Into the Spider-Verse: Yeah Its Good

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18-Dek, 2018



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LKBeatbox 21 soat oldin
It was an amazing experience. Loved it!
yeah i agree, its not too big of a deal, but i would've liked to see peter's reaction to seeing gwen alive
Jody Highroller
Jody Highroller 2 kun oldin
Lol I love how you said because it's so good there isn't much too talk about, then proceed to complain people don't know all the various details that make it good. TELL US. JUST BECAUSE IT'S GOOD DOESN'T MEAN WE DON'T WANT YOU TO TALK ABOUT IT! WE NEED MORE COSMONAUT
Wesl1e's Plush World
How the hell does the black kid visit peters grave and peter show up behind him and who the hell is that fat person
Michael Mello
Michael Mello 2 kun oldin
This is my favorite spider man channel
Lolohets 3 kun oldin
Hey Cosmonaut since Phil Lord promised us Japanese Spider-Man in the sequel can you make a full review of what you think of the series? P.S. - I think it's hilarious and it's just so good pls review.
Mike Palefsky
Mike Palefsky 3 kun oldin
Best movie of the Year. Better than Green Book dont @ me
Lunyfuzzball118 6 kun oldin
do bohemian rhapsody
ThatOneDude a
ThatOneDude a 6 kun oldin
See the only thing I have against what you said was about the characters saying things to miles before he swings.. I dont see it as the movie telling me how to feel.. but as miles thinking about the people he cares about and the responsibility placed on him. He cant let them down so it's now or never... idk though just my take
Vemnilas 8 kun oldin
*Is this in black and white?*
The Little Western Duo
Aunt May kind of had a emotional reaction to seeing Peter B. Parker even though in her universe he was supposed to be dead.
Mr. Memeist
Mr. Memeist 10 kun oldin
Stan Lee Has 3 I Mean 3 Cameos In This Movie!
Missesbun 12 kun oldin
Ok but like, Miles likes Post Malone, and so do I 💜
Chris destroyer11
Chris destroyer11 13 kun oldin
My fav movie 10/10 homecoming was before this. I just love Spiderman I guess
Dan Saunders
Dan Saunders 13 kun oldin
The only flaws I found with this film were personal opinions and not actual flaws. I didn’t really like Kingpin’s character design and a couple of the track choices were a bit jarring (the scene where Miles leaves the spider cave after they all basically say he isn’t worthy is a really emotional scene which immediately gets overshadowed by the cheese rap song that starts playing). Other than that I loved every single minute of this movie. And the end credits scene was hilarious!!!
Max Arc
Max Arc 6 kun oldin
I also have one problem with the film
Salvooo :D
Salvooo :D 13 kun oldin
Look chief I'mma be honest with you. This movie is way better than most MCU films
greyskullzzz 13 kun oldin
Mtn Dude
Mtn Dude 13 kun oldin
Dang u do sooo good at describing things like this without spoiling movies. Honest to god, go check out adventure time and if after the third season your not interested, then no judgement here.
Mason M
Mason M 14 kun oldin
I laughed so hard when spider pig said that’s all folks and spider man said is he able to say that like legally
DocB83 15 kun oldin
The song by Post Malone was actually made FOR this movie, so it is original composition.
Saud Sanchez
Saud Sanchez 16 kun oldin
Spider-gwen's story is a bit confusing regarding her timeline in the movie. She was already in the school ang got her "bad-ass" haircut before the collider incident happened.
Evil Smile
Evil Smile 17 kun oldin
Prowler deserved to be in a horror movie.
Jameserman 36
Jameserman 36 17 kun oldin
Liam Robinson
Liam Robinson 17 kun oldin
This is better than every MCU film. Change my mind.
DENNIS SERRANO 18 kun oldin
For someone who liked the movie there were a lot of things you disliked lol
Rahat Khan
Rahat Khan 18 kun oldin
Bruh this movie aint got shit on Spider-Man 2
Calum Stewart
Calum Stewart 19 kun oldin
favourite spiderman movies: 1. Spider-man into the Spider-verse 2. Spider-man Homecoming 3. Spider-man 2 4. Spider-man 5. Spider-man 3 6. The Amazing Spider-man 7. The Amazing Spider-man 2
J Rom
J Rom 19 kun oldin
Liked the movie, hated the songs
i am legit
i am legit 19 kun oldin
The shitty autotuned songs are the worst thing in the movie
Dimitriy Soulima
Dimitriy Soulima 20 kun oldin
The anime girl was the only bad part
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 20 kun oldin
Temple ODoom
Temple ODoom 20 kun oldin
Who else wants the Spider Gwen movie?
