International Dunkin Donuts Taste Test

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Can we guess where in the world these Dunkin Donuts options hail from? GMM #1339
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11-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 799
Jataro Kemuri
Jataro Kemuri 2 soat oldin
Hoda Mahmoud
Hoda Mahmoud 2 soat oldin
In australia we don't have dunkin donuts but we have donut king and they make V flavoured donuts
Catalyst 2 soat oldin
4:10 me, trying to live
Katiana D
Katiana D 4 soat oldin
Jimmie jonga
Katiana D
Katiana D 4 soat oldin
Khaoula Mesbah
Khaoula Mesbah 4 soat oldin
Floss like a boss www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNYBMBD/136-7278401-0140564?_encoding=UTF8&ref_=pe_2196150_146773810#
brian kashung
brian kashung 5 soat oldin
Link should buy a dart set to practice at home :/
MaTic Melz
MaTic Melz 6 soat oldin
@ 4:49 am I the only one who heard someone say but not saying who “Ni**a this is so good”....?? Uhhhh
Gunawan Gunawan
Gunawan Gunawan 8 soat oldin
Is there any Indonesian here :v
peekaboots01 8 soat oldin
Why are China Honduras and Indonesia making donuts? They look disgusting.
Alina Kng
Alina Kng 9 soat oldin
The pork floss is actually good
stephanie bustamante
I'm from Honduras & the bread with beans & cheese is sooo damn good.
Elim 9 soat oldin
I adore any video from you the is food related and even more if it's a competition like this one. You learn way more than you expect!
kirstin benson
kirstin benson 10 soat oldin
I Love you family and friends hello friends Good Mythical Morning hello friends Rhett hello friends Link Happy Smile
kirstin benson
kirstin benson 10 soat oldin
I love you family and friends hello friends Good Mythical Morning hello friends Rhett hello friends Link Happy Smile
Vetal Turlin
Vetal Turlin 10 soat oldin
site iI bought plans from woodprix and I made it very fast.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 10 soat oldin
Emmarellda1 10 soat oldin
the first one is rou song. its basically dried, shredded meat
Molz Nation
Molz Nation 12 soat oldin
Y’all need to do MAC AND CHEESE TASTE TEST. (Srry lactose intolerant Rhett)
Nylak Otter
Nylak Otter 13 soat oldin
I wonder what mistakes I've made in my life such that I am not being paid to sit around and eat donuts and chuck darts.
NeQu 14 soat oldin
Polish „mniej więcej” copy that
Alif Daniel
Alif Daniel 14 soat oldin
why malaysia is part of Indonesia. it is definitely two different country malaysia and Indonesia is not a same country pls guys I always watch a vid that you guys mark Indonesia in malaysia territory
Hannah Attaway
Hannah Attaway 14 soat oldin
727 dislikes?!?!? One rule no protesting against r and l
Hannah Attaway
Hannah Attaway 14 soat oldin
One question! Can u put me in one episode?
marniewings81 15 soat oldin
Awesome guys! You guys rock
lewis baisley
lewis baisley 15 soat oldin
Yes! I though I watched all of these. Bonus episode!
Gautam Sharma
Gautam Sharma 16 soat oldin
Are those maps in every dart episode Politically correct ? China does not extend all the way to Pakistan, Ladakh and Kashmir!
Bondo2012 19 soat oldin
Since when are kolaches only in Texas?!!??
Laura Chinchilla
Laura Chinchilla 20 soat oldin
yay honduras
Timothy Moores
Timothy Moores 20 soat oldin
Why does China have both Koreas and a bunch of Russia in it too? I think your map is outdated by about 150 years!
DannieGurl1995 21 soat oldin
I've been to a Chinese bakery where they had pork floss on something and I liked it!
Impulse 23 soat oldin
why is there no philippines dunkin donuts?!
Hayden Keich
Hayden Keich Kun oldin
It's Bulgarian Cream!
