iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone XR might actually be the iPhone for everyone! Even if we don't know what the R stands for...
iPhone Xs and Xs Max Impressions: uzvid.com/video/video-GSWOs4_etoE.html
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13-Sen, 2018

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DeFy Panther
DeFy Panther 2 soat oldin
So idk what to tell my friend cuz I have a samsung lol idc about phones but my friend asked if he should get the Xr when he has the se should he get it?
Elise Mertens
Elise Mertens 3 soat oldin
Teach killing nobody crucial spring stress operate since house.
Davis 3 soat oldin
Waiting for the 12
nyapism 3 soat oldin
it would be nice if they made the bezel white for white xr
I'm Green
I'm Green 3 soat oldin
The new iphone 5c
Infamous 4 soat oldin
When half the video is on the COLORS of the phone!!! You have something wrong with your product.
Snoopy Talks
Snoopy Talks 4 soat oldin
This reminds me of the iPhone C
Woochan Nou
Woochan Nou 4 soat oldin
Lovin your 4K vids 🔥🔥
Rishi Naik
Rishi Naik 4 soat oldin
Apple wtf??? first removed headphone jack and now no 1080p???? 😆😆😆😆
Jason Kaiser
Jason Kaiser 4 soat oldin
How is phone color relevant? I don't know anyone who doesn't use an iPhone without a case. Voila, it's whatever color you want !
Maldito666 5 soat oldin
If you have a red 8 put the wallpaper from the red xr it looks amazing 🔴🙌👌
Inraann0 5 soat oldin
It looks like a fake china versions of last years iPhoneX 😭
Seth Stearly
Seth Stearly 5 soat oldin
So it’s basically the poor mans regular iPhonex
he he
he he 6 soat oldin
R stands for retina. 326ppi.
FortuneForceField 6 soat oldin
The Red one looks too good
tipoomaster 6 soat oldin
It's also missing Stage and Stage Mono as lighting modes, not just the telephoto lens.
Subha Das
Subha Das 7 soat oldin
But still you are gonna make phone calls, send texts, update facebook and upload photos on Instagram. Still need to spend 1000 bucks? That could be done by using an ordinary dollar 100 phone right?
SteelingCow 7 soat oldin
The “R” stands for “done right” 1 like=1 “ I agree”
ateb3 8 soat oldin
black is the best. i dont even know why would i even care im not going to buy it anyway its not like i have 890€ lying around like no big deal
Young Pro
Young Pro 8 soat oldin
Black and red are my favorite I don’t know which one to get in October
Ja'Nasia Price
Ja'Nasia Price 8 soat oldin
it kinda reminds me of a Samsung in the front
Blackevil •
Blackevil • 9 soat oldin
Red 😍
C4 & SpudGuns HD
C4 & SpudGuns HD 10 soat oldin
Why is the XS not getting the red such a shame
ツDaniella 10 soat oldin
I wish there was a product red for the Xs Max 😭😭😭
highfived 10 soat oldin
i have a iphone 6s plus should i upgrade or keep what i have
William's Visual Effects
720p is still HD and it is the best LCD ever in a smartphone with so many other advantages so I don’t mind.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 11 soat oldin
Why can't they just make the blue one BLUE?!
Mohtasim Ahmad
Mohtasim Ahmad 11 soat oldin
Worst phone
camjkerman 11 soat oldin
I love how clean the white one is. I would so have my GS6 in it, not an iPhone person, but can’t fault their designs of late.
Hadouken 11 soat oldin
Almost 2/4 of the video talking ‘bout colors.. Marques, i won’t even be able to watch your videos in HD with that phone. Not waiting for a review, but a rant
Samuel Alex
Samuel Alex 11 soat oldin
Still watching from my Huawei p9lite, waiting for iPhone 20xr
ESGO 12 soat oldin
Better buy an SE!
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 12 soat oldin
The ram is less than Xs
Graham McDonald
Graham McDonald 12 soat oldin
3D Touch, I’ve not met a person yet that uses it.
