International Soda Taste Test

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What country makes a creamy melon soda? Join us as we venture through this international soda taste test and try to guess where these sodas come from! GMM #1389
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28-Sen, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 754
Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 6 kun oldin
regularwonderland o no poor Chase
Crap Alert
Crap Alert Oy oldin
+sean c they should give them some tarhun
Daniel McGuinness
+ThaiNiTeddy pppppppp
Augustogabe dot com
Ugh huh
regularwonderland I had Inca cola it really does smell like bubblegum
jdssurf 2 soat oldin
these are my fav types of shows, this game in particular.
Belle Haboon
Belle Haboon 2 soat oldin
I think we just need to give chase a suit of armor specifically for this game
Justice Westlake
Justice Westlake 6 soat oldin
They should really use Velcro darts. Then no one would need to be scared.
Amanda Jade
Amanda Jade 8 soat oldin
This map game is my ultimate favorite!
BrotherSquidman 8 soat oldin
that yogurt soda is so good I have it all the time (and you've got to have some Iranian in you to be able to say it right XD)
XBowdionX 11 soat oldin
Where’s moxie???
David Lefebvre
David Lefebvre 22 soat oldin
I think your cartographer might be gayish
Lars Schionning
Lars Schionning Kun oldin
i love chinoto.
Carlos Prado
Carlos Prado Kun oldin
"thats the best FART we've seen" - Rhett
reptileminer Kun oldin
i still remember when link had his emo hair
Banhammer72 Kun oldin
Wait a minute!!! You guys are measuring in cm???? Don't you Yanks prefer Imperial Inches?
Alice L
Alice L Kun oldin
Nono il chinotto fa schifo pure agli italiani
Amanda A.
Amanda A. Kun oldin
Totally called inca kola when I saw it. Where's my fella Peruvians at right?
Kvn *
Kvn * Kun oldin
Im attracted to the girls voice...
Samantha Petrovic
Samantha Petrovic 2 kun oldin
Oh ho ho that’s like lama milk Lmao
Johnson McDick
Johnson McDick 2 kun oldin
kashmiria turkey or Russian ?
Johnson McDick
Johnson McDick 2 kun oldin
before I get past the Italy one. its soy = southeast asia or possibly japan.
TheRangerGreen 2 kun oldin
That's my favorite ginger ale!
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 kun oldin
Cheer wine and Pepsi. NC
N N 2 kun oldin
You should be measuring across the pacific to be more accurate
Sydney Hudson
Sydney Hudson 2 kun oldin
Inca kola reminds me of my childhood, and I will maintain that it is the best soda ever.
Sam Pellegrino
Sam Pellegrino 2 kun oldin
I'm personally insulted.
Stone Cold Cronin Fan
furp not burp
Shivam gupta
Shivam gupta 2 kun oldin
Nobody in India drinks that
Local Shooter
Local Shooter 2 kun oldin
Im from malaysia, and im waiting for our soda drinks..lol
I have No idea
I have No idea 2 kun oldin
Por fin hacen inca cola
Suleiman Harb
Suleiman Harb 3 kun oldin
I have had that yougurt drink its very popular here in the middle east
Mr. Spoongebob
Mr. Spoongebob 3 kun oldin
Give me your money...
Aaron Park
Aaron Park 3 kun oldin
You measured retts wrong by the way on the second round for Jamaica
oreillynolan 3 kun oldin
Rhett- "17 is less than 26"
oreillynolan 3 kun oldin
Rhett- "GMM more" guys its finally more good mythical more... more.
Ethan Brockett
Ethan Brockett 3 kun oldin
The soda is soft? Nice
Fermin Rodriguez
Fermin Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
when you realize Rhett was closer to Jamaica because the world is not flat.
larvitarse 3 kun oldin
i'd love to see another one of these where they try vimto or irn bru just wanna see their reactions honestly
Weeaboo Jones
Weeaboo Jones 3 kun oldin
First time I open the video and I see Link with darts. *This is not fine*
Dylan F
Dylan F 4 kun oldin
Love Chinotto
Christopher Lynn
Christopher Lynn 4 kun oldin
I'm always feeling Estonia to bro
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 4 kun oldin
Whats in your Cup Rhett? Not Coffee. Mister. Made a lil Face after your Sip....
DellaDellsies 4 kun oldin
Literally grew up drink San Pellegrino Chinotto because my grandparents are from Italy and they love it, it's definitely an acquired taste
sasmith jayasekera
sasmith jayasekera 5 kun oldin
How does Rhett always get the countries right in all the videoes?
Oscar Hay
Oscar Hay 5 kun oldin
Just throwing it out there even though i missed the boat... But come on L&P from New Zealand!! Gotta have it
Anna Arakelyan
Anna Arakelyan 5 kun oldin
In armenia we have a drink called Tan and it's a yogurt soda and I have had the one from Iran and they are so differant so If you can can you do the best soda taste test and include both of them.
Maiduu 5 kun oldin
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
*sees Jamaican flag* Ginger beer? *gets to Jamaica* Yep. Ginger beer.
The Canine Nutritionist
Your videos are starting to get boring
My Cat is Fat
My Cat is Fat 6 kun oldin
Pepsi is better than Coke fight me
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 6 kun oldin
I love this show I love this game
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 6 kun oldin
Do this game with clothes or chocolate
Randomnaamofzo 6 kun oldin
He never drank it.. pffff
Best of YouTube !
