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Save earth or leave it. Watch IO on Netflix January 18, 2019.
Sam, one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah. She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth’s survival. IO stars Margaret Qualley, Anthony Mackie, and Danny Huston and premieres January 18, 2019 only on Netflix.
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IO | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




9-Yan, 2019



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SwaggyBoy Swagsen
SwaggyBoy Swagsen 13 soat oldin
Well i guess next time i have to listen what the comments say
Julián 15 soat oldin
Like all the Netflix stuff lately, the film sucks. And like all the Netflix stuff always, it promotes cultural marxism, stupid ecologism and... Race mixing. Of course, race mixing ("if we want to survive, we need massive immigration") is always a constant in Netflix.
tbbsrr Kun oldin
What a waste of time. Nothing to see Here.
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez 2 kun oldin
Them reminds me of Metro Exodus but story was not.
The Iranian Liberal
Soooo Earth is so toxic that humanity spent trillions of dollars trafficking the rest of humanity 400 million miles away right past Mars and our Moon to an even more toxic, geologically volatile, radiation soaked moon with temperature extremes that would make the K-T extinction climate look like beach weather? Surrreeeeeee.....
el Marcianito
el Marcianito 4 kun oldin
just got watching this movie not bad or worst but a bit boring tho
Zycho 4 kun oldin
How the fuck do people manage to have issues when theres NOBODY on the planet anymore!? This is not a sci-fi. Its melodramatic bullshit.
N/A N/A 5 kun oldin
Why IO? a super volcanic moon bathe in Jupiter's radiation
Mike 5 kun oldin
Slow paced, moody atmosphere. Don't expect SiFi extravaganza. Instead just enjoy it as a post apocalyptic story.
keflar5 5 kun oldin
Fuck Netflix and their shitty politics.
Hal Landy
Hal Landy 6 kun oldin
I loved it.
Hal Landy
Hal Landy 6 kun oldin
100 ships for 8 billion people equals 800 million people per ship.
Zycho 4 kun oldin
That’s some Big ass ships
akamouse100 6 kun oldin
I hate movies with fucked up endings without any definitive conclusion. Movie had some potential but noooooooooo assholes want to out smart themselves. Was that bitch dreaming or was that reality ? Like wtf man 😑
Hazelnutfilling 6 kun oldin
I'm disappointed in this movie in the way I would be disappointed by apromising tinder date. Dragging me in with what seems to be thoughtful messages with an actual effort to connect, but upon meeting, turning out to be a total toilet bowl, who doesn't know what they want or what the fuck to spend our date doing. Saying they want to take me to dinner, but then deciding to wait around for hours, spinning around in circles whilst blurting out an excessive amount of quotes about life, constantly assuming that I don't get them. "Do you get it? Do you!?" We almost arrive at a restaurant that could save the date, or at least bring some sort of resolution, but then they takes us to an alley and picks up an empty can of tuna and points at it "DO YOU GET IT!?" I am left confused, frustrated and very disappointed. Or at least it would remind me of that if I ever went on dates.
Leyla Acikel
Leyla Acikel 6 kun oldin
Why does this remind me of wall-e
M P 7 kun oldin
I wonder if the producer was on crack naming the movie IO but the whole film sequence was based on Earth😂😂😂. And the gene of the movie is Science Fiction but there was nothing fictional at all😂😂😂.. Netflix is no1 at creating Marvelous “OSCAR” movies lol.. I’ll rate this movie -0 lol
xnxx سيكسي
xnxx سيكسي 7 kun oldin
i just lost my 2h give it to me back
Sarp Cakici
Sarp Cakici 8 kun oldin
good potential, shit movie
Baby Irene
Baby Irene 8 kun oldin
What a steaming load Humans only know how to wreck and destroy With absolutely no respect for nature Or other human beings
Peter Ange1o
Peter Ange1o 8 kun oldin
this is the slowest conversation in a movie ever ! i can write scenario like this in 5 mins omg so stupid people!!!
