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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods reveal the five new Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits: Autumn, Hazel, Butternut, Libra and Wicked. Launching October 6 on KylieCosmetics.com
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28-Sen, 2017

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veronica Ave
veronica Ave 5 soat oldin
Lmaoooo Jordan is not feeling butternut libra by it self looks like a concealer you definitely need a dark lip color for it
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose Kun oldin
Jordan is annoying the fuck outta kylie... Kylie is like "wtf was i thinking brining this bitch on here"
jerseyshore 3 kun oldin
Jordyn: Got vibes... Kylie: Got vibes... J: It looks so clean K: It looks so clean J: I'm here for autumn K: I'm so here for autumn J: Butternut K: Butternut J: Very purple vibes K: Very true purple vibes J: It looks pretty on you K: It looks pretty on you
Autumn Chapman
Autumn Chapman 3 kun oldin
My Name is AUTUMN I'm sooo aronerd
Bull Girl
Bull Girl 4 kun oldin
Why does this channel have so low subscribers??
23lovelovelove23 10 kun oldin
“Where you eating squash soup?” That part cracked me up 😂
Lexi West
Lexi West 11 kun oldin
OK but...... that random strand of hair that's on Kylie is really bugging me......
ani rus
ani rus 14 kun oldin
Kylie countor is so PERFECT.
Molly MeMes
Molly MeMes 15 kun oldin
*jordans teeth have left the chat*
عامر Bitbool l know you want me
I feel sec after these boring vedio They look like monkeys
Luce Lu
Luce Lu 16 kun oldin
5:53 minutes of nothing😒
GeorgieB 20 kun oldin
*Having no personality for 5 minutes straight*
HaT T 20 kun oldin
Kylie was so rude when she said " i think libra looks nice on me "
Anita Apriyani
Anita Apriyani 21 kun oldin
I love her without lipstik...😍
babe brown
babe brown 22 kun oldin
Her doctor did such a good job on her face Totally different person but still looks beautiful Wonder if you threw her on an island for a a couple years what she’d look like
Madison Henderson
Madison Henderson 27 kun oldin
Doesn’t make colors for her best friends skin tone makes sense
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu 28 kun oldin
Awesome 👏
addiskiddan Ermeyes
addiskiddan Ermeyes 28 kun oldin
You name it after her then say “yeah it’s not for you” ummmmmm tf
Amalthya 28 kun oldin
Why does the thumbnail make it look like a parody video
Christina Pickett
Kylie please fix that hair on top of your head its bugging
Quruxlayda xaliimo shire
Am called Jordan
That kidd
That kidd Oy oldin
Lmao she made her makeup to look good on her and everyone still staned it
Rama Elboshra
Rama Elboshra Oy oldin
That bag look cheep
Jordan is gorgeous and I guess Kylie’s ok just fix the top of your head so u don’t look like a Malibu doll and your good to go 😂
daniela oñate
Que sean subtitulados😢
Renee Laura P. Balcombe
I liked ur lip set bday eddition i love the color exposed
Edward Fuentes
Do these people have typhoid or cholera because cold seems like the dying...
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera Oy oldin
0:15 aww that was cute 💗
Yoongss Oy oldin
Act the libra is not suit on kylie too🌚
Sarah Mulugeta
0:00: me trying to be a UZvidr
yamileth jimenez
I had bought Libra, and it wasn’t for me either !!! Lol
kisabella Oy oldin
if you speed it up one step. it’s the average speed of a person talking
Rose Hazel
Rose Hazel Oy oldin
*PaCkAgInG iS a HuGe PaRt Of ThE pRoDuCt* * cough * yeah it is, but you have to make sure to put the product in there aswell * cough *
Victoria Angelique
Jordyn is high AF
Logan McGuinness
Y does everyone hate on kylie it’s her choices
Dee Dee James
Dee Dee James Oy oldin
#FentyBeauty 💄💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#Rihanna🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Lisa Woodward
Lisa Woodward Oy oldin
3:41pink lips
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson Oy oldin
Jealous people hating on her. Where were you at her age?
EE VV Oy oldin
the black girls stupid
Marybel Najjar
The vibes
michael jackson
Man kylies wig is obviously fake
Daffy & Jazzy
Daffy & Jazzy Oy oldin
I love them!!!
MakeAmerica GreatAgain
Useless humans - is there only 1 brain bt the 2? 😯
The cup RM throws in the Run MV
Stfu with the vibes
Soph A
Soph A Oy oldin
Are they supposed to be best friends no spark
Bbs Saint
Bbs Saint 2 oy oldin
How is kylie going to establish herself as a legit makeup brand and put out a lipstick that only “looks good on me” ??? Learn from fenty beauty! It’s 2018 and makeup needs to be inclusive for everyone!!!!!
Maddie 25
Maddie 25 2 oy oldin
0:56 Kylie: their all black Jordan: goth vibes Kylie: goth vibes Jordan: they look so clean Kylie: they look so clean
Holly Wharpshire
Holly Wharpshire 2 oy oldin
Why would you name a lip kit after your best friend but it doesn't even look good on her
Angie love
Angie love 2 oy oldin
Jordan has some chinky eyes😂😂😂
J Lei
J Lei 2 oy oldin
Jordyn you are a fucking stoner.
