International Spice Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we try out some weird spices from around the world. GMM #1081!
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24-Fev, 2017



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 802
Tom Hammond
Tom Hammond 2 soat oldin
0:53 haha
Satan Kun oldin
"You can eat off my ball" -Rhett McCocklin
James Alan
James Alan 2 kun oldin
HY DI YU DO DAT -chase
Richard Letanec
Richard Letanec 2 kun oldin
did you noticed that the food from the next round was almost always from the country they hit in the previous round?
The Joker
The Joker 2 kun oldin
"your ball your nut" LMAO Rhett 2017
Shannen Williams
Shannen Williams 3 kun oldin
You guys really need to hire a doctor for the studio, because at some point, we all know that Link is actually going to get someone almost killed
Shannen Williams
Shannen Williams 3 kun oldin
I can only imagine what’s happening after the cameras stop recording with Chase and Link Chase is getting extra the payment I’m guessing
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia 4 kun oldin
They didn't have Alaska highlighted in the map along with the rest of the United States... also Hawaii is nowhere to be found on the map either
Ameisha Lose
Ameisha Lose 6 kun oldin
Im from AuStRaLiA
NicholasStudios 9 kun oldin
link’s just being a danger to others for 15 minutes straight
TheAlphaSite 10 kun oldin
link actually won this one
Justin Hockstead
Justin Hockstead 10 kun oldin
Anyone else going to comment on the fact that the answer to the next one was almost constantly the answer link gave the spice before?
dragonlover178 mcdonald
imagine the wcb claim. so how did you end up with a dart in ur hand well some idiot agev my boss a dart and he threw it blindly at me
Ian Figart
Ian Figart 10 kun oldin
chase almost dies 0:53
Darka The Dark Fox
Darka The Dark Fox 12 kun oldin
I'm a cartographer, I'm not a dart board .0.
Samuel Cizek
Samuel Cizek 12 kun oldin
Chase sounds like an Adam Sandler character 😂
Tweedy McDoubt
Tweedy McDoubt 13 kun oldin
Mia Haug
Mia Haug 13 kun oldin
"what did you do" "i shaved my eyebrows" 0:57 "i dunno"
Tiny MonsterAJ
Tiny MonsterAJ 13 kun oldin
Chase is actually really lucky! XD link needs to control himself XD
WalkerBrosFilms 14 kun oldin
Mikey Bolts in disguise with that measuring tape 😂
CobaltBomber 15 kun oldin
that actually came pretty close to hitting him haha
Two_Average_ _Dorks
Two_Average_ _Dorks 17 kun oldin
0:54 y di do do dat
Mindy Escoto
Mindy Escoto 17 kun oldin
I think Chase needs a raise
Tiny MonsterAJ
Tiny MonsterAJ 13 kun oldin
Mindy Escoto Yes!!!!
Mem Boi
Mem Boi 18 kun oldin
Link almost killed someone
Endin Animation studios
2024 Hope Smith
2024 Hope Smith 20 kun oldin
The victim in link's failed murder; I'm a fricking cartographer, not a dartboard!!
Damien Hamblin
Damien Hamblin 20 kun oldin
Damien Hamblin
Damien Hamblin 20 kun oldin
Damien Hamblin
Damien Hamblin 20 kun oldin
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton 20 kun oldin
Shane Dawson’s cartographer clone almost lost his fingers 😂
Cauê Barros
Cauê Barros 20 kun oldin
I'm from Brazil and have never heard of that.
What am i Doing
What am i Doing 21 kun oldin
WhY DI You Do DaT
Lori Hickman
Lori Hickman 23 kun oldin
Apparently Link got some good luck after nearly hitting Chase with a dart. Oh wow... 😂 Never been hit by a dart, but I have stepped on a thumbtack... yeah, not a fun experience. Have to applaud Chase for keeping his cool after the initial panic. 😂
Tanner Howe
Tanner Howe 23 kun oldin
Why do you wear such a small shirt lol
someone3 23 kun oldin
chase's lufe flashed before his very eyes
Chandni Ajanel
Chandni Ajanel 25 kun oldin
11:23 Rhett's heart drops
John Chickadaunce
John Chickadaunce 26 kun oldin
One punch to the face and link would be more aware of his surroundings
Tardersauce35 26 kun oldin
On Australia he went for Brazil On Brazil he went for Italy On Italy he went for Japan On Japan he went for the Ivory Coast The next spice was Ivory Coast. That is real luck
Ian Nicely
Ian Nicely 26 kun oldin
“You can eat off my ball”.... my mom was in the rom and she’s like. WTF are you watching
Get something from Norway plez
Forensic Dragon
5:58 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fluffy Warrior
Chase needs a raise
LanXelot Oy oldin
If Chase was harmed, this episode would not have been aired.
Log Off Your Computer
Chase looks like BugJiggilyPanda went on a diet and became a cartographer
auspicious games
Play at 0.5 speed
Benjamin Malave
Why is Chase’s shirt so small?
