Inviting 25 Strangers To My 25th Birthday Party

Yes Theory
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I was going through a quarter life crisis, thinking I hadn't achieved enough...and then I remembered what truly mattered: my relationships. So I decided to invite 25 strangers to my 25th birthday party. Thanks for watching and thank you for your consistent support. You guys truly make us feel special. Much love -Matt
Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
Snapchat handle: yestheory
Hosts: Matt Dajer, Ammar Kandil
Editor: Thomas Dajer




9-Apr, 2017

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Yil oldin
Guys, I'm going through the comments now and I just want to say one thing...You all remind me of how many awesome people there truly are out there. There is so much love and positivity in the comment section of this youtube channel week after week. You all give us so much purpose. Thank you for being a part of this family and for always pushing us to strive to be better people. Words will never do justice to how much we love you all. -Matt
Andrea R.
Andrea R. 9 oy oldin
Ohh this is cool!! I would have said yes for sure... I've never celebrated my birthday (well only when I was little because my parents did it for me) because well I don't really have friends... It's quite sad that by now that I'm 27 I still wish someone (besides my family) would like to celebrate it with me... That's why for my 27th last year I decided to go somewhere I didn't know anybody which was San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and I ended up having such a good time with complete strangers that cared way more about me than any friend out there that at the end weren't really my friends.... You're invited to my auto-surprise birthday party in Oct 7th lol Be my friends guys!! Haha 🙈🙈
Link 11 oy oldin
Love you Matt
Chloe Tischler
Chloe Tischler Yil oldin
love you all ❤️
FlazeHD Yil oldin
Ez Respect gg
Emma Shaw
Emma Shaw Yil oldin
Yes Theory hey guys - absolute long shot here, but I just turned 21 a few months ago and wrote letter about the 21 people who most influenced me in life (close friends & family), one of those fine folk is turning 21 this year. My best friend, we ran around Europe together on a budget and got some kick ass adventure stories to tell, she’s the coolest and has always taught me to say ‘awk sure look’ (Irish for yes) - so my pitch is, I really appreciate your meticulous planning (nicest girlfriend prank amongst others) and think surprising her with a 21st party would be unforgettable (unforgivable), she doesn’t like to make a big deal on her birthday but I think just this one year, if anything, it should be a HUGE deal, just a thought. If not for her (please), can you throw a stranger close by a surprise party? She lives in London, so maybe your next adventure? I already have quite the plan myself, I am just not as finely skilled at fun and editing as you guys. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. (She once delivered snuck into a mail room in the company she wanted to intern with to ensure the her CV got to the CEO’s desk)
Deep Das
Deep Das 10 kun oldin
Happy birthday mate
Khaleel Huie
Khaleel Huie Oy oldin
Is no one gonna comment on the "knock you silly in 5 minutes" mystery cocktail that was made?? lool
Jose Rogel
Jose Rogel 2 oy oldin
4:50 smacks arm over curly hair girls face
SupeeerMidz 2 oy oldin
Sorry for being late Yes Theory. From 2018 subscriber!
BOSSMAN 3 oy oldin
2:57 what kind of dog is this
10,000 subs please
u are very succesful you a ton of people that look up to you
Ahmed Abordan
Ahmed Abordan 3 oy oldin
U know what does quality content mean? YES THEORY
asa. .kendall
asa. .kendall 3 oy oldin
Your channel reminds me that there are genuinely good people in this world. Keep up the amazing work :)
Jake 3 oy oldin
I like the quote at the end, although he is wrong. Friendship in fact does have survival value.
Miko 3 oy oldin
red shirt, background at 0:51
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar 3 oy oldin
Most underrated channel ever. Love you guys. #YesTheory
Muskar 3 oy oldin
"Friendship has no survival value, rather it is one of things which can give value to survival" it may be a touching quote, but it's very untrue, especially historically. The reason humans thrive is because of others. Today, a lot of interaction is hidden by money - i.e. that you do something that gives you money, and then you get something in return for that money, ensuring your survival. Without cooperation, humans would probably be instinct. On top of that, there's the quote "standing on the shoulder's of giants" which emphasizes that we depend on others to accomplish the things we do. In a basic survival situation, friendship can give you an edge that makes all of you survive something you wouldn't if you didn't trust each other.
