Into the Spider-Verse BREAKDOWN! Spiderman Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Full Movie Breakdown! What Spiderman Easter Eggs and references did you miss in the animated Into the Spiderverse movie, with Miles Morales, Peter Parker, and a team of diverse Spider-people? What secrets did the filmmakers hide in the animation? Erik Voss analyzes the latest Spiderman animated film scene by scene for all the subtle details and deeper layers of meaning in the story. What is the "Spider-Verse," exactly, and why are there so many different Spider-things? How does Into the Spiderverse pay homage to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, the animated series, the Marvel comics, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What design secrets foreshadow Spider-Verse's surprise villain reveal? And how did the movie's animators reconstruct animation technology to make this Spiderman movie look so distinct?
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18-Dek, 2018

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MrCheeseguy123 32 daqiqa oldin
Frodo B.
Frodo B. 2 soat oldin
I think the secret wars suit you mention is actually the Spider Armor.
Real.Piece.Of.Work 2 soat oldin
I've not seen this movie yet but i'm guessing i'm gonna rate it as the best Spiderman movie ever made! because what i have seen of it it looks freaking AWESOME to say the least.
neoneagle 1234
neoneagle 1234 2 soat oldin
There is a huge amount of galaxies in the universe and if you look in a certain place you'll find the cosmic web Wich is a bunch of galaxies together that looks like a huge web
Real.Piece.Of.Work 2 soat oldin
"talking bubbles" HAHAHAHAH!!! i think you'll find they're called 'speech bubbles'
Christian Varela
Christian Varela 2 soat oldin
into the spiderverse is THE BEST until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hell Hounds 2
The Hell Hounds 2 3 soat oldin
yo there is a street called Inglewood
Kyle Crawford
Kyle Crawford 5 soat oldin
never heard lower fps being smoother... i can barely deal with the 24 of conventional video, hobbit 2 recorded in 48 and it was fantastic.
wenloseN 8 soat oldin
This move is so amazing but *There is only one emo spiderman*
Resab Gaming Gaming
Resab Gaming Gaming 14 soat oldin
LegoCon McD
LegoCon McD 15 soat oldin
Ummm..... That's not the Symbiote suit. That's Spider Armor MK 1.
Konrad 15 soat oldin
What about madame web easter egg? Did only I notice that one?
Christian Caron
Christian Caron 15 soat oldin
'picaboo' was snapchat's original name before they changed it to 'snapchat'
Sheldon Parsons
Sheldon Parsons 18 soat oldin
Deadpool sequel
Jeremy Vallejo
Jeremy Vallejo 18 soat oldin
Blake Griffin is referenced because Donald Glover, one of the inspirations of Miles character, is friends with BG. “At a Clippers game on the court side”
it's me Sans Undertale
I thought Jake Johnson was Peter Parker...
LoopyOrWhatever 23 soat oldin
42 is also the meaning of life
LoopyOrWhatever Kun oldin
They really should patent that
M Fiddian
M Fiddian Kun oldin
Not sure if this is in the comments anywhere but there's an obvious reference to the Frank Miller/Bill Sienkiewicz Daredevil comic Love and War when the Kingpin explains the search for his family - the art is really different than the rest of the movie.
Willy the Squid
Willy the Squid Kun oldin
The suit you thought looked like the secret wars/symbiote suit, looks to me to be the spider armor mk. I, though is seems less shiny than it should be... either way, it's definitely a greyscale version of the suit, and not the black suit.
Nicholas McBride
"good" -Claire Hurtt
Aldan Tran
Aldan Tran Kun oldin
You missed out on the Electro proof suit, the secret wars suit and the flipside suit
Christopher Pribble
The first 5 minutes of this video are a waste of time.
Christopher Pribble
Also did he say "Ant" May instead of Aunt May?
Damian Kun oldin
Wasn't "42" also the answer to the meaning of life?
Brainless Pablo
Brainless Pablo Kun oldin
Nobody ever sees the PS4 controller when miles is fighting Fisk
krystal young
krystal young Kun oldin
So were not gonna mention how they were eating at good burger?
Assassin Kapkan
Assassin Kapkan Kun oldin
Fun fact or sad fact when Stan Lee appeared every body was really sad.
Ƥreͥժaͣtͫor _
A113 where is it?Oh,right it’s not a Disney movie …
Not Tarik Trakic
The one after mk2 is mk1
Angus Rayer
Angus Rayer Kun oldin
Spider-Armour mark 1 next to the the yellow Spider-Armour mark 2
Aset Ygo
Aset Ygo Kun oldin
I remember Peter porker giving miles a hammer thing and saying "That's all friend" again looney tunes lol miles said can you legally say that😂
Dylan Cortez
Dylan Cortez Kun oldin
Community reference nestled in there
Aaron Caprio
Aaron Caprio Kun oldin
Spidey suit + Mysterio cape = Far from home.
