iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?

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Devakesha M
Devakesha M 27 soniya oldin
Nice smartphone
BLEACH Y 36 daqiqa oldin
*which one should I buy?* **looks at bank account** **laughs bitterly**
Landi Derguti
Landi Derguti 47 daqiqa oldin
Can u giv me an iphone
Joshua Hecht
Joshua Hecht Soat oldin
Everyone hating on these phones can’t afford these
NICHOLAS9098 2 soat oldin
Guy: *buys iphone Xs* Guy: sweet i bet i won’t regret * one week later * Guy: I immediately regretted this purchase
Lil Glo
Lil Glo 2 soat oldin
Which One Has The Better Camera ?
Nemesis UT
Nemesis UT 2 soat oldin
$1.5k and after 12 months gets discontinued like the X... nice Apple... 👎and that's this years minor "s" upgrade version... hello Note
Getdragged Ho
Getdragged Ho 2 soat oldin
I’m getting the XR periodT. I’m not giving them hoes 1,000 for a damn phone
Nebur B
Nebur B 3 soat oldin
Can I get a coupon
Alec Horner
Alec Horner 3 soat oldin
The price for what you get is ridiculous with these phones. Their new flagship feautures have been on other phone's for years. At this point, all your paying for is the brand name.
Nebur B
Nebur B 3 soat oldin
Idc about 3D Touch or camera and I am broke so I’ll go for xr
Røčkö 69
Røčkö 69 3 soat oldin
Brandon Madrigal
Brandon Madrigal 3 soat oldin
I buying the Xs max but I feel like the XR was a waste
Vicente Acosta
Vicente Acosta 4 soat oldin
XR and then keep it for 3 years and then change.
Abdo Haroon
Abdo Haroon 5 soat oldin
I will keep my iPhone 77777
qingjun xue
qingjun xue 5 soat oldin
The price is higher and higher.And more and more expensive to afford any new iPhone.
William Hughes
William Hughes 6 soat oldin
They play the consumers as ducks
Janice Betos
Janice Betos 6 soat oldin
If you don’t like either of the two. You can send it to me.
iiBanDZX🔥 6 soat oldin
Who else know they cant afford it but still checkin it out 😂
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 6 soat oldin
“only” 256gb... 128gb is plenty for me already
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 6 soat oldin
XR should be $700 XS should be $900 Max should be $1000
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 7 soat oldin
Never used 3D touch pretty useless... could care less they removed it
William Hughes
William Hughes 7 soat oldin
It's garbage bra can't even hook up the headphones they give you so wtf
Nicholas Jaworski
Nicholas Jaworski 7 soat oldin
Okay, first: your video has more commercials than Sunday/Monday football, 2, how is screen burn in on apple screens?
orel1. 8 soat oldin
Those iPhones can run fortnite on 60 FPS?
diegointhedark -1
diegointhedark -1 8 soat oldin
iPhone 8 anyone, no.? ok lol
Kamal Mustapha
Kamal Mustapha 8 soat oldin
Good review 👍🏽
Guignon Family
Guignon Family 10 soat oldin
Does here work for apple? He already has the XR?
Joshua Fondren
Joshua Fondren 11 soat oldin
Everything apple pro how do you have money for all these iPads , iPhones how can you afford all this stuff
Jessie Cruz
Jessie Cruz 12 soat oldin
I have a 7 plus 128gb I was wondering which is better the XS or XS max only downside is that I wish they made it in 128gb versions because it’s the perfect storage. 64gb will be to low for me and 256gb is too much space. Also $2,049 for the XS max in 256gb here in Melbourne. I’m unsure whether to wait until next year..
PuppyLover 28
PuppyLover 28 12 soat oldin
iphone 6s/se GANG
JL Ponce
JL Ponce 12 soat oldin
What’s the battery capacity in mAh?
Kamion King
Kamion King 14 soat oldin
iPhone Tennis
appleipodtouch2g 14 soat oldin
$50-$100 overpriced? Try $300 overpriced easily. I would have gotten a new phone this year if the Xr was $650 and the X was $750. Apple is really gonna end up hurting from this. “Studies” that show that people are ok with paying that price arent relevant, because phones havent been that expensive any longer than a year. People are NOT gonna pay $50-$100 a month on JUST the phone (not the plan) for the rest of their lives. Especially with how much longevity phones have these days. It isnt 2008 anymore
aestas 15 soat oldin
guys please my bday is on november !!! should I get the xr or xs ? and which color please help!
