International Spice Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we try out some weird spices from around the world. GMM #1081!
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24-Fev, 2017

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Fikrlar 5 653
Rock The Human
Rock The Human 6 soat oldin
*almost kills Chase*
Jacob Warnke
Jacob Warnke 16 soat oldin
Cold white people from Iran
vineet ravi
vineet ravi 18 soat oldin
not a correct map of india
just another account
friendly reminder, we pronounce it as "Emew" not "Emu"
coipoboy 3 kun oldin
no chase was injured during the productio of this episode
Misquotedbuffalo 4 kun oldin
This episode has maybe the funniest moment of GMM in it.
Rob the procrastinator
If you play the moment link threw the dark at 0.25 speed and look at Rhetts face. My god it's amazing.
anthony smith
anthony smith 5 kun oldin
Link is a safety hazard!
Gordon Brickey
Gordon Brickey 5 kun oldin
Please get Chase a shirt that fits.
A r
A r 6 kun oldin
link wtf
Guinea Cringe
Guinea Cringe 7 kun oldin
YoUr BaLl YoUr NuT
crimsons mind
crimsons mind 7 kun oldin
zakriya ashraf
zakriya ashraf 7 kun oldin
watch 0:53 in 0.25 speed
Jessica Van Es
Jessica Van Es 7 kun oldin
Freeze at 0:55
Emo Priest
Emo Priest 7 kun oldin
Lol im so sorry chase but that was funny
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Rhett. Cmon dude. Stop being blinded by your love for America.
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Link: Chuscarara Rhett: Churrascaria? Same
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
This is why Chase is scared for his life 'Why di yu do dat?' Is the most adorable thing I've heard said on this channel
RobloxCube771 9 kun oldin
" I'm tryna be *nice for the fans.* "
Mariela Lopez
Mariela Lopez 10 kun oldin
0:52 he was getting ready 😂
Quicktime Events
Quicktime Events 10 kun oldin
I swear, the entire Mythical Crew needs a raise just for dealing with Link's clumsiness and treachery XD
Franny CO
Franny CO 11 kun oldin
Sebidash YT
Sebidash YT 12 kun oldin
1:01 and 1:09: Chase’s Morty impression
Logan Matechuk
Logan Matechuk 13 kun oldin
6:06 “Your ball your nut”-Rhett 2017
abdullah al-hafeez
abdullah al-hafeez 13 kun oldin
6:07 YOUR BALL, YOUR NUT. I'm dying :')
wonderjenna123 13 kun oldin
It's a salt and pepper nut! ~ Link 2017
Alex Rohde-Barthel
Alex Rohde-Barthel 14 kun oldin
Warum nein Lebkuchengewürz??? 😔😔😔
E RA 14 kun oldin
I'm only here because Iceland is an option.
E RA 14 kun oldin
no Icelandic spices damn you.
Moist Egg Squad
Moist Egg Squad 16 kun oldin
omg that dart was so close to his hand
yili zhu
yili zhu 16 kun oldin
Quote of the year: "You can eat off my ball."- Rhett
Jordan Raney
Jordan Raney 16 kun oldin
Chase is literally shane
Death Pixie
Death Pixie 17 kun oldin
Poor Chase needs a raise
Bob Dixon
Bob Dixon 17 kun oldin
WilsonScooterBlueberry Love
This one looks like... sugar? Flour? Dirt? My thoughts-drugs
Titanium Kuro
Titanium Kuro 19 kun oldin
Spyrosrocker 21 kun oldin
Anyone noticed that every country they brought a spice from was Link previous guess except the first one of course? theres definitely a patern that if he figured out early could give him an easy win!
KzCreationz & More
KzCreationz & More 22 kun oldin
If I have learned one thing from GMM in all the years I’ve been a Mythical Beast, it’s NEVER EVER give Link Neal sharp objects! Lol
KzCreationz & More
KzCreationz & More 22 kun oldin
Chase I think link is out to get you
KzCreationz & More
KzCreationz & More 22 kun oldin
Why did u do dat?! XD
Jasmine Redfern
Jasmine Redfern 22 kun oldin
NOT EMOOOO. IT'S EMU damn Americans
BadLuckBro 22 kun oldin
Rhett is wearing same shirt on Will It Ice Cream? Taste Test episode
Josefin S.
Josefin S. 23 kun oldin
I keep hearing Link talk about how the Scandinavian countries are "arctic" and "too cold for things to grow". He's basically describing Antarctica. Link, just so you know, we do have summers and we do have forest fires because of the heat.
Evan Brown
Evan Brown 24 kun oldin
*a ba ba bough bough bo ba ba ba ba bo ba*
Defensive Wounds
Defensive Wounds 26 kun oldin
Thanks Link for saying Herb correctly! This is the very first time I have heard an American say it with the H!? lol
Despa Negro
Despa Negro 29 kun oldin
0:55 never forgotten
cough cough sneeze sneeze
This comes up when you search link almost kills chase
“This seems like something some, some cold white people would enjoy.” 😭😂😂
Katelynn Poston
He wore that shirt in will it ice cream.
