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Heavenly Puppies
Heavenly Puppies Soat oldin
I am sometimes introvert and sometimes extrovert I guess
Gogetabluegod G
Gogetabluegod G 2 soat oldin
Why does the gaming part look like sao
#Daisy Xx
#Daisy Xx 2 soat oldin
This was a really inspiring video.....thanks doms.
asr328 2 soat oldin
I'm sick of being told, 'You're so quiet!' like it's a bad thing or some kind of weird illness
Juan-Viviana-Erin -Juan Castillo
Anonymash 2 soat oldin
"You ain't got the sauce, accept it" XD
Mr. Pringles
Mr. Pringles 2 soat oldin
This was so goddamn relatable.
Bat Merca
Bat Merca 2 soat oldin
What Games?
Mud Sh-sh-shark
Mud Sh-sh-shark 3 soat oldin
I feel recharged when I'm alone and enjoy it , Only child and had not many kids around when I was growing up on a remote farm, but didn't think I was introverted. weird
Luca Aglietti
Luca Aglietti 3 soat oldin
You are fantastic
Chain Mana
Chain Mana 3 soat oldin
2k dislikes are the extroverts watching this video
FuzzyBear 196
FuzzyBear 196 4 soat oldin
I like to roar like a dinosaur. At night. When I'm alone. *Pls send help*
OrnopezMISD 4 soat oldin
i leave mean comments because i like pissing off fanboys.
TopS 4 soat oldin
*You ain't got the sauce accept it* lmao😂😂
OreoOrin 4 soat oldin
RedAnimations 4 soat oldin
incredible video man you inspired me to buy a drawing tablet keep up the great work!
Super Jeffy Squad
Super Jeffy Squad 5 soat oldin
I guess im an extrovert
AM_Rtz 5 soat oldin
You explained me very well.
Crazydonuts LPS
Crazydonuts LPS 5 soat oldin
I'm an ambivert
Xavier Torres
Xavier Torres 5 soat oldin
I had a dream where I was meeting up with you for a fan Meetup and you got mad at me for being late.. and you kicked me out. Anyways another great video like always!
meilei 6 soat oldin
Oh no not the introvert video again
ありがとZqmpoh Z
Pls domics add italian language for tradution
Raymond Naulak
Raymond Naulak 6 soat oldin
We are the same
Spinosurus 123
Spinosurus 123 6 soat oldin
Justin Ortiz
Justin Ortiz 7 soat oldin
bro make you next vid plz
Obsidian Wolf
Obsidian Wolf 7 soat oldin
I'm an Introvert i usually spend times on games and with my 6 friends the other 2 are introverts like me but the 4 friends of mine keeps telling me stuff like *Are you okay?, did Something happen?, are your family okay?*and i usually answer no or maybe seriously they're annoying, the 2 friends of mine are introverts (i'm not gonna say their names) they're my best friends we help each other, we play games, we play sports and other stuff.
Thuận Lý
Thuận Lý 7 soat oldin
Hey dom when are you posting a new animation
Connor Cortez
Connor Cortez 8 soat oldin
Maybe he’s an Ambviert
Lucky Chol
Lucky Chol 8 soat oldin
This Video Made Me Cancel My Daily Carlton Dance!
Janita van der Kuur
Janita van der Kuur 8 soat oldin
*whispers* hey *wanna know what the most dangerous fish is?* The catfish. *deep laughter*
Master Mei vtstae
Master Mei vtstae 8 soat oldin
Bro, I’m an introvert. I go out sometimes with my friends because I don’t like being alone ALL THE TIME, I enjoy being alone though. My mom asks me if I’m okay like daily and it lowkey annoys me. I just like being alone :] I relate so much to this video.
