iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?

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julia madison
julia madison Kun oldin
I can't decide whether to get xr or 8plus
Cris D
Cris D Kun oldin
Why I’m I watching this if I already have the xs max 😂
Gurkeerat Singh
Gurkeerat Singh Kun oldin
i used to love this channel but something about the apple overhype here has made me choose others over this guy
J Dizzle
J Dizzle Kun oldin
getting xs
Evan Patrick
Evan Patrick 2 kun oldin
Be specific he said this one
quimera141 2 kun oldin
If u have money, go for XS if u don’t then XR simple
Its A Riddle
Its A Riddle 2 kun oldin
I got the Xr because I’m 16 so it’s coming out my mums pocket and I use it all day and the xr has the best battery life at 25 hours of use, I’m not fussed on the best specs and the xr looks great anyways compared to my old 6s.
Ngân Nguyễn
Ngân Nguyễn 2 kun oldin
i get fr ee i phone here I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
quỳnh ANH nguyễn
i get fr ee i phone here I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
Văn phòng Nội thất
i get fr ee i phone here I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
Victoria Inahuazo
Victoria Inahuazo 2 kun oldin
iPhone 6 gang where y'all at?
steph woods
steph woods 3 kun oldin
watching on the iphone xr. i came from a 6 so i don’t really know what i’d be missing but main reason i chose the xr is because it was a happy medium between the xs max and x
XL BANKS 3 kun oldin
Can someone help me I got the iPhone 7 Plus and I don’t know what get or should I stay with the same phone any suggestions on what I should do?
Anthony Lowden
Anthony Lowden 3 kun oldin
Who else clicked on this video cuz he’s cute and he’s talking about something as cool but as attainable as a friggin unicorn, lol
Danny Lin
Danny Lin 4 kun oldin
I have xr
estiben Garcia
estiben Garcia 4 kun oldin
I’m just bought the XR blue sky and in my opinion is the best!! I had the iPhone 8 before it came with factory problems.
Jenje 4 kun oldin
Be nice if the XS Max were only $250 more than the XR. Sloppy overview.
Westsail1 4 kun oldin
If you buy the XR, you have 250$ to spend on airpods or maybe on the airpods 2.0 coming out soon
Morty Smith
Morty Smith 4 kun oldin
If apple would just make the phones price a little bit cheaper I’m sure everyone would do what they could to get the phone therefore bringing apple more money smh
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 5 kun oldin
Which one is “this one”?
Ancient Legend
Ancient Legend 5 kun oldin
Who watching on the iPhone XS Max
BOB MINHAS 6 kun oldin
Before you decide to buy or are quick to judge...DO WHAT I DID: I went to the Apple store and put all three phones (XR, XS, XS Max) together and ran about 6 videos simultaneously. Brightness turned all the way up and True Tone turned off on all 3 devices. The sales associate at the apple store even helped me with this. Honestly...they all looked the same to the naked eye. Most ppl if any wouldn’t even notice the difference. I was surprised how the XR did and in some aspects I thought it did better than the XS Max on certain scenes. The XS and XS Max did look better on the home screen. If you care about build quality, no bezel, 3D Touch and want to brag about having the better phone then buy the XS or XS Max. Build quality doesn’t necessarily matter to me cause I’ll be using a case. The bezel I’ve stopped noticing was even there. To me the size of the XR is perfect. And the battery life is awesome. That’s why I chose the XR.
Sophia Castellon
Sophia Castellon 6 kun oldin
Idk what iPhone x family to get 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Teriyah Evans
Teriyah Evans 4 kun oldin
Sophia Castellon me either, I really want to know if the camera on the 10x is much better than the 10xr because if not I want it!