Best of YouTube ! 6 kun oldin
Khalid Alamin
Khalid Alamin 6 kun oldin
That iran drink.... Here in Sudan we call it Ghubasha... And we do it by mixing 7Up with yoghurt
kevjtnbtmglr 6 kun oldin
how about Omena limonadi, i.e. Apple soda
madestmadhatter 6 kun oldin
I don't know why but when I saw the Indian drink's liquid next to the can I smelled a mix between grape and dark molasses.
Ana Hartz
Ana Hartz 7 kun oldin
I'm just disappointed that they didn't you know...wanna sprite cranberry😂
Ana Hartz
Ana Hartz 7 kun oldin
I'm just disappointed that they didn't you know...wanna sprite cranberry😂
Ananya Lokesh
Ananya Lokesh 7 kun oldin
anyone who lives in India and has never heard of Kashmira
Jake Shewmake
Jake Shewmake 7 kun oldin
"time to spin the veel of vithicality"
Jake Whitmeyer
Jake Whitmeyer 7 kun oldin
I laughed for 10 minutes when you said “tastes like llama milk” 😂😂😂😂
Nacho Alvarezmalo
Nacho Alvarezmalo 7 kun oldin
The Mexican one is called horchata
Who is u dumb ass
Who is u dumb ass 7 kun oldin
I'm from Iraq. That white drink from Iran is called Ayran not how u say it. And its yogurt water salt and I don't think it's milk in it.
Boden Langlois
Boden Langlois 7 kun oldin
taste's like llama milk
PL00F 7 kun oldin
C'mon link doogh tastes good!
The Vietnamese Mann
maddielovelee 8 kun oldin
Link always copies Rhett's answer in every game they play lol so link should go first always
Colton Keesling
Colton Keesling 8 kun oldin
Really wanting some Japan Honeydew Soda
Alex Arnold
Alex Arnold 8 kun oldin
measuring in centimeters? Which country has been to the moon?
Minno Durkin
Minno Durkin 8 kun oldin
Why is no one commenting on the fact that they mispronounced Doogh??
Slimy Boy
Slimy Boy 8 kun oldin
“Lucky Duck” I’m gonna start saying this more. XDDD
1000 Subs no vids
1000 Subs no vids 8 kun oldin
What’s with u guys and saying Mexico is just tacos lol!
Shane Medeiros
Shane Medeiros 8 kun oldin
Hey my name is melony
Lesson learned: Never trust Link Neal with freaking darts! Chase would like to live to see his next birthday.
Swagplayer 99
Swagplayer 99 8 kun oldin
7:17 Linkstart from SAO?
Ella Schalski
Ella Schalski 8 kun oldin
Y’all should’ve tried Spezi 😩
Man Of The Wild
Man Of The Wild 8 kun oldin
i am Melanie from Malaysia and i am perfect.
State Nuckies
State Nuckies 8 kun oldin
Akikan! Intensifies.
Darren 8 kun oldin
I miss chinotto so much from when I used to live in Italy
Canada55 8 kun oldin
We always make it to the map but rarely to the game
Glitch KBS
Glitch KBS 8 kun oldin
Honeydew is yellow but ok
Oliver Jonathan
Oliver Jonathan 8 kun oldin
Sometimes I feel like Rhett is cheating
Fox Wolf
Fox Wolf 8 kun oldin
He almost hit chase AGAIN
Blake Hill
Blake Hill 8 kun oldin
Well I’ve confirmed Rhett definitely smokes
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 8 kun oldin
Needs globe not wide map. Jamaica points were wrong.
Marc Cruz
Marc Cruz 8 kun oldin
lama milk lmao
Ava Cash
Ava Cash 9 kun oldin
Where my Coca Cola GA people at?!
Ananya Shetty
Ananya Shetty 9 kun oldin
I'm from India and I've never seen that drink, I've been till Gujarat and I haven't seen that anywhere!
Jek Irog
Jek Irog 9 kun oldin
Siri Finally Showed her face. Or voice of google
tina lmao
tina lmao 9 kun oldin
bruhhh my little iranian ass got so excited when i saw the soda😭😭 we drink doogh a lot with meals and it’s gOooOd
kingarcher Anarchy
kingarcher Anarchy 9 kun oldin
The earth is spherical not flat Rhett was closer to Jamaica
Howard Beatman
Howard Beatman 9 kun oldin
I have watched several of your videos - this is what both of you are communicating to your viewers: "Look how cool we are. Look how cool we are! LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!!!" Try to spend more time talking about the food that you're reviewing and to spend less time trying to show us how cool you are.
fizzrate 9 kun oldin
World is a globe but throwing on a flat map?????
Melanie Ackerson
Melanie Ackerson 9 kun oldin
My name is Melanie. And I've never been so turned on by a dart throw before!
Maswiyat_ I
Maswiyat_ I 7 kun oldin
Melanie Ackerson ew
Rebel_Jean 90
Rebel_Jean 90 9 kun oldin
That Mellon drink look awesome and probably be the only one I enjoy👍
DOOGH IS HEAVEN!!! THE BEST BEVERAGE IN THE WORLD~! LOVE FROM IRAN ^-^ MUCH HEALTHIER THAN PRETTY MUCH ALL SODAS LOL (tbh I don't think it's even a soda more like a drink/beverage -_-)
Teamkill Machine
Teamkill Machine 10 kun oldin
Will it syrup?
Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall 10 kun oldin
Traveling with an iMac...
Dmitry Gabrielov
Dmitry Gabrielov 10 kun oldin
I straight up lost it at "Mexican Bev"
HEAT Ledger
HEAT Ledger 10 kun oldin
something you would marinate meat in lol
Collin Walsh
Collin Walsh 10 kun oldin
Rhett and link was closer on the ginger beer one.