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What country makes a creamy melon soda? Join us as we venture through this international soda taste test and try to guess where these sodas come from! GMM #1389
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28-Sen, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 6 264
Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 2 oy oldin
regularwonderland o no poor Chase
Crap Alert
Crap Alert 3 oy oldin
+sean c they should give them some tarhun
Daniel McGuinness
+ThaiNiTeddy pppppppp
Augustogabe dot com
Ugh huh
TheMinifigMaker 4 oy oldin
regularwonderland I had Inca cola it really does smell like bubblegum
Diarhea Rain
Diarhea Rain 6 soat oldin
Man.. I'm upset that they didn't drink Malaysian soda
erik valenzuela
erik valenzuela 17 soat oldin
Inca Kola❤️😍❤️😍
Fairy Fox
Fairy Fox Kun oldin
man Chase knew what was coming this time
Eri Jarofmayo
Eri Jarofmayo Kun oldin
Funny cuz my nickname is Kiko
TatoTimez 2 kun oldin
Dang Link wants Chase to die
Kenzie Anne
Kenzie Anne 2 kun oldin
Are you sure those sodas had passports?
cary ulmer
cary ulmer 3 kun oldin
Chase rocks that pith helmet 😉
Alex Jidan Topno
Alex Jidan Topno 3 kun oldin
Hey!! I'm an Indian and they call the spice jeera and the beverage called JAL JEERA.... JAL= Water and jeera is the spice. And now they mix COCA COLA and JEERA spice. To some extent it is nice, but not that good.
Sean Warchuck
Sean Warchuck 3 kun oldin
Im always feeling Estonia
Nathaniel Connolly
Nathaniel Connolly 3 kun oldin
I know the chase is the map man but one day we need cotton candy Randy to be the map daddy.
FireBounceKX 4 kun oldin
I've not watched these guys for 3 years, i am happy because now i have 3 years worth of good content
Candie stone
Candie stone 4 kun oldin
I wish you would stop telling us the answers to everything before y'all even have a chance to guess give your viewers a chance to play along with you by telling us the answers when you reveal it to them
deathstrokeawakes 4 kun oldin
Amazing series!
Noxus Reaper
Noxus Reaper 5 kun oldin
Tbh the Italian soda has many flavors never seen that flavor but i love the others
Luke Hopton
Luke Hopton 5 kun oldin
Wonder if they would enjoy Irn Bru😂
DeadPan 5 kun oldin
13:30 hahaha chase running for his life
Joseph Sednev
Joseph Sednev 5 kun oldin
I feel so proud seeing my little homeland Estonia on this map!
Daniel Elliot
Daniel Elliot 6 kun oldin
7:55 link , yet again , tries to kill chase... We need to get him AWAY from sharp things...
mmm frijoles
mmm frijoles 6 kun oldin
should've done kvass
Ashton Taylor
Ashton Taylor 6 kun oldin
I'd rather be hard drinking and soft thinkin lol
John PlayzRoblox
John PlayzRoblox 7 kun oldin
8:37 thats doogh im persian so i know also its very good
jj dd
jj dd 7 kun oldin
i got that reference ;)
cshekhar. gupta
cshekhar. gupta 8 kun oldin
I am from India But never heard of it
SpartanFire 9 kun oldin
I had Inka Cola at the World Of Coke Museum and it reminds me of cream soda, but my grandpa (who is from Ecuador) has this soda.