ChezzyNut Boi
ChezzyNut Boi 2 kun oldin
11:07 icaboo snap chat bottom left
Lucacho Perez
Lucacho Perez 2 kun oldin
Picaboo was Snapchat's original name, so it looks like they never changed it in this universe
Golden Warl0ck
Golden Warl0ck 2 kun oldin
You forgot when before peter poker left to his spiderverse he said thats all folks
Nick Chi
Nick Chi 2 kun oldin
Spider Gwen is from earth-65
Shahriar Nahid
Shahriar Nahid 2 kun oldin
This is the best Spiderman movie ever.....
JDADDEK Flores 2 kun oldin
It was on AMAZING film. Can't wait for the sequel.
Kristina Da Silva
Kristina Da Silva 2 kun oldin
Picaboo was Snapchats original name
Big Joker
Big Joker 2 kun oldin
Literally no one is talking about the aunt may is madame web situation but this was pretty good none the less
Brandon Amedrano
Brandon Amedrano 2 kun oldin
What I gotta say is, this movie is like the future. Because it’s like a comic but it has voices talking and movement. It’s amazing
SparksFly 2 kun oldin
HOLY SH*T emo Peter is what put me on life support
Nate_Comic_Art 118
Nate_Comic_Art 118 2 kun oldin
Another Easter egg was that when bendis was seen as as a contact of miles, the name Jason Reynolds was also shown. Reynolds wrote the mile morales novel recently
andrew brandon
andrew brandon 2 kun oldin
Yet no 2099 The one suit u didn't name was his UK suit
Grace 2 kun oldin
No competition, Into the Spiderverse was the best
princeofpersia410 2 kun oldin
You missed the Community cameo of Donald Glover in Spiderman pajamas, in Aaron's TV, which was one of the reasons that partially inspired the creation of Miles in the comics.
Dylan Cortez
Dylan Cortez Kun oldin
I was shocked they missed that, loved that reference
Jayskar 99
Jayskar 99 3 kun oldin
He misread the dimension number lol
Aaron Lox
Aaron Lox 3 kun oldin
number one no question
Hello There Fellow Millennials
Gerard Way co created Penni Parker? Hmmmmmmmm.
Hanaan Abbasi
Hanaan Abbasi 3 kun oldin
Wait does the movie intentionally mess up an album art poster for the weeknd, thats hella clever
Danial Bain
Danial Bain 3 kun oldin
15:53 that looks more like an empty mannequin to me, the stealth suit is to the left of it
Apocalyptic Gaming
Apocalyptic Gaming 3 kun oldin
actually the suit with the cape is from a comic where spiderman takes dr strange's cape.
Olivia Lesko
Olivia Lesko 3 kun oldin
Also, in Miles contacts you can see Jason Reynolds, who wrote a book about Miles. It’s pretty good, it’s set three years after he gets his powers.
5production gaming
5production gaming 3 kun oldin
the one from secret wars was the mark 1 suit not venom
ToXiK__ 3 kun oldin
The weeknd picture has his starboy cover which is his "lightest" album combined with the kissland title which was one of his darker and more introspective albums hence the alternate universe and his real name Abel Tesfaye is on the bottom of that picture as well
cjstrick2010 3 kun oldin
def my favorite spiderman movie
steings 3 kun oldin
I'm sure this is somewhere way back in the comments, but while the movie got all the alternate universes correct, you messed up three of them. You're right about Miles E-1610, Peter B Parker E-616 and Spider-Ham E-8311. However, Gwen is from E-65, not 13; Peni is from E-14512, not 14513; and Noir is from 90214, not 90412.
John Sheets
John Sheets 3 kun oldin
Ron Wasserman of power Ranger game composed the X-Men theme, not Joe Perry.
Sondyson123 3 kun oldin
I’m so in love with this movie. I’m sad i didn’t follow the hype that proceeded it. I saw twice in one week. I’m amazed at how great this movie looks and feels
Terrold 3 kun oldin
you are stinky and poop too much
Jake Dempsey
Jake Dempsey 3 kun oldin
There’s a scene when Miles first goes to his uncle’s apartment and on the TV it has Donald Glover waking up in a Spiderman costume in the intro to a Community episode!
Alex the Fan boy
Alex the Fan boy 3 kun oldin
And 42 also is the meaning of life
j00st00s 3 kun oldin
Community S2 Ep1 Donald Glover reference in prowlers TV (MCU prowler is played by Donald Glover)
Jonathan Diosa
Jonathan Diosa 3 kun oldin
I've not seen this movie yet.
Breez McPherson.