عاشقه صديقتها
ما شاء الله عليكي كايلي جمال مو طبيعي
Bella_TV Best video for wtsp
Only the purple one looks good. I will never pay 29$ for a lipkit😂
Ruby Gregory
Ruby Gregory 2 oy oldin
Can't wait for Kylie to start posting more 💙 love ur bronzer btw xx
Jocelyn Zamudio
Jocelyn Zamudio 2 oy oldin
2:21 my dogs diarrhea
Shirlette Cross
Shirlette Cross 2 oy oldin
Such airheads
Annie Blogs
Annie Blogs 2 oy oldin
Why do they talk so mono toned??
Twentyone memesallowed
Kylie only thinks what looks good on her but not for her fans that selfish
Justin Csn
Justin Csn 2 oy oldin
I watch this and I laughed so much HAHAHAHA
Bismillah Roshna
Bismillah Roshna 2 oy oldin
Kylie is so cute and her friend 🖤🖤🖤🖤
The cup RM throws in the Run MV
That one hair on Kylie's head is bothering me
lauren vega-cruz
lauren vega-cruz 2 oy oldin
butternut!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it and damn kylie, it all looks good on u
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Hannah Wahl
Hannah Wahl 2 oy oldin
take a shot everytime jordyn says "heh" in the intro
orit Share
orit Share 2 oy oldin
She was pregnant at this time so i guess that she coverd her waist in the video.
Kenzie Leblanc
Kenzie Leblanc 2 oy oldin
I love Kylie’s talk
Iamsmol 2 oy oldin
Excuse me I was always really neutral on Kylie and all the hate around her. But tbh Kylie is kinda cute and she grows on me. IDK WHY SOMEBODY STOP IT. I literally cant name one thing that Im impressed about her or one thing I like about her but still. Somebody help donate
Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi
How many blow job did Kylie do in a day? Because my teacher told me that if your lips kinda look like butt cheek where it's like parted, super plump, they kissing alot and it makes the lips shape changing. I know, my teacher is weird
Dark Purple animates
WTF is wrong with her teeth
Lovely Ceria
Lovely Ceria 2 oy oldin
There friendship is so cute I love!!!
Margaret Agbi
Margaret Agbi 2 oy oldin
So sweet
leon ibarra
leon ibarra 2 oy oldin
Mélissa Arnolin
Mélissa Arnolin 2 oy oldin
jordyn talking about black wearring the colors but she's nt black enough for it lol she can wear color for white people not like black people so she don't know ahahhah no one of the colors on this video is for black people
Lilshahinya & Lilamaliya
I mean I love Kylie cosmetics BUT there’s so many bad reviews of the Kylie cosmetics !!! :(((( the kylighters r coming empty ..... LIKE WHAAAT
Kylie:their all black (0:53-0:54)(nods) Me:its black☻
Medina Rufati
Medina Rufati 2 oy oldin
Why name it after her if it doesn’t look good on her LOLL
Daniela Ribeiry
Daniela Ribeiry 2 oy oldin
oi amores se inscreve no meu canal beijos meus lindos
ChicLaRose 2 oy oldin
MY JAM JAMN GIRL ok I’m sorry 😂😂😂
Kara Danves
Kara Danves 2 oy oldin
Dobadthings420 2 oy oldin
Jordyn is high asf 😂
Margarita's Life
Margarita's Life 3 oy oldin
I liked libra on her.
Cookie P
Cookie P 3 oy oldin
How much
peta-gaye stedford
Love wicked on you jord it looks great
Amna Niazi
Amna Niazi 3 oy oldin
Instagram Audios
Instagram Audios 3 oy oldin
wow..so you make these colors 'cause they look good on YOU? And what about the People who buys this? Kylie where did you go?
Michelle Zhang
Michelle Zhang 3 oy oldin
Love all the color that u have Kylie
borahae 3 oy oldin
3:48 eheheheh This laugh SO DEAD INSIDE
Logan Thorstenson
"You have one called Libra! This has to be made for me" Finally swatches it...."I think it’s official, Libra's NOT FOR ME?!"
Alexus Victoria
Alexus Victoria 3 oy oldin
.75 speed wow lol no difference. But I love you kylieeeee
Kylie Tyndall
Kylie Tyndall 3 oy oldin
Jordyn looks best in wicked (purple) and hazel
sarang momo
sarang momo 3 oy oldin
i LOVE You Both!!!
madison todd
madison todd 3 oy oldin
i ordered autumn today i’m very excited yayyy also it was buy one get one free so i also got candy k lip kit and some lip glosses yayyy
Loriana Picone
Loriana Picone 3 oy oldin
what does jordyn smoke before these kind of videos?
Ayana Anwar
Ayana Anwar 3 oy oldin
I love autumn and wicked
Mrs Savage Barrett
That purple one looks beautiful stands out on the features of the lips.. bring some more dark vibrant colours out for sure .. blue, red purple, violent different shades will be brilliant
Thando Choko
Thando Choko 3 oy oldin
The are fuckin each other
Joel Kacz
Joel Kacz 3 oy oldin
2:31 i love how Jordyn start talking over her so Kylie just starts yelling