Into the Spider-Verse: Yeah Its Good

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18-Dek, 2018

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DJH16 31 daqiqa oldin
Why is no movie ever better than really good? That's pretty much your highest rating of any movie
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 3 soat oldin
Hands down one of the better movies I have seen in a really long time.
Max Pinion
Max Pinion 12 soat oldin
"He's stealing a bagel!!" Loved it
LibertyPrime1982 17 soat oldin
Not gonna lie. Teared up a little when Spiderman died, and then the cut to Stan Lee.
GingerKiwi Kun oldin
I love this movie
kklondikke Kun oldin
I think the movie was too short for its own good. This might just be me, but since the movie so heavily advertised the whole “spider people” part of the story, it was really disappointing how little they actually got to shine. That and I was personally annoyed by miles’ uncle being the prowler with no explanation or anything
Juan José Oñate
I wanted to cry of how much I loved this movie
Pan Theerapop
Pan Theerapop Kun oldin
Am I the only one person in the world who thinks that the movie isnt that great?
Donny G
Donny G Kun oldin
Be honest, this or Infinity War? Personally, this impacted me more than Infinity War. Does Cosmonaut reply to his comments?
Arlo KILpatrick
Arlo KILpatrick Kun oldin
It's not its
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
a movie with a bunch of spider people..just in time to pay tribute to the legendary Stan Lee. Rest in Peace.
Ryanthebaws120 Kun oldin
Spiderman 2 still holds the title for me
A Potato
A Potato 2 kun oldin
thr original tracks were fucking good, also because i love percussion based music and not alot of people do that in stuff i feel
Robotic Crocodile
Robotic Crocodile 2 kun oldin
But... homecoming-
Elbrus Zeboew
Elbrus Zeboew 2 kun oldin
I like into the spide-verse but Spider-Man 2 is still better
Hiccup501 2 kun oldin
I loved this movie and even though I don't like Hip Hop i found myself really enjoying the music and how they used it. Which is something I never thought I'd say after how much i disliked black panthers soundtrack.
Dreamwalker 2 kun oldin
Is it bad one of the things that made this movie an even better experience for me was when I cracked a joke about how Fisk was able to get in or out of the tiny car outside of Alchemax? I mean he’s like twice the height of the freaking car door! I got a good amount of laughter out of that bit of snark. (Also it was not a criticism in any way, because that would be the dumbest kind of nitpick you could probably make.)
peppuhroni 2 kun oldin
I saw it thrice and let me just say, Homecoming is an overall better movie, this is just a better COMIC-BOOK movie.
29ch 3 kun oldin
Do u have anything to say about the new Spider man Far from Home trailer?
DatBoiDerrick _
DatBoiDerrick _ 3 kun oldin
I am the biggest fool
Brandon Worthing
Brandon Worthing 3 kun oldin
Think it's overrated. Too many characters that barely did anything in the story
dragonball slayer326
Spider man into the spider verse is the greatest spider man movie ive ever seen
Aliena Starz
Aliena Starz 3 kun oldin
best movie 2018
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran 3 kun oldin
Like your work dude, your reviews are sick🔥
Eury Masselle
Eury Masselle 4 kun oldin
So Peter is just going to ignore that there is a teenage version of his dead ex girlfriend right in front of him And Gwen is just going to ignore that there is a middle aged version of her dead best friend right in front of her
Game Hunter
Game Hunter 4 kun oldin
Wish there was a scene between Peter and Gwen like in the spider verse comic where Peter was overprotective with Gwen cause ya she dead. But in the end they had a heart to heart not a romantic kind but the kind where to accept their failure and moving forward they literally parted with we both failed in protecting someone important let's make sure to watch each other back (something like that but ya)
Roy Rusk
Roy Rusk 4 kun oldin
Easily one of the better movies of 2018
Sean 4 kun oldin
I like that a major theme of the movie was something that you brought up in your amazing Spiderman 1&2 review "It could be anyone under the mask" in addition to not needing to know everything in the background or who made the spider, it's a leap of faith and about being a good person.