Breez McPherson. 3 kun oldin
The MCU spideyfilms will always be my favorite, BUT HOLY SPANKS THIS MOVIE WAS LIT
Gaming Demon
Gaming Demon 3 kun oldin
At least I’m not the only one that noticed the ps4 suit
TopNotch37 4 kun oldin
Tobey maguire the best spiderman
Lucas Renato
Lucas Renato 4 kun oldin
Ultimate Peter was not killed by Goblin. Osborn died long before that. There were minor incorrect info in this video but this one was baaad
KrowTV 4 kun oldin
who else teared up at the Stan Lee cameo? who else is gonna bawl their eyes out at the Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame cameos?
Eric_T123 4 kun oldin
ohhh i actually looked at the license plate to see something but i couldn’t get any references
lil pup
lil pup 4 kun oldin
Literally the best one yet
Caleb Trask
Caleb Trask 4 kun oldin
42 isn't a reference to Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
Nano AnonX
Nano AnonX 4 kun oldin
11:07 shows Abel Tesfaye which is The Weeknds real name and a tribute to his Kissland. Kiss Land is the debut studio album.
Sharpened Productions
dont watch this in 3d
Pairobo 4 kun oldin
Small thing I noticed that wasn't mentioned. When the spidergang goes into Peter's lair for the first time, Miles looks closely at the suit Peter wore before he died. His eyes don't match the eyes of the suit showing he hasn't measured up to it yet. Later when he comes back his eys aligns to that of the suit, telling us that he's ready.
Wesley Aldrich
Wesley Aldrich 4 kun oldin
Not only is this my favorite spiderman movie it is my all time favorite movie
Elaine De Sousa
Elaine De Sousa 4 kun oldin
Miles's "Expectations" tag actually says "no expectations"
Ariel páez
Ariel páez 4 kun oldin
Miles' graffitti actually says "NO expectations"...
Stephen Dorsey
Stephen Dorsey 4 kun oldin
This is definitely the best spiderman movie yet. No spiderman movie has resonated with me so much on an emotional level. And the animation is so fun and stylized. In the same vein, it makes me think of why I liked Persona 5 so much. They don't look the same of course, but the hyper stylization and the follow through on the creators vision just makes for a complete and awesome experience.
warda khan
warda khan 4 kun oldin
1:12 sunflower
veigahes 4 kun oldin
at aarons house there is an episode of community being played on the tv where donald glover dresses up as spiderman
yasir masood
yasir masood 4 kun oldin
I have read great expectations
Pew Pew
Pew Pew 4 kun oldin
9:57 It's actually 90214 not 90412. :D
Strange 4 kun oldin
Godly theory start: the cape on one of the suits is dr strangers, and if this is correct, it could mean dr strange will not come back in avengers end game
Colt Scott
Colt Scott 4 kun oldin
I really think he missed the Deadpool easter egg. In Mile's room, on the right side of the doorway when his parents come in, there's a medal partially covered by a pennant that looks like the Deadpool symbol. Might be something; might not. Either way, I can't take credit. Do with that as you will.
THE ZESH 5 kun oldin
You missed the Shield suit 😩
Lavender Wolf
Lavender Wolf 5 kun oldin
Just watched it 2 hours ago
Aoiichi 5 kun oldin
i thought the Punisher killed Peter Parker in the Ultimates universe?
Willy Bisimwa (523wilbisi)
Tom Holland was good, but this one is absolutely the best.
Willy Bisimwa (523wilbisi)
17:57 it is Ganke Lee
Willy Bisimwa (523wilbisi)
3:23 (I don't know how many times I'm gonna have to say this.) Miles wasn't bitten by a "radioactive" spider, it was a "genetically modified/enhanced" spider! READ THE COMICS PEOPLE.
J17 3 kun oldin
Technically it was irradiated by the collider/dimensional rift.
Klbby 5 kun oldin
Ty Cobb Gameing
Ty Cobb Gameing 5 kun oldin
I saw it like 5 times in theater
RAINBOW RAGE 5 kun oldin
Marvel can actually link all these movies. Example : tom holland is the young peter parker of the ultimate universe and tom hardy venom is the ultimate venom (makes sense. No spider logo like in the comics/game.) that is if they buy Sony
Agent Nine
Agent Nine 5 kun oldin
My fav live action one is Tom Holland. But id haveto say into the spider verse is my favourite
mindblenderify 5 kun oldin
Yeah, it's my favorite movie so far. I really like Homecoming, too.
Tran Duc Tinh
Tran Duc Tinh 5 kun oldin
19:19 Uncle Aaron would say "Nah. It's not like that." "It's actually.." *sexy eye* "Heyyy!!!"
Nlex Playz
Nlex Playz 5 kun oldin
7:51 is a Mrbeast cameo