iPhone XS (parody)

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timerac3r Soat oldin
Apple and Samsung competing who can release a new phone with the least changes since the last one
SaiYah Soat oldin
"We know you miss that headphone jAcK"
Panic! at the 21 pilots chemical fall out
*watching on my samsung galaxy tab A*
Destin Coutee
Destin Coutee 2 soat oldin
Watching on S9
Apollo 2 soat oldin
Still waiting for the new Samsung X just to laugh for having an android device...
jackie 2 soat oldin
iphone X r u a peasant?
Cameron Harper
Cameron Harper 2 soat oldin
I love my Galaxy s9+ with a headphone jack
Ellis Clayborn
Ellis Clayborn 2 soat oldin
Is the xr actually not HD?
Voltage21 4 soat oldin
Can't wait for the Mac 2.
Burke Rudelsheim
Burke Rudelsheim 4 soat oldin
yaaaaaaassssss!!!!!!!!! no I won't delete it
Tim Kiernan
Tim Kiernan 4 soat oldin
A youtuber that makes fun of apple? Yes lord
An_Annoying_Cat 4 soat oldin
The reason why it's called the iPhone XD is because you'll go XD when you drop it and the glass on the back breaks.
Nate Pallerino
Nate Pallerino 4 soat oldin
Meme big disappointment
Tubby Custard
Tubby Custard 4 soat oldin
You should've talked more about price like honestly what the fuck, they're gonna charge people $2500
Laila 5 soat oldin
I want the XR now because it’s cheaper than it all... They could’ve went and saved their economy by making it The iPhone XD
drew61425 5 soat oldin
It's called the iPhone XS because you have to spend and XS (excess) amount of money on it
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts 5 soat oldin
Comedy Gold!
makwithtriangle 5 soat oldin
IPhone xs? More like iPhone excess weight am I right guys iwishihadmoney
Henry Dragonsbane
Henry Dragonsbane 5 soat oldin
I think the name iPhone Excess is fitting and appropriate.
It's-a me Megatron.
It's-a me Megatron. 5 soat oldin
>introduces AR as a new feature >has been on the Nintendo 3DS since 2011 and been a common app
Tio LÙ Sem viws
Tio LÙ Sem viws 5 soat oldin
NeXT year... iPhone...XXXTENTACION
Johnny Fire
Johnny Fire 6 soat oldin
you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUMAN RAYMAN 6 soat oldin
Meme ads. We are slowly getting dummer and dummerer. Good comedy truth tho.
Justin N.
Justin N. 6 soat oldin
dude they never change
Im Tazsa
Im Tazsa 7 soat oldin
Your actually not funny
BenthecCreeper14  BEN
Already. Lol
Commo Freq
Commo Freq 7 soat oldin
When are you reviewing the Captain Marvel trailer Jackie Chan?
poo bottom
poo bottom 8 soat oldin
that one wasn’t as funny as the iphone x
JayGamingSlayer 8 soat oldin
I hate when youtubers don't read my comment. Fudge you. Ok stop it why are you still reading this waste of time. I really hate when youtubers criticize my profile pic I haven't updated it in 5 years...
Mette Peters
Mette Peters 9 soat oldin
With that new background it looks like they bent it for you already so you don't have to feel bad
Finlay Mitchell
Finlay Mitchell 9 soat oldin
1:35: actually that's closer to full HD than HD.
Fresh Veggies
Fresh Veggies 9 soat oldin
i dont really care for apple. its really expensive and it will break 2 days after buy it
Equilla the Eagle - Anti-Oxigest
I love the new Pear zPhone 10(but spelled x) z max plus Max Z S X C G CE 5 100 super giga mega Tim Cook edition.
Peep 9 soat oldin
susan please
FerdinGames 10 soat oldin
Harlequin X
Harlequin X 10 soat oldin
Apple in four letter S.H.I.T
Miss_Pineapple _Kitty
Miss_Pineapple _Kitty 10 soat oldin
I just got a Suave add
D3N1 10 soat oldin
Its not even fhd wtf haha
Scroobadoobop 10 soat oldin
iPhone XS. iPhone excess. Wow, great marketing!
321Nived 10 soat oldin
Yea, the iphone XS Max has a bigger screen, but STILL the fucking black shitty peace at the top xD
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me 10 soat oldin
Apple made XS to make ex-iPhones jealous. Apple is just excess behind success!
Semi Tay
Semi Tay 11 soat oldin
You should've made a joke about the name and called it "iPhones Excess." Like if you agree.
Subsident [GD]
Subsident [GD] 11 soat oldin
XS... XS... XS... that sounds like Excess... Excessive...ly priced.
Nicolai f_c
Nicolai f_c 12 soat oldin
YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Jif 12 soat oldin
galaxy note
daldis 12 soat oldin
jackfilm eat dick
Aviantion Is  Mah Dream
daldis finally a hate comment on jack!
Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski 12 soat oldin
The iphone x video was better
Michael Afanasiev
Michael Afanasiev 13 soat oldin
hahahhHHAAHAH that final punch line 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NewGaming101 14 soat oldin
Dislikers got Tik Tok ads
AGaIo 14 soat oldin
Final kills
Zoe Reynolds
Zoe Reynolds 14 soat oldin
iPhone thanos
Anindo Sarker
Anindo Sarker 14 soat oldin
Do another Apple watch parody...
