iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?

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Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 12 daqiqa oldin
The iphone 8 plus and iphone xs max are the same size and also the iphone 7 plus
Chloe hannah
Chloe hannah 7 soat oldin
i ordered a iphone x a couple days ago, its so much cheaper since the xs came out, £53 per month, no upfront cost, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 50gb of data. sooooo happy. cant wait until it arrives
Martin Ramos
Martin Ramos 8 soat oldin
Great, well written, and as always a nicely spoken video! 🤙🏼
Alley Viper
Alley Viper 14 soat oldin
so much fluff and zero information...holding phones, moving them around, and talking. LMAO
Veronica Myers
Veronica Myers 20 soat oldin
What World are we living? Trying to Fit in a society that pretend to be always with the latest trend, even if you are cutting an arm and a leg so you can get one of these phones? I know Is an option but c'mon! They are getting rich with your money! AND you are so dumb that every year spend thounsands of dollars to switch your phone because the "New Iphone"
Boodieman72 23 soat oldin
Does anyone buy them rather than getting them though the carrier and paying month to month.
Angie Paliga
Angie Paliga Kun oldin
Good information.
ttjoshtt Kun oldin
3 ads in a 10 mins video no thank you
muhammed Faiz
muhammed Faiz Kun oldin
how hide iphone Applications uzvid.com/video/video-xK6L2Y8VuvU.html
Matteo Standaert
I have not so mutch speakers but i got also a iphone xs
Jie Song
Jie Song Kun oldin
The iPhone XR is so damn cheap just like an iPhone 8! The iPhone XS is basically just a redesign from the iPhone 8.
Krishnan Ramaswamy
Krishnan Ramaswamy 2 kun oldin
whenever you say "this one" and that one I cannot keep track of which device you are referring to. I have to go back and see your left hand has the XR and Right hand has XS. Hmm, Maybe it is the other way? In the end, the summary makes up for it. Thanks for the review!
yeah right
yeah right 2 kun oldin
These phones are killing Apple. Wiped $150 billion US off the share value since they came out.
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 2 kun oldin
Watching on my xs max gold 😎
Aida 1
Aida 1 2 kun oldin
My wallet has left the chat.
Kommimees 3 kun oldin
Got a Samsung note 9 ad...
CS King
CS King 3 kun oldin
Can they upgrade XR for UHD video i'm ok to pay more a lil cheaper than XS
Pop-tart Man
Pop-tart Man 3 kun oldin
My hands are huge for a 12 year old boy so imma just go on and buy the xs max
universe doge
universe doge 3 kun oldin
Nah I'm sticking with my iPhone 8 plus and then going back to android
DCON 4 kun oldin
TIP: When filing a review, refer to the devices by moel number instead of "this one" or "this one". This totally killed it for me. I was out after a few minutes.
TheChupacabra 4 kun oldin
iPhone with OLED is making people dizzy look it up.
Babys Best
Babys Best 4 kun oldin
Uat uat afakp
New Comment
New Comment 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks the xr is ugly?
lilgucci rolex
lilgucci rolex 4 kun oldin
How much is a iphone xr?
fara aziz
fara aziz 4 kun oldin
agentice007 4 kun oldin
Watch your eyes on the XS Max - it has PWM on the OLED screen - had to return mine with sore eyes from using it... Apple sadly using pulse width modulation (PWM) which makes your eyes tired/headaches...
The Coin King
The Coin King 4 kun oldin
Why doesn't still have a hair notch on screen still it's ugly as hell
HoldWholeTruthHoly 5 kun oldin
When you're holding two iPhones X's, you can distinguish between the two by simply calling S and R instead of ten S and ten R. In fact , much of the time you said 'iphone ten S' and "iphone ten R' instead of just S and just R. No biggie but it's something to consider when you are doing a 10 minute, side-by-side comparison and you're going back and forth over 30 or 40 issues. I often got lost when you were calling them 'this one' and 'that one' when you and the phones are not even in the picture. When we can't see you, how do we know which is 'this' and which is 'that'? Some thing to think about. Thanks anyways
Gianni Giuseppe Beccalli
Ciao, voglio un iPhone X rosso clone, mi vendi il tuo ???. Oppure mi dai address di chi lo vende. Grazie Felice vita e salute
Christian Leon
Christian Leon 5 kun oldin
I got the XR it’s amazing compared to the other iPhones its cheaper and has slightly better battery and speed.