Sindragozer Kun oldin
Ret got rekt
Jennifer Zhang
Jennifer Zhang Kun oldin
as a Chinese person, *I LOVE PORK FLOSS* . I eat it with bread all the time
Green Spleen Submarine
Yeah boy, Texas represent! 🤠
jaime Carranza
jaime Carranza Kun oldin
Hold on they don't have kolaches everywhere in the United States, it's just another reason why Texas is the best state
lee shamitt
lee shamitt Kun oldin
Link just learn how 2 throw darts! or better yet hire the helcopter hippo taking a dump close to ur destination
Noelle Carmody
Noelle Carmody Kun oldin
I don’t think link should get all of these advantages. He’s good at the game now so I think he should just play it normally
GoingDoggs 2
GoingDoggs 2 Kun oldin
Were the donuts boiled for safety?
Stary Kitten101
Stary Kitten101 Kun oldin
You guys should do comment challenges where you let the people decide the challenge that you do
antonino rivilli
In Argentina we dont have Donkin Donuts!!
Trash Dog
Trash Dog Kun oldin
Stevie is the best narrator ever, you go stevie!
Changhwan YOON
Changhwan YOON Kun oldin
u freakin high lighted korea as china!
Matt Dizzy
Matt Dizzy Kun oldin
Apparently America runs on useless UZvid videos. These guys are a couple of tools
Eclectic Reader
Eclectic Reader Kun oldin
This is a great episode. I like the diversity of doughnut perspectives. My perspective of a doughnut is: dough filled with cream or whipped cream or icing. No jelly. No jam. No powdered sugar. No fruit. No vegetables. No meat.
Carolina Hawkins
You should do taste of BBQ sauce 😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺
Daniel StackAttack
11:23 LOL
SM Santos
SM Santos Kun oldin
It taste good the one with pork floss its about the mayonnaise and the soft donut proper consistency made it tasty. 😂
Cindy Rivera
Cindy Rivera Kun oldin
I'm from Honduras so when I saw what they were eating my mouth started watering lol. We eat a lot of Central American red beans with cheese and bread.
/Marcus/ Steam Gamer and TF2 Player
I love KOLACHES cause I'm in texas
RiU_XD Kun oldin
Links hairs starts to be gray... Or it's just the hairspray
Junaid Rathore
Junaid Rathore Kun oldin
Please speak louder Chase, thank you :)
Moises Rubio
Moises Rubio Kun oldin
Julien Lamberto
Julien Lamberto Kun oldin
I would’ve laughed so hard if Rhett won again lol 😂. Darn it Rhett... that last throw... just a bit lower 😭
Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr
You don't have to worry about coming up with names for these international taste tests; just call them all "LINK THROWS DARTS" and the views will come pouring in
Christian Kurian
I used to eat meat floss when I was in China. It's like meat cotton candy
Carson’s a TANK
Do “Will It Waffle
Sergge Bufé
Sergge Bufé Kun oldin
zoeelovee2 Kun oldin
All the dart episodes are by far my favorite.
Garrett Rollins
Garrett Rollins Kun oldin
My mom just got back from Texas and bought us 3 dozen of these
Garrett Rollins
Garrett Rollins Kun oldin
I love kolaches
Ass Whole
Ass Whole 2 kun oldin
Either, I stopped liking this show or its got worse. It feels like they got too big and their trying hard now. It lost the authentic feel it had.
You know. Still managing.
"See how hard he thinks? I just enjoy my life." "My munchkins are gonna go everywhere. Global domination." - Link Neil
Smajy Man
Smajy Man 2 kun oldin
Last time I checked north and South Korea are not part of China
That Person
That Person 2 kun oldin
Thanks rhett an link. Im going through some bad times.. Im trying to figure out if im battling als or not and been pretty depressed over it but your videos really cheer me up, really one of the only things i can watch or do while waitin for the shtty news i may get that keeps my mind at ease and helps me get thought the day. Keep up the amazing videos cause im sure theres plenty of other going through similar things who use yout videos as a way to cope with things irl. I just had to say something cause not only are you helping me through these bad times but ive been watching your videos since idk when and they just make my day. So thanks alot 👍
윤상이 2 kun oldin
HEY Korea isn't a part of China!
shut up u diseased rat
2058 anyone?