Sophia Castellon
Sophia Castellon 6 kun oldin
So which one is best
Trash Clan
Trash Clan 6 kun oldin
Who else wants to get the xs
Harun Zero
Harun Zero 6 kun oldin
iPhone xs max
One of Many More_Youtube
I am a sonic MEME I have a lot OF DIEAREA AN D PAIN
Sy Eckbe
Sy Eckbe 6 kun oldin
I only watch your videos cuz U r a cutie
Maddison Reid
Maddison Reid 7 kun oldin
I’m currently a XR user. I hate the coral color, and I accidentally purchased the wrong gb.color and display matter to me, I see debating on getting the red one in 128gb but then again the screen is too small for me. So maybe a XS Max it is
THE ßIRGE 7 kun oldin
I have the samsung s8 and it works just fine but I'm switching plans and I'm getting the xr trying something new... getting it Monday will let you know how it works I'm very judge mental when it comes to phones
Michelle Mourcie
Michelle Mourcie 8 kun oldin
iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs & Xs Max and lumiy lightblade perfect!👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
isaias escare
isaias escare 9 kun oldin
Malditos gringos
Kludgeon 9 kun oldin
Anyone else part of the XS Max gang??
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 9 kun oldin
The cheaper one
P.J bogard
P.J bogard 9 kun oldin
I’m watching on a iPhone XS. totally recommend it
Semut Api
Semut Api 9 kun oldin
Bought xr yesterday. Upgrade from my honor 3c. Just wow..
sherin raj
sherin raj 10 kun oldin
Can I make an Apple ID and iCloud email Id without having another email ?
Cindy Paiz
Cindy Paiz 10 kun oldin
I'm trying to get a apple phone but it's to expensive I can't afford the 6 either... I'm so sad
Gerardo Almanza
Gerardo Almanza 11 kun oldin
You can’t afford it shampoo
Melonie33 Artist
Melonie33 Artist 11 kun oldin
I love my iPhone XR, because the lcd display does not hurt your eyes like the oleds and the infinity display does
Nintendo Boy
Nintendo Boy 12 kun oldin
Ok Xr is good for it’s price it’s basically a iPhone X but way better!!!!
Carmen Medina
Carmen Medina 12 kun oldin
i got the iphone xr coming from just a iphone 6. HUGE difference! at first it was to big i noticed it’s a bit thicker but for the same reason i’m not used to it. i was in between the xs and xr but yeah it was way cheaper and either way it’s a very nice beautiful phone.
BaLN Mizty
BaLN Mizty 12 kun oldin
I just got the XR today from a note 8
Alex playz
Alex playz 13 kun oldin
I wanna get the iphone XSMAX but everyone is saying the xr what do I do?
emo oki
emo oki 11 kun oldin
i personally recommend you the Xr ^^
queen sophie
queen sophie 13 kun oldin
*android users have left the chat*
sherin raj
sherin raj 13 kun oldin
My iPhone 📱 6 dying in cold 🥶 weather in Canada 🇨🇦 Any help I don’t remember when I was using the galaxy s3 died like this
sherin raj
sherin raj 10 kun oldin
Cindy Paiz I don’t know what I am doing I end up spending all my money and living trusting my lord my provider 😍😘❤️🥶today was better
sherin raj
sherin raj 10 kun oldin
Cindy Paiz it’s Iphone 📱 6 , 2014 model still running on tab 350 left until 2020 😂 Iphone is expensive but old version works well Android can make u end up in mental breakdown too confusing for me
Cindy Paiz
Cindy Paiz 10 kun oldin
Lol I live in Toronto Canada and I can't even afford Macdonalds
Kal Heisenberg
Kal Heisenberg 13 kun oldin
like over 85% of ppl that will buy Xs, will buy that for fashion and status purposes, nothing more. I have money, I have things to buy this year like the new BMW 5 series or balenciaga shoes, but it's just stupid for me to pay that much extra for fuckin oled display, second camera for zoom/portrait mode, worse battery life and smaller display.
Aaron Borgstrom
Aaron Borgstrom 13 kun oldin
the Xr is a downgrade from the Xs, but a HUGE upgrade from my crappy J7. Im getting the Xr.
ツLaura Shea
ツLaura Shea 14 kun oldin
All he’s doing is criticizing the iPhone XR
Will Crone
Will Crone 14 kun oldin
I have both a xr and Xsthe lcd on the iPhone XR is actually the most accurate colors on any phone ever as well a the brightest phone screen anyone has tested
Jenje 4 kun oldin
Will Crone But overall, which do you like better?