Dahiana Bordagorri
Ok.... I'm dying here.... min 5:22... the man on the bottom right corner, with his fist up... that is Mujica... And I'm like... Uruguay carajo! Vamo' arriba la celeste!!!
Andrea Sker
Andrea Sker 3 oy oldin
Awww I should’ve done that for my 18th birthday! You’re amazing Matt! You stay growing like a tree my friend
Adrian Tsai
Adrian Tsai 3 oy oldin
I am a overweight kid that feel insecure about it,You guys gave me confidence to love who i am and i hope you will keep up the work and helping more people who feel the same as me,This is my favourite channel.
TheMixVisuals _
TheMixVisuals _ 3 oy oldin
Bruh I'm Related To George Washington Bro Legit I'm Not even Joking
Rosanna Turunen
Rosanna Turunen 3 oy oldin
My birthday every year 9. July: sleeping and netflix
Ashraf Solo Vlogs
Happy Birthday Matt!!! This is the second video i am watching of Yes Theory.... And i Like Content's Like this... Keep it up Yes Theory...
Laedi Aldi Fauzi
Laedi Aldi Fauzi 3 oy oldin
these videos motivate me so much to interact with strangers love u guys
ZiggyZeg 2005
ZiggyZeg 2005 3 oy oldin
Do you ever think anyone lies about having to do something?
Laura Sofia Cardona
Is that chloe moretz at 2:47?????
יזבעלם מנגיסטו
That is sooo cool
I think it’s art!
This is probably very late, but happy belated birthday Matt. you have always inspired me to do new stuff. Your also one of the reasons i get in trouble for staying up to four o-clock in the morning. that, and im an insomniac. meeting you is on my bucket list, so i hope one day we can meet eachother. but yeah, happy belated birthday.
Rebecca Medina
Rebecca Medina 5 oy oldin
I've been abroad for a week now and literally just asked 300 random exchange students if they want to celebrate my 25th with me because of you. It took a lot for me to send out that message but im proud of myself for doing it lol thanks for the inspiration.
Bagus Indra
Bagus Indra 5 oy oldin
i always feel warm everytime im watching your videos, you guys cool!! really want to meet you guys someday, hello from indonesia btw!
Justus Cubing
Justus Cubing 5 oy oldin
Spotted that Rubik's cube :)
sarah zidany
sarah zidany 5 oy oldin
you are so nice man im arab does ammar know arabic?
Josh Undang
Josh Undang 5 oy oldin
happy birthday matt. MBTC MCTB thank you for your efforts to have an funny UZvid channel thank youu matt.
Savy Prin
Savy Prin 6 oy oldin
happy late birthday Matt👏👏👏🎂🎂🎂🎂
Elisa Leneus
Elisa Leneus 6 oy oldin
Write a book !
Daniel Lye
Daniel Lye 6 oy oldin
4:20 crap, that pun
Zeepys 6 oy oldin
So I am in the middle of moving from England to Washington State. My dad is military and we have to move all the time. I will be a sophomore in a new state at a new school. The funny thing is I start school on my birthday, September 6th, and I had an idea. You guys have inspired me to ask these new random kids to eat with me at lunch and share cake with me. I know it’s small but you guys have inspired me so much. I love you guys and your content. Keep up the great work!
Daan 6 oy oldin
Friendship has no survival value?? Ofcourse it has. Other than that, good video :)
khali dibba
khali dibba 6 oy oldin
I wish i had friends like you guys
Chris Ginter
Chris Ginter 6 oy oldin
Wait is that Chloë Grace Moretz at 2:46??
Nathalie Rabearijao
Quoted CS Lewis at the end.... that speaks volume!
OhLeahLRae 7 oy oldin
.... I wanna know what was in that cocktail....
alphaguy m
alphaguy m 7 oy oldin
I just turned 25 and I'm the loneliest person on the planet. FML.
Gloria Covarrubias
Herje Don
Herje Don 7 oy oldin
Society, movies, media etc. tell us that we have to be something special, to the point where this guy and many others panic when they aren't billionaires or presidents? Wtf. Basically everyone is a normal working joe, when did that become such a bad thing?