Vladimir Kent Dioso
Zed Isdead
Zed Isdead 9 kun oldin
Oh, a white woman and a black man? AGENDA!
Said Enough
Said Enough 9 kun oldin
what is the soundrack that starts at 0:27 does anyone know please i am searching it for months it was at sens8 too
taf.sigma.ro ups
taf.sigma.ro ups 9 kun oldin
313 fuck free world
Eshu A. Seti
Eshu A. Seti 10 kun oldin
Falcon and Store Brand Kristen Stewart: A love story
Yulian Widiatmoko
Yulian Widiatmoko 10 kun oldin
the worst Scifi movie ever :D
Adrian Hernandez.J
Adrian Hernandez.J 10 kun oldin
Honestly this movie is not for everyone, a lot of people dislikes this movie because of the lack of action which is an stupid statement. I personally enjoyed the movie because i payed attention to it.
Anthony A
Anthony A 11 kun oldin
Haven't seen it yet, but these comments though..haha
GloryHolis Effect
GloryHolis Effect 11 kun oldin
*Better CGI than NASA*
Mahmoud Nasrallah
Mahmoud Nasrallah 11 kun oldin
Io= im legend for will smith ?
Tim Suetens
Tim Suetens 11 kun oldin
Io is a really shitty moon to flee to. Earth may be 'toxic' but it can't possibly be worse than Io.
MseeF 12 kun oldin
Never trust a man who says trust me; how about a woman?
Squirrel Attackspidy
99 Luftballoons?
George Evgeniou
George Evgeniou 12 kun oldin
more netflix liberal crap
Myles O'Howe
Myles O'Howe 12 kun oldin
Netflix should have the documentary Overpriced on there, I debunked Steven Greer's claims of free energy and he has his documentary on Netflix yet my documentary is not on there. I can't afford to pay a 3rd party to get it on there so I gave up on trying to get it on Netflix, Overpriced is currently a UZvid exclusive documentary, and has information you won't find in any Netflix documentary because most Netflix documentaries about saving the planet do not mention how cannabis could be cheap to make renewable energy and replace fossil fuels, not to mention save millions of lives. I am producing the upcoming film Antimatter Future how space travel can cheaper and more efficient, help support my channel so I can get more public support and get my documentaries on Netflix. Overpriced exposed the carbon tax as a scam, and the movie Before the Flood promotes a carbon tax!
ZDY 12 kun oldin
Metro America: the Alternate Universe
paulo rogerio
paulo rogerio 12 kun oldin
alensabol 12 kun oldin
if Metro Exodus had barely any story
FrustratedBaboon 13 kun oldin
Low budget trash to steal money from people.
SITNI SATI 13 kun oldin
Whole movie about 2 person lol
Oussama Loqmane
Oussama Loqmane 13 kun oldin
this movie just took 1h37 mn of my life ...
Daniel J. Gil
Daniel J. Gil 13 kun oldin
Para que hacen peliculas como estas??? No trasmitió nada. Estaba sin oficio el escritor, el productor y director? mas los dos actores.
doruk simsek
doruk simsek 14 kun oldin
Give me my 1.5 hours back, that was the worst movie I've ever watched.
John Doe
John Doe 14 kun oldin
"the world has become too toxic" with... TOXIC MASCULINITY !! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Samuel Samuel
Samuel Samuel 14 kun oldin
Dr.Kepler 14 kun oldin
Why would they go to IO instead of Europa, Titan, Enceladus, Mars...?
iSuRRendeReDuK 15 kun oldin
Oh god ,another virtue signalling pile of shite ,why dont they just make movies nowerdays, for fucks sake thats all we ask
David Kürzinger
David Kürzinger 15 kun oldin
David Whiteman
David Whiteman 15 kun oldin
Good thing about this movie are comments. I can't stop laughing
D Jayy
D Jayy 15 kun oldin
Is it sad that I’m actually pissed at the comments for saying it’s boring because I really wanted to watch it😂😭😭😭
Master Pole
Master Pole 14 kun oldin
D Jayy No, it suckssss
Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton 15 kun oldin
Bad stupid movie.
