International Street Food Taste Test

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We try and identify where in the world we could go to try some amazing street food offerings. #GMM1238.1
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11-Dek, 2017

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Rock The Human
Rock The Human Soat oldin
the sound quality sounds different.
THE pacifists
THE pacifists 3 kun oldin
gmm has never clickbaited me lol
Misquotedbuffalo 3 kun oldin
I hope they didnt get the guinea pig from petco and then cook it. That’s not what they are there for. They’re supposed to be pets.
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 4 kun oldin
The way Rhett said ''home alone' it sounded like he said 'Hoe Malone': The female version of Post Malone
ELPAdog 5 kun oldin
Spoiler Omg when rhett used his dumb logic for Hungary and then hit sweden spot on for the first one God damm it rhett hahaha
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor 6 kun oldin
I can't throw for crap. I'd be lucky if I hit the map.
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Chase is constantly terrified
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
The first dart was just like 'Nah mate. It's Sweden' I refuse to believe Rhett accidentally hit Russia and then North America
That Guy
That Guy 10 kun oldin
2:55 I think we all know that's not what you did home alone in 8th grade.
BLUE PHOENIX 13 kun oldin
Hahah tunbrarale (tunnbrödsrulle)
Josie Kunkel
Josie Kunkel 13 kun oldin
This is just a 14 minute compilation of Link being pissed off.
Erik Vank
Erik Vank 14 kun oldin
aki magyar like-olja
eli lilililian
eli lilililian 14 kun oldin
Watching this video & nodding my head thinking Rhett x link confirmed
Will Timmins
Will Timmins 14 kun oldin
Say goLLLLfff
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 16 kun oldin
I could never eat a precious guinea pig. 😢
{Meg Meg}
{Meg Meg} 18 kun oldin
Tofu is a soybean product ... it's made from the curds of soymilk (so it's kind of similar to cheese, just using soy milk as a base rather than milk). Those curds are pressed into blocks and can be made into different textures - soft, firm and extra-firm.
skull crusher
skull crusher 18 kun oldin
Taiwan number 1
Morgan Parsons
Morgan Parsons 19 kun oldin
Rhett: the street has the best meat My brain: *WE ARE STREET MEATS, SAVOURY AND SWEET*
Jacob Xiong
Jacob Xiong 19 kun oldin
Lmao it’s tofu not chees😂😂
Roi Anne Angeles
Roi Anne Angeles 19 kun oldin
Link's reaction 4:36 😂😂😂
Grace Chen
Grace Chen 21 kun oldin
I'm from Taiwan and stinky tofus are really good hahaha
Janet Colonna
Janet Colonna 21 kun oldin
Jimmy!!...Jimmy the guinea pig!!! I thought you just got lost!!
StarHero Studios
StarHero Studios 22 kun oldin
So... They killed 2 guinea pigs for a video? Or did they buy them?
Blake Thomas Selph
Blake Thomas Selph 22 kun oldin
I cant find the first dish with the hot dogs on google. What's the correct spelling?
Nasza1109 23 kun oldin
Oh would you look at that, my home country Hungary is on there! Nice! :D not gonna lie, i'm a tiny bit ashamed that i'm Hungarian... we have such a weird culture man.
Jose Luis Castaneda
Jose Luis Castaneda 23 kun oldin
Don't be like daddy! 🤣🤣
Andrea-Charlotte 23 kun oldin
pittyright 27 kun oldin
*Why is chase so shy? Am i the only one who thinks he's cute?*
TheWindLeo 27 kun oldin
I love Link's choice of sweater!
Felix Andrade
Felix Andrade 28 kun oldin
Miss pronounced cUy, the accent is on the U
alysa 28 kun oldin
When your a guinea pig owner and u watch this....
jeffry ilza
jeffry ilza Oy oldin
i hear a fart
Elementsage Oy oldin
Why does Rhett give all the answers. Just shut up and be smart or spread lies. Links a typical idiot and just follows Rhett cause he doesn’t know anything
Ingrid Koldenius
*Yes please Link come to Sweden ur welcome*
Garak Christopherson
Everything except the tofu sounds pretty good lol
summit higley
summit higley Oy oldin
did anyone notice every time Link moves Elvis gets creepy-faced
DrBrennan Oy oldin
I like stinky tofu.
skylar chellis
Rhett getting excited makes me laugh😂
Samantha Allen
I love Rhett saying "you're not gonna handle this well" calmly. Then link eating it and losing it
Lucy Link
Lucy Link Oy oldin
Someone, somewhere just wrote a children’s book titled, Where Would the Littlest Fish Be?
Christopher Weaver
Ok but like of all exquisite and incredible dishes from the night markets of Taiwan, you chose stinky tofu. I get that u want to make Rhett and link suffer...BUT YOUR MISSING OUTTTT
Grace Potter
Grace Potter Oy oldin
“That is correct Like?” -Charles Likelon Neal-
Dexterror Oy oldin
The Swedish thing looks like something you would make when you're drunk hahahaha!
Muddy Sea
Muddy Sea Oy oldin
Rhett was in fine form until he hit Russia.
Dillfeeds Oy oldin
1 year old
BlabbERINg Thoughts
link always just does what rhett does lmao
Dark Mage137
Dark Mage137 Oy oldin
Link’s hair flopped so hard after he lost the China one
Anthony Payton
Tomorrow this video becomes a year old
Ellieauna Artemis
Anthony Payton wow this is revolutionary thank you
Wayne Campbell
Rhett needs his own food show where he travels across the world
Dennis Hillberg
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim Oy oldin
When they called tofu cheese....
