iPhone "Gates" Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?
Official Apple Antennagate statement: apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/
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1-Okt, 2018

chargegate#chargegatecharge gatebeautygatebeauty gate#beautygateiPhone XiPhone X gateiPhone X problemsiPhone Xs problemsiPhone Xs issuesiPhone Xs vsApple responseApple statement



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Chaithanya Madoori
Of course you say you aren't sponsored by Apple! Watched through the whole video, I can clearly see that you are trying hard to prove it! There's no neutral approach to the 'gates' from you. The charging bug was a bigger thing, you'd have made a video for sure if you are a neutral person. And beauty gate! Seriously is that even a reason, I think most of the people you work with are affected, if it's not for your 'darker' faces dialogue. No offense to anyone, it's just I'm not able to digest the fact that MKBHD did this video! I go through every video of yours and they are transparent as hell! This for sure is not.
Leo Mendoza
Leo Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Gates aren't just for iphones
Chris Doering
Chris Doering 5 kun oldin
That "exploding samsung" clip you played wasnt a phone it was a guys vape exploding in his pocket cuz hes a dumb shit...tisk tisk
Johnny G
Johnny G 6 kun oldin
trippy shirt
Galavanta 7 kun oldin
Hey Marques, don't you think it's time that you of all people should be putting out your content in 21x9? 🤔
België België
België België 11 kun oldin
my iphone ten is a little bit slow when i want to colse it.
Lord Caden
Lord Caden 14 kun oldin
Mark ass brownie
Noral Asiah
Noral Asiah 14 kun oldin
Skitlo 16 kun oldin
That's why you have android oh yeah yeah
. 不要過問我
. 不要過問我 16 kun oldin
diD YoU JuSt SaY GaY?????
CodieAyscue 16 kun oldin
his apple impersonation sounds like a donald trump skit
Max v B
Max v B 18 kun oldin
I knew it! It all started with the Bill Gates... good ol' times.
Nádia Pedott
Nádia Pedott 19 kun oldin
I just found out about your channel and I love it, specially this series explaining tech stuff I can’t get my head around. Thank you so much for this!
Wyatt Waters
Wyatt Waters 19 kun oldin
8 gates of taijutsu, the first being the gate of opening and the last, the gate of death
BigJDog - Jesse
BigJDog - Jesse 24 kun oldin
Ppl only also get iPhones bc of iMessage and FaceTime, but also apps support the camera better and apps are supported better. So I guess all of that can be legit reasons. But there are a lot of iMessage and FaceTime alternatives.
BigJDog - Jesse
BigJDog - Jesse 24 kun oldin
Well I won't judge anyone if they prefer iphone but the youth only have or want iPhones bc of trends and it's retarded. Sites say that Android has more customer loyalty than iPhone and more ppl have Androids but I kinda feel that's just a lie because iPhones are everywhere and everyone wants it.
BigJDog - Jesse
BigJDog - Jesse 24 kun oldin
Apple was forced to show papers to the public that proved apple put bad material on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Basically, the bend gate was on purpose.
Ahmed Mudkip
Ahmed Mudkip 25 kun oldin
I honestly felt like you went on and attacked Apple
Eduardo Pascnuki
Eduardo Pascnuki 29 kun oldin
Danny 29 kun oldin
Samsung: Boomgates
MC 29 kun oldin
OK So the skin smoothing effect is because in the new iPhones (XS / Max), the front facing cameras have an auto HDR mode. If you look at the videos, look at the background of them (more specifically the one in front of the window), the background is blown out in one and the other has a higher dynamic range.
BOX Oy oldin
I want Apple to have an 8th gate. So it dies when it opens it.
Jeff B
Jeff B Oy oldin
Class action lawsuits and recalls are needed
Entity 437
Entity 437 Oy oldin
They should fix big phone gate
Entity 437
Entity 437 Oy oldin
Fix over-priced gate
Alexandre Oy oldin
No dude, the gates does not happen because they sell so much and even a small problem is big. It is a gate because they sell iphones so expensive and say always look for making the best iphone ,when some of people understand that it is not true. And when there is a problem, they simple fuck you up even more. That is why there is a gate everytime there is a problem.
fragmentshd Oy oldin
I had charge gate with my iphone 7s, 2of then cos the battery noy even a year of use just died out
David Vega
David Vega Oy oldin
Thank god it was a software issue I thought I lost 1,200 😂
TechTale-3T4 Oy oldin
He is clearly trolling Apple later in the video and that part was the most enjoyable
erick tom
erick tom Oy oldin
Notch gate
Adam Blutstein
Does anybody remember charge and beauty gate? They both got fixed
Giggo Galac
Giggo Galac Oy oldin
I didn't subscribe to an apple fan pretending to be a neutral review youtuber
jkjkjk Oy oldin
It's a $1000 phone. You would expect you get what you paid for... Not for Iphones
Eli Wesley
Eli Wesley Oy oldin
wut? wut?
wut? wut? Oy oldin
Apple can sell a piece of plastic and these "iSheeps" are still going to buy it
Granthik Sharma
216 mil , that alot of dumb people
chemicalsam Oy oldin
Would have been nice if you gave credit to who actually posted those photos.
