Irish People Taste Test American Coffee

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"It feels nice, but I doubt people feel their coffee very often."
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America is famed for it's coffee. While Ireland has a lot of different types of coffee we were curious to see if American coffee tastes any different,
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20-Iyl, 2017

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PaganBorn SpiritBear
Black coffee? Poor things...no wonder no one like it! The only way to drink coffee is with a scoop sugar, a scoop hot chocolate mix, and sweet cream....yum! Do you know how to spell coffee so it is phonetically correct, but does not contain any correct phonograms? K A U P H Y.....🤪🤪🤪
paul1x1 3 soat oldin
I worked in Texas for 2 years a great state Austin is so great but these people drink coffee like it's a cure for a dreaded disease I hate coffee but I drank it there because people were suspicious of non coffee drinkers
Blake S
Blake S 4 soat oldin
Two of these coffees are really bad. One is mediocre at best. One is fine. Maybe they should have given the Irish people a range of coffees, including a few that are expensive and very good.
chovava bateman
chovava bateman 5 soat oldin
Too bad there isn't a youtube video with Americans tasting various Irish food products. Bet there would be a lot of "this is crap" said about things Irish.
Lisa Donahue
Lisa Donahue 5 soat oldin
Me either Shannon...I hate drinking hockey!! 😂
Stacey Walton
Stacey Walton 7 soat oldin
My Daddy let me drink coffee with him when I was 4. Been drinking it since. Love it but gotta have sugar to cut the bitters.
Sharon Barry
Sharon Barry 15 soat oldin
Like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have to make it to your liking. Like tea, cream and sugar or not. And Folgers for Christ's sake.
Jasmine Lambert
Jasmine Lambert 16 soat oldin
Nobody offered sugar or creamer? And they need to fire whoever brewed the coffee, obviously they don't know how to make a good cup of coffee.
Preston Normile
Preston Normile 18 soat oldin
No Green Mountain?
emery254 19 soat oldin
Look, I love coffee and once in a blue moon , I will drink ice tea -- that is it . GIVE ME COFFEE ! I love Irish people , so hot .
Amanda Jurgens
Amanda Jurgens Kun oldin
You have to mix your coffee blends, to find YOUR flavor. Such as personally, I mix Folger's Morning Blend + Community Coffee's Chickoree blend. I also use milk, not creamer and 3 tsp of sugar to sweeten her up. I'd never have'em drink straight black coffee.
Draven Hawk Toland
It's better with sugar and creamer.
Al Lee
Al Lee Kun oldin
Note to self.. when in Ireland.. the coffee's gonna suck..
M Bear
M Bear Kun oldin
All black coffee is gross. I love coffee, bear minimum cream is required to taste flavors of all those coffees
Everett Hawkins
Everett Hawkins Kun oldin
I drink cafe bustelo
Valerie Fanning
Valerie Fanning Kun oldin
On the thumbnail I saw the folgers and was afraid it was all going to be crap like the grandmas cookies...then you showed my lifeline, the ugly yellow can with the liquid gold inside. My local store was out for a month! Thank God for amazon! I bought enough to keep a back up in case that horror ever happens again. But I have to agree, you have to add cream and sugar (or Torani chocolate :-) yummy
Danielle Cole
Danielle Cole Kun oldin
For those drinking tea or coffee Tea has more caffeine than coffee
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans Kun oldin
Did you offer them milk & sugar?!
darkadegeron Kun oldin
No Maxwell House???
Shadowman4710 Kun oldin
Gee, I wonder why this channel died? ::watches video:: Well, that's a question answered.
Sid Sid
Sid Sid 2 kun oldin
What do irish people know about coffee?
Samuel Gandy
Samuel Gandy 2 kun oldin
Irish people are weird. Cut down on the Jameson
beLIEve 2 kun oldin
Folger's tasted like roasted potting soil. Peet's coffee is way better or if you can grind your own even better.
Lauren Mallon
Lauren Mallon 2 kun oldin
these people aren't coffee drinkers at all so the test was not real..get irish coffee drinkers then taste test, really who cares what these good people think about our coffee???? LOL
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares 2 kun oldin
I can't believe they are drinking this crap. Tim Hortons tastes better.
Miss B
Miss B 2 kun oldin
lol..tastes like blood.
Really? No creamier? No Baileys?
Jenya Pribylov
Jenya Pribylov 2 kun oldin
They tried some of the worst coffee you can buy.
Husker Heathen
Husker Heathen 2 kun oldin
Cafe bustelo is my favorite. Folgers in second
Steve W
Steve W 2 kun oldin
So different people like different things. Who would of guessed?
Savannah Lucero
Savannah Lucero 3 kun oldin
Most Americans drown their coffee with flavored creamer lol if I drink it black the Starbucks cinnamon dolce flavor is the best.
Rozzy Gator
Rozzy Gator 3 kun oldin
No Starbucks?
Zerzil 3 kun oldin
She doesn't drink cocky. No drinky cocky. LOL ... good to know. I think the "drinky cocky" are the male Tryers, amirite? :/
Eowyn Setzer-Storrs
Why would you have people on that don't drink coffee. Folgers is not real coffee.
Anne Whiting-Kapsoff
Folgers is crap coffee
CountessCreep 4 kun oldin
I despise the fact they are being introduced to a flavorful combination without knowing its all based individually on how you take it. Rarely is it liked black. Especially Castello..a potent blend. It would be like sipping English tea..no cream no sugar..no lemon or biscuits..xoxoxo
Winky Tinky Doo
Winky Tinky Doo 4 kun oldin
I want to sample some irish women
R. Ive
R. Ive 4 kun oldin
These stupid micks know more about getting drunk than staying sober.
Jennifer l  c  g
Jennifer l c g 4 kun oldin
I love Cafe Bustelp with cream and sugar, but it makes me jittery. I like Folgers, too. Dunking Donuts is too weak for me.
Howard Hexum
Howard Hexum 4 kun oldin
I bet these reviewers don't even like Irish coffee.
BRUCE JEANDUC 4 kun oldin
I thought irish only dranked tea, beer, or whiskey.
Amanda s.
Amanda s. 4 kun oldin
Folgers is gross, Dunkin is bitter!
Larry Skinner III
Larry Skinner III 4 kun oldin
Dunkin coffee is trash can water.
mrzeegrr 5 kun oldin
Worst Coffee ever.
Dan McConnell
Dan McConnell 5 kun oldin
it is more traditional to drink Bustelo with cream and sugar. The rest are terrible, even Americans don't really like them
connie provolone
connie provolone 5 kun oldin
Did anyone put creme, milk, or sugar in the coffee?
William Wynn
William Wynn 5 kun oldin
I was in the Hospital for 11 days. My last day there they let me have a cup of coffee. Well they called it coffee. It was awful. It was so bad I could not drink it. I hate McDonald's but they do have some good coffee.
Matias Norten
Matias Norten 5 kun oldin
Idiot's drank bustelo wrong. You drink that Cuban style. Espresso with extra sugar milk optional
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien 5 kun oldin
I don't drink coffee. I find it the most disgusting noxious crap ever. My father, on the other hand, drank at least 3 to 4 POTS a day. Before he passed away, they did a blood draw and it came out Decaff (He had a heart condition and wasn't allow the real deal).
108johnny 6 kun oldin