iPhone XS (parody)

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TMinusBlastedRocket 11 soat oldin
I was expecting an iPhone extra small joke
Memer Ti
Memer Ti 17 soat oldin
i subscribed because i hate apple too
Memer Ti
Memer Ti 17 soat oldin
i know its 2019 now
Balin Stallard
Balin Stallard Kun oldin
Apple sux
VeGasX Kun oldin
So funny😐
Xnny. x
Xnny. x Kun oldin
*iPhone X r u a peasant?*
JamieTMGaming 2 kun oldin
I got a “I don’t care, I love it,”- -kfc- *Diehard Apple fans be like* -ad-
Mon productions
Mon productions 3 kun oldin
You’ll never ever get promoted by Apple you just won’t
Charlie Levitt
Charlie Levitt 3 kun oldin
The background blur tho in the app thing that you were like well... well that just does background blur after adding it after taking the photo. On the XS there is something that makes it blur the farther the stuff is away so it doesn't just add a bunch of blur on the background it makes a 3D map.
NOESCAPE[1738] 4 kun oldin
You used to call me on my cellphone. Not my iphone x U used to call me on my cellphone
Addison Beutler
Addison Beutler 4 kun oldin
we know u miss that headphone JaaaCKK voice crack?
xXGuardianOfWorldsXx Roblox and music
1:13 voice crack lol
Plexsicity 5 kun oldin
all I hear in my head when I see those apple ads about the blur thing is this clip 1:05 uzvid.com/video/video-IKok5dykRBM.html and uzvid.com/video/video-4UEwCHlUZvI.html
YoutubeRewind Sucks
Now i actually know the value of steve jobs Steve jobs = Apple Steve jobs passed away, apple passed away
cake cake
cake cake 5 kun oldin
John Dowling, jr.
John Dowling, jr. 7 kun oldin
wow, you were actually able to make stock logic sounds sound better then they actually are. Love the outro music.
A06 16
A06 16 7 kun oldin
yee 1:14 voice break yee
Block st Lol
Block st Lol 7 kun oldin
Don't pin this comment
Samir thatboss
Samir thatboss 8 kun oldin
Our new invention! The iPhone Xw It's completely the same but! We removed the camera and it costs SLIGHTLY higher at 2799$
Ghosty Gaming
Ghosty Gaming 8 kun oldin
why it said it was uploaded 5 years ago
Tarek Fattouh
Tarek Fattouh 11 kun oldin
“Very low low price of oh my god is that the cheap one” DEADDDD
Gerydome 12 kun oldin
1:45 😂😂😂
Zoie Andrades
Zoie Andrades 15 kun oldin
Lol 😂
Chethan Mark
Chethan Mark 15 kun oldin
legend says susan has still no come back
Master Pôpô
Master Pôpô 17 kun oldin
I'm paying $360 for my Note 9, with a 1440 display, while the XR is out here with less than 1080p for $750, what the fuck Apollo
LumiNyte 18 kun oldin
Why are you clapping Stop clapping
camilo satiro
camilo satiro 18 kun oldin
True story
Anthony Ditizio
Anthony Ditizio 18 kun oldin
1:46, 1:52
Dasher :Deadchannel
Dasher :Deadchannel 19 kun oldin
1:46 I laughed because how it sounded... that sarcasm xD
ClankStar GT
ClankStar GT 20 kun oldin
Ksi Isabozo
Ksi Isabozo 21 kun oldin
I have the Xr. Oh yeah yeah. My parents have the Xs Max’s.oh yeah yeah. We live in a shack now. Cause we can’t afford a house anymore. But they are actually really good phones. My parents have a great camera and their screen size is crazy. My 6.1 inch screen is pretty good too. Apple is dying though so next year cause apple has run out of ideas it’s gonna be the Xrr and the Xss
iKarma-J 22 kun oldin
iPhone is trash, don't change my mind. They lost the game when galaxy introduced the s8/note 8 series and beyond.