Biswarup Banerjee
Biswarup Banerjee 15 soat oldin
Teo Teo
Teo Teo 15 soat oldin
6m stupid subscribers follow this jerk who gave his opinion without even trying the phones yet...poor world haha
AloyzGT 16 soat oldin
Reaches in my pocket...trying to buy the new iphone Found a wad of unpaid bills
IVogue 16 soat oldin
I have iphone 6s puls, but need a new phone because of storage. Should i buy iphone 10 or any?? Or should i want untill iphone 11?
DuoSpace (Robert Pinzaru) FyGByStaR
P W 16 soat oldin
Answer: None. You have now been offered a larger version of last years discontinued phone at a higher price.
XxBlack ShadowXx
XxBlack ShadowXx 17 soat oldin
Dude IPhone X is sucks for me Because x don’t have button and iPhone 7 and 8 or 6 is better than x (:
Gregory Nuno
Gregory Nuno 17 soat oldin
But I’m not sure which one should I get can u do a comparecen or vs please
Gregory Nuno
Gregory Nuno 17 soat oldin
I’m trying to decide between the iPhone Xr and IPhone 8 Plus
Gregory Nuno
Gregory Nuno 17 soat oldin
I need your help
TKJO WR 17 soat oldin
Buy the Nokia...
ADITYA KUMAR 18 soat oldin
I dont have no more kidneys
Rachel L
Rachel L 18 soat oldin
I can't decide which phone to get on a 2 year contract... I like big screens but can't afford the max so I'm thinking either 8 plus or XR as they'll be around similar price a month but I'm put off my resolution on the xr does anyone know if it'll actually be that noticable? I do watch a lot of UZvid and Netflix on my phone . But then what puts me off the 8 plus if the massive bezels I'm worried they'll start to annoy me and look old fashioned soon ... Hmmm 🤔
2つばさ 2
2つばさ 2 18 soat oldin
Ilike XR PRODUCTRED I'm a Japanese
Tj Conner
Tj Conner 19 soat oldin
Oh yea ONLY a 250 dollar difference
Ally Playz
Ally Playz 19 soat oldin
What Apple didn't test their iPhones in, *TOILET WATER WITH PEE AND LEFTOVER POO*
dope asfh
dope asfh 19 soat oldin
I’d rather buy a MacBook over the new iPhone. But I’ll probably get the Xr 🤷🏻‍♂️ just don’t feel like dropping 1k on a phone
TRaFEZ Za 19 soat oldin
Huawei p20 pro GANG?
Deepak Kelaskar
Deepak Kelaskar 20 soat oldin
Bank Bank Benten
Bank Bank Benten 20 soat oldin
I have 6+ and I could upgrade to xr. I am very excited for a12 chip and the full screen display. However I feel like xr is not an iPhone that deserves that high price. Should I change to Samsung S9 or note 9? The thing that worries me is that Android usually gets outdated since I get to change my phone once every 4 years I know Samsung offer much more features for lower price. But as I said, I think android usually gets outdated faster than iPhone and that they are not as durable for long term use. What are your thoughts on this? Should I switch?
HutuBeatsTutsi 21 soat oldin
I already have an iPhone X, I’m fine with that, I don’t need a bigger phone, I don’t like big phones
Hamato 21 soat oldin
Do a giveaway
I respect women
I respect women 22 soat oldin
How is everybody so broke honestly
Jeket Cha
Jeket Cha 23 soat oldin
Which one should you buy? None of them... Apple phones are way too expensive compared to other companies phones. 1,400 dollars! Really? You would have to be crazy to think you should ever pay that much for a phone! The only other reason you would buy it is for the OS which has had the same boring look forever.
