Irish People Taste Test American Chili

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"The only thing I'd feel sorry for after this would be the toilet bowl"
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We got our contributors to taste a variety of american chili recipes.
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28-Iyn, 2017

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Graceymay74 9 soat oldin
Just give them a smaller plate each, I couldn't share a bowl.
Bill Roberts
Bill Roberts 12 soat oldin
That Cincinnati chili should have been served on spaghetti. Weird, I know, but that's how it's usually served. I prefer so many other types of chili, myself.
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 15 soat oldin
All ways like to see a vagina on a shirt lol
Alan Little
Alan Little Kun oldin
You should have served the cincinnati chili on spaghetti.
LeVar Berry
LeVar Berry 2 kun oldin
That was NOT from Cincinnati... Skyline in a can ... I can mail it to you. Not Spicy ... Cincinnati chili has chocolate.
OHMY DANK 2 kun oldin
Those shirts are more interesting to look at then the chili
Kim Adams
Kim Adams 2 kun oldin
If u have vege in ur chili its not chili.....period.
Bobby Gunn
Bobby Gunn 3 kun oldin
I know let me print out my internal organs and put them on my shirt. That's just gross.
Giovanni Bean
Giovanni Bean 3 kun oldin
2:34 - 2:36 to true.
Brayden S.
Brayden S. 4 kun oldin
Did you really serve Cincinnati chili without noodles? I’m insulted
Mikaela 4 kun oldin
Where the heck is straight up chili with cheese and cornbread? :O
Queen Nonya
Queen Nonya 5 kun oldin
Noooo, you can't eat chili with a fork, it has to be consumed with a spoon to get all that chili goodness.
rofyle 5 kun oldin
I live in Cincinnati. There are no spicy peppers in Cincy chili. If they are tasting spices, then whoever made that chili has no idea what they are doing.
Rabboleth 3 kun oldin
They're Irish. Anything stronger than ketchup is spicy.
Gustavo Arzaga
Gustavo Arzaga 5 kun oldin
Joshua Read
Joshua Read 5 kun oldin
Cincinnati chili goes on spaghetti noddles and you forgot the cheese!
Valencia 6 kun oldin
Ayyyeee Cincinnati 😊
Jason McLees
Jason McLees 7 kun oldin
No Southern Chilli Beans complete shite.
charles rogers
charles rogers 9 kun oldin
Born and raised a chile child. Chile should not have any beans in it what so ever. If beans are added then the chili becomes a stew. That is my opinion as I've been eating chili now for 30 years.
Courtney Stone
Courtney Stone 9 kun oldin
What the hell are some of these people doing eating chili with a fork?!🤦🏻‍♀️
Lord Baccus
Lord Baccus 11 kun oldin
what is "Mash & Veggs" ??? =/
Jonathan Diehl
Jonathan Diehl 11 kun oldin
Does anyone else eat chili on rice?
Eric Carter
Eric Carter 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one off put by the red head woman's shirt? Why would you wear the female reproductive system on a shirt??? Lol
Aaron W
Aaron W 11 kun oldin
Native Illinoisan here and I’ve lived in Springfield and....I’ve never heard of Springfield chili.
kay radke
kay radke 11 kun oldin
yooooo, cincinnati chilli is where it's at though!
Mason Parker
Mason Parker 11 kun oldin
Theres not even any real new Mexican or coloradan green chili here... fuck I'm lucky to know what that tastes like!
Richard Gribble
Richard Gribble 13 kun oldin
chili is really good when you add salsa to it
Lane 13 kun oldin
Nose ring girl is hot!
Frank Bishop
Frank Bishop 15 kun oldin
After many years of eating Texas chili, I have only one question - Where's the beer?!
christine Zehnle
christine Zehnle 15 kun oldin
Chile dog , big hotdog on a bun with chili(with beans) poured over it and shredded cheddar cheese, chili poured/mixed with macaroni noodles, slingee is scramble eggs, with chili poured over hot sauce and melted cheddar jack cheese
christine Zehnle
christine Zehnle 15 kun oldin
Came to play...BOOM
christine Zehnle
christine Zehnle 15 kun oldin
Yeah they need to eat a slinger!, chili dogs and chilimac...just saying
67BMS 15 kun oldin
That guy was wearing a T with a toon on the crapper, yup, chili eating attire lol.
FalloutModReview TV
FalloutModReview TV 16 kun oldin
You should do "irish people test bullwhips on black people"
Jacob Gibson
Jacob Gibson 16 kun oldin
You're eating chili today. Ok let me get my shit shirt
fire lioness
fire lioness 16 kun oldin
My main man in the Adidas jacket is singing for his meal.....okay..
Blake Kenley
Blake Kenley 16 kun oldin
Serve it with a fatass cinnamin roll.
D.J. Stylez410
D.J. Stylez410 17 kun oldin
Fuck the Steelers Sincerely, a Baltimore Ravens Fan
Nathaniel Vaillancourt
Where is the corn bread to go with the chili?
mary dauby
mary dauby 17 kun oldin
Today I learned there is such a thing as Springfield Chilli ( yes 2 “L’s”) WTF where have I been?
friendlybello 17 kun oldin
You don't ever see two people paired up on these vids who are disagreeing strongly about whether something tastes good. The pairs always agree. So polite
al_treezy! *YARIE US*
needed some tortillas for the verde, its just proper imho
Michael Mercer
Michael Mercer 18 kun oldin
Chill with a fork, wow
Torimcangel 19 kun oldin
Cincinnati chili is life
Parvis Gaming
Parvis Gaming 20 kun oldin
That’s not true Cincinnati chili were the fuck is the spaghetti
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 20 kun oldin
Come to Texas....let my wife and I make y'all up a batch.
grnman86 20 kun oldin
I’ve always liked white Chile with chicken and cilantro. It’s mild but the cilantro adds a nice punch of flavor. I also like canned beef chili. Maybe I’m alone on that’s one, but I like the soft beef in the canned Chili.
stellingbanjodude 20 kun oldin
What is mash?
Corey1873 20 kun oldin
Once again why are they sharing a bowl?
Boys Rback
Boys Rback 21 kun oldin
Texas chili no BEANS got it!!!!!
Daks B.
Daks B. 21 kun oldin
The guy wearing the poop shirt was entirely appropriate.
Steve the country cook
The boy in the take-a-dump shirt is highly intelegent! Why do you hate America though? OH, I am 58 so I can call you son, but you are not mine!