Rahul 24 kun oldin
Apple.... because you've more money than brain.
beastofalbeasts1 21 kun oldin
You're a peasant
OHyeahyeahdude 25 kun oldin
oh yeah yeah
Askejm 25 kun oldin
In Danish, 10 can be spelled as ti. so iPhone ti, but if you add the s it becomes tis meaning pee
Alexzander Conde
Alexzander Conde 26 kun oldin
iPhone Xs = iPhone eXcess
CoolDerek100 26 kun oldin
Still here with my iPhone SE not planning to upgrade any soon
Galaxy Games
Galaxy Games 27 kun oldin
XD I love this and the funny part is I’m watching on my iPhone X’s max!
Viktor Lošťák
Viktor Lošťák 27 kun oldin
Iphone XD
im a banana
im a banana 28 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Ling Wing
Ling Wing 29 kun oldin
I selled my iPhone after this Video
HANOJAN Oy oldin
Watching this on iPhone Xs
ItzMoonDux1 :3
My mum's name is Susan....
Supreme Vibez
Supreme Vibez Oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Hugo Steinfelder
Wtf are all you cunts saying the Xs is by far the most performance orietated phone on the market it has so many functions to make the user experince as fast and personal as possible and the camera is also a revolution. And by the way the cunt who made this video didn`t even had valid arguments.So stfu
acke是 Oy oldin
U suck kid u just ain’t got money to buy that
lil trn
lil trn Oy oldin
My galaxy S7 has selective focus 😬
standard human
Joseph Velasquez
Is this is supposed to be a parody that's not funny?
Jasper Meow
Jasper Meow Oy oldin
Alright jackfilms and all of the android users.. How can you make fun of Apple if you've never even tried it? Oh, wait, I know: you immediately judge them because you can't afford it. Well, let me introduce myself: I am an insane Apple fan. I will not stand by here and let you people make fun of Apple with no facts of their downfalls once or ever, and especially if the whole touch screen phone business started with Apple! Sincerely, Jasper.
IzakD Content
IzakD Content Oy oldin
Dude he also makes fun of android phones: he makes fun of everything. Get satire
Alíček CZ
Alíček CZ Oy oldin
I live you :D
Retarded nigger
I thought it was curved In the thumbnail
Dominic Yao
Dominic Yao Oy oldin
Ahhahahah imao, I love you
Saul _
Saul _ Oy oldin
I love apple I have AirPods I have Apple Watch Series 4 in a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and HomePod and a Mac Mini and an iMac plus everyone my family has an iPhone XS max how does that make you feel broke I don’t think you understand this because well you don’t speak rich and if you reply I probably won’t understand you because I don’t speak broke why am I even doing this
ARMEX Oy oldin
And the irony is that the video was edited using an iphone.
Tight Plays Roblox
I got an xs max for Xmas
Killer Crab
Killer Crab Oy oldin
Watched this video on my iPhone xs
Fun Man
Fun Man Oy oldin
Just cause u can't effort it
Kawaii UniPusheen
Now,I love iPhones but, the iPhone XR that we have DOESN'T HAVE ANY PLUG FOR UR SELFIE STICK! 1 like = 1 plugie thing for iPhone XR. (or all of the iPhones)
Eddiie666 Oy oldin
Who is watching this on a iPhone xs
Person Dude
Person Dude Oy oldin
What’s the thing at 0:12?
Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma
I’m a member of nohat.
lmao, nice one. btw iphone is the fastest and most powerful phone pn the market atm. i still like ur videos
Mansab Sayyad
Mansab Sayyad Oy oldin
He had me on galaxy 8
Xpert_Destroyer 4
U can change the backround blur while taking the photo
MisterTRAP Music
Watching on my IPhone XR..