Datboi _225
Datboi _225 Oy oldin
Stav L
Stav L Oy oldin
The worst thing about this is not the mistakes Apple makes, because every company does. It really is how Apple reacts to them. Even with the bending iPad Pros, right now (after this video was released) - it fails to acknowledge it's own mistakes. Let's take OnePlus for example. When they make a mistake, they do what any company should - say "omg we're so sorry guys, a fix is coming your way soon, love OnePlus
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Oy oldin
Luis Rossman would have been hard on them.
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Oy oldin
Jessa Jones did a video about board issues in the XS.
Timmy P
Timmy P Oy oldin
This is fucking gay. You talk like you shoved a few too many iphones up your ass. Apple is dying so fast its laughable. If you are out there and you use Apple? Fuck you. Fuck you in the ass.
xZBambiZx Oy oldin
anonymous ?
anonymous ? Oy oldin
Mark "and i did the math on this" Ass Brownlee
Ayoub Patrick
Ayoub Patrick Oy oldin
Unresponsiveness gate !!! Lagging gate !!!!
DrStfuFool Oy oldin
Apple lost me after they pushed a software update on to my iPhone 5 which simply killed the battery and ruined the functionality of my phone. I replaced the battery thinking maybe it was just old, but nope. The replacement couldn't handle the update either. On top of it, multiple app use would kick me off of whatever I was using, and it took 2 good mississippis for it to process anything when I opened it. So, I borrowed a back up phone until I could afford to buy a new one. While saving up for it, it later came out that Apple had essentially admitted its software updates were a form of planned obselence to push people to buy their new phones. They were caught and had to pay a fine to the FCC which for them was the equivelent of me paying $20 for destruction of personal property. That's not a punishment. You know they're still doing it, and because they pretty much got away with it, you also know it just sends a clear message to other companies that this is a good business strategy. Fuck Apple.
WindowsEXE Oy oldin
Vyrkhan Oy oldin
I heard a lot of GAYs here
Nick Don
Nick Don Oy oldin
I like how 20 something phones exploded for like no reason and now the phone is illegal because apple used it like a "haw our phones won't explode in your pocket" marketing ploy .
Azam Fahmy
Azam Fahmy Oy oldin
Is it just my eyes that hurt when looking at that t-shirt?
Belle Barmosa
Belle Barmosa Oy oldin
I have an iPhone 6 and I still get affected from the chargegate
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer Oy oldin
i actually like the beauty gate to smooth out my ugly face
Dire Straits
Dire Straits Oy oldin
There should be a law that all liberals are required by law to use a galaxy note 7.
Alkesh Bansode
Next "8 gates" explained
Lucas Henderson
Lucas Henderson 2 oy oldin
What did he mean by "thats illegal"...
Smuckers T
Smuckers T 2 oy oldin
Has prospex sued you for infringing on their logo yet?
Pixie Panda Plush
Yes, we _need_ to point out the issues to get them fixed. This is the issue with fanboys defending every single issue that appears. But if you're such a fan, don't you want it to be fixed, so it becomes even better??
Pixie Panda Plush
(5:02) And also, "it happens to all phones". It doesn't happen to my phones, regardless of hand, and I've waited minutes. It doesn't drop.
Pixie Panda Plush
Just present it as a beauty filter for people to turn on. That's a feature they can advertise instead of secretly forcing it on everyone.
Generic Jonathan
Generic Jonathan 2 oy oldin
Man the people in these comments should be in r/woooooosh
evilution 2 oy oldin
What actually happened was Apple fixed it with a software update 1 week later. No wasting time grovelling, just a fix. Mainly because they know it isn’t a deal, let alone a big deal. The only people making heavy on these gates are people trying to draw traffic to their sites or videos. The only people who really care about these issues are die hard Android users who are just out for blood. They aren’t Apple’s market so who cares. Apple users know that any small issues will be updated and fixed within the week. If you are happy with your virus and Trojan ridden infrastructure and version fragmentation, great, you do you.
Pravar Saran
Pravar Saran 2 oy oldin
"I really did the math"...devided 21,000 by another 10 to go from 0.01% to 0.001% 😂😂...
