Irish People Taste Test American Chili

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"The only thing I'd feel sorry for after this would be the toilet bowl"
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We got our contributors to taste a variety of american chili recipes.
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28-Iyn, 2017



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Danny Bailey
Danny Bailey 5 soat oldin
Everybody is whining that the Cincinnati chilli didn't have spaghetti noodles, but the Springfield chilli looked bang on
Alex Kun oldin
I live in Cincinnati and we have hella noodles and alot of cheese not just beans and meat
Cameo Middleton
Cameo Middleton Kun oldin
LMAO Johnny BS just loves food. Period.
Danny Bailey
Danny Bailey 5 soat oldin
It should be his life motto really
Spanky Schooler
Spanky Schooler 2 kun oldin
Y'all have taste tested several different foods. Why not choose the top 5 "comfort foods" that YOU like and show the taste test and explain why.
Dante Jeavon
Dante Jeavon 2 kun oldin
It's chilli you stupid ass girl! Qe don't serve mash it dummy!
iTz DeYo
iTz DeYo 3 kun oldin
Imagine a dude on here just having an oversized penis on their shirt, they'd have to take it off but throw a vag on a shirt and its cool...no thanks
lamont lovett
lamont lovett 4 kun oldin
Who in the hell making the food.thats not American chilli im starting to think people slick dissing America.
madestmadhatter 6 kun oldin
... Why the hell are they using forks?
ytubepuppy 6 kun oldin
I hope that as time passes, these people learn how to speak English. (I actually love their accents).
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 7 kun oldin
Why is the fat one wearing a T-shirt with a photo of a uterus on it? I guarantee she's the same kind of person who uses the term "mansplain" on a regular basis.
thatguy04444 6 kun oldin
Better question: Why are you such a shithead?
Sidney Ranck
Sidney Ranck 7 kun oldin
Cincinnati chili is traditionally served in the diaper where it was made.
Melody Delgado
Melody Delgado 8 kun oldin
You guys are awsome my grandfather on my moms side was irish , never got to know him ,he was in prison for something.
bobtdwarf 8 kun oldin
the fun part about basic chili, the first one in the video is adding things to it like cheese, onions.. a bit of sour cream.. and yes it is great over mashed pots
My Life Introduction S
Saying these Irish people never ever had chili where it's probably known everywhere
DrClawizdead 10 kun oldin
That girl in the glasses wanted it very badly. You know what I mean.
Me.Grazzhoppah 11 kun oldin
Chilli Verde is a Mexican cuisine.
Daphneyd 13 kun oldin
"I'm sorry for the plp watching this, bcs they are not the plp eating it".............Fu*K U!
TanakinSkywalker 14 kun oldin
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 14 kun oldin
The guy has an image of someone taking a painful dump while taste testing chili. Well played. Enough if that will make that happen.
David Haun
David Haun 14 kun oldin
Who the hell serves chili with out a big piece of cornbread and an ice cold beer?
•Sammy •
•Sammy • 15 kun oldin
Here in the deeeeep deep south were I live (Kiln, MS), we grew up on deer, rabbit, racoon, and squirrel stews and chilis. They were delicious with some corn bread or (most often fried bread) when I was a kid. It's always so interesting to see folks taste food from different cultures and experience the difference in spices and cooking styles. Although I'm plant-based as of 3 years, I can remember those times with sentimental regard because it brought the family and the whole countryfied community together.
Richard Berglund
Richard Berglund 15 kun oldin
Why do you guys add so much water.
WD4L Legba
WD4L Legba 16 kun oldin
Cincinnati chili needs to fuck off straight into traffic. Them northern fucks cant make a chili to save their life. Its like the canned shit you put on hot dogs. They even put that trash on spaghetti! Ugh. Theyre vile people.
SARISS80 16 kun oldin
Texas and Georgia make the best chilli
Ashrich28 16 kun oldin
Holy shit Ryan was nice in this video? Jesus there’s a first lol
DeEnna Matthews
DeEnna Matthews 18 kun oldin
Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with your food?