David Clarke
David Clarke 12 soat oldin
Combination shower likely cool perfectly teenager ingredient technological greatly hall indigenous.
daniel דניאל
daniel דניאל 12 soat oldin
What could have been good in my opinion is if apple took out the face id from the xr and putted a fingerprint sensor on the apple logo on the back , and used the a11 instead of the a12 , add a little more ram and a higher resolution display , and if the took out the face id they could make the notch smaller , if this was the xr i would pay 750$ for it , but with what they gave us i will just buy the new oneplus 6t with the small water drop notch and oled screen .
Prince Yanel
Prince Yanel 12 soat oldin
Red wins it !! 🤓 of course you're MKBHD!!!🤗
kathi bharath
kathi bharath 12 soat oldin
If steve jobs come back to see this newly released same phone, he will say I want to stay and inspire apple for new phone technology
Daniel Eliassenfgh618
Daniel Eliassenfgh618 13 soat oldin
Wow, good video m8
TheWHEATISH weet 13 soat oldin
A modern repeat of 5c. Prettiest looking iPhone, but the worst iPhone
ANDRE WRIGHT 13 soat oldin
A lot of same lol 😂
ISeeFurther 13 soat oldin
I may be wrong, but I think you CAN watch 1080p videos on the phone, just the screen itself is less than 1080p so it will be downscaled. Most people can't probably tell the difference
Vivek Panchmatiya
Vivek Panchmatiya 14 soat oldin
I wish iphone x xs xs max come in product red.. that would look great!
SnowmansApartment 14 soat oldin
i‘d like the blue X R :)
058becs 14 soat oldin
For $700+, I'd expect an OLED screen. What a joke.
Miguel Cantero
Miguel Cantero 14 soat oldin
Hi, Do you think that iPhone 8 or 8 PLus are better options than the XR? i need a new iPhone and I don´t know that to do. Many thanks!!
Andrea Montaray
Andrea Montaray 14 soat oldin
memes iz gud
memes iz gud 15 soat oldin
Just a dead phone basically
skull gaming
skull gaming 15 soat oldin
XR in Roman means 90
iakona23 15 soat oldin
The lower pixel count from the display is going to give the XR the fastest performance and the best battery life of any iphone, even though there is an LCD and a smaller battery size vs the XS and XS Max with an OLED and larger battery.
Adrian M
Adrian M 15 soat oldin
R = Regular hah
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson 15 soat oldin
What the hell are you talking about? You can’t watch 1080p videos is completely false and I did a side by side comparison of my iPhone 8 plus and my wife’s iPhone 8 and could watch 1080p video with “No problem” on Netflix, UZvid etc...so stop feeding into these reviewers until they have the product in hand, have done a full review and have actual fact finding data to support their claims, wake up people buy what you want to buy not what these UZvidrs who rely on your views and profit from it tell you to buy 🤔
Surya Kiran
Surya Kiran 15 soat oldin
Dewdrops Media
Dewdrops Media 16 soat oldin
Can u please bring one for me plz
Kelsey Menges
Kelsey Menges 16 soat oldin
Why are people whining about 720p resolution? Yall sound like a bunch of spoiled babies
Quentin Polley
Quentin Polley 16 soat oldin
So can the iPhone 5s get a face ID
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal 16 soat oldin
iPhone Tennis Max
Denis Lisul
Denis Lisul 16 soat oldin
More Lime vibe that yellow one, for me :)
Tig3rPunk 16 soat oldin
In 2018 I can watch videos higher than 1080p on a galaxy s6(not lcd btw) I have lying around my house, but iPhones are still selling new flagship phones with 720p screens. I like Apple but this is just disappointing.
Uranus 16 soat oldin
this video shows what apple is about
Zahir MD
Zahir MD 17 soat oldin
dat bezel doe...so thicc!