NeekoPaulzee2 2 kun oldin
The only joy i get from this game is to see who link might send to the hospital 😂
Sophia Hyatali
Sophia Hyatali 2 kun oldin
Nina N.
Nina N. 2 kun oldin
Trench Pat
Trench Pat 2 kun oldin
That map of China sucks. Why did you have China the territorial disputes
-Car- 2 kun oldin
Max Thorred
Max Thorred 2 kun oldin
Degradation of mankind
Cosmiccloudz420 2 kun oldin
In his Map shirt! Lol love it!
Jofis Herbert
Jofis Herbert 2 kun oldin
Not a real kolache. That is Texas for you.
Vagner Silva
Vagner Silva 2 kun oldin
*Why pork and don't 🐖 pig?*
Doylan Mihov
Doylan Mihov 2 kun oldin
BULGARIAN POWER wooohooo we made it
Math/Gaming With Krish
Guys let's get gmm to 15,000,000 million subscribers we can do it! Come on guys they are so entertaining, Also I love your channel, I have been watching you since 2013, plz pin me!!!
The Barfing Pony
The Barfing Pony 2 kun oldin
2000th episode is approaching. You should eat 2000 buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans. Start counting them beans up Mythical Crew!
Otto The German pilot
Renzo Manuel Zuñiga Cabrera
Alguien que avale en español apoyen me a desir les que deseamo vuelvan las traducciones
Bella Becuz
Bella Becuz 2 kun oldin
Trending 😁
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller 2 kun oldin
They didn't but alaska with the US...
Sierra Secor
Sierra Secor 2 kun oldin
This made my day :)
Steph 2 kun oldin
When they said "Where in the World do These International Dunkin' Donuts Come From" it reminded me of Superwoman
trejkaz 2 kun oldin
Japan would probably have been the curry donut.
Hack 'n Build
Hack 'n Build 2 kun oldin
Bacon tastes great on donuts. Why not pork floss?
Eiderly Man
Eiderly Man 2 kun oldin
Pork floss is delicious. Fish floss is even more delicious.
TheTurkishrondo 2 kun oldin
Point of order. That's not a kolachi. Although most Texans mistakenly call them kolachis, the pastry has its roots in the Czech immigrant bakeries. A kolachi is usually fruit filled and looks similar to a Danish. This was a Klobasnik. uzvid.com/video/video-FW_qbiPH7UA.html
Skinny Potatoe
Skinny Potatoe 2 kun oldin
link needs to stop copying rhett its so anoying
Catherine Im
Catherine Im 2 kun oldin
Korea was colored in as part of China :(
Skinny Potatoe
Skinny Potatoe 2 kun oldin
I live in new jersey so exited to see y'all at cesars palace
Dean Adams
Dean Adams 2 kun oldin
They’ve never had a kolache before ? (I’m from Texas so I’m dumbfounded)
Nyte Fish26
Nyte Fish26 2 kun oldin
natalie chapman
natalie chapman 2 kun oldin
Link only won because he copies Rhrett all the time at this game.
Carly Kleve
Carly Kleve 2 kun oldin
I just came from argentina and like... Its not a sausage place really 😂
Skinny Potatoe
Skinny Potatoe 2 kun oldin
I think he meant italy
Drew Erickson
Drew Erickson 2 kun oldin
Just a pedantic map comment....the Koreas (North and South) are not part of China...
Armorclad 2 kun oldin
This was on my birthday 😇
Elizabeth Keith
Elizabeth Keith 2 kun oldin
I love a good cartographer 😍 also, I LOVE this game.