Kaustub Gurav
Kaustub Gurav 5 kun oldin
Which is best tell me ?????
coolness 448
coolness 448 5 kun oldin
XS MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shelbysknockin 5 kun oldin
I'm a die hard Android fan. And for the first time in my life I'm considering an iPhone. I'm super confused, I feel guilty. I have no idea where to begin. 🤦🤷
JOHN THE BEAST 5 kun oldin
Who else is watching this on there iPhone XR
coolness 448
coolness 448 5 kun oldin
Who else is watching on there 2038 apple table
someasiangirl 5 kun oldin
I have the XR and my friend has the Xs.... they like my phone more than there’s and honestly if you arent a tech geek the difference between the two doesn’t matter
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 6 kun oldin
Whenever I go to Apple: I'm here to look rich and spend money, and I'm all out of money.
Nishant Infantino
Nishant Infantino 6 kun oldin
I love iPhone xr
Cloud Z
Cloud Z 6 kun oldin
Who else is watching this on a Samsung dish washer
coolness 448
coolness 448 5 kun oldin
Cloud Z
Cloud Z 6 kun oldin
But my toaster can make toast but this phone can’t so Toaster it is then
Javed Kotla
Javed Kotla 6 kun oldin
Samsung makes much better phones than Apple and much cheaper. Why I bought XR b/iPhone are good resale value over Samsung
Javed Kotla
Javed Kotla 6 kun oldin
I bought XR. That 250$ I buy my children tablets 😀
Javed Kotla
Javed Kotla 6 kun oldin
I'm happy with XR, I BROUGHT
Lola Pierre
Lola Pierre 6 kun oldin
I can't afford any of these If someone going to change they phone let me know I want a free phone
Bayrem 6 kun oldin
My garbage is full of iphones
Mya Lourido
Mya Lourido 6 kun oldin
I have the iphone xs gold 10 yrs old
Lestat Videos
Lestat Videos 7 kun oldin
XR!! ✨🤟🏻
GHVSTBVY Gaming 7 kun oldin
I still got the iPhone 6 😂
Jacey L
Jacey L 7 kun oldin
I’ll just stick with my mini ipad
TypeONegative 1377
TypeONegative 1377 7 kun oldin
I really want a XR
videxvid 7 kun oldin
Nice, but a bit pricey. If you’re looking for ways to make money see: www.magisto.com and www.amazon.com/dp/B012JAGJY4
Lana Sarcevic
Lana Sarcevic 7 kun oldin
Look we dont have money for Xs but for Xr yes..so dont judge it okey?
Frozenphoenix 59
Frozenphoenix 59 7 kun oldin
Lmao we pay 1000 in Canada so don’t talk
UlaşBF 6 kun oldin
We pay about 12.000 in Turkey :( 1000 dollars make 6500 TL and %100 tax of shitty gouvernement and it makes lake 12-13.000 So dont talk :(
Frozenphoenix 59
Frozenphoenix 59 7 kun oldin
You probably may have known this steel blocks out signals
Caleb HO
Caleb HO 7 kun oldin
The answer is nothing. You should buy nothing. What you think I have $1000 just lying around? I eat instant ramen like 5 times per week.
Trisden Olivo
Trisden Olivo 7 kun oldin
U are rich as heck u are my favorite youtuber
Mitchell Vaughn
Mitchell Vaughn 7 kun oldin
Don't agree with a lot of things Apple is doing this year, probably won't buy any of the new phones
Emanuel94 8 kun oldin
Joel Bush
Joel Bush 8 kun oldin
I can
Marcos H. Ary
Marcos H. Ary 8 kun oldin
Hi. If I'll be in the US (Miami) during Christmas time and I want to buy one 128GB in Red, can I easily find it or I risk not finding it(cause I believe a lot of people will want to buy it)? Or I can find it, no problem? Thanks. Note: I'm an Android user but want to buy my first iPhone ever.
Mar Sea
Mar Sea 8 kun oldin
iPhone 8 for me.
Mar Sea
Mar Sea 8 kun oldin
Too bad I hate the new full screen 🤢🤮 looks like a Samsung
Shaylas Love
Shaylas Love 8 kun oldin
Sooo which should i get 👀 im a android user and know nun about iPhones 😑
MLG Vincent101
MLG Vincent101 8 kun oldin
The iphone XR is the next iphone 5 shut up hatters
Mahan Kh
Mahan Kh 8 kun oldin
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Dustin Sanford
Dustin Sanford 8 kun oldin
Battery life is shit tho I will say that
Dustin Sanford
Dustin Sanford 8 kun oldin
I got the xr today my wife got the xs max and I’m 100% satisfied with the xr fits my hand great, screen doesn’t look any worse than any other phone tbh it’s very smooth runs good etc idc about the camera loss ect
Albert Delagheto
Albert Delagheto 9 kun oldin
10S Max is sexy
WD Fourty
WD Fourty 9 kun oldin
Great content... too many ads for me in this channel unfortunately... it’s just enough to be annoying. A 4 second ad is pretty pointless.