Shark Assassin
Shark Assassin 4 kun oldin
so we gonna ignore the fact that miles got an inter dimension booty call from Gwen at the end of the movie?
EctoplasmPhantom 4 kun oldin
It was nice to see Nicholas Cage in a good movie for a change.
SMM-Zac 4 kun oldin
this movie is overrated
Guardington Keke
Guardington Keke 4 kun oldin
But is it better than *Spider-Man 3*?
shortbread1818 4 kun oldin
God your line about the use of licensed music really just points how picky you are... lighten up mate.
jay agacid
jay agacid 4 kun oldin
I totally agree. This IS THE best Spiderman movie ever made!
Maddog Productions
Maddog Productions 4 kun oldin
I loved the movie but the post Malone song I didn’t like at all and even though this is my favorite movie of all time it felt awkward almost every time the song played. I was able to overlook it once I thought of the actual movie and how miles is a teen and likes that kind of stuff but as a song by itself it was garbage to me. But overall 10/10 bb
Spoilers Lol. Spider-Man died twice in 2018.
juanita dark
juanita dark 5 kun oldin
The lines that play over Miles ascent are his mother, father, uncle, and Peter. The point is they're his family and they've helped make him be the Spider-Man he is. That point then plays out in the scene with Kingpin where ultimately Miles rejects Kingpin's threat that Miles will never see his family again (because Kingpin's family have been 'taken away' from him). It's a deliberate point the film is making, which why the quotes are there (it also plays into Peter ultimately returning to MJ and why that was necessary but that'll probably play out more in a sequel.) I've heard people say they wish it was just music only in that scene but they seem to be assuming the quotes are not where they are for a reason.
ArtanisTheScrub 5 kun oldin
They're only there because the studio thinks the people watching the movie are retarded and need a refresher.
Carol Rogers
Carol Rogers 5 kun oldin
Look at captions
Ahinthe Peries
Ahinthe Peries 5 kun oldin
Has he ever given a movie a 10 out of 10
Rare Mr360Games
Rare Mr360Games 5 kun oldin
The post Malone song was made for this movie
NuttyNate 5 kun oldin
Spider-Man Films Ranked: 7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [2014] 6. The Amazing Spider-Man [2012] 5. Spider-Man 3 [2007] 4. Spider-Man [2002] 3. Spider-Man: Homecoming [2017] 2. Spider-Man 2 [2004] 1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [2018] Fight me.
LO YO 5 kun oldin
me: I rly don't like hip hop music. The movie : **SLAPS HIP HOP TO THE FACE** *YOU WERE SAYING??*
Jason Profitt
Jason Profitt 5 kun oldin
Nothing to do with the video I just think that you should start selling hoodies in your Merch
BetaKomaeda 5 kun oldin
"Anybody who had doubts about this movie is a fool" - CVH "It was made by Sony Animation aka same people who made the emoji movie." - Me
MajesticDuckz 5 kun oldin
Do Aquaman bitch
Caffeinated Critic
Caffeinated Critic 5 kun oldin
Spider-Verse just highlights even more why ASM 1 & 2 didn’t work. Everything that makes Spider-Man great was largely absent in Amazing and brought back spectacularly in this one.
Moth lamp
Moth lamp 5 kun oldin
I didn't like the anime girl
BigMac 5 kun oldin
I did not like the movie, I’m not saying I hate it but to me it felt a bit rushed and I didn’t get attached to anything and I thought it was predictable. Like if you disagree (I’m gonna get so many likes)
Daniel Langer
Daniel Langer 5 kun oldin
Pet peeve: Kingpin wasn’t thicc enough.
Axel Rosén-Lidholm
But you still love homecoming, right?
The Pixelizer
The Pixelizer 6 kun oldin
One thing I also didn't like was how the "first" Spider-Man pretty much told Miles "Oh you're like me? Here some dialogue so we have some sort of connection like in the comics. Imma go and die now. Bye." I would have liked it more if he found out about Miles power during the fight and not during a quiet moment. Also, instead of Peter just diying, it would've been better for him to die saving Miles to give Miles a better connection to Peter then just talking to him for 1 minute.