David Dias
David Dias 16 kun oldin
Is it that bad? I really want to watch but i don't want to feel the disappointment
Raúl A.Peralta
Raúl A.Peralta 16 kun oldin
Buenisima pelicula!!! para dormir
Michael Sim
Michael Sim 17 kun oldin
1:55 wtf that is my watch
sejlaretype 17 kun oldin
Horrible, boring and stupid movie, don’t waste time
jane rosales
jane rosales 18 kun oldin
wasted my time.. just two people talking. .
Thurl Brody
Thurl Brody 18 kun oldin
I thought the first one was The Avatar the Last Airbender for a quick sec😭
MewTwo YT
MewTwo YT 18 kun oldin
And that’s how the game Agar.io was created 😂
Aurora Gemini
Aurora Gemini 19 kun oldin
Y'all are complaining about how much the movie sucked but you won't say why. If it's so awful, at least warn those of us who haven't seen it about what we're in for, because now I'm really curious XD
Peachy Blue
Peachy Blue 20 kun oldin
i kinda like the trailer !
Luciphell 20 kun oldin
Blah blah climate change blah blah intersectionality blah blah
L G 20 kun oldin
Hnng excuse me, I need to vent because I had to force myself to finish this. SPOILERS ahead: 1. I don't believe that a sane person, as she is made to be, can so easily and blatantly lie about her dad being alive to Elon (lol) and especially face-to-face to Micah 2. Her lack of facial expressions snatch Kristen Stewart's title right off 3. Felt really uncomfortable when she forced herself on the guy. "We have to" my ass. Their whole "human connection" was indeed forced 4. I hate hate hate when florid language is used to pretend to have a deeper meaning and the audience is supposed to go "wow" *cue to dramatic soundtrack* 5. Can we talk about how she thinks she can adapt? Child, ur immune system can but a fully formed person can't all of a sudden "adapt" to breathe some chemical waste level stuff. Come on! This is basic bio, being able to breathe in that environment is not the product of an adaptation to the environment but a product of a preexisting mutation that over generations of breeding would have selected those fittest for that particular environment. This chick means to tell me that she's thinks there's a possibility she can breathe the toxic air and live oh laudddd 6. IF THIS WAS A REAL THING AND NOT HER DYING AND HALLUCINATING, then the worst part of all would be that she brought a kid into the world, what a selfish dumbass. So what happens when she dies? What happens when another storm hits? It's not like she's guaranteed an unlimited supply of food. Also, the kid's not even gonna be able to find a partner 7. The movie felt so pointless because she shows no character growth when deciding to stay. She's stuck as a child blindly following her dad's beliefs. What is she gonna do as the only person out there? Keep studying bees?? If them bees were so important, why didn't she keep a protected batch somewhere? Life will inevitably adapt without her intervention. She's helping no one really, it's not like IO cared too much about her findings (which weren't transcendental in the least, just expected out of nature) on earth, and she's harming herself not only by her inability to rely on anyone else in case of emergency, but through isolation disrupting her already questionable sanity 8. You mean to tell me that she can contact IO and she cannot do something to work out with them the date and location of the launching of the last ship?? The whole purpose of launching it is to bring back the last surviving ppl, why set a random date and far location when they have enough patience to launch a 10 year expedition? 9. On that note, you'd think you would have gotten some suspense because their hours until the launch were counted, but nope. They always seemed to have time. I was actually hoping they wouldn't make it when they fell asleep cause I was so frustrated 👿
Azie Azri
Azie Azri 20 kun oldin
The most boring movie of the year.
jve89 20 kun oldin
I'm watching this movie right now and came here to see if anyone else also thinks this movie is boring and slow. Not disappointed!