Elina T
Elina T Kun oldin
Hahahahahah I love my 6s, will keep it for as long as possible
chantelle mabaya
Bruh apple could of done better man
Marilia Chairez
Marilia Chairez Kun oldin
I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I like big phones so I’m def gonna be goin for the iPhone xs max (: thanks
Jordan fun vlogs
I have a iphone se it is really good
Esther Modella
Esther Modella Kun oldin
Any small UZvidrs want to help each other?? uzvid.com/video/video-C_GMcB3ZSDY.html
Faza I F
Faza I F Kun oldin
Dunno why ppl still buy this like i think they really overpriced their products.. Whoops actually i know why ppl buy this, because its an IPHONE!
J Sheeba
J Sheeba Kun oldin
Apple: Guys thanks for making us a trillion dollar company. Here's to the next trillion!
Andrew 07
Andrew 07 Kun oldin
I’ll stick with my 2011 Calculator for now..
Noah Adams
Noah Adams Kun oldin
5s anyone?
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris Kun oldin
Good video!
Arben H.
Arben H. Kun oldin
It always amuses how everyone hates on Apple but they are still one of the most successful technology brand ever 🤔
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Kun oldin
You have taught me everything I know about Apple! I have a iPhone X but I wold love a iPhone XS and I know you are doing a giveaway I wold love to win that🙂. thank you for teaching me what I know!
Spaghet Man
Spaghet Man Kun oldin
One of these will be my first iPhone. I'm so excited 😁
lime the lemon
lime the lemon Kun oldin
Please tell me if you can!!!!!
lime the lemon
lime the lemon Kun oldin
Can you please buy me one! I have been trying to get my mom to get me one but you will be the best person if you get it to r me!!!you are the best!! You will make my third grade year awesome!!!!
Give away that iphone pls hehehe
Abbas Salimi
Abbas Salimi Kun oldin
Fuck iphone
nancy toulouse
nancy toulouse Kun oldin
Paul_ 1254
Paul_ 1254 Kun oldin
Just got iPhone 8 and regret it cuz of these phones gang like if you with me
doglover 2018
doglover 2018 Kun oldin
Uh...rich much???
Reggie Sanders
Reggie Sanders Kun oldin
Comprehensive analysis. 10s may be the best deal.
Marinelle Chulsuwan
I was saying I wanted your cock
Marinelle Chulsuwan
Hey where did my reply go
happy funny kids learnings and toys
I just go for spaghetti. If you like spaghetti you can buy or cook anytime you want! LOL
Gundog123 Clark
Gundog123 Clark Kun oldin
I have a IPhone 8 Plus and got it in April I want to up grade in December. Should I up grade?
Wgyi Kun oldin
Can’t wait when I can get it
Michael King
Michael King Kun oldin
Love the channel.......but so many goddam ads
Riana Andriamaharo
I have the 6S Plus and I want to buy a new phone. I have enough money to buy the iPhone XR but is it better to buy the 8S Plus or the XR (knowing that I won’t change it for 2 or 3 years)
raf Kun oldin
6s+ gang
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Arni Karunia Sukma
can you make a give away ;; haha
kheeshKP Kun oldin
iPhone 7 squadron??
Samantha D.
Samantha D. Kun oldin
I get wanting ad revenue but 3 ads in a 10 minute video is way too much. I only came back after the 3rd to say I won’t be using this channel for reviews in the future. Idk if you have control over that or if it’s UZvid. But you might be losing viewers
Imani Thomas
Imani Thomas Kun oldin
I was surprised at how much the iphone XR cost, only $749 that's me and my mom's budget (we're holding iphone 8s right now) but I'm gonna see cause I'm thinking about buying this.
asusatetheapple Kun oldin
Oh god.. my phone does not have the extra hole at the bottom. That’s it Apple.. what are you planning...I’m gonna sue. Lol. All you stupid fucks.
Marius Ovidiu Calugaru
Nice comparation.
John Miller
John Miller Kun oldin
Pricing should be 549.99 799.99 1099.99
thereallitt.1k Kun oldin
idk which one i want. i wanted the iphone xs max but idk if my tiny hands can handle that😫
shelby coupar
shelby coupar Kun oldin
still going hard with a 4s😏😂😂
Aaron Kun oldin
Its fun to see that Samsung just keep destroying iphones with better phones and less money and dumb people keep buying iphones lol
MJPlays Kun oldin
iPhone 5s gang?