Dvoa Fenin
Dvoa Fenin 6 kun oldin
I’m going to have to disagree that this is the best Spider-Man movie. Do t get me wrong, it’s phenomenal, but I still think homecoming felt better paced and honestly just made me laugh more.
hassan jose
hassan jose 6 kun oldin
its an amazing movie my only prolem with it is that aunt may is now badass kicking machine other than that a solid 9/10
diddy_dante 6 kun oldin
No 10/10??
diddy_dante 6 kun oldin
This was the best movie I’ve watched in years
hi there
hi there 6 kun oldin
This film was pretty good tbh
Roman Draco
Roman Draco 6 kun oldin
1:45 They weren't reminding you. They were telling you what was going through Miles head and how far he's come to be Spider-Man. If this ain't a 10/10 then I don't know what you're expecting. This animation is difficult, and maintaining so many characters without becoming a DC film is also hard to pull off.
Oceanman _
Oceanman _ 6 kun oldin
Oceanman _
Oceanman _ 6 kun oldin
It wasn't licensed. Everything was an original composition
Anthony 6 kun oldin
I'd say this Spider-Man movie was pretty *amazing* git it
Joao Alves
Joao Alves 6 kun oldin
I still think Spiderman 2 is the best spiderman movie. Sam Raimi's direction and the Danny Elfman's score is much better than this movie
Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers 6 kun oldin
Spider man 2 stands above all
Spoony Atol
Spoony Atol 7 kun oldin
this was the best spider-man movie followed by homecoming and then spider-man 2. (in my opinion)
Cads 473
Cads 473 7 kun oldin
Can a movie ever get a 10/10 from you or do you consider that a perfect score that no film can achieve because no film can ever be truly perfect?
Liz-Otaku-Artist 7 kun oldin
I personally hate hip hop music, but the film never seem to have pushed it so that's what also made it brilliant. Not to mention how it wasn't a forced story based for modern "equality" either which is EXTREMELY fresh to see nowadays out of Hollywood.
* *
* * 7 kun oldin
I loved this movie. I agree on every single point. Except for the music, cause I really liked that.
omer dassa
omer dassa 7 kun oldin
was there that much hip hop?
TheCaptain AM
TheCaptain AM 7 kun oldin
Can we get a f in the chat for Spider-Man 2
vancent vin gogh
vancent vin gogh 8 kun oldin
daily reminder that this was a kids movie so it makes sense why they spoon feed the quotes to you in that one scene
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 8 kun oldin
I waited almost a whole month to watch your video to avoid spoilers. Finally got to see spider verse last night, and I agree with everything you said
Warner Nash
Warner Nash 8 kun oldin
Do aquaman
Rabitx 8 kun oldin
animation always is the best of sony pictures animation, almost all hes movies look good
77ELCREADOR 8 kun oldin
So SpiderMan 2 is bad but this is really good? WTF is wrong with you?
Will Gednalske
Will Gednalske 8 kun oldin
it WAS NOT THAT GOOD, but that is probably because i had high expectations and it was below them, if i had expected a bad movie, then i would probably say this is good. But it's not.
CoolHattrick3 8 kun oldin
Prowler should of had armor but he died
TheyLoveSora 8 kun oldin
These songs aren’t licensed. All the songs for the movie was originally made for it like black panther.
erasedMUSE 8 kun oldin
Why do most strong female characters have the sane lesbian, butch haircut?
悪魔の子Akuma Child
And I am now subbed to this man
Crystal_Prism 8 kun oldin
Prowler’s theme was incredible
Hope The Human
Hope The Human 9 kun oldin
It's really funny when all the geek fan boys and girls think the soundtrack fails to coincide with the tone of this movie 😂 you just dont like the genre so you think it's ill-fitting
mandarinduck 9 kun oldin
There's a whole bit where Peter doesn't want to see Aunt May because she's dead in his universe. The only character death that I can think of that wasn't acknowledged was Gwen Stacy's, but I feel like Marvel, possibly to make it easier for Disney to merchandise by removing some character baggage, is trying to "forget" that Gwen Stacy dies? Like they don't mention it in this movie, the Marvel Rising cartoon just has Gwen Stacy existing in the world with main universe characters like Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl.