Jojo 1961
Jojo 1961 20 kun oldin
That thumbnail, was not the sa,e back grpund in the final film.
RedHillBones 20 kun oldin
Thank you for saying that for the longest time Miles was just 'black[hispanic] Peter Parker'. People point to him being a good example of doing "diversity right" and "representation right" because, unlike Thor!JFoster, Riri Williams, etc., he isn't simply a replacement of the first that does the exact same things but... that's exactly what he is. If anything, I'm glad they made Spider-Man: Homecoming, even though I didn't personally enjoy it all that much, because they stole so much from Miles' life (up to Gan -- I mean, _Ned_ ) that Into The Spider-verse was essentially forced to do something different if they didn't want to draw ire from new fans for "copying Homecoming!". So, yeah, we're finally getting something from Miles that makes him significant in his own right while still relaying the underlying message that anyone can be under that mask.
Mr Leg
Mr Leg 20 kun oldin
I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like it
Dana3605 20 kun oldin
I completely disagree with you. The what's up danger scene was great because the song itself reflected all of miles's journey
Temitope Payne
Temitope Payne 21 kun oldin
Temitope Payne
Temitope Payne 21 kun oldin
Was anyone surprised wen u saw blood in this I mean in a Sony animated picture It's rare
black.heart.loner 21 kun oldin
it's not my favorite but it's pretty good.
P J 21 kun oldin
I agree that this spider-verse version of miles is a thousand times better than his comic counter part. However, personally I feel like PS4 miles was a BIG step back from what miles needs. They made him a lot smarter than he needed to be, and completely changed characters like his Dad (which needed changing anyway) but in a way that was the exact opposite of the comics.
Noah Rharib
Noah Rharib 21 kun oldin
1. Into the spider verse 2. Tom Holland 3. Tobi Maguire and PS4 4. Andrew Garfield
aquamarine ancient soul
I really felt bad for gwen and peter and aunt may, seeing the people they love again after moving from their deaths.
aquamarine ancient soul
My only problems with the movie was that i dont like hip hop and there was a LOT of hip hop music in this, and spiderman noir and penny and porker were pretty great, i needed more of them. 10/10 for me, go see it. I found myself attached to the characters.
Light 22 kun oldin
It won an oscar.
Dave Tacardon
Dave Tacardon 24 kun oldin
Honestly it was sad that spider-gwe didn't react all too much to meeting peter despite them being dead in each other's universes. In the comics they had a heartfelt moment together saying they'll take care of each other and it kinda sucks that something like that wasn't in the movie.
the devil
the devil 24 kun oldin
Im thinking about making a spidy tv show
It'sJustCasey 24 kun oldin
Music was crap.
spider gwen
spider gwen 24 kun oldin
Wait so isn't this Sony's universe not marvels
Lord Fritz Ropero
Lord Fritz Ropero 24 kun oldin
Yo Sunflower was actually good for the movie imo
gekkokkid 24 kun oldin
2:00 maybe you don't but you be surprise how many people do and also that reminder actually made the feeling more powerful, well to me it did and i know a few folks that felt that way. of course i know this video is just your honest opinion and i respect it, but i'm just pointing out some moment in movie(like this one) are made for specific audience, you're not the only one watching.
PerfectCell101 24 kun oldin
I never doubted the movie. I didn't care aboif it
nigger 25 kun oldin
My problem with it was spider-man was a lazy dumbass.
Max Arc
Max Arc 6 kun oldin
I still like it, but Miles should have been dying
Mr Leg
Mr Leg 20 kun oldin
that’s one out of the many reasons I don’t like this movie
Kyrious 25 kun oldin
I really really don't like hip hop music and I love this Spider-Man film.
GetJazzy 26 kun oldin
My biggest problem with this movie, contrary to what you said in the video, is that I feel like it was rushed and moved too fast toward to second half of it. All the other spider people except for Peter, Gwen and Miles weren't really developed as much as I would have liked it.
Random Games K0101
Random Games K0101 27 kun oldin
There was one big flaw that you missed: The movie ends :(
Stuff/ Things
Stuff/ Things 28 kun oldin
Sweats pants Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man
Stuff/ Things
Stuff/ Things 28 kun oldin
Yea I think you should watch doom patrol
averythesuperhero 28 kun oldin
I didn't think it was that good. It certainly didn't feel like Spider-Man to me. I liked Miles, though. Before this movie I didn't really care about Miles that much, but this movie totally sold me on him. Every other Spider-Person wasn't good besides Gwen and maybe Penny. Oh, and Blonde Spider-Man, but he's dead now.
shihoblade 29 kun oldin
I don't get the love for spiderman 2. That's my least favorite spiderman movie.