Did Stevie just say “emoo”
Sebastian Parra
everyone BEFORE he hits it Bullseye 🎯
Samer Shamseddine
Ahhh this is why chase is always scared when link points at the board!
Angiecatlover Oy oldin
This is why Chase moves as far away from that board as possible.
Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall Oy oldin
“I’m trying to be nice for the fans” 😂😂
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! Oy oldin
Every episode featuring anything Iran, I always comment how impressed I am that they, especially Rhett, pronounce Iran correctly. Wooo!
Haights Oy oldin
Money Spells Love Magik is my favorite RHCP album.
peter 1217
peter 1217 Oy oldin
Where in the world is Link's freaking brain at?
CenTz Oy oldin
0:53 This is what you came for if you click "link almost kills chase"
Unincognito Oy oldin
Iceland is the nice and warm one. Greenland is the cold one. Because they are funny like that :D
Kofi Mensah
Kofi Mensah Oy oldin
watch the first 2 minutes on 0.5 speed its so much funnier than it should be aha
radondar Oy oldin
Need 360 degree version to watch, always interested to see everyone in the office
Megan Lawson
Megan Lawson Oy oldin
I haven’t gotten to the actual taste test part cause I just keep watching Link almost kill chase and screaming laughing harder than I ever have in my life (I have now watched it 5 times) 😂😂😂
Megan Lawson
Megan Lawson Oy oldin
Update: make that 7 times
KingTemmie Oy oldin
y deed u du dat
Joseph Pellerito
I can not stand that god damn noise y’all make while tasting. Oi.
Larissa Stevenson
0:53 Link is considering if he should try to hit Chase, then at 0:54 he thinks" YESSSSS!!!!!" LMAO!!!!!!
Que Beck
Que Beck Oy oldin
0:55 oooh! This is why they get paranoid when link grabs the darts. This is hilarious 😂😂
RDX Gamer
RDX Gamer Oy oldin
and thus chases dart fear was born
Mylqi Streams
Mylqi Streams Oy oldin
Why is chase wearing baby clothes?
USSRabbit Oy oldin
hahahahhhaha hentai is the best tho shit for real
Ethan Ng
Ethan Ng Oy oldin
Chase needs like Stevie status after this
Shannon M.
Shannon M. Oy oldin
Great job, Link...well, except for almost injuring Chase, that is.
Perceptual Tree
Did Rhett totally stop yelling when someone says Japan now? Haha
dresavvy1718 Oy oldin
Awe chase 😭😭
Corina Vigil
Corina Vigil Oy oldin
You guys should get all the peppers known to man and blend of all together the ultimate spicy chili
Sarah Yassin
Sarah Yassin Oy oldin
0:54 at 0.25 speed
Anthony G
Anthony G Oy oldin
Link is the best.
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Oy oldin
I’m only finding ASMR in this... but I’m entertained......
Kurtis Collettt
LOOK OUT CHASE!!!! Link's got a dart in his hand!!!
Kurtis Collettt
Does anyone know if that's the first dart game Link has won?
Shane Levesque II
Hey, Rhett. You know what city is in Japan?? Tokyo
Staci Schuck
Staci Schuck Oy oldin
Everypne needs to relax. It's called a near-miss. It's still a Miss no need for a safety stand-down!
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson Oy oldin
So painfully American haha
Traveon White
Traveon White Oy oldin
Link can’t be trusted. Does stuff like that all the time it seems
ItzAlonzo Dood
the sound link made when he threw the dart at hin made me cry i lost my sh*t
Jon dizzle
Jon dizzle Oy oldin
Someone needs to call OSHA
xxxCritical Oy oldin
xxxCritical Oy oldin
Fire girl Elliott
Rip chase
Fire girl Elliott
I said this
The Real Prince Club
Nail biter, good job link!
The Real Prince Club
That spice tasting sound is so creepy, STOP 🛑!
The Real Prince Club
Chase needs a shield 🛡
The Real Prince Club
I like spices, not heat.
notesaw Oy oldin
2:28 Sugar? Flour? ...... Dirt.
Ethari Oy oldin
Chase must be just done after everything they have him do. Cgaseterbunny Cartographer Cotton candy guy Just about everything else Like props to chase
Local southern man almost kills innocent with a dart.
StylishGrape Oy oldin
Rhett is so determined for it to be the us each time.
Lowlife Gaming Crew
0:53 put it at x.25 speed
Anti Social.
Anti Social. Oy oldin
Alicyn Senior
Alicyn Senior Oy oldin
“Cold white people” 😂😂
Neil Peart 2
Neil Peart 2 2 oy oldin
"Your ball your nut"