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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods reveal the five new Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits: Autumn, Hazel, Butternut, Libra and Wicked. Launching October 6 on KylieCosmetics.com
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28-Sen, 2017

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Tedla Family
Tedla Family Kun oldin
I saw a fenty aid before this lol
They both look like burnt pancakes😂😂
Alekhya Ganti
Alekhya Ganti 3 kun oldin
Why that fat ass Jordyn moans like that.They both look like burnt pancakes
QUEEN Slay 7 kun oldin
Jordyn: Libra it made for me When she tries it Not made for me
Lauren Westerman
Lauren Westerman 8 kun oldin
Is Jordyn high?
The girl You chase
The girl You chase 8 kun oldin
Watch it in 1.5 x speed so they will sound normal
Zohra Bhati
Zohra Bhati 8 kun oldin
Mimicking_cool14 10 kun oldin
Jordyn is drunk
Ryangeedecinaquiamco Quiamco
im the who dont have a collection...sad me much wish i could have
Andrea Halamková
Andrea Halamková 14 kun oldin
Is Jordyn high???
Online Moneymaker
Online Moneymaker 14 kun oldin
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Michelle Melo
Michelle Melo 15 kun oldin
Hello kylie 😊
Edie Leong
Edie Leong 16 kun oldin
Kylie looks good with any lip coler
Edie Leong
Edie Leong 16 kun oldin
Sorry color
Dennielle Quiambao
Dennielle Quiambao 17 kun oldin
What’s good youtube - ahe - it’s your gurl - ahe - the one - ahe - and only - then being interrupted 🤦🏻‍♀️
mia eldomy
mia eldomy 18 kun oldin
makeala long has entered chat
Julie Ann Capuyan Castro
Some of people here always says something mean about kylie yet they still keep om watching . Better stop it . And adore how pretty she is .
Official Jermaphobic
Is that how Jordan always is? She seems real like dead inside.
Pikathi x3
Pikathi x3 20 kun oldin
how come kylie, a white girl, has the same skincolor as jordan, an actual black girl over here didn‘t know that blackfacing issa trend now
MoMo Litah
MoMo Litah 20 kun oldin
That short blonde look does not suit Kylie very well, it just made me realize that Jordan is actually very pretty
Sienna’s Fabulous Life
kylie you do the best swatches ever!! lysm!💞💖💝💕💗
Rebekah Wright
Rebekah Wright 21 kun oldin
Not tryna be mean but I feel Kylie has no character
Jade Aguilar
Jade Aguilar 21 kun oldin
Kylie looks like a duck with her lips
ASMR Tingles
ASMR Tingles 22 kun oldin
The start of it was pathetic and weird
Degenerate Tets
Degenerate Tets 22 kun oldin
They sound so disinterested
Nina Nn
Nina Nn 25 kun oldin
So Beutifull
Aishah Ahmed
Aishah Ahmed 25 kun oldin
Karen Marquez
Karen Marquez 25 kun oldin
In this video Kylie's pregnant :3
Umut Balci
Umut Balci 27 kun oldin
they act super high but their eyes look normal idgi
skylar benson
skylar benson 28 kun oldin
1:08 foreshadowing
Tropical Slime Cutie MSP
Am i the only one that though she kinda looked like Arianna grande on the thumbnail? ( girl on the the left that has dirty blonde )
_.shambhavi._ Oy oldin
2019 anyone?!?!😂❤
Ivy Carola
Ivy Carola Oy oldin
Oh my god they have no soul
Malinda Hicks
Malinda Hicks Oy oldin
Please support new to UZvid uzvid.com/video/video-d87SKFM9Kbk.html
Lisa del Giocondo
“This collection is really giving me Halloween, fall vibes” “That’s kida...the whole point” “...”
hi Dhami
hi Dhami Oy oldin
Jordan look high
Queen Kawaii Couch Potato
For a kylie cosmetics video I get a fenty beauty ad
Ruwai Archibald
Could everyone help me get some subscribes Small UZvidr 😭❤️ I will sub back to everyone
Daisy Goodin
Daisy Goodin Oy oldin
Julie Yang
Julie Yang Oy oldin
I actually love kylie lipsticks it suits me well i have a lot of kylie makeup and KKW makeup i luv them so much the lipstick
tea •
tea • Oy oldin
Lien-Chi Cantuba
No offense but I wouldn’t pay $29 to look cool
Manuel Reyes
Manuel Reyes Oy oldin
They must have smoked so much weed before this video...especially Jordyn
Phoebe Smiles
Phoebe Smiles Oy oldin
Kylie is pretty...
w r e n
w r e n Oy oldin
haha my name’s autumn and I only bought the liquid lip shade because it was my name and I was actually surprised about how good it was!!
Prina Jagatia
Prina Jagatia Oy oldin
Anyone alse a libra???
Ela Faith
Ela Faith Oy oldin
*realizing kylie was pregnant in this video*
iiiSxbrinaa Oy oldin
Literally every colour goes on Jordyn’s lip perfectly. Kylie too.
