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Save earth or leave it. Watch #IO on #Netflix January 18, 2019.
Sam, one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah. She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth’s survival. IO stars Margaret Qualley, Anthony Mackie, and Danny Huston and premieres January 18, 2019 only on Netflix.
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IO | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




9-Yan, 2019

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Brosybro Donald
Brosybro Donald 2 soat oldin
Movies Antagonist: *Moms Spaghetti*
Bruno Moraes
Bruno Moraes 5 soat oldin
This guys real name is Clarence
Simon when he fell on his face
what is so dangerous?
Bryan Barajas
Bryan Barajas 8 soat oldin
Prequal to WallE
xXUnicornxXDJXx xx
xXUnicornxXDJXx xx 11 soat oldin
At First I Thought This Was An Infinity War Trailer At The Start
NewPhoneWhoDis 12 soat oldin
*Terrance: Still Finding a Rap Comeback*
Prince Loki
Prince Loki 13 soat oldin
Only a matter of time. ☹
Crying Waffles
Crying Waffles 14 soat oldin
Human wall e and eve?
adam ppp
adam ppp 15 soat oldin
Wouter d.B.
Wouter d.B. 16 soat oldin
I to predicted what would happen... Some white girl who could not possibly have survived teams up with some PC correct non-white dude.... Aaaaand SLAM there fell a black dude out of the sky. I screamed with laughter. Also, 99% prediction that the black dude gives his life for her blablabla puke.
szaki 16 soat oldin
Black Dude vs. white chick = hybrids
fur king el
fur king el 16 soat oldin
ugh.. just because hes in avengers doesnt make him a good actor..
William C.
William C. 18 soat oldin
GOT DAMMIT !!! Who is SICK of hollywood PUSHING race Mixing in every F U CK ing Movie !?!?!?!!???
Bill Diblazin
Bill Diblazin 18 soat oldin
Why cant a black man be with a strong black woman in a movie now...what are ya'll trying to do to us? You did this in bird box...you trying to breed us African Americans out or what?
Hugh Mungas
Hugh Mungas 18 soat oldin
Interstellar 2: Why Y'all Leave us Here
Trevor Stoll
Trevor Stoll 19 soat oldin
He will die so she can live.
Brick 20 soat oldin
*Agar.IO* Wants To Know Your Location
George Shallcross
George Shallcross 20 soat oldin
how much do you bet when they try leave the man will die letting the woman leave
txund erball
txund erball 21 soat oldin
WALL·E remake?
Tara Teen
Tara Teen 21 soat oldin
Micah a survivors? His real names' Clarence
Vodka Brandon
Vodka Brandon 22 soat oldin
More hot garbage from shitflix
Neil Deep
Neil Deep Kun oldin
If you keep listening to Trump & his cuntservatives (distinctly different from the logical conservatives), this could be a reality if the anti-progressives get their way. anti-PROGRESSive. They ARE the enemy of progress and of the environment.
Gery D
Gery D Kun oldin
Iskam Bulgaria da potune v dun zemq....nishto da ne ostane....bomba....nqma neshto deto da mrazq poveche ot bulgariq..tam shte me vurnete samo v kovcheg....
Kexin Kun oldin
I didn't think the apocalypse would be so god damn boring.
Noahdaceo Kun oldin
Um Io is worse than Earth though even if Earth became Toxic for a lot of conventional life. Io is extremely volcanic, the most volcanic in the Solar System too, I doubt anyone would wanna live on a world where quakes and lava threaten your life 24/7 without warning. Also, why not move to LEO or Luna or Mars or even Venus?? WAIT, why not move to Europa or even farther out move to Titan (which has rain seasons and lakes).
Archey Kun oldin
IO ...Interracial Obvious
Hajinx20 Kun oldin
I feel like its gonna be like, she lives, the guy dies.
MrRobot600 Kun oldin
Seems similar to Z for Zachariah
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez Kun oldin
Insert an avengers joke here: Insert a papa doc joke here:
A Powers Life
A Powers Life Kun oldin
Joe Second
Joe Second Kun oldin
Is this the one where they have to turn into blue dolphin gorilla people?
Francis Dunham
Francis Dunham Kun oldin
I hated it already.
Aguinaldo Rubio
Aguinaldo Rubio Kun oldin
Legit thought will Smith
whoismattli Kun oldin
they fucking for sure
Endoe Kronic
Endoe Kronic Kun oldin
If I wasn't crazy, I would think Netflix is trying to subliminaly send me movies that the end of the world is coming.
Arvin Kun oldin
This guy is a survivor?! His real name is clarance!
Micah-David Saunders
I'm going to watch this, even though Margaret Qualley is the co-star.