Trevor A
Trevor A 9 kun oldin
Rhett loves this game
FireSlayer24 9 kun oldin
How the heck does Rhett know what llama milk tastes like
Leif Helland
Leif Helland 10 kun oldin
get your free essential oils
Davey D 707
Davey D 707 10 kun oldin
"im always feeling astonia" that boi rhett always stoned lolololol
FaZe _carroll
FaZe _carroll 10 kun oldin
Can I get the link to the honeydew soda, I really like honeydew
Samuel Jurgensen
Samuel Jurgensen 10 kun oldin
Okay, but honestly the thing you should do is just throw the dart as close as possible to the others dart, and wait until you're sure
Matthew Noel
Matthew Noel 10 kun oldin
I want Links shirt
Xaria S
Xaria S 11 kun oldin
I LOVE than! (That drink from Iran, in Armenia we call it than)
Daniel Dvořák
Daniel Dvořák 11 kun oldin
Try Kofola from Czech republic
Fallen6987 11 kun oldin
As much as I love them both, link always annoys me some how haha
Trickycat Tv
Trickycat Tv 11 kun oldin
Im malaysian 🇲🇾🇲🇾 and im watching
Emma Franks
Emma Franks 11 kun oldin
Their international soda song sounds suspiciously similar to Superwoman's intro "where in the world is Superwoman today-ay"
1jorge1 11 kun oldin
Josh you did it, here in Mexico and some places in Latin America we have something called “MORONGA” or “MORCILLA” and is a dish prepared from cuagulated blood from beef with species, and moronga tacos are very delicious
Lily Barlow
Lily Barlow 11 kun oldin
Lily Barlow
Lily Barlow 11 kun oldin
Swagsson 12 kun oldin
pause at 12:25 and look at Link
Jack Aboy
Jack Aboy 12 kun oldin
Matt shea tried yogurt soda
yoyoyo its me
yoyoyo its me 12 kun oldin
arcticfilms 12 kun oldin
11:18 both had a voice crack lol
Calogero Miliziano
Calogero Miliziano 13 kun oldin
I love Chinotto!! ❤❤Lots of love from Italy 🇮🇹✌
Enrique Deadass
Enrique Deadass 13 kun oldin
13:35 its funny cause my name is kiko
James Caldwell
James Caldwell 13 kun oldin
Great show.
trish Singh
trish Singh 13 kun oldin
I am Indian and I have never heard of that beverage
Ann Other
Ann Other 13 kun oldin
That dark san pellegrino is bitter af
frank grimes
frank grimes 13 kun oldin
the first drink is also manufactured in canada afaik. so was a bad choice
ItzLeakzi 13 kun oldin
no aussie soft drinks :(
Federico Pettinicchio
I'm from Italy, Chinotto it's a bit of an acquired taste here as well.
Sam Clifton
Sam Clifton 13 kun oldin
If your doing Jamaica you needed to do Bigga it’s the biggest soda brand in Jamaica
Melanie Van Til
Melanie Van Til 14 kun oldin
I'm not from Malaysia but I'll take the shout out 😭💚
Yasamin Goravanchi
Yasamin Goravanchi 14 kun oldin
I'm Persian and I have doogh like 5 times every week
Ani 14 kun oldin
I am India and I have never had that what is that
Apoorva 15 kun oldin
i've litereally never even heard of that drink supposedly from India ksjdfhksfdj should've gone for fizzy jal jeera or something
Wynton Huddle
Wynton Huddle 11 kun oldin
I had it once before after a spicy dinner. It was gross, real salty and bleh! Wish they chose a more popular option like Thumbs up or Limca.
Marshall Muffin
Marshall Muffin 15 kun oldin
World stop being round ?
Robert Diebel
Robert Diebel 16 kun oldin
I'm always feeling eSTONia. Is that a stoner pun? If so.. it's very clever. If not.. I am clearly stoned.
Daniel  Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 16 kun oldin
Try yourself a moscow mule! good guess with russia ;)
Pug McChocoMuffin
Pug McChocoMuffin 16 kun oldin
I wish there was a chance for Slovenia be on, not Slovakia but Slovenia, it's a different country and we have our own drink and food
John Johnson
John Johnson 16 kun oldin
No dandelion and burdock
amoredheero 16 kun oldin
Japan loves melons more than anyone. They grow melons that cost thousands of dollars U.S.
Kalan St.croix
Kalan St.croix 16 kun oldin
Who gave link dangerous items again
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson 16 kun oldin
hos xygbe ir hree
jmhadahorse 17 kun oldin
Are Rhett and Link actually this uncultured, or is this an act?
p_ _
p_ _ 17 kun oldin
shoulda called it a barp
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo 17 kun oldin
I'm looking for Melanie from Malaysia and Bev from Mexico in the comments...