The_American _Skater
Where’s Domics
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim 9 soat oldin
Great advice when people asked why do girl doesnt like me
GalaxyMe fri28
GalaxyMe fri28 10 soat oldin
Do you make memes?
hi I'm socially awkward so yeah
Dom: " *introduces better help* * says clinical social workers* Me: " naaaww I think I like being an introvert"
MoMo Nico Nico Ni
MoMo Nico Nico Ni 11 soat oldin
Hello my fellow filipino🇵🇭
CoCo Simmer
CoCo Simmer 11 soat oldin
Nandechi 11 soat oldin
Im an Extrovert cauuuuuuse... gäng gäng with da bois
Memin the Great
Memin the Great 12 soat oldin
Domics, you have baby hands.
YFX GT 12 soat oldin
Everyone from indonesia please like this coment or reply that you from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Nutella 13 soat oldin
i hate when my a family member come by to our house talks alot and ask alot (-_-).. i hate when im always invited to a party or family reunion cuz idk the most of the people there .mostly i want to always alone cuz i like having fun with myself. dont call me selfish but i dont like sharing my stuff like my headset or gadgets or sometimes food..
ARAA 13 soat oldin
Dominic's is a bloody guidance counselor
Underswap Twins
Underswap Twins 14 soat oldin
Man having toilet paper is really is reflecting yourself hehehe
Fred Ryan
Fred Ryan 14 soat oldin
your face look like @asian andy
natani3ls 14 soat oldin
Sword Art Online :D
Fan Tale
Fan Tale 15 soat oldin
What happened with you and Steve
LUNAR 15 soat oldin
Я тут один Русский
Pigpie Prime
Pigpie Prime 15 soat oldin
Hehe gundam exia
10000 subs with no videos challenge
I don't see why parents see being an introvert is bad. If anything it is better to be alone(ish) because there is a smaller chance that their children will be exposed with dangerous people.
Elix channel
Elix channel 16 soat oldin
where is the new video? p.s. you are my favourite youtuber Dom
Kari Suzuno
Kari Suzuno 16 soat oldin
"you ain't got the sauce.. accept it." broke me i'm dying laughing rn
Coconut PlayRBLX
Coconut PlayRBLX 16 soat oldin
I’m in between extrovert and introvert
JonLee 17 soat oldin
What if Domics colored his videos?!!?!?!??!?!?!
Gem Jovem Gemparo
Gem Jovem Gemparo 17 soat oldin
Watch also DoubleBit.online/?userid=160394
Shenmue Person
Shenmue Person 4 soat oldin
No thanks
GleamDragon 17 soat oldin
Killer whales (orca) are called that because they hunt whales. Also dolphins and whales are closely related anyways.
the names zig m8
the names zig m8 17 soat oldin
Yo where my introverts at
HannahDaBelle 18 soat oldin
Psst dolphins are whales
Dwaipayan Chakraborty
Dwaipayan Chakraborty 18 soat oldin
"The Only Burdens you can bear are only limited to your Own" - So True
Jojo Lecroy
Jojo Lecroy 18 soat oldin
I am an introvert irl but online I like commenting and talking with others
Official Jose Valdez Gonzalez
You ain’t got the sauce!!
Mistr Me
Mistr Me 19 soat oldin
What do you use to animate your videos? Software, hardware etc. And any tips for beginners trying to animate on UZvid?
Gabriella Nak
Gabriella Nak 19 soat oldin
Team I don’t know what I am
MakahNinja 19 soat oldin
I'm taking a shit ran and as soon as you said you were thinking about if you had enough toilet paper I looked down and had ran out of toilet paper and had to ask my mom to bring me a new roll
Annoying Cat
Annoying Cat 19 soat oldin
My life explained in less than 10 minutes. Nice work Dom.
Marvestal 19 soat oldin
Ayyee doommmm how was Vidcon!!!!
DRAGON 20 soat oldin
1:25 SpongeBob reference 2:35 Incredibles 2 reference
DRAGON 7 soat oldin
William Omari yea I never knew maple story. My cousins and brothers used to play it like so many years back.
William Omari
William Omari 9 soat oldin
DRAGON 3:34 Maplestory reference
Battery Level Low
Battery Level Low 21 soat oldin
Amazing writing and illustration this time around Dom, Great Job!