Michelle Belle
When she said stinky tofu... “CHOW DOW FOO” 🤧🤧
JeffeandCarlos JeffeandCarlos
You guys should do an International Dessert game!!! Seeing the street food from Peru gave me the suggestion because they serve a beautiful thing called Picarones in Lima, they're like sweet donuts!!
Viola Fontellio
Links cute nod 7:55
00 N1N3
00 N1N3 Oy oldin
Am I the only one who yells “YEET” every time they post one of these videos? XD
Gamer Player
Gamer Player Oy oldin
Man get out out of here with Morocco we have bread not bread with melted ice cream and lettuce no offense or Hungary but The one with the sardines is definitely Morocco because Morocco is the biggest exporter of sardines and we love them
PotionSplasher Hector
4:18 Link’s voice crack then immediate regret
MogMan Oy oldin
I actually live like a 100 meters away from where the tunnbrödrulle was invented
Andrew Cuevas
Andrew Cuevas 12 kun oldin
And I want some RIGHT NOW
Coconut Bro
Coconut Bro Oy oldin
MogMan what a lucky person you are.
Henrik Bæckström
Langos is so good. Probably the best thing about Hungary.
Revolution019 Oy oldin
Why was link so grumpy this episode
K. Katona
K. Katona Oy oldin
It was so funny when she said lángos! Love from Hungary
Michael Gonzales
Where did Link get his sweatshirt? Its awesome!
Chock Cuevas
Chock Cuevas Oy oldin
I'm from Taiwan. And I can tell you that I've never met a Taiwanese who dosen't like stinky tofu.
Cole Denham
Cole Denham Oy oldin
Can you all please stop making these videos??? I have a paper to write and a test to study for, but all ive done is watch your videos for three hours
Dolphin Lover
Dolphin Lover Oy oldin
im eating a type of street food called halloween candy
Moa Ryberg
Moa Ryberg Oy oldin
Yes!! Tunnbrödsrulle for the win!!!!!!
Ellie Santos
Ellie Santos Oy oldin
Btw in the FART round Link threw 5 not 4. 2 hit the wall
Shister Ty Next
I have pet Guinea Pigs and I love them to death and watching them eat it is just not only breaking my heart but it’s disturbing when I clicked on the video I thought it was all a joke and I was so wrong 😭😭😭😭
Broderic Kartholl
Lol. Number of advantages.
BigFudge 24
BigFudge 24 Oy oldin
A suggestion for link, they show/tell him where the food came from and he has to aim for the country, and call it a shart!
Amar TD
Amar TD Oy oldin
Wow i'm surprised to see my country Trinidad and Tobago on the map.
Rose Netherton
I had been hoping for stinky tofu in this video, yes!!!
Forthose Whoslept
Chase be looking like he's being kept against his will. He be having a weird, confused look on his face
amitj Oy oldin
Rhett moving the food away at 2:37 is like me and my cat when I eat
Bookmouse Oy oldin
I miss my guinea pig. I'm not sure I could eat one because I'd be thinking of her. RIP Mousie.
Michael Sotomayor
Why did they take the paws and head of the guinea pig? That's the fun part..
Daniel Lundvall
I can see Sweden
MMAS Oy oldin
Is chase Insane ? His numbers seem super off
Jordan Russel Speck
Lol link definitely throws darts at chase I think they chose the wrong dart for links last throw.
Vallhund Oy oldin
I get stinky tofu every time I cut my toenails.
Kyle Fordyce
Kyle Fordyce Oy oldin
Link: "I don't think I need to taste it" Rhett: "it's cheese" Link: quickly grabs fork.
Raven Dickerson
I rewatch the international food tasting episodes just to see Chase’s reactions to Link having a dart in his hand. It’s hilarious.
Chocolate Dinosaur
"ITS A FRICKIN RAT!!!" (shakes rat skewer)
rai pika pi
rai pika pi 2 oy oldin
5:47 he was smart to run. he didn't throw it, but you never know
Îsh Cækes
Îsh Cækes 2 oy oldin
Sadly I have a guinea pig at home
Negan 2 oy oldin
I hate how arrogant Link gets when he gets 1 thing right
omsis 2 oy oldin
Tunnbrödsrulle is so good. Put some fried onion on there and you're in heaven.
DTS Ryan
DTS Ryan 2 oy oldin
the way they “cuy” made me cringe. its coo-E not qu-E
Noah Carsch
Noah Carsch 2 oy oldin
link should get a handicap saying one round Rhett won't even throw a dart and will forfeit a round
Jessica Murtaugh
Jessica Murtaugh 2 oy oldin
Those darts must have really been cursed .....
rb _massey
rb _massey 2 oy oldin
I love how Chase just automatically backs away everytime Link picks up a dart 😂
OddthehoodDead 2 oy oldin
ik the guinea pig is from peru cus im from there
Andrew Eisen
Andrew Eisen 2 oy oldin
"Oh where did that fish go, fishy fishy fishy ooohhhh" monty python meaning of life
Clara Miller
Clara Miller 2 oy oldin
did... did they get those guinea pigs from a pet store?
Nicky Nicole
Nicky Nicole 2 oy oldin
"HOW DID YOU GUYS GET RAT?!??!!" LOL i love their energy
Hadeed Ahmad
Hadeed Ahmad 2 oy oldin
Rhett is hacking or he a natural there's no way he knows exactly idk maybe it's the beard mannn I love this show
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Participation trophies were made for people like Link.
Jabberwotchi 2 oy oldin
Chase has like ptsd with this game he's so scared up there
Rowan Quinn
Rowan Quinn 2 oy oldin
Even when Rhett tries to throw the game Link can't win.. Poor guy