Spazem 14 kun oldin
How about talking about the truth how Apple scams people into buying new phones? Their updates clearly screw up older phones and if you don't know this I am sorry you're still an apple supporter. I jumped off that band wagon when common sense kicked it. Answer to your titles question: Get a different brand.
Tristan N
Tristan N 14 kun oldin
Big chungus
The P
The P 14 kun oldin
How’s cellular or wifi issues ?
The P
The P 14 kun oldin
On the Xs
Charley Alicorn
Charley Alicorn 15 kun oldin
I’m getting the XR!
Mary Light
Mary Light 15 kun oldin
This is great, but I know I'm likely just dumb & can't keep up, but it's kinda hard to clearly keep track of which you're talking about at any given moment in the video- I hope maybe in future videos you can make it much more simple to understand & know which is which at any given moment. And bouncing around one to another doesn't seem to be helping :-
Prø Gämēr
Prø Gämēr 15 kun oldin
Were should buy an iphone xs and iphone xs max
Icony Winter
Icony Winter 15 kun oldin
Please help me pick a phone XS OR XR I REALLY CANT PICK OMG
Kaistian 15 kun oldin
Here in Finland i would buy XS if it would cost that 999€ here it is 1099€ and the max is 1299€ xr is 879€
jake michael
jake michael 15 kun oldin
iPhone 7 Plus battery was pissing me off (product red) probably should have kept it but went ahead and sprung for the XR today. (And no I couldn’t have replaced for cheap because I didn’t have issues until apple was just about done with their battery replacing for 20$ (whatever the cheap price was) bucks. But so far I love it Gotta love the iPhone forever plan on sprint
Christian BARJON
Christian BARJON 15 kun oldin
I like the xr because i feel its more in the price range of kids as myself it’s not no $1000 which I would never spend on a phone I’m not the type of person who really cares about display and stuff but I like your opinion it was really informative
BrandLegacy 16 kun oldin
I dont know what, " this" phone is
Yeshua Wair
Yeshua Wair 16 kun oldin
What about the iPhone 9
CoolJZW Games
CoolJZW Games 3 kun oldin
Yeshua Wair Are you joking cause if not Then 😑🤦🏽‍♂️ THEY NEVER MADE A IPHONE FREAKING NINE
This_Be_Adam / Ras_Al_Ghuuch
Ugh, couldn't finish video. That herpes lip is grossing me out
Rohanprit Multani
Rohanprit Multani 17 kun oldin
I'm getting the phones max and i am turning 11 years old? should i get it
joey wang
joey wang 17 kun oldin
i prefer Xs
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez 17 kun oldin
ill just stick with my Verizon Razer!
xXitsbtsfangirl 2016Xx
Should I get da iPhone XR in blue or da iPhone XS in gold 🤔???
thessaucelord 8 kun oldin
xs is better slightly but xr in blue if you like the colors (I'm getting the xr in blue soon)
xXitsbtsfangirl 2016Xx
I’m casting votes which ever votes r the most I’m doing :)
Dark Illusions
Dark Illusions 15 kun oldin
XR in blue. It's a better choice and the color is fantastic
Lar Family
Lar Family 17 kun oldin
He was able to afford buying these two devices. Goals 😲
CoolJZW Games
CoolJZW Games 3 kun oldin
Lar Family it’s actually 3 The XS XSMAX and XR
Lar Family
Lar Family 17 kun oldin
Who else misses when we would pay $200 to upgrade? Bring it back!
Lar Family
Lar Family 17 kun oldin
Sadly I have to get a new phone because My 6s stopped charging. Why so expensive!?
phrecylove milvar
phrecylove milvar 17 kun oldin
iPhone 6 and 6s user smash the like button!!
Allyson Edits
Allyson Edits 17 kun oldin
My bank account is shaking just by looking at this 😂
XXXkozarXXX 18 kun oldin
Watch next we are gonna get a iPad x
Eliza Miranda00
Eliza Miranda00 18 kun oldin
Since you got iPhone xr money you should mail me one 😁😁
Daily Life Of Sami
Daily Life Of Sami 18 kun oldin
I have an XR
LIKE MY YT TODAY 18 kun oldin
I want the XR 💥
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner 18 kun oldin
I wasn't gonna get another phone again as my other one fried and I went back to the iPhone SE. Now I have smashed the glass on that, so is XR worth buying outright I cba for contracts??