Zairrd Vordenta
Zairrd Vordenta 17 soat oldin
IMO the blue is best . Blue is very peculiar does not look bland muted or eye blinding bright Blue is damn hott
Oevanov 17 soat oldin
from now on until this company falls, i assure that they will produce a delusion every year
Lucas Goldman
Lucas Goldman 17 soat oldin
looks like i'll be holding on to my iphone 7 for a while longer
Kenobi 17 soat oldin
LOL they just buy this for the logo
Brooklynn Eggett
Brooklynn Eggett 17 soat oldin
Joao Freitas
Joao Freitas 17 soat oldin
WAKE UP iphone users ...
aboOod mkrfs
aboOod mkrfs 17 soat oldin
If they say this iphone is a Chinese phone trying to make the same iphone I would believe it. This is the worst iPhone I’ve ever seen 👎🏼
Jesse 17 soat oldin
AlohaMia 17 soat oldin
Should I buy this? (Keep in mind I have a bashed up 6s)
Av 17 soat oldin
Budget phone : LCD , 720p , single camera in 750 $ . I'm watching the wrong video I guess .
Martian Rajpal Yadav
Martian Rajpal Yadav 18 soat oldin
and one more thing...it can't run full HD.
Imr172 Plays
Imr172 Plays 18 soat oldin
All you apple bumsuckers go kill yourself please...
Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger 18 soat oldin
MORAL: It's just I Phone 9 because it was not released it's named XR which means 10 reverse hit like if you also like I Phone 9
tomer Sianov
tomer Sianov 18 soat oldin
베놈 18 soat oldin
waltersumofan 18 soat oldin
Apple is hilarious, I think my better looking red Nexus 5 from 2013 has 1080p
Dominick O'Donnell
Dominick O'Donnell 18 soat oldin
Does the XR have a better resolution than my iPhone 8?
Majestic Jay
Majestic Jay 3 soat oldin
Dominick O'Donnell no
undeny 18 soat oldin
Looks (and performs apparently) like a fake iPhone X lol
Rex Chen
Rex Chen 19 soat oldin
Yellow is so weak
Helvegen 19 soat oldin
the salmon one looks best to me
The Comment Antagonist
R stands for Retina as in retina display the mystery has been solved your welcome
Nova] Gaming
Nova] Gaming 19 soat oldin
iPhone xR =RUN run because of what because if u want this phone u need to sells kidney(low budget) then u run wkwkwkkw
Nemanja Dzepina
Nemanja Dzepina 19 soat oldin
It is not same amount of RAM. XR has 3gb, not 4.
Pazelloxu 19 soat oldin
xr don't have 3D touch
Kush 19 soat oldin
720p? That is super disrespectful of apple honestly.
Kush 19 soat oldin
But 80% if there customer's probably wouldn't carw
Stavros _ Che
Stavros _ Che 20 soat oldin
*Samsung s7 Edge or iPhone Xr??!*
Taxi Cuber
Taxi Cuber 8 soat oldin
Stavros _ Che xr
Inverse Azure
Inverse Azure 20 soat oldin
Well note 9 > every new xr or s or whatever they call 😆
Şåhïł Jåđåv
Şåhïł Jåđåv 20 soat oldin
Hey brother,can you do a comparison video of honor play and poco f1.!? There are bunch of people including me who is confused between honor play and poco f1.
Michael Hobba
Michael Hobba 21 soat oldin
Those side bezels are huge!
durgam rajkumar
durgam rajkumar 21 soat oldin
My honor 5x has still better display
Connor Shaw
Connor Shaw 22 soat oldin
I would probably go for the coral, black or blue colour.
scwhk1 22 soat oldin
The most standout feature is the different colors? Seriously!?
Ω † GamerX † Ω
Ω † GamerX † Ω 22 soat oldin
Never goto the Apply Store with your Galaxy Note 9 😅
Soundar_ n
Soundar_ n 22 soat oldin
@mkbhd what about sony xm3
nadeem khan
nadeem khan 23 soat oldin
This company is making money on the dumbness of people
foxafox 23 soat oldin
my Nokia 3310 can watch videos in 1080p ! Apple sucks
shaid khan
shaid khan Kun oldin
749$ and still can't watch ,1080p videos,,it's a joke from Apple ....
Warren Starc
Warren Starc Kun oldin
You gotta watch this in 1080p!!