Sarah Kent
Sarah Kent Oy oldin
I like Kylie but I’m not a fan of Jordan I think she is full of it and out of everyone who loves Kylie she could have a way better and kind bff
Mia Mia
Mia Mia Oy oldin
They are both gorgeous ! My fave is wicked x
Mia Mia
Mia Mia Oy oldin
Well it looks good on you too ! Kylie in her head well duh ! It's my lip kit !
Sa Mah
Sa Mah Oy oldin
That Jordan girl looks high as f 😂
dafuq Oy oldin
*lol i thought it's "Fail Lip Kits"😂*
queenie chanel
Yikes lmao
Kimberly Trejo
kylie omg their both gorgeous 😍😍
Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur Oy oldin
You should make a collection of stormy
lovin_ari Oy oldin
Jordan would look so cute with Libra if she put a dark lip liner (under libra) and top it off with a gloss, it would look so pretty on her 💕
THICC potato
THICC potato Oy oldin
You could have use a lighter foundation instead of buying that shade clled libra.
Joselyn Lopez
Joselyn Lopez Oy oldin
Jajaja she's hair and the butternut color was ugly asf
Benita's life
Benita's life Oy oldin
I can't with there voices rn
Rama Elboshra
Rama Elboshra Oy oldin
4:02 pause thank me later Look at Jordan
Bianca Luca
Bianca Luca Oy oldin
“I’m so here for Autumn!”
Matilda Moss
Matilda Moss Oy oldin
That one piece of hair flipped annoyed me so much
Zeinab Zeinab
Zeinab Zeinab 2 oy oldin
She was pregnant here 😂
Gianna Malcolm
Gianna Malcolm 2 oy oldin
I have libra and I LOVE IT😍
SothoGirl 2 oy oldin
You claim that don’t like a person yet watch everything they do... that’s super creepy and sad honestly
Ntombifuthi Sikhosana
love you Kylie and Jordyn
مجد النعيمي
veronica Ave
veronica Ave 2 oy oldin
Lmaoooo Jordan is not feeling butternut libra by it self looks like a concealer you definitely need a dark lip color for it
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose 2 oy oldin
Jordan is annoying the fuck outta kylie... Kylie is like "wtf was i thinking brining this bitch on here"
jerseyshore 2 oy oldin
Jordyn: Got vibes... Kylie: Got vibes... J: It looks so clean K: It looks so clean J: I'm here for autumn K: I'm so here for autumn J: Butternut K: Butternut J: Very purple vibes K: Very true purple vibes J: It looks pretty on you K: It looks pretty on you
Autumn Chapman
Autumn Chapman 2 oy oldin
My Name is AUTUMN I'm sooo aronerd
Bull Girl
Bull Girl 2 oy oldin
Why does this channel have so low subscribers??
23lovelovelove23 2 oy oldin
“Where you eating squash soup?” That part cracked me up 😂
Lexi West
Lexi West 2 oy oldin
OK but...... that random strand of hair that's on Kylie is really bugging me......
ani rus
ani rus 2 oy oldin
Kylie countor is so PERFECT.
Molly MeMes
Molly MeMes 2 oy oldin
*jordans teeth have left the chat*
Rose kiwan
Rose kiwan 2 oy oldin
I feel sec after these boring vedio They look like monkeys
Luce Lu
Luce Lu 2 oy oldin
5:53 minutes of nothing😒
GeorgieB 2 oy oldin
*Having no personality for 5 minutes straight*
HaT T 2 oy oldin
Kylie was so rude when she said " i think libra looks nice on me "
Anita Apriyani
Anita Apriyani 2 oy oldin
I love her without lipstik...😍
babe brown
babe brown 2 oy oldin
Her doctor did such a good job on her face Totally different person but still looks beautiful Wonder if you threw her on an island for a a couple years what she’d look like
Madison Henderson
Doesn’t make colors for her best friends skin tone makes sense
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Awesome 👏
addiskiddan Ermeyes
You name it after her then say “yeah it’s not for you” ummmmmm tf
Amalthya 3 oy oldin
Why does the thumbnail make it look like a parody video
Christina Pickett
Kylie please fix that hair on top of your head its bugging
Quruxlayda xaliimo shire
Am called Jordan
That kidd
That kidd 3 oy oldin
Lmao she made her makeup to look good on her and everyone still staned it
DIYS AND HACKS 3 oy oldin
DIYS AND HACKS 3 oy oldin
Jordan is gorgeous and I guess Kylie’s ok just fix the top of your head so u don’t look like a Malibu doll and your good to go 😂
Paz oñate
Paz oñate 3 oy oldin
Que sean subtitulados😢
Renee Laura P. Balcombe
I liked ur lip set bday eddition i love the color exposed
Edward Fuentes
Edward Fuentes 3 oy oldin
Do these people have typhoid or cholera because cold seems like the dying...
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera 3 oy oldin
0:15 aww that was cute 💗
Yoongss 3 oy oldin
Act the libra is not suit on kylie too🌚
Sarah Mulugeta
Sarah Mulugeta 3 oy oldin
0:00: me trying to be a UZvidr
yamileth jimenez
yamileth jimenez 3 oy oldin
I had bought Libra, and it wasn’t for me either !!! Lol
kisabella 3 oy oldin
if you speed it up one step. it’s the average speed of a person talking
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