Claire Stastny
Claire Stastny 18 kun oldin
I wish there was gold in xr. I have the 5s and I am getting the xr in 2 ish months
Vary beig Losore
Vary beig Losore 18 kun oldin
Yea the iPhone XS has better storage capacity but almost nobody’s gonna pay 2k for a phone they might break in a week.
Tiffanys Smiggle
Tiffanys Smiggle 19 kun oldin
In a stick with my kettle it's a exclusive iPhone that makes tea and coffee a nd got chocolate it's the best iPhone yet! It was 20 diplomats half of my allowance :D;-)
Tanner Miller
Tanner Miller 19 kun oldin
I watch these videos to mask how broke I am
Ruby Short
Ruby Short 19 kun oldin
I got the XR for Christmas and it’s actually amazing
Xzandria Young
Xzandria Young 19 kun oldin
How old are you
Robloxgirl Sophia
Robloxgirl Sophia 20 kun oldin
I’m getting the iPhone XR cause it’s cheaper and I love the color I’m getting it on blue😀😀😀😀😀😀
Lizzy _24155
Lizzy _24155 20 kun oldin
I got the iPhone XR it’s amazing you don’t need two cameras for what and the size is perfect
Brodey Wong
Brodey Wong 20 kun oldin
This guy be talking about the smallest stuff ever
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 20 kun oldin
I have 3 more years before I can work and get that I have an iPhone 6 Plus from my mom that’s cracked and dirty ;(
Rehan Khan
Rehan Khan 20 kun oldin
Which iphone you will buy for your oparians
Fort Niteloverking79
I’m getting a iPhoneXR for my birthday it’s in April so 2 months left until my new phone🤗I can’t wait
Tony Briggs
Tony Briggs 20 kun oldin
‘’I have a X in 256GB it’s about a year old ,do you think the new iPhones are better in receiving and sending out calls ? Then my iPhone X ...’’I just feel like there making them cheaper and I don’t mean in cost. I’m thing of getting a one of the new iPhones...but I feel like they are being very confusing. Thanks for sharing your videos. They are fantastic.... I want this iPhone to last a about 4 to 6 years. Thank you so much. Peace ✌🏻
*JoshIsMe* 21 kun oldin
Anyone else watching on a *_XR?_*
Micah Vlogs Official
Thanks EverythingApplePro but,I bought the iPhone XR because I am actually 9 and when i hold the 10R I like the liquid Retna also big 6.8 screen display and fits in my hand and from my eyes the phone looks pretty darn big..9 years old yes I know how the hell do I know all this??Ive been studying apples products reviewing them and doing my own research and figured all the products stats like how big the display is the price all that stuff please put some new info when a new apple phone is realeased cause it encourages me to study a bit more and ask my family if it’s worth upgrading to the next iPhone
daniel coca
daniel coca 22 kun oldin
I got a 5s and I'm getting the xr. I believe it meets my needs and let's admit going from a 5s to an Xr it's like a jump to the moon 😀😀😀
Sana.K 22 kun oldin
Who else is watching on their XS Max
Ephraim Hodge
Ephraim Hodge 22 kun oldin
I like the iPhones. I have been buying them for the longest while. And yes, I’ll went with the iPhone XS Max I use it daily and it sure feels great and good to have on the go. I would say just buy whatever your personal preference is and what’s affordable to you. You’ll surely enjoy it either way until you decide to upgrade 😎👍
Squad_Gamez 22 kun oldin
Watching on XR!😋😀
Emy Pena
Emy Pena 23 kun oldin
The only thing that surprised me is the price.
Abdulgadir Mohammed
Abdulgadir Mohammed 23 kun oldin
Unsubed can’t understand shit it’s all this one and this one
Sejla flower
Sejla flower 23 kun oldin
the xr is pretty nice but in my opinion its small and looks like the 7 and 8. but we all have our own opinions!
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 23 kun oldin
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