Mr Leg
Mr Leg 20 kun oldin
shihoblade well it’s not really a “love triangle” it’s more that peter couldn’t be there for MJ even tho it’s the thing he wants the most because of his responsibilities and is trying to win her back by saying “I’m here for you know you once told me you love me now I’m ready to love you” the villain was more of a side plot the real villain was peter himself trying to live a double life and he can live his life a peter Parker because of spider-man and he can’t fulfill his duties as spider-man because he’s losing his powers as a result of him being depressed over his most important relationships being ripped apart because of spider-man and aunt May was supposed to be his morel compass and when he said the truth about uncle Ben she left peter because she would be able to immediately forgive him now peter might lose MJ, Harry, and aunt May forever and when she eventually forgives him she tries to give out a non-cliche speech about how spider-man give the people of New York pride and safety in being New Yorken and inspires them also it’s never stated but it’s implied that she knows he’s spider-man that’s why she knew just the right thing to say to get him back to being spider-man
shihoblade 20 kun oldin
+Mr Leg Nothing about it appealed to me. The live triangle. The villain. Toby wasn't fun like the first movie, he was actually trying to act which is always cringey. Way too much aunt may.
Mr Leg
Mr Leg 20 kun oldin
why do you hate it
Fluffball Iris Studios
Am I the only one that didn’t love this movie? I mean it was good but I feel it’s over hyped
Steve Oy oldin
Boy this guy wouldn’t be fun to bring on a vacation. More like a funeral
Damon Milline
Damon Milline Oy oldin
Best Spider Man Movie Ever Hands Down!!!!! Loved Miles and Gwen, can't wait for them to hookup in the next movie. They actually get married and have children in the comic book.
Jeremy Whitman Kinghorn
This is perhaps my favorite animated film. It's certainly top 3. That is despite the fact that I don't like hip-hop, and TBH I had similar complaints about the music, but it wasn't too bad, and it didn't hurt the experience.
Unafraid Quazar
My only complaint with this movie is spider-ham, i did not like that pig
Etu Bokshi
Etu Bokshi Oy oldin
Nah, this movie sucked shit. Who ever liked it is a fucking idiot. Not joking btw
Etu Bokshi, what? Why please explain you points instead of simply stating “it sucked”.
Ballistic Brody
I thought Homecoming was your fav???
Declan Hilt
Declan Hilt Oy oldin
I'm glad someone else caught on to that moment with gwen because no one else i talked to has.
Not an Instrument
I had zero problem with the voices thing because it felt like good old cheesy Spider-Man. It was already established that his “thoughts are loud” explaining the classic thought rectangle thingy. I kinda liked it myself. Cheesy but I think it works.
Joel Emmbiid
Joel Emmbiid Oy oldin
saucé Oy oldin
The Prowler theme was fucking fantastic
Send Them to the Ranch
This is my favourite animated movie of all time. Usually Disney has the best animation, but my first pick is by the same company who made the emoji movie. They really pulled a 180. (I especially love sharing my name with the new Spider-Man.)
Yunior Gamboa
Yunior Gamboa Oy oldin
This movie was super good
Bobby Gonzalez
Relatively new sub, but I love your videos. Just wanted to let you know I continue to look forward to more of your content!
slash The shadow
I wasn't a big fan of the movie.