Saaid GH
Saaid GH 7 oy oldin
Is that TAMTAM behind Matt in 4:34 ?she is a saudi singer
Sally James
Sally James 7 oy oldin
WTH was the cake floating?
HeyImRod 7 oy oldin
Maaaan after watching these type of videos I just want to go out and hug strangers, lol
Ami McElle
Ami McElle 7 oy oldin
Every theatre kid is quivering at the sight of Ron Churnow’s Alexander Hamilton book because of how much we all love Lin, and of course Hamilton.
Pepper Aureli
Pepper Aureli 7 oy oldin
0:51 Can we talk about the guy in the middle in the background. Please pause and appreciate this. ♥
Hebah Ali
Hebah Ali 7 oy oldin
I was genuinely so freaked out at 4:33 by the levitating cake I couldn't even see amar lmfaooo
Frizzz Ace
Frizzz Ace 7 oy oldin
i want this channel become #1 most subscriber in youtube history
Alexis Daleiden
Alexis Daleiden 7 oy oldin
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. 7 oy oldin
I need to do that. Imagine if nobody comes, haha!
Ruby Marygold
Ruby Marygold 7 oy oldin
0:42 what video is this?
Lauren Temple
Lauren Temple 7 oy oldin
U have accomplished so much Matt! Your video make so many people happy and creating happiness is the greatest thing anyone can ever do x
Esther Miller
Esther Miller 7 oy oldin
Roberto is my fav
Hey! Let's Go Get Lost
you guys are just like male versions of my best friend and me !!
Rice Fields
Rice Fields 7 oy oldin
yo i wannna do that !!! and also was that a newfoundland?
Markus Arntzen
Markus Arntzen 7 oy oldin
I feel like these things are too good to be true in todays society
Ashley lane
Ashley lane 8 oy oldin
One day I randomly watched one of your videos and now I’m watching all of them. Can’t get enough you guys are great! 😂😂 easy peasy
Austin N.
Austin N. 8 oy oldin
I predict it'll be mostly girls that show up
Paige Splash
Paige Splash 8 oy oldin
Umm I know that it’s way late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh and this summer I’ve been trying to say yes to things that I would normally say no to, wish me luck! Oh and yeah I’m a serious introvert so it’s really hard to say yes sometimes.
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell 8 oy oldin
And William Lawrence Bragg became the youngest person to ever receive a Nobel Prize in physics. At age 25 in the year of 1915. His work was on X-ray spectra, X-ray diffraction and crystal structure. And of course with the help of his father, William Henry Bragg(who won The Nobel Prize as well), he successfully became the youngest person ever to receive the prize. Until a young 17-year old Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2014. But nonetheless, he received this prize at 25.
luke anstine
luke anstine 8 oy oldin
Obama GS and nistat on the wall 😂 he wanna be a pice of shit?
Kevin Khamphilavanh
No 25 year old has been 26
Britney Ramirez
Britney Ramirez 8 oy oldin
Ive been stuck in my bed for 3 days since surgery and have been binge watching Yes Theory. This channel is amazing and the people who are apart of this are amazing.
boyer6556 8 oy oldin
love your videos lads keep it going
TheDoming0 8 oy oldin
Great CS Lewis quote at the end!
alicia72293 8 oy oldin
I am going to be 25 in July. I am looking through the Yes Theory channel for some inspiration on what to do!
SamPro 8 oy oldin
chicamexicana22 8 oy oldin
I also had a quarter of a century crisis. Still continue to have one and my 26th birthday is on the 22nd of June smh
Alexia King
Alexia King 8 oy oldin
why do I cry in like every single one of their videos...
arankahes 8 oy oldin
You guys are so freaking inspiring! I just found you a week ago and am binge watching all the episodes! I HAVE to do this for my 30th this december! Although saying it out loud already scares me a bit! haha. You guys wanna come?!
Gentleman 511
Gentleman 511 8 oy oldin
I wonder how many phone numbers they have in their phones..
Hannah Pengilly
Hannah Pengilly 8 oy oldin
For a second I was like.... wait is the cake floating???