Mads Da Monkey
Add it to the list if “Don’t give Link this” along with knives.
tommy venezia
tommy venezia Oy oldin
Chase is adorable I love him
Andrew the potato
Y Di u do dat!?
Šujæn Ddaeng
Retth: u can eat off my ball
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy Oy oldin
Anyone else notice how the next country where the spice is from is the same as where his previous dart went in the last round ? How weird
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy Oy oldin
Okay few seconds in video is done that’s all I needed Wow so crazy close and dangerous but totally funny
Xavier Martinez
I would’ve beat the crap out of link...
wb martin
wb martin Oy oldin
Adrenaline Rush Over 9000!!!
MegaMonkey227 Oy oldin
Like is one early from almost I’ll of them
xydoit Oy oldin
You both bad at spices.
xydoit Oy oldin
Since this day Chase stand away far from the board.
xydoit Oy oldin
Rhett is okay. Was really worry to Chase. Thank you for not cut it out. Link i hope you lost here. You almost killed or hurt Chase.
xydoit Oy oldin
I thought this is from this chapter that Link almost killed Chase. Because he was afraid from the spicy food.
MineGamer Md
MineGamer Md Oy oldin
“Why did you doo thaat” 😂
Samuel Kováčik
Did you see the picture of three spices in the back !!
Heeeres Jakey
Heeeres Jakey Oy oldin
Christopher Columbus wants to know your location.
isreal Oy oldin
dude if you watch it in .25x speed its so funny because its like their drunk , as goes for any video
Lil Blue
Lil Blue Oy oldin
Honestly Chase's face when he was about to get hit by the dart was amazing since he was about to present the board XDDD
Justin Dean Griffith Joy and Happiness
It's a salt and pepper nut... lol
Mininessie Oy oldin
Feels like Rhett didn't try
god gaster
god gaster Oy oldin
Nice reflses chase
Justice Westlake
Y'all need Velcro or magnetic darts!! Get rid of the real ones!!
Joseph Bleasdale
Link's worried face at 9:29 is so cute
jessii vee fan 💕🦄
Xuyuri Oy oldin
Hey look, a dart!; How about I kill my friend with it?
Lauren Woodcock
This will always be known as the video when Link nearly killed Chase😂
Pinktiger_123 Oy oldin
What y'all should have done for Link is take the needle out of the dart and then have him dip it in paint... It would have been alot let dangerous...
Andrew Gelman
Andrew Gelman Oy oldin
Bethany Campione
Link would definitely not be laughing do hard if he'd hit Chase lol
Adhithya Raja Rajan
Hallogenic Oy oldin
huh I think they probably spent too much time trying to get a thumbnail Edit: did they actually decline the ambulance because they couldn't record in it? wtf
Crazeator Austin
Slow the scene of the attempted murder at 0.50 speed. You’re welcome.
Anne Partin
Anne Partin Oy oldin
"WHY DID YOU DWOO DAT?!" Chase seriously needs a raise. XD
xCoffqe_ Oy oldin
UndieBandit Oy oldin
I always enjoy watching Link’s behavior right before he almost kills Chase
james ledford
james ledford Oy oldin
I wonder if they come from Clearly Canadian??? You know the fans who spent 30 dollars for broken promises and lies.....right?
Dr. Dolphin
Dr. Dolphin Oy oldin
Derek Oy oldin
Lmao chases why did u do that in .25 speed sounds like he's crying and whining
Not A Bandit Main
Wife came back from her business trip and hands me a form for our Cote Divorce.
Anders Hurtig
Anders Hurtig 2 oy oldin
Frank Herbert would be proud :-D
yuh chay
yuh chay 2 oy oldin
Rock The Human
Rock The Human 2 oy oldin
*almost kills Chase*
Jacob Warnke
Jacob Warnke 2 oy oldin
Cold white people from Iran
vineet ravi
vineet ravi 2 oy oldin
not a correct map of india
just another account
friendly reminder, we pronounce it as "Emew" not "Emu"
coipoboy 2 oy oldin
no chase was injured during the productio of this episode
Misquotedbuffalo 2 oy oldin
This episode has maybe the funniest moment of GMM in it.
Rob the procrastinator
If you play the moment link threw the dark at 0.25 speed and look at Rhetts face. My god it's amazing.
anthony smith
anthony smith 2 oy oldin
Link is a safety hazard!
Gordon Brickey
Gordon Brickey 2 oy oldin
Please get Chase a shirt that fits.
Guinea Cringe
Guinea Cringe 2 oy oldin
YoUr BaLl YoUr NuT
crimsons mind
crimsons mind 2 oy oldin
zakriya ashraf
zakriya ashraf 2 oy oldin
watch 0:53 in 0.25 speed
Jessica Van Es
Jessica Van Es 2 oy oldin
Freeze at 0:55
Emo Priest
Emo Priest 2 oy oldin
Lol im so sorry chase but that was funny
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