MyGoldenFro Kun oldin
Looks like Z for Zachariah
wonder Stevie
wonder Stevie Kun oldin
Basically China
It's gonna end with us finding out no one actually went to IO, everyone is pretty much just dead and we have to figure out how to save earth.
asapjpeg Kun oldin
Why do I feel like this is actually going to happen to us soon?!
🤔 Interesting!
haschengrube x
haschengrube x Kun oldin
hes acting she is just reading like a computer... loved that in leftovers hate it here
Similar to Fallout
Parveen Stark
Parveen Stark Kun oldin
so this is where thanos sent him 🤨
So we're going to move our mess to Io? And we can live there? Only on TV.
Persevere Kun oldin
She Hates Me 2 : Progia's Apocalypse
qwerty407 Kun oldin
reminds me abit of Metro The Last Light.
linda rose
linda rose Kun oldin
does anyone know if this is based on the book Z for Zachariah?
Bill Diblazin
Bill Diblazin Kun oldin
Why cant a black man be with a strong black woman in a movie now...what are ya'll trying to do to us? You did this in bird box...you trying to breed us African Americans out or what?
Emmanuel Jeffrey Lorrius
I’d rather enjoy a nap
M Meiselph
M Meiselph Kun oldin
Io? The world 5X farther from the Sun than Earth? The moon that's a volcanic hell of sulfur that looks sort like a pizza, and is so close to Jupiter it is bathed in lethal radiation? That Io? This presmise is so stupid I can't even make it through the trailer.
Ace Rothstein
Ace Rothstein Kun oldin
Steampunk negro goes to end of the earth to get white girl. The end.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Kun oldin
Diversity : ☑️
koemb Kun oldin
Have you ever thought that a future like this is possible, due to the extreme pollution and constantly growing population? Maybe that's one of the reasons Elon Musk decided to explore the chances of living on Mars. Because something like this may not happen straight away, but possibly in 100-150 years it will be our new reality?
Bill Diblazin
Bill Diblazin Kun oldin
koemb no...because these Luciferians want you to abandon the Earth God gave you which is just fine the way it is. Humans and what they do are so insignificant and powerless to this planet...the Earth could destroy us and repair itself from anything we ever did to it. Could take a hindered years ...could take 500 years...but it would be just fine
Dwight Kun oldin
As I started watching I told my friend. Oh, white woman in a Netflix movie... where's her black lover at? Friend spat out their drink because it was true two seconds later.
Wouter d.B.
Wouter d.B. 16 soat oldin
I screamed with laughter, instant movie killer because it's so hilariously predictable.
Scott Albrecht
Scott Albrecht Kun oldin
Earth is toxic so they go to a gas planet's moon? Pretty funny. Lol
Latrise B
Latrise B Kun oldin
More interracial propaganda🙄🙄
earthminus10 Kun oldin
Chase Cappelletto
Shakeem Diggz
Shakeem Diggz Kun oldin
People in the comment section are weirdos and mad for what?! Always talking about the left and sjw propaganda conseratives are the biggiest crybabies complaining punks.
Shakeem Diggz
Shakeem Diggz 21 soat oldin
+Bill Diblazin I feel you on that I was responding to those comments about him. You see it in commercials, movies black female youtubers pushing that shit as well.
Bill Diblazin
Bill Diblazin Kun oldin
Shakeem Diggz because it looks like they are trying to breed out black people my man...why can't a sister be with him? If we don't wake up this shit it's going to be too late. We already abort over 50% of our black babies...now they want black men, the stable ones, to be with white women. What do black women get? Contrary to popular belief there aren't that men black men around my man. What happens if an interracial man gets with a white woman? That's right he's even less black than before! You see the real plan here my brotha
stiimuli Kun oldin
WTF? Why would humanity go to IO? It's deathly cold, what little atmosphere it has is sulfur dioxide, the most violent volcanism in the solar system and it's bathed in lethal radiation. There are much better moons and even planets to go to. Hell, even the 'toxic' earth they show here would be a far better choice.
adam ppp
adam ppp 15 soat oldin
Advythe Kun oldin
Wow looks super generic and boring
redomega24 Kun oldin
This looks just as bland and pointless as Bird Box... but the idiots who think these kind of movies are profound will gobble this shit right up like always. Post-modernist/apocalyptic movies are getting stale as fuck.
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett Kun oldin
First Shot = First Shot of Infinity War Trailer
BlackedHatGuy Kun oldin
White supremist Incel: Arjipfdfhnsjklo Black and White Shouldn't mix. Rest of the world: What? Speak up! Cant hear you over all the sex and progression we are making
Alberto Bertolin
Ugh. This movie has been done a thousand times. You could literally replace Io with ANYTHING and the movie remains the same. Its just another survival movie that offers nothing new in story or cinematography. Even the direction looks cliched and overdone.
anthony green
anthony green Kun oldin
Will Smith got young!