Kr4k3N Oy oldin
Apple Is shit
Youtube Roaster
1:14 we all heard it
Patrik Szabo
Patrik Szabo Oy oldin
0:33 LOL
Ceeday's Bodyguard
iphone 11: no power button iphone 12: no camera iphone 50: no screen iphone 9000: no iphone
oliverkabande Oy oldin
1:15 that voice crack
Vladimir K
Vladimir K Oy oldin
Watched this video on IPhone XS 😏
Jahir Reyes
Jahir Reyes Oy oldin
Vladimir K hey me too
Brandon Altbush
Me: Watching on my iPhone XR
Jahir Reyes
Jahir Reyes Oy oldin
Brandon Altbush watching on my xs 😌
Jaurex Oy oldin
When a Steve die, mr krabs from spongebob owned Apple.
Please don’t roast Me
Those dislikes 😑😑
Cherag Chris
Cherag Chris Oy oldin
Galaxy note,
Sub2PewDiePie Oy oldin
Watching on iPhone XS
Sam Fejes
Sam Fejes Oy oldin
Sub2PewDiePie me too
Cail Jr 2
Cail Jr 2 Oy oldin
I’m watching on IPhone XS Max dawg
Jahir Reyes
Jahir Reyes Oy oldin
Tindoguya me too👌
Cailee Vermette
Who’s watching on an xs
Jahir Reyes
Jahir Reyes Oy oldin
Cailee Vermette me
LeaFY ModZ
LeaFY ModZ Oy oldin
Dude my xiaomi can do the same thing as the original iphone xs max not the parody
Chandler Burns
iPhone XS? More like iPhone XSessive pricing! Huh... no? Okay nvm.
Yoshipower 10000
Which is better. like if you like Apple. Comment if you like Android.
Alex papanik
Alex papanik Oy oldin
Hope it feels nice to be able to watch up to 720p in a 800$ phone YES APPLE YOU DID GOOD
Nicholas Roth
Nicholas Roth Oy oldin
Apple is shit
merrion jones
merrion jones Oy oldin
We also introduce Iphone X r u a peasant ?
AL1V3 Oy oldin
The iphone xr is for peasants, not even 1080p
Leo Oy oldin
IPhone is great, but it's too expensive for what you get
I got an IPhone r u a peasant for 599€
T. Polys
T. Polys Oy oldin
This is hilarious, Alexa, download this video
Bar Ilish
Bar Ilish Oy oldin
Stupid tiny baby dick daddy doesn't love me size *And galaxy note*
Donat Belegu
Donat Belegu Oy oldin
Glad that I own an iPhone 6s
Creeper_Pro20 Oy oldin
This video has no reason for existence. The new iPhone is already on its own a joke
Michael toomey
Haha Susan Broke My heart,oh susan
A loser
A loser Oy oldin
Making fun off Apple?...... KEEP GOING!!!
Bryce Armstrong
Don’t you think this is a bit XS-ive
Amilcar Cuevas
Any apple users watching this and is like James’ reaction to the science fair
GeekGames Pt
GeekGames Pt Oy oldin
*I love this phone though very easy to use, really cool features, and>>>**ur2.pl/1256** the camera is TO DIE FOR. I really like not having a home button, it actually makes it easier and works really fast.*
AL1V3 Oy oldin
+the comment and profile picture you see everywhere yup android is for photo enthusiasts
the comment and profile picture you see everywhere
+AL1V3 as well as the mate 20 pro cus people are saying if the dxomark gets released it'll be destructive or whatever
AL1V3 Oy oldin
Googles camera is still known as the best smartphone camera
Aleksandar be together not the same
iPhone is same every year but with new name hahaha
André ja
André ja Oy oldin
I promise he have an iphone
PatrickG Oy oldin
My new collegehumor channel
Horoka Oy oldin
Buy the NoPhone, its better, no wireless charging, no headphone jack, no speaker, no screen, nothing.
Happy Or Sad
Happy Or Sad Oy oldin
The thumbnail was thicc
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