Zack Hammond
Zack Hammond 18 kun oldin
It tastes like something your friends mom would make because she was always the better one HA
ebl 421
ebl 421 20 kun oldin
You have to have fritos, shredded cheese, and sour cream!
ben grasha
ben grasha 22 kun oldin
Ya. No
judy valencia
judy valencia 23 kun oldin
I'm from Texas and that Texas chili does not look like any Texas chili I've ever seen.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 23 kun oldin
Cinci chili is gross...something about the taste of cinnamon and meat doesn't work.
thisisntkelsey 23 kun oldin
Why did you not provide these people cornbread for their chili 😅
C P 26 kun oldin
We have better food in the US than anywhere else Mex, Italian, French Yu name it
toasteee252 28 kun oldin
Cincinati chili isn't real chili. Cinnamon doesn't belong in a chili. Its a Bastard chili. Authentic chili has no beans...but different regions put it in. (I dont care what Texas authority in the comments here tells you beans are in chili..the authentic recipe has no beans..don't worry I'm an authentic texan who has been to many chili cook offs..😀) Btw Who follows and creates your recipes? Chili is not supposed to be that watery.
suginami0 28 kun oldin
From an American perspective what instantly strikes me is how differently we use the word nice. It’s strange to hear them describe the food as nice. In American English, people are nice. Food is good or delicious.
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster 29 kun oldin
Why the hell does that girl have a UTERUS on her shirt? Just, why? Why?!
Ashley Hodgins
Where in the hell is the REAL green chili?!
hop529ddlft Oy oldin
I almost fainted when I saw people trying to eat chili with a fork. Do you eat soup with a fork?
Mike Arnold
Mike Arnold Oy oldin
Texas Chile #1
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann Oy oldin
I love something I makes called Chillighetti which is a nice chili sauce that's a little more tomatoey, as some olives and spaghetti noodles and it's fucking amazing. Sometimes I defy all norms and add some roasted corn 😊 so good!! 🌶️🍝😋🍽️
Allison S
Allison S Oy oldin
UZvid recommended this to me while I’m currently eating a bowl of chili. Creepy, but I’m happy with it
boxerfan2 Oy oldin
Texas people. Best chili. Also new mexico has the one and only hatch chili.
Mike  Richter
Mike Richter Oy oldin
I love the Cincinnati child. They should have at least a 3 way: chilli, cheese and onions.
Gordon Reiher
Gordon Reiher Oy oldin
Need some warm flour tortillas with that Chile verde.
Harry Tuttle
Harry Tuttle Oy oldin
Never make chili so hot that no one can eat it ....let them add the heat . Tabasco , jalapeno slices , red pepper flakes and Pepper Jack cheese . I use Pinto , Kidney and black beans ( Bushes ) , 80/20 ground beef ( do not drain ) Anaheim chili's , Yellow onion and Vidalia onion and stewed tomatoes and few more things .
lotheeus Oy oldin
Did that girl have a picture of the female reproductive system in her short !!! The hell 😐
Julie Mitchell
You have to eat your chili over corn chips it rice with cheese and sour cream!!!! Yummy!!
Whoever gave some of them "FORKS?" to eat chili with should be shot!
Chad Clive
Chad Clive Oy oldin
The girl with the blue bow on her shirt is a picky brat.
Consecira Dixon
I'm loving there shirts one girl is wearing a v. Shirt
Jason Oy oldin
Irish women are horribly UGLY
bobby mariani
bobby mariani Oy oldin
Who's cooking these Chili's???
Kparso01 Oy oldin
I bet their poops were awful after that
3COI Oy oldin
I feel like only three of those were actually chili, but they all looked delicious either way
Ada Marie
Ada Marie Oy oldin
Cincinnati chili needs to be over pasta and topped with yellow mild cheder. there are many ways to enjoy Cincinnati chili but that was how it was originally intended to be eaten.
GoldenState Oy oldin
Get ready for the Texas hate. Chili dosen't have beens, yes, we know, we know.🌶
Davey Houston
Davey Houston Oy oldin
what is in Springfield chili?
Davey Houston
Davey Houston Oy oldin
why she wearing an exray of the inside of a vagina!!??
Karl Poff
Karl Poff Oy oldin
Whoever made those chilis apparenty didn't know how to make Texas red....
No spaghetti on the Cincinnati chillie man
Curt Felton
Curt Felton Oy oldin
Eating Cincy chilli and liking it, while wearing a Stillers shirt with Cincy toilet paper on it. Classic!!!
lester mckee
lester mckee Oy oldin
vegetables in chili...are you crazy girl. lol...we found something ryn likes
Laura C
Laura C Oy oldin
Finally American food Irish like.
Dante Jeavon
Dante Jeavon Oy oldin
What is the name of the negative sour puss guy please! Whenever he's on I but it off!