Colin B
Colin B Kun oldin
so what you're saying is, it only takes one white girl making bad decisions to ruin an entire planet
Bailey Alexis Snow
Netflix sure does release a lot of apocalypse/disaster movies... Birdbox, How it Ends, that thing with Michael Peña... Wonder if they know something we don't...
Mike K
Mike K Kun oldin
Bailey Alexis Snow they know how to crank out drivel
Ghafar Kun oldin
"This guys a gangster, his real names clearance"
Oof Man
Oof Man Kun oldin
Birdbox but you can’t breathe
Erick Balda
Erick Balda Kun oldin
Is just me or look like the history from ReCore
caroline mueckler
Um.... The 100 much??
Jamal Khurshid
Jamal Khurshid Kun oldin
Yay! Another amateur B-grade, Low budget movie that got the green light to be on netflix. The little budget they do get is given to some hollywood star which leaves no money remaining for production. Yipeeee!
Mike K
Mike K Kun oldin
Jamal Khurshid watch the scy-fy chanel....this is oscar material compared to that shyte
MACEDONIAbitola 2 kun oldin
Have you NOTICED how they are FEEDING this NARRATIVE many movies have WHITE LADY with BLACK MAN what kind of PROPAGANDA is happening in the WORLD 🌎 👀
adam ppp
adam ppp 15 soat oldin
Mongo Slade
Mongo Slade Kun oldin
THEY want 2 breed the Blk man out.
Ian Genuine
Ian Genuine 2 kun oldin
Thought it was will Smith...not papa doc
Colin Chicoine
Colin Chicoine 2 kun oldin
Yea propaganda!
Moe Money
Moe Money 2 kun oldin
I totally thought this was going to be a Netflix Hancock series.
Louis Penn
Louis Penn 2 kun oldin
Earth is already toxic af, just need to change the air now
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot 2 kun oldin
LOL already the trailer reveals that she gives up trying to stay on Earth and then they have to race to the last shuttle. What a copout
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot 2 kun oldin
Yes, when Earth is abandoned, the people staying behind won't be old codgers who don't wanna leave or scientists trying to still find a way to save things, but one teenage girl. Man I hate young adult novels made TV shows/movies
Miracle wright
Miracle wright 2 kun oldin
This is basically the show “The 100” in movie form lol seems like it’s gonna be good
QUENTIN30 CDUB 2 kun oldin
"everybody's got a gimmick theses day"
noax 2 kun oldin
oh thats the girl from the shitty death note movie.
Francisco Rodriguez
How was it before? I was a black man in a country called Amerikkka. The police and the government wanted us DEAD. For being to close to little white girls like you.
Elijah Vivio
Elijah Vivio 2 kun oldin
Im sorry, IO, IO? The most hostile moon to life in our solar system?
gary James
gary James 2 kun oldin
I farted
Gawghels 2 kun oldin
They should go on a Friday to get Whisper of the Worm...
Glen Bisbee
Glen Bisbee 2 kun oldin
Isn't io from destiny 2
Distant Signal
Distant Signal 2 kun oldin
At this point, the "humanity is destroying Earth" has become a boring trope like nuclear winter in the1980's, but I'll watch it because I love post apocalyptic settings. Damn you, Netflix for sucking me back in!
Azrul Tarmizi
Azrul Tarmizi 2 kun oldin
January 18??? People are gonna watch Punisher at that time
Zerostar369 2 kun oldin
All the racists see is an interracial sex scene. God forbid they are just two regular people. Who the hell here chose what race they are?
Brian Schaeffer
Brian Schaeffer 2 kun oldin
Anyone else getting annoyed by this interracial agenda their constantly pushing? Like why not have a black couple or latino or even white idgaf I'm just sick and tired of them constantly trying to push this interracial agenda everyone the world will not certainly be one color one day and that's a fact lol so quit the shit Netflix and everyone else involved in this agenda
Eman M
Eman M 2 kun oldin
Why do all these tragedies start in America or are focused in America, the damn country is so desperate to be victimised haha
MAN WOLF 2 kun oldin
More race mixing propaganda from the Jews down at Netflix
MAN WOLF 21 soat oldin
+Mongo Slade don't worry their power is fleeting and their influence is waning. People are all starting to notice.
Mongo Slade
Mongo Slade Kun oldin
Yes. But do U think THEY'RE gonna mix race? FUCK NO.
Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke 2 kun oldin
Passengers 2???
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 2 kun oldin
We probably won't even see IO until the very last scene for two min lol.