Nikhit Gunturu
Nikhit Gunturu 8 oy oldin
Their so happy all the time
God 9 oy oldin
26 years
Living Phat3
Living Phat3 9 oy oldin
I feel exactly the same way, and i am turning 25 this year, i try to be spontaneous but sometimes it just doesnt work out. keep up the awesome content
rayday gaming
rayday gaming 9 oy oldin
i would kill myself if this happened to me xDD i would be cringed
Zad Rem
Zad Rem 9 oy oldin
Thank you
seventeen wishes
seventeen wishes 9 oy oldin
When I'm 25 I'm gonna be sleeping in my bed Alone
komei .
komei . 9 oy oldin
Warning 0:48 don't put anything painted or coloured in your mouth because that could be poisoning and carcinogenic.
Zylika Z
Zylika Z 9 oy oldin
This is the reason why I love your channel the most
IVDV 9 oy oldin
You're going to have over 3mil subs in 2019 easyyy
natalie lessard
natalie lessard 9 oy oldin
probably when you say you want to ask a girl a question on the street she probably thinks ur trying to ask her out
CupcakeLove48 9 oy oldin
he is so damn sweeeet
ZENDAR 9 oy oldin
i love you guys soon much i wish i could spend a week in your life and have fun and get to meet you make new friends and do thing i have never done before but someday hopefully will it will happen !!!!!!!!!
y33tm4nm33t 9 oy oldin
yo whattttt this was uploaded on my birthday
USA Resident
USA Resident 9 oy oldin
Oh my goodness. I just saw this. My 50th birthday is coming up and I've been thinking about it for the past few months. I had decided that I wanted to have a surprise party for my friends that would celebrate THEM and the impact they have had on my life. Time to plan.
Ali Elbattawi
Ali Elbattawi 9 oy oldin
Matt i have just started watching your videos guys and you are truly awesome all of you guys and yes theory needs you man keep at it you are great person and the type of thing you are doing is what a lot of people wish could do and your day of great success will come but i see you are living your life to the fullest which does and always will mean a lot to see someone like you doing so you are a true inspiration have fun and peace out much of love from Egypt man i wish i could be your true 26th friend btw hope you actually contact me by reaching out in way anyways have fun dude
Random Person
Random Person 9 oy oldin
Best channel ever
Hadeel Soliman
Hadeel Soliman 9 oy oldin
This channel is so underrated W H Y
Davis Bennett
Davis Bennett 9 oy oldin
Happy birthday!
Cosmic Flower
Cosmic Flower 9 oy oldin
Such an awesome person.
simbaa king
simbaa king 10 oy oldin
Having 1.4M subscribers, 15K likes on a youtube video, 85.1K followers on Instagram, making millions of new friends and many many more is a pretty damn huge ass accomplishment. In the past, it would've been nothing, in the future, it would prolly be no big deal, but in the present, it's a pretty facking huge deal to be a popular UZvidr. Congrats on the achievement dude. Edit: Uhm ok whoops, I just realised I'm a year late...
Abdurraheem Siddiqui
What if u have no friends?
Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese 10 oy oldin
This is awesome Matt! I’m just disappointed the Pup didn’t show....
Ella 10 oy oldin
Harshul Narang
Harshul Narang 10 oy oldin
You should have pranked those guys first. Like, you should've entered wearing the grim reaper outfit with the curved blade and everything, and all the lights in the room should've flashed blood red and then Thomas should've said - "The reason you guys are here tonight is because our friend Matt has turned 25, and as a token of thanks he'd like to sacrifice 25 living souls to our lord Satan..." By this time everyone would've freaked out and then you could've been like.. surprise ! Sorry don't mind me, I've got a creepy sense of humour... or maybe you should try this sometime :p By the way, Happy 26th Birthday Matt !!
samuel Jakob
samuel Jakob 10 oy oldin
Love the quote at the end Btw. the video is also great!
Joshua Bono
Joshua Bono 10 oy oldin
I wonder how fucked up they got
Tomás Bastos
Tomás Bastos 10 oy oldin
Look at the guy in 0:50 on the background xDDDDD
Mr.Sinigima 10 oy oldin
and now you are 26 felling old yet?
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