JAVP 21 kun oldin
Burton Rome
Burton Rome 21 kun oldin
To me the movie was awesome * ☮️
Solandra Brewster
Solandra Brewster 21 kun oldin
😑 what in the world did my eyes just see. This movie isnt even disappointing. It should be taken down immediately. Bad acting, storyline that failed to keep viewers interested. They tried, but It just made no sense releasing this.
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 21 kun oldin
Very boring
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 21 kun oldin
This sucks. I hate it so much because Sam is a crazy woman. She prety Mmuch raped Anthony Mackie. This movies is disturbing. Netflix, why?
Defad 21 kun oldin
Cool film
DjaYPrinZ 22 kun oldin
Pls dont watch this movie... just waste of time ...... so bad wtf???????
blackzed 22 kun oldin
A 100% boring film a pile of crap don't bother.
memes have short life spams
METRO: the movie, except it's bad at least the toxic earth part and gas masks
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 23 kun oldin
His real name's Clarence
Fabrice Cassivi
Fabrice Cassivi 23 kun oldin
One of the best film I've ever seen in my life❤️ touching, sad and wonderful, this movie made me think a lot! The images are poignant and exceptionally beautiful. The love story and sciencsology intertwine perfectly in a type of film of this hub .. To see again with emotions
sarwer mughal
sarwer mughal 23 kun oldin
download full movie www.fullmoviesdownload24.com/2019/02/io-2019-hollywood-full-movie-download-watch-online.html
hamam M
hamam M 24 kun oldin
Meh, mars better than io
Zoel Amp
Zoel Amp 24 kun oldin
fvcken boooring, waste of time
krafthiaaan 24 kun oldin
owl city aligator sky
Ahmad Zana abbas
Ahmad Zana abbas 24 kun oldin
worst movie i've watched boring as fu**
Teja Thymoty
Teja Thymoty 24 kun oldin
He fk her and left her on earth, he went to the io, she giving birth a boy by her self n survive. Thanks me later,
R12345 24 kun oldin
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman 24 kun oldin
Great movie
dubtat 24 kun oldin
I saw this movie. The trailer is very misleading. Nothing actually happens. It's just a couple people talking.
Loi Tran
Loi Tran 25 kun oldin
I slept through this movie twice....... TWICE!
eddy kadoussi
eddy kadoussi 25 kun oldin
Comment perdre 1h30 de sa vie on regarde io
D. Graze
D. Graze 25 kun oldin
Can we all dislike the video, because this is a massive scam in the movie history. i can't believe they did this to a sci-fi lover.
Cole 25 kun oldin
Looks stupid. I'm not watching it.
Ed Joshua Dorado
Ed Joshua Dorado 25 kun oldin
I'm very disappointed with this movie, so I watch Interstellar again and again 🤣
aldo di tommaso
aldo di tommaso 25 kun oldin
Netflix Fuck off
fiddibelow 26 kun oldin
So a movie about the kalergi plan not even cleverly hidden
DON, DIZZY 26 kun oldin
Bornig 0/10 dont waste your time
youngsix6teen 26 kun oldin
Watched 1 min until i read the comments i watch every review and comments before i watch a Netflix Movie they are so bad sometimes
Sonny Anchor
Sonny Anchor 26 kun oldin
Not sure why anyone cares about the interracial relationship thing. Though I'll admit there wasn't much chemistry between the two of them. But then again there's no one else to bang on the planet I guess. It would've been nice to see a film not add some romance story and instead concentrate on the objectives to get to IO. But oh well what do you do. I surprisingly liked the film but they still could've done so much more.
Bald SnowMAN
Bald SnowMAN 26 kun oldin
Fuck! While I watching this movie, I so boring and come sleeps.
The Joker
The Joker 27 kun oldin
Guy wants to be will Smith so bad 😀
LosingLuke 27 kun oldin
more movies mistakes than actors
SlurrJuazyy 27 kun oldin
Well...having a planet for yourself...that should be cool.
koi 27 kun oldin
Day bot
Day bot 27 kun oldin
This movie is pure shit
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