Irish People Taste Test American Coffee

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"It feels nice, but I doubt people feel their coffee very often."
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America is famed for it's coffee. While Ireland has a lot of different types of coffee we were curious to see if American coffee tastes any different,
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20-Iyl, 2017



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D. Red
D. Red 4 soat oldin
Cafe bostelo is an espresso. It’s not really Americano coffee.
Doc Xen
Doc Xen 10 soat oldin
shouldn't it be people who do like coffee tasting it?
pschroeter1 Kun oldin
So you bought all those coffees at my local Walmart? Back off, Dunkin Donuts is my main cuppa.
Beatriz Rodriguez
Cafe Bustelo is the best coffee...it's the only one I drink. My mom would give me milky coffee in my bottle when I was around 2.
James Davidson
James Davidson Kun oldin
Where's the community dark roast?😂
EWITT&GRIM Kun oldin
Dunkin coffee tastes like shit
Jupiter Le Grand
Jupiter Le Grand 2 kun oldin
Yeah, well, I've tasted Irish cooking. 'Nuff said.
lamont lovett
lamont lovett 2 kun oldin
What the fuck happen to Maxwell's house coffee damn it.
C M 2 kun oldin
LOL! I love the Irish!
Rick Timmons
Rick Timmons 2 kun oldin
Maxwell house!
Jessica Perry
Jessica Perry 3 kun oldin
Coffee needs cream and sweetener
Aaron Asmus
Aaron Asmus 3 kun oldin
Folgers smells and tastes like AA meeting coffee .
Aaron Asmus
Aaron Asmus Kun oldin
+Marianne Garcia thank you
Marianne Garcia
Marianne Garcia Kun oldin
Aaron Asmus 🤣you win the internet
Patti White
Patti White 3 kun oldin
I'm American and I think they smell like cat piss
Lyndsey C
Lyndsey C 4 kun oldin
I feel l like this is incomplete without Cafe Du Monde and Community
DrummerGrrrl 4 kun oldin
LOLSY is so cute. Hey, are there any Irish lesbians on here?!
Eric Clausen
Eric Clausen 4 kun oldin
Who really drinks black coffee anyway that's not American loading everything with sugar n creamer till u have diabetes in a cup that's american
Charlie G
Charlie G 5 kun oldin
Folgers is the Coors lite of coffee. Virtually undrinkable.
Connie Ward
Connie Ward 4 kun oldin
My favorite
Amanda Walden
Amanda Walden 5 kun oldin
I have one question.. Why not atleast choose an irish that actually drinks coffee and have them drink it the way the would normally drink it, that way they could atleast make a proper comparison.
Kathleen Martin
Kathleen Martin 5 kun oldin
Wait... what coffee do Irish drink... they all seemed to just hate coffee
TheKnutcase 5 kun oldin
Oh my gosh I love these guys. I dont like my coffee without quite a bit of sugar.....no milk or cream cant stand the stuff. But there are so many types of coffee and ways of fixing it. I personally love a cappuccino but instead of being made with espresso which to me makes it too bitter I like it made with regular light roast. But if it is cold cappuccino I want then I like to blend a small squirt of chocolate syrup with a quarter cup of day old coffee and a cup or so of vanilla ice cream in a blender and cap it off with whipped cream with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. That says wake up and stay up on a hot summer day.....of course ya'lls summer days arent quite like ours. I am from Georgia....that is the Georgia in America......but spent most of my life in Florida....where it can get over 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. In Georgia there arent many cooling breezes like there is in Florida nor are there many beaches to cool off at. Instead it is just hot and muggy. When it does rain which isnt often during the summer the storms come fast and hard and when they leave the ground lets off steam and you can watch it dry faster than rubbing alcohol on a piece of glass. It makes the air like a steam sauna and miserable for a few days and brings out mosquitoes (called skeeters here). So yeah.....coffee cold is the way to go in summer. My mother disagrees. She is so addicted to the stuff she swears she is going to get a medic alert bracelet that says in case of accident administer coffee intravenously. But ya'll say coffee from America is different than Euro coffee. How is that? Is yours like Cuban coffee....theirs is like a syrup thick and rich and muddy so strong it is an acquired taste and can fix a deep scratch in a walnut finished piece of furniture by painting it on for 5 minutes and wiping off and is served in a cup the size of the ones you rinse and spit with in a dental office or the size of the cups nurses give you pills in when your in the hospital.
Theresa McCalder
Theresa McCalder 5 kun oldin
You forgot the flavored creamer! I've been enjoying International Delight Irish Creme [also vanilla or hazelnut]! I need and love my coffee in the USA! Add this creamer to your dunkin donuts coffee - yum!!
rcr6264 5 kun oldin
Black coffee is the devil's urine anyway
John Smith
John Smith 5 kun oldin
Instant coffee is all crap. Use coarse grounds and a French press to make a tasty thick cup of java.
eric repine
eric repine 6 kun oldin
If you all are just drinking just coffee without creamer of any kind of course ALL coffee by itself taste bad. Good with creamer . Because dunkin is good with creamer. And there are many flavored creamers. But yes FOLGERS is not very good..
david vines
david vines 6 kun oldin
Cafe Bustelo is for expresso
Mark Hathaway
Mark Hathaway 6 kun oldin
So, which one did the like best?
today it is acceptable that we fear the Lord
I want your coffee I drink dunkin donuts green mountain and Folgers and if its shit compared to the good stuff where is the good stuff bring it to a conscience store near me
AdorkableArtist92 7 kun oldin
WTF was John saying in that strange Spanish in an Italian accent ramble? My BF lived in a Spanish-speaking country for several years and even he couldn't make sense of it.