CMP A 2 oy oldin
This comment section is full of fagdroids
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
Did you just claim that apple having consistent major product designs is a feature, then give only one example of another phone provider doing the same thing. You are ignoring that 5 or 6 of the last iphones had serious problems. Design flaws. So biased is bs. My gs6 sill has 80% charge and doesnt slow down.
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
You fanboys are just going to ignore all of these serious product design flaws and you'll make all of the excuses you need to ignore it.
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
Wow, i cant believe you are ignoreing the seriousness of all of this. Apple has had serious battery issues and defective products and you are intentionally ignoring all of it.
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
Those battery issues are in more than .01 percent
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
Most phones dont have serious manufacture design flaws
William Gum
William Gum 2 oy oldin
Like serious battery problems
captain america
captain america 2 oy oldin
Shut up Samsheep 😂😂😂
Black Migo
Black Migo 2 oy oldin
I don’t even want no Beaty gate we want the real exposure of our skin. Cuz I wanna see if I have a bump in my for head and the iPhone X’s don’t show ! IMA TURN MY PHONE BACK ......
The Way Of Treyyy
I don’t see how yal think it looks like he’s defending Apple lol. He simply stated the facts and yal are mad that he just didn’t do a bashing video. Like half of yal that are mad don’t even own an iPhone so why do you even care 😂😂
Gabe Weiner
Gabe Weiner 2 oy oldin
Apple has better customer loyalty than drug dealers
For a whole week my service would just shut off and wouldn’t work at all
Abdulrahman Othman
I’m loyal to apple 🍎
Kamal Arif
Kamal Arif 3 oy oldin
Yo! Marques. I noticed something weird going on with my XS Max. When I press Side Button for Siri, screen turns black automatically and Siri’s responded slower only on top notch speaker. Then I have to press the Side Button again TWICE to wake my phone up. I’d appreciate your clarification regarding this.
stann lee
stann lee 3 oy oldin
Thank you Bill Gates
enrique mejia
enrique mejia 3 oy oldin
LMFAO this was good
Rewind 3 oy oldin
Need this wallpaper
Roman Baranovichi
UZvidr: Makes 30 statements hating on apple, and 1 saying everyone takes it too far Comments: *explodes*
LiK 3 oy oldin
Bend-gate was the dumbest shit. Yes, bend a thin phone and it’ll bend. Who would’ve thunk it?
Sindrea Light
Sindrea Light 3 oy oldin
People like why is he defending Apple and I'm like wait, he was shit talking Apple the entire time, how is he defending Apple? Can no one recognize sarcasm anymore??
Shankar S
Shankar S 3 oy oldin
Is it a 2018 thing not to understand sarcasm? He clearly went against Apple many times in this video. Wow just wow!
HeyIt'sAthena 3 oy oldin
You forgot no headphone jack gate
Chris 3 oy oldin
Haven’t had that issue on my xs max or wife’s xr
Rodrigo Lay Saenz
I didn't understand what he meant with "that's illegal". What?
chickennuggetman 3 oy oldin
All I wanted to know what pc is that in the background, I saw ads a long time ago but I forgot the name
Chris Diamond
Chris Diamond 3 oy oldin
I see you Tesla Roadster...
dessnom 3 oy oldin
The gates are caused by bill gates because he hacks the code/mods the blueprints
Mohamed Sabbahy
Mohamed Sabbahy 3 oy oldin
Also front speaker problem search for "IPhone X Front Speaker Crackling Buzzing issue "
Gloria Yan
Gloria Yan 3 oy oldin
Ohh never kneww
User Name
User Name 3 oy oldin
I honestly don’t see how this is biased towards apple, seemed pretty neutral, at one point he even makes fun of apple for blaming faults on users?
Violeta Rodinciuc
Charge gate affects me
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer 3 oy oldin
Yay ! Tesla Roadster !
JEBabs [JEBebe]
JEBabs [JEBebe] 3 oy oldin
Atleast it doesn’t have two notch and a bad mic ehem pixel 3
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 3 oy oldin
what about pizzagate?
Vadi Bracaj
Vadi Bracaj 3 oy oldin
IPhone headphone jack never became a thing did it?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 3 oy oldin
Don’t forget about hiss gate on the iPhone 7/plus
Arham malik
Arham malik 3 oy oldin
a great explanation of gates
Тимурик 3 oy oldin
iphone is the best gum to build,bend,bubble,burn,cool,swipe,throw,cut,destroy,rebuild,love,hate,hug,poop and simply to buy every year!!!
alz123alz 3 oy oldin
"on darker faces" at last a benefit
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