Burly Heads
Burly Heads Oy oldin
Who tf wears a uterus tshirt? I guess if you're trying to tell everyone its your time of the month. Maybe dudes should start wearing t shirts of a cutaway penis and testies
Tommy diaz
Tommy diaz Oy oldin
Realize that it's an old video but super disappointed there was no cornbread involved
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Oy oldin
I wish I liked curry just as much as any person who'd eat curries.
Miranda Oy oldin
Where are the saltine crackers and peanur butter sandwiches? This is blasphemy!
Grimcross gaming
Chilli dose not have beans in it if it does its not chilli
Doozy Animation
Ok, it bugged me in the Gumbo video, but now this one has people eating chili with a fork??
Kristi Yagwit
Kristi Yagwit Oy oldin
That’s not Cindy chili. 🤦‍♀️ Where’s the pasta, nix the beans, mile high extra finely shredded cheese, and oyster crackers
Ra No Father
Ra No Father Oy oldin
@ 1:21 Did he just say basic bitch chilli?!!!
J Tanashi
J Tanashi Oy oldin
Mash and veg............ LOL
Edgardo Carrasquillo
love the shirts
rmisionero Oy oldin
Wow, chili's a hit, even, Gumpy McGrumpyface loved it.
Charles Sullivan
Plenty of veg. Beans tomatoes onions.
I reckon "veg" from this bunch means potatoes or maybe a cabbage leaf. They seem to want potatoes with every damned thing.
stop the press RYAN liked then all
gsta505 Oy oldin
Where's that Hatch New Mexico Green Chile at the one you can put on Everything
lester mckee
lester mckee Oy oldin
Texas chili which is the oldest menu for chili has no beans and you need to eat cornbread with it or a tortilla.
Chili without beans or chili with beans, either one will suit me fine. I'll eat it with crackers, fritos, or tortillas but cornbread suits me best.
Billy Wheaton
Billy Wheaton Oy oldin
There's different kinds of chili of course. I like a chili with tomato, meat, onions, some heat and a touch of a few spices - a little ground cumin seed and just a touch of allspice. Beans optional. But I like a bit of a tomato-y broth, not just a paste of meat. Has to be simmered a pretty long time.
Steven Banks
Steven Banks Oy oldin
The chick with the bow can get it, man
Kim McDonough
Kim McDonough Oy oldin
Im from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we love chili con carne over mashed potatoes or corn bread!! as a snack over French fries or potato skins yummy
Sheldon Nicholl
Love the American Football shirt.
katelin buzard
katelin buzard 26 kun oldin
Here We Go! 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Oy oldin
Why are you trying to eat it with a fork
The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.
If you ain't eating chili with a nacho chip you are doing it wrong
435now Oy oldin
For a ood party dip, take some fresh made chili an mix in with some microwave queso
thelast33 Oy oldin
Also why are they eating it with serving spoons? Those spoons are huge!
thelast33 Oy oldin
You cannot have chili with out a good cornbread.
To Release is To Resolve
you cannot have chili with out deez nuts
Kali S
Kali S Oy oldin
Chili isn’t really something eaten in the UK the way it is in the US. Are you supposed to eat chili by itself? Like soup?
Limen Oy oldin
Chili goes really well with cornbread or steamed white rice.
Limen Oy oldin
Isn't Cincinnati chili supposed to be served over spaghetti?
Skeeter Jackson
I like the lady with a vagina on her shirt
Angela Brown
Angela Brown Oy oldin
Go Cincinnati! I miss my Skyline!
To Release is To Resolve
Not real chili. Glorified spaghetti sauce.
Earl Powell
Earl Powell Oy oldin
Beans? Why not just put ice cream in it?
monkey toucher
Chili os better after 24 to 48 hours when i make chili i cool it down and dont eat it that day i wait and its so much better
Any chili with chicken is bullshit.
Samantha McGlamery
Cincinnati chili is not hot. Hot sauce on table to add if like. It is served over spaghetti. And you have a handful of shredded cheddar cheese on top. Otherwise it's just boiled hamburger meat in herbs
Graceymay74 2 oy oldin
Just give them a smaller plate each, I couldn't share a bowl.
Bill Roberts
Bill Roberts 2 oy oldin
That Cincinnati chili should have been served on spaghetti. Weird, I know, but that's how it's usually served. I prefer so many other types of chili, myself.
Alan Little
Alan Little 2 oy oldin
You should have served the cincinnati chili on spaghetti.
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