NextToLegendary 17 kun oldin
Anyone else get frustrated when you see where it's from and they aren't even close. I yell at my phone GUYS ITS NOT FROM THERE!
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 17 kun oldin
10:49 in my 15 years of existence, I have near seen this drink anywhere. People prefer lassi, buttermilk that too spicy(at least I prefer it that way), coke, or thumbs up(indian cola but bought by pepsi) and pepsi too. But there is 1 beverage that is worldwide, dihydrogen monoxide(not a scientific name, its a joke) aka H2O aka Water
Fut Pack 18
Fut Pack 18 17 kun oldin
Get some pineapple crush from canada
Hh Krishna
Hh Krishna 17 kun oldin
I've never seen kasmira ever
ChristianGirl20 17 kun oldin
I think Chase's life flashes before his eyes every time Link throws a dart!! 😂😂😂
Heroic Vandal
Heroic Vandal 17 kun oldin
Moxie is obviously the best
Melanie Holmes
Melanie Holmes 17 kun oldin
Well... I really hope I don't smell OR taste like a honeydew
OrbitCurve _227
OrbitCurve _227 18 kun oldin
Y’all talking about horchata right
Conner Firkins
Conner Firkins 18 kun oldin
"Thats the best fart we've ever seen!" -Rhett 2018
Kitty Queen47
Kitty Queen47 18 kun oldin
When they had the Iran drink link got it wrong and I wanted link to say oops iwrang
KittiCan 18 kun oldin
Man, I feel like every round you guys mention tacos....
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma 18 kun oldin
I am from India and never in my whole life span of 23 years have I heard of that drink that was 'supposedly' from India. Time to get out of the rock I have been living under.
AquaticTuber 18 kun oldin
Link has a killer instinct.
Frieda Martin
Frieda Martin 18 kun oldin
Peruvian soda is a species of lemon grass made into soda
Frieda Martin
Frieda Martin 18 kun oldin
Except Peru doesn’t have tacos..,I would know...I’m Peruvian. It’s not a native food there
They should've gone across the map for japan because the world is not flat..
Cear Rose
Cear Rose 18 kun oldin
I thought everyone knew not to give Link anything sharp?
Horrybull 19 kun oldin
“From all around the world.” Not a single one from Australia, disappointed!
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 17 kun oldin
they said around, not below sorry had to make that joke
Dev Chang
Dev Chang 19 kun oldin
Fancy a döner and a yogurt soda?
Aryaan Das
Aryaan Das 19 kun oldin
I am Indian but I never even heard about this SODA!
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 17 kun oldin
Pushan Sengupta
Pushan Sengupta 19 kun oldin
Half of Link's soul is in Ghananana unana!
Jürgen Iila
Jürgen Iila 19 kun oldin
Who else is from Estonia
Jürgen Iila
Jürgen Iila 19 kun oldin
Tere kuidas sul läheb
Панос Gamer
Панос Gamer 19 kun oldin
Sinclair McLean
Sinclair McLean 19 kun oldin
I come from Scotland and we have irn bru
Nick Trella
Nick Trella 19 kun oldin
That creamy melon drink is mehhh
parth gupta
parth gupta 19 kun oldin
Dude I am from India and I have never seen or had that soda here.. It's definitely one of the things built in the west and named Indian..
Melanie Jubinville
Melanie Jubinville 19 kun oldin
As Melanie, not sure abut how I feel when they were talking about the japanese soda...
Sylthaya 20 kun oldin
rhett * throws dart* link : "you know i was thinking this tasted like that country your dart landed by"
Sylthaya 20 kun oldin
ngl link always just throwing it next to rhetts is kinda irritating
Michael Sotomayor
Michael Sotomayor 20 kun oldin
Inca Kola is delicious
vincent robbins
vincent robbins 20 kun oldin
I highly recommend the Japanese creamy melon soda and the Peruvian Inca Kola!
Tristin Smith
Tristin Smith 20 kun oldin
These episodes are cultural appropriation and placing stereotypes on cultures. Stop.
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