Big-Al 22 soat oldin
I stop a quarter way into this video just to say I love having a Canadian animator because it’s close to home I’m not saying I dislike the non Canadian artist or people that are from somewhere else but still live in Canada I’m just saying me being from Ontario and knowing a awesome animator is right next to me in Toronto (btw I’m Canadian and it’s not always snowing) ❤️
Dougster154 22 soat oldin
Why do I look up to u so much?
The_Gay _One
The_Gay _One 23 soat oldin
I'm one of those random people who fall right in middle of the speckerum
Abrar Rahman
Abrar Rahman Kun oldin
what program of animation do you use dominic?
Gummy Heart
Gummy Heart Kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-8qPDs6oIrNU.html Please help this friend of mine to be able to achieve her goal......
Ажар Мусина
блин совсем другой голос как то не удобно
Mini Mia
Mini Mia Kun oldin
People call me an extrovert because I’m good at talking to people and I am not shy. Honestly I just wanna spend all day by myself reading or gaming or taking a walk or eating or sleeping...BY MY SELF... and I am never lonely!
Dustino0 Kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
Im thinking about buying a drawing tablet any recommendations?
Fish in a bottle
Is gaming online with people being alone or with people?
FIĆO 21 Kun oldin
I want to kill my self
Sapphire Rose
Sapphire Rose Kun oldin
I guess I'm more of a introvert! I still enjoy company. My brother can't understand why I like to be alone😅 and I just can't explain it.
Shadow Wolf225
Shadow Wolf225 Kun oldin
I’m am introvert to
Pratyush Manjeshwar
Great video cheers from India 🤘👍
This is me
Nightshark8980 Killte
try to hire odd1sout
Masashiro alex
Masashiro alex Kun oldin
I Love it to be alone :3
Dav1 d
Dav1 d Kun oldin
Orior web is you friend?
Nissi Bokungu
Nissi Bokungu Kun oldin
*The catfish*
ninja go
ninja go Kun oldin
Pelpo Kun oldin
Which games are you playing? Because maybe you could stream a little one Day, if you have the time for it. In my opinion live streaming is often just more personal, because your fans can talk to you and you to them and we can ask some questions and get some quick answers while seeing you playing video games. Hope you See this comment and consider it. P.S. I am from Germany so please excuse some mistakes.
Treepuncher 12
Treepuncher 12 Kun oldin
Also were you painting Voltron
Treepuncher 12
Treepuncher 12 Kun oldin
Calm down kirto
rankiller 583
rankiller 583 Kun oldin
domics if there place that i like to be alone and places that i dont like be alone why
shu pow pow
shu pow pow Kun oldin
I’m new to this channel and I really like it I was just wondering about how often he up loads
Raza_ YT
Raza_ YT Kun oldin
Will you ever do a face reveal
Harry Botter
Harry Botter Kun oldin
"Yes they're sharing a drink called Loneliness But it's better than drinking alone~" -Billy Joel
ᴋɪᴍᴄʜɪɪ ᴘᴀᴘɪ
i learn a new word from domic's video evERYDAY
o0lalaa Kun oldin
3:33 maplestory?!
Εύστοχος Σχολιαστής
Εύστοχος Σχολιαστής approves
Deepali Mane
Deepali Mane Kun oldin
2:03 jinx
crazy unicorn life
I suck I'm ugly I will never be beautiful no one will ever like me or date me I should just go drop off the edge of the Earth I'm not as smart as other people I don't learn as fast as other people only one of these are true I may not be as smart as other people doesn't mean I'm not smart everybody is beautiful you don't need a spell or someone else should know that you are because the only one that can judge really who you are inside is you actions speak louder than words do things instead of speak them I love being alone cuz being with people it's just I've had a really bad experience so when I hang out with my friends I'll have like one or two friends to hang out with and that's it because I learned it's better to have good true friends then a lot of friends but not have them be true
My Art Teacher
2 yil oldin
7 oy oldin
2 yil oldin
How ATM Works
4 yil oldin
3 yil oldin
4 yil oldin
Yil oldin