Demo Myers
Demo Myers Oy oldin
tazmon122 Oy oldin
the problems that you have just makin me smdh. the licensed songs are all originals written for the film (ya know, like All Star was written specifically for Mystery Men) and it adds to not just the cultural identity of the characters, but it's completely realistic. (like when Miles is trying to remember the lyrics to Sunflower, but only remembers the melody. it's a great callback) clearly the film makers to awkwardly jam in a handful of radio hits from 5yrs ago would've been the way you feel about it. i bet you didn't even notice Black Sheep and Biggie are both Brooklyn side, which is why they were chosen over Wu from Staten Island or Tribe from Queens. the What's Up Danger sequence wit the voiceovers works because it's building the tension and trying to roll it into confidence. Miles isn't confident about the leap of faith, he just knows it's now or never. that's why the glass breaks and flies of the building with him, he hasn't quite relaxed enough to let it just flow off him. it's fine. it adds to the scene. you clearly weren't paying attention. like literally all of Spider Noir's lines allude to his feelings, as well Spider Ham consoling Pennie Parker when her robot dies. it's a real fuckin moment when that happens. the REAL problems wit the film: 1) no Gambino. could've at least made him a feature or something. 2) no Joey Ramone cover of Spider Man. i mean got every other reference, and Homecoming somehow got Blitzkrieg Bop....why no punk Spiderman? thazz it. i mean shit, there's even a Clone High easter egg. this film had everything!! 10/10 better than sex (and yea, i've def had worse sexual experiences than the enjoyment i got outta this film fo real)....and that's coming from a comic fan that HATES Marvel and DC. Homecoming is somewhere around a 4 (just so long and boring)
Tess Golds
Tess Golds Oy oldin
So no more spiderman videossssss??????? Said that last time and the time before that and before that
Mario Khong
Mario Khong Oy oldin
Can review how to train your dragon trilogy?
Natey Oy oldin
cant lie this movie makes me wanna get into the comics. idk where to start though
Joshua Gehman
Joshua Gehman Oy oldin
I liked the movie but it’s only my second favorite. Don’t call me an MCU fanboy but my favorite is spider man homecoming.
Joshua Gehman
Joshua Gehman 11 kun oldin
Keith Rumer I liked them both but the animation bothered me
Keith Rumer
Keith Rumer 11 kun oldin
Only an MCU fanboy would say that.
Liam Robinson
Liam Robinson Oy oldin
*Kingpin was T H I C C, we can all agree.*
Pimelea Cuthberson
Yeah its good. Not "It is good" or "it's good" it literary owns "good" that word defines this movie. Not sure if the gram met error was intentional, but it's still true.
Old Duck
Old Duck Oy oldin
Megasystem !
Megasystem ! Oy oldin
How did peter not recognise Gwen Stacy when he was indirectly responsible for her DEATH in his universe?
Shadow Monkey
Shadow Monkey Oy oldin
The only things that bugged me were the cringy hip-hop parts of the soundtrack and the fact that that Noir, Peni, and Spider-Ham were a bit underdeveloped and probably should've been introduced a bit earlier.
Grimcreaper 123
I fu74743 love this movie but Spider-Man 2 is still #1
RivaledRandom Oy oldin
Miro Gaming
Miro Gaming Oy oldin
My only stipulation with the film is that I wish his (spoilers) Uncles death was more of an impact to miles. It seems to have only impacted his dad, when earlier in the film it’s shown that miles spent a lot of time with his uncle and gave him most of his inspirational messages.
MP Oy oldin
This footage looks like it came from a degraded VHS tape. Not complaining, just pointing it out.
A.D.Prayer Oy oldin
Ok your right you shouldn't have done this review, first the music thing on a great sound track then the reason you rehear the lines is because it him thinking it, its his coming into his own moment and those are the things that got him to that transition. If you didn't hear it you wouldn't know what affected him and what didn't. How did that go over your head movie guy?
A.D.Prayer Oy oldin
Yeah that's JUST you, this sound track is fire and really helps build that emotion
Shot in the Heart
Was I the only only who got really creeped ou by the Prowler? Like, the music and everything was terryfing
ThreeP Oy oldin
I went in with no exceptions and walked out mind blown on how good it was. This movie got me interested in the first minute with it's music and visuals. Great action, heartwarming story, and it was really really funny. Not like MCU funny where it feels force and comes at you every few minutes. 10/10
Rikorage Oy oldin
I watched it twice. Second time in 3D. This is one of those movies that you definitely want to see it more than once, and it works so much better in 3D, and I am not a fan of movies in 3D, but this movie is better with it.
Bent7793 Oy oldin
Favorite superhero movie. Full stop.
marsy Oy oldin
Contrasting with the comments I'm seeing, I personally thought the post malone song fit like,, Miles is 10/10 a post fan like it goes really well with his character. it felt believable and it was enjoyable to watch.
Missadventure Oy oldin
It was *okay* I personally wouldn't say good. I thought it was kind of mediocre.
Its High Noon 12
Don't forget the memes
King_of _ct
King_of _ct Oy oldin
How come no one ever mentioned how Gwen got there to early
Dennis Ara Vonces
they cut the frames from 24 to 12 if anyone didn't know that
trystanallen2 Oy oldin
"I don't like rap" is such a superficial reason to not like this. I hope no one actually thinks that
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