Lauren Graham
Lauren Graham 9 kun oldin
Saw it three times
Lonewulf321 9 kun oldin
The only thing I disagree with is miles being a black Peter Parker. I think he always stood out from Peter, at least in the original ultimate runs.
theo b
theo b 9 kun oldin
Literally. Just. U can’t say anything about it. It’s just fuckin incredible
Michael Scheerer
Michael Scheerer 9 kun oldin
What scene was he talking about in his second point?
Josho Posho
Josho Posho 9 kun oldin
TBH, I didn't like it that much because it's EXACTLY like big hero six, Think about it. And why is that fat guy so fucking FAT.
heorldofrock 9 kun oldin
So what youre saying is that not all Marvel movies aren't similar? Wow really. Who would have known a douchy bitchy hipster movie snob would actually grade something that is dumb and action oriented with a good score. Oh wait its mainly because of bright flashing colors, you sir are not an actual reviewer and are shit at trying to uphold the the thinly veiled movi review character and are actual shit at revewing movies because everything is not fact its your opinion. Like you love iron man 3 when its the most slow paced, boring, and jumbled piece of shit with the worst case of third act because its the entire damn movie. But the next "mainstream" marvel movie comes out your just gonna shit on that, call it crap to keep up the hipster image and go back to sucking off indie movies from France.
Jade Rush
Jade Rush 9 kun oldin
"Scared of the Dark" didn't make you feel anything? Wow. That's- That's something I never thought was possible. I cry every time I hear it in my playlist, LOL. I'm not a big fan of hip-hop, but I loved every. single. one. of these songs. And I am a sucker for actual songs instead of just music in the soundtrack. Whenever there are words in the score, I feel everything twice sharper. And it felt like all of these songs were actually written specifically for the movie, because almost all of them have some kind of a reference to spiders/superheroes. Or maybe they were just sitting there looking through tons of songs to pick the ones that would have something like that on purpose. In that case it's even more impressive xd Yeah, the thing with them not mentioning the dead counterparts is real. But again, I can see why they didn't want to do that: - it would have made an already packed movie more hectic; - it would have confused the heck out of people who are not familiar with the comics; - there would have been literally no chance of them paying enough attention to it (bc runtime); - a children's movie having so much death in it would probably be inappropriate, especially considering all the guilt and dark stuff surrounding these events. Why fix something that's not broke? They just made sure that everything else was perfect, and now people barely even think about these minor flaws. It was all planned. And it worked. I can only say: well done!
Agent [Redacted]
Agent [Redacted] 9 kun oldin
“He’s got 420-J get him!
Conjurn 9 kun oldin
Seen it 3 times already still amazing
Fox Hendrix
Fox Hendrix 10 kun oldin
Animation looks choppy
Matthew Clive
Matthew Clive 10 kun oldin
I really want this guy to do a Bojack Horseman video.
Jordan Bowbeer
Jordan Bowbeer 10 kun oldin
This was the second best movie I have ever seen
KDSM 10 kun oldin
Doomsday 519
Doomsday 519 10 kun oldin
most of the music besides the Biggie track was made specifically for the movie soundtrack
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
Miles and Static Shock seem to be similar characters. Both have parent that is a cop. Their personalities are similar too.
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
Spider Bells song was hilarious.
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
Review Aquaman
Daniël 10 kun oldin
You know what I think is dumb? If this movie was bad, it would be a classic sony movie and marvel wasn't involved with it. Marvel fanboys say it isnt a marvel movie etc. But if this movie was good (didn't see it), it is a marvel movie and sony is just the distributor. Marvel fanboys reference to it as a sony movie and not marvel. Again, I think this is dumb.
Jack Smerdon
Jack Smerdon 10 kun oldin
Idk it’s v v good but I still think spiderman 2 tops it I’m afraid
Kun oldin