10 kun oldin
They know their. Dunkin’ Donuts
The Flying Pig
The Flying Pig 10 kun oldin
Link's won 3 of these now!
PonasBaronas 10 kun oldin
Why does china own north and south korea
Annerbelle 10 kun oldin
They need to stop giving link help
Iain Ennis
Iain Ennis 10 kun oldin
Rhett would win every time if he stopped giving link advantages.
Aleks.T 10 kun oldin
BULGARIA no way my country
Jarrod Thomas
Jarrod Thomas 11 kun oldin
10:11 I died 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂(samich
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie 11 kun oldin
I love there friendship so much
Marquel Davis
Marquel Davis 11 kun oldin
That missed high five Rolf
David Dadoali
David Dadoali 12 kun oldin
I'm Indonesian and i have to know where i can grab that donut, because i've been in DD countless time and i found me no donut like that.
HX Malcolm
HX Malcolm 12 kun oldin
You guys should have Singapore as one of the countries and see whether either of them would hit the island
Zeus He
Zeus He 12 kun oldin
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton 12 kun oldin
Jay Rilley
Jay Rilley 12 kun oldin
This is probably the most close up match ever. Like they both guess the correct country and they both hit the dart close to the country and one is a bulleye.
SSundee Garcia
SSundee Garcia 12 kun oldin
Jonathan Sosa
Jonathan Sosa 12 kun oldin
Come to Miami please
Sarah Rinaldi
Sarah Rinaldi 12 kun oldin
Kroneexe 12 kun oldin
Link is the better guesser, he is just not as good a thrower. also when Link got it right, Rhett won by accident
Smajy Man
Smajy Man 12 kun oldin
Love how they’ve labelled Korea as part of China 😂
Celloxz 12 kun oldin
i have never see that donut in Indonesia (I live in Indonesia so i would know). In Indonesia, you can't get the chocolate mint because if the store opens, it runs out really quickly
evilkitty2007 12 kun oldin
KOLACHES!!! I'm a Texan and Czech so that's my shizz...except in real life, traditional kolaches are fruit filled pastries and dough wrapped sausages are klobasniks...but yeah in Texas they call the sausage ones kolaches
ToonPrincess 13 kun oldin
I’m Ninja and I’m not gay
The dink it & sink it cups are 🔥
Savannah Sweeney
Savannah Sweeney 13 kun oldin
it's embarrassing how excited I got when they brought out that kolache, us texans are BLESSED
Valerie J.
Valerie J. 14 kun oldin
As a Louisiana resident, I can confirm that we also enjoy kolaches and I can also confirm that they are absolutely delicious.
David Chen
David Chen 14 kun oldin
And you can also erase the countries of N.Korea, S.Korea Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and also the Islands of Taiwan and Hainan, and then also give Vladivostok to China, and then remove Alaska from the U.S... I wish I wasn’t upset
Ian Wallman
Ian Wallman 14 kun oldin
north and South Korea are in china apparently
Mr12Relic 14 kun oldin
4:10 that was amazing
Gloria Hwang
Gloria Hwang 15 kun oldin
You guys made a mistake with the map. South and North Korea is coloured in as China. 🤨🤨🤨
GoldenViper 15 kun oldin
I was today years old when I found out that kolaches, my favorite thing from any donut shop, are only from here in Texas
TGS GALACTIK 15 kun oldin
I live in tennesee and i eat kolaches evry morning
Lily Baca
Lily Baca 15 kun oldin
Omg when they got the kolache I was like how do they not know what that is?? But apparently I was unaware that kolaches aren’t super popular outside of Texas. We’ve got them in every single donut shop here in Texas 😂
ArcticWolfTamer 15 kun oldin
I forget that other places in America don’t have kolaches. D: At first I was so confused as to why they thought it was Germany. Every single time my family gets donuts, we also get kolaches. They’re like yin and yang in Texas. xD
Blue Sheep9000
Blue Sheep9000 15 kun oldin
I like how they talk about about a colachi like it’s from another planet
Master Theft
Master Theft 15 kun oldin
9:10 There was a French occupation of Morocco in 1910s until after ww2
Poo Key
Poo Key 16 kun oldin
Dude is it just me or did they get so much better at throwing Darts
PlasmaBoss86 16 kun oldin
Im from texas and thought the kolache was completely normal
sequencexdrumr 16 kun oldin
Can someone edit "ze worudo!" For the begging of the video
Wartler 16 kun oldin
8:22- obscure reference, but the way Link sang Hoagie Top! Hoagie Top! really reminds me of the theme to Buckaroo Banzai.
Bloo 16 kun oldin
Whats up with china? why does it have kyrgyzstan, tadjikistan, and both north and south korea??
xydoit 17 kun oldin
Chocolate and cheese is very tasty.
King0neEurope 17 kun oldin
5:42 That feels like an insult :D Thats so not german at all..but since many Americans think Corndogs are German too I get why you would think of Germany
Sol Barqui
Sol Barqui 17 kun oldin
You just clickbaited me through the whole video with Argentina thats great
Emily Yummy
Emily Yummy 18 kun oldin
There actually once was a kimchi donut in South Korea few years back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sukhman Singh
Sukhman Singh 18 kun oldin
yes yes yes finely he won
Connor Manning
Connor Manning 19 kun oldin
Being from Texas, I was screaming at them to go for USA when the kolache popped up lol. That’s all I get from donut places
DebbieeeCo 19 kun oldin
Ahhhhhh you guys are going to be at Foxwoods right around my birthday! I need tickets as a birthday gift!... and a babysitter!!!!
Str8OuttaFux 19 kun oldin
That laugh doe 11:47
James F
James F 21 kun oldin
KOLACHE not DONUT oh wait they said it I just didn't wait I was sooo mad.
Richard West
Richard West 21 kun oldin
Rhett and links friendship seems to have been strained over the last few episodes, Just a little passive aggressive intense.
Robin Lundqvist
Robin Lundqvist 21 kun oldin
pigs in a blanket and they don’t assume it’s the US? that’s a US dish if I’ve ever seen one
Diana Stephanie
Diana Stephanie 21 kun oldin
I'm Indonesian and don't even know that type of donut exist...hahaha
Frosty Dragon
Frosty Dragon 22 kun oldin
Finally link won one!! His face when he found out he won 🤣 My favourite game on this show btw
Trent Coones
Trent Coones 23 kun oldin
Kopperstoned Kidd
Kopperstoned Kidd 25 kun oldin
The pig in a blanket one was a kolache which is sold in america but created in czech pigs n a blanket is the mini sausages :)
Kopperstoned Kidd
Kopperstoned Kidd 25 kun oldin
Btw im in texas lol buccees evetywhere and every doughnut shop does sell em .... We r famous for our buccees bathrooms!!
JayFeather 25 kun oldin
I am from Bulgaria
weeblep27 25 kun oldin
Dayton Wills
Dayton Wills 25 kun oldin
are you going to England
RAGINGSTICK MAN 26 kun oldin
Wait link WON hows that possible haha
Moontail 2014
Moontail 2014 26 kun oldin
Wait... I live in Indonesia. And i never see that donut anywhere...
Moontail 2014
Moontail 2014 26 kun oldin
Seen* (idk)
Rose Googins
Rose Googins 26 kun oldin
Haha I love the Carmen San Diego tune 😂
John Yang
John Yang 26 kun oldin
The first one is actually so gooooood.
John Palmer
John Palmer 26 kun oldin
I thought everyone knew about Kolaches.
Itzz Lissa
Itzz Lissa 26 kun oldin
I Live In Texas And I Had One Yesterday xD