RLB Flaminis
RLB Flaminis 9 kun oldin
still rolling the iphone 3G. can call, text, and internet. never failed me and never will.
• ɪɪᏩʟɪᴢᴢʏTHAᏩᎾᎠɪɪ •
Xs or Xr 🤔 like wtfff I got bored a lil bit and lost track
Ynwa Sagar
Ynwa Sagar 9 kun oldin
I have 6plus golden and I am going to upgrade to xr yellow
R Breedlove
R Breedlove 9 kun oldin
im going with the xr also just subscribed i love ur channel
Tam Bam
Tam Bam 9 kun oldin
While I watch this on my iPhone 6s
Daniel Pierceall
Daniel Pierceall 9 kun oldin
Iphones are better than any other phone made period.
Daniel Pierceall
Daniel Pierceall 9 kun oldin
Does anybody still have an iphone se or am i the only one
Look Behind you
Look Behind you 10 kun oldin
Am So fucking confused
Florenz Cesar Barcena
Can I have one of those iphones you have sir? Because iphones are my idol kind of phone but im just a poor. Pls cuz I cant afford that here it cost 55,000 pesos?
巴里六一 10 kun oldin
please do a video about iPhone XS earpiece not working issue since there are lots of people report their earpiece speaker is not working correctly when playing music or video. I hope your video could draw Apple’s attention of this problem
Celeste sykes
Celeste sykes 10 kun oldin
I watched this video because I wanted to hear about the Xr since the colors were so cool and I'm a Samsung user so I wanted to try an iPhone but all I heard was bad stuff about it so idk now lol
Tom van den Berg
Tom van den Berg 10 kun oldin
Iphone X, or XR?
Lachlan Rossi
Lachlan Rossi 10 kun oldin
is the audio different because of the grills or just the appearance
Mr Golstead
Mr Golstead 11 kun oldin
I feel like apple just keep making more and more iphones and stuff the moment i buy the latest one i can only use it for a few months before a new one comes out. Only solution is a world war 3 to start over again
Nepoznat 11 kun oldin
Yes, these are way too expensive, but that space gray XS is beautiful regardless of anything else.
tanya mak kai
tanya mak kai 11 kun oldin
i wish i can only have a 6s thats all
OmbreAmber 11 kun oldin
actually, I watched a drop test and the xs completely smashed and chunks of the phone came off while the XR had minor inuries
P & N
P & N 11 kun oldin
We have recorded our vlog with our iphone XS, and it's amazing, here is the link: uzvid.com/video/video-vufibDLrmgI.html&t=141s
Fusion Gamers
Fusion Gamers 11 kun oldin
If apple wanted the xr to be their best selling phone this year they should of re added the headphone jack
selimsaim 12 kun oldin
How many ads can you put in a video? Omg annoy
HarleyQObsession 12 kun oldin
So far I’m leaning towards the iPhone xs. I have the iPhone 7 Plus so the Xs would be a better choice of upgrade for me.
Abdul Aden
Abdul Aden 12 kun oldin
2:08 “Size is size, that’s your preference “ 😏
Yeah . Its about size and me personally like small size coz big ones are hard to handle. Small size can easily be hold with one hand and easy to handle. So i might go for xs not max.
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark 12 kun oldin
Awesome UZvid video
Ben Lane
Ben Lane 12 kun oldin
So basically the 10s is the best
Larry N
Larry N 13 kun oldin
Apple Signals "Disappointing Demand" As It Cancels Production Boost For iPhone XR
Miguel Tortolero
Miguel Tortolero 13 kun oldin
Bro as you don't want the iPhone XR can you give it to me?
Miguel Rangel
Miguel Rangel 13 kun oldin
iPhone X vs IPhone XR ???
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 13 kun oldin
Had to recommend the XR vs the XS max for my folks. No screen tech or camera tech is enough to motivate the +$200 for the two devices that are practically the same for a 55+ yr old person that CAN afford either but doesn't pay close attention to features.
Jonathan Sliwa
Jonathan Sliwa 13 kun oldin
Actually aluminum is stronger than steal
sgtsnakeeyes11 14 kun oldin
can anyone tell me which one to get?
iPhone XR Review
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