ESC Meda
ESC Meda 15 soat oldin
*pls come back susan*
Derrek Yang
Derrek Yang 15 soat oldin
What was that basketball app
Mr. mustache Freak
Mr. mustache Freak 15 soat oldin
Tengku Ahmad Faizal Tengku
I'd rather spend 1000 dollars on a watch tbh.
kondifire 16 soat oldin
*Seems legit*
Kzoe 17 soat oldin
#1 on Trending?
Cyndrome 17 soat oldin
Dortys 17 soat oldin
I bough an iphone x.... Now i want this......
Matthew Chalouhi
Matthew Chalouhi 17 soat oldin
This gets over a million views. I wish everyone had it this easy.
NewKeyPlay 18 soat oldin
the iphone for us Australians is 2,500. fuck that
Niall Asher
Niall Asher 18 soat oldin
gotta love how the stock wallpaper hides the notch now
madness is the gift that has been given to me
Everytime i see iphone or apple products i almost puke , can SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT ON EARTH IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Eyephone x and eyephone xs? Oh wait i think i noticed the difference , its 2x SHITTIER
YoTuexnovia 18 soat oldin
Nice one, my brother still says it's the best phone in the world.
Oscar The Penguin
Oscar The Penguin 18 soat oldin
I kept on ignoring this video cuz i thought it was an ad... I then realized it was a video.
Dimitris Doudoumis
Dimitris Doudoumis 18 soat oldin
samsung ad xD
Im Pierre and I don't wanna come out there
happily watching this on my p20 pro.
Tommie Music
Tommie Music 19 soat oldin
I am a iPhone user, and I find this video so funny, I have an iPhone X and tbh what he’s saying is so true 😂
joe clark
joe clark 19 soat oldin
Who can actually afford these thins ffs
MinesomeMC 19 soat oldin
Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy ß
whatever unicorns
whatever unicorns 20 soat oldin
introducing the iphone xZzZ 😴
SunnyD 20 soat oldin
$1449 for an iPhone!?!?! Hey Tim Crook...Not everyone likes it up the butt!
1-908-1295E 20 soat oldin
where my android homies at and android girls too m'ladies
fazil zaidi
fazil zaidi 20 soat oldin
Just once let the Apple Open comment section of their UZvid channel then I will tell them
Dave Hyler
Dave Hyler 20 soat oldin
You had no problem calling the iPhone SE “the iPhone Say”... you had no problem pointing out that the iPhone 6s was cleverly made to sound like “the iPhone success”, but with the iPhone XS you missed the opportunity to call it the “iPhone excess”? What’s happened to you John?
Lukas VP26
Lukas VP26 20 soat oldin
Apple. cost more does less
TheBoringDude123 •_•
I Call my dick Big X
Zahra Alzuraijawi
Zahra Alzuraijawi 21 soat oldin
R you a peasant? lmao changed my mind about getting the XR, thanks a lot...
Reison Lee
Reison Lee 21 soat oldin
Love all these kidney jokes at the comments section.
Delbert Ocegueda
Delbert Ocegueda 21 soat oldin
The only thing "revolutionary" is the price increase every year
Yash Saini
Yash Saini 21 soat oldin
The easy way way out is to just not buy any shitty apple products
KRAY-Z 22 soat oldin
Iphone xs? More like iphone *excess*
AyeAye Kane
AyeAye Kane 22 soat oldin
oh my god thank you so much for this video
Fruity Gaming
Fruity Gaming 22 soat oldin
But for real though, Apple should get some help from jacksfilms making ads like this and maybe their phones could actually start selling.
Fruity Gaming
Fruity Gaming 22 soat oldin
Ha, Apple sheep like Austin Evans said the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 looked too similar well look at the: IPhone X, IPhone XR, IPhone XS, IPhone XS MAX.
doge productions
doge productions 22 soat oldin
I wanted the new iphone be of thid video
Tomislav 23 soat oldin
They didnt think that XS also stands for extra small?
Äventyr med pelikanis & Alexander RainbowEdition
RAVE'n Chan Boi
RAVE'n Chan Boi 23 soat oldin
Background blur are on all Android too,what do you mean , Steve
Hadi Tanana
Hadi Tanana Kun oldin
Some shit you just add in to make them look bad like they take many photo thing but if you listened you would know all it’s doing is combining them to make a better picture or the price like yeah it’s expensive but there a so many other phones that are also expensive Oh yeah that background blur shit is just back round blur not how much it’s focusing on the back it’s just blurring it out so Apple is first to do that
LJ 7
LJ 7 Kun oldin
Large Boye
Large Boye Kun oldin
Nearly as big as your forehead
I got the 6s lol
PURIFIER ! Kun oldin
iphone xactly stupid
Alec Paci
Alec Paci Kun oldin
I think people are gonna start switching to android because of these prices...
OK Champ
OK Champ Kun oldin
John Macintosh
John Macintosh Kun oldin
I miss when apple was a cool software company that set the standard for user friendly and good-looking GUI.
ItssVenom Kun oldin
"psssh what are they even saying?? The iPhone is the best ever and the price just means it's better than like, all those dumb Android things. You guys are all idiots XD" -Sent from my iPhone
Schmdty Kun oldin
Sorry Apple, you won't get me to spend more money on the same phone.