Without Words
Without Words 7 kun oldin
Old girlfriend: "I love coffee!" Me: "Black or with sugar?" Old girlfriend: "Lots of sugar." Me: "Then you don't like coffee."
Frank Visage
Frank Visage 8 kun oldin
There is a huge Vietnamese community in southern California, and they have the best coffee. Stop by a pho place and ask for a cafe sua da. It's a kick in the pants.
John Cline
John Cline 8 kun oldin
Black and strong!!!
Debra Curry
Debra Curry 9 kun oldin
Why would we want to hear she's going to sh@t herself?
Shawna Hawkins
Shawna Hawkins 9 kun oldin
I really hope these guys had cream and sugar in there. Coffee black is for serial killers.
E SinOhio
E SinOhio 9 kun oldin
20 seconds in and a Folger's advertising rep started turning cartwheels. 1:00 minute in and they start crying lol
very blessed! DYSH
very blessed! DYSH 10 kun oldin
This is all I drink other than water!!
6atlantis 10 kun oldin
So what coffee do they like. And half of them don’t even drink coffee.
David G
David G 11 kun oldin
Black Coffee is a acquired taste next time add cream and sugar.
Janice Gordon
Janice Gordon 11 kun oldin
they're not making it right...
Joey 11 kun oldin
*Everyone excited and thinking Dunkin Donuts will be amazing* Me: "Prepare for complete and utter disappointment."
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
My favorite guy is the one NY cap. Out of all the men in facts hes the hottest P.s. all these coffees are amazing idk what theyre talking about lol
Silver Pact
Silver Pact 12 kun oldin
Were they just.....pouring the powder in the cup? And then putting in water? Wtf?
David Tallman
David Tallman 13 kun oldin
I don't like coffee, but I love the smell of coffee when you first open up the can. I imagine Irish people like tea better, I wonder if Irish people like the smell of coffee in the can.
Tim Carder
Tim Carder 16 kun oldin
black coffee, for first timers, was a bad decision next time, fly them all to Canada, and let them have Tim Hortons (double double is popular).....the cream is the addictive part) with timbits and everything else. :-)
Jason McGehee
Jason McGehee 17 kun oldin
Folgers is the bottom of the barrel coffee. Best part of waking up is throwing that crap in the toilet.
Christy Shultz
Christy Shultz 18 kun oldin
I drink Colombian coffee actually Walmart's Colombian coffee. It's freaking awesome.
Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown 18 kun oldin
Do yall add sugar and cream to it. Or does the crew make it for yall. I believe if y'all was to make it yourselves yall might like it
Patrick C
Patrick C 19 kun oldin
What? Irish people don't drink coffee?? So Irish Coffee is just a lie??
steven wright
steven wright 19 kun oldin
I'm quite positive that 90+ % of American coffee drinkers drink their coffee with a creamer. NOT STRAIGHT PLAIN. Plain coffee sucks!! Me personally I go with international delights brand creamer-white chocolate and raspberry creamer. It tastes like Hostess raspberry flavored donughts in your coffee. Freaking amazing!!
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 21 kun oldin
Put some rum in your morning coffee 👍🏻😋
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 21 kun oldin
Tastes like licking a money box 😂😂
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 21 kun oldin
Girl in beginning, “ I’m gonna Shit myself “ 👍🏻😂😂😂
Scott 21 kun oldin
As an American I love Dunkin Donuts coffee! I don't know who made it for you, but I think they fucked it up. Bustelo is also great! Bustelo was imported to the US and now many Americans love it. It is the strongest of the coffees you drank and yes it is acceptable to put sugar and cream in coffee. Something to remember about coffee is that a lot goes into how you brew it.
Butch Griggs
Butch Griggs 23 kun oldin
You guys got robbed. Most of that is swill and anything goes when it comes to coffee. It's like cheap booze, cream and sugar.
NitroExpress 23 kun oldin
bogus test. spoon up Boys. you've obviously have brewed a pot of WEAKNESS. if you can see through it, it's too weak!
Mouse Meat
Mouse Meat 23 kun oldin
I have been enjoying some of the staste tests however i have been disillusioned by the bad language and the rude caricatures that the germans and irish have exhibited. My heritage evolves from both and your groups are an embarassment. Be honest on your tests yes for sure but if you cant do it without being rude than go home.
9 Year Old Cyberbully
>see brown skinned "irish" >look up "facts UZvid" >owned by Creative Nation >Creative Nation was founded on October 2013 by current Chief Executive Officer Shane Corry >Shane Corry was born to Jewish parents >Jewish parents Every. Single. Time.
Eric 23 kun oldin
All coffee is nasty! Addictive burnt bean broth that ruin the rain forest and use child labor
Rachel Ginter
Rachel Ginter 24 kun oldin
U gotta put sugar and cream to it...
Candidly Kimberley
Candidly Kimberley 24 kun oldin
Taste like blood 😂😂😂
NW Monk
NW Monk 24 kun oldin
Coffee is as American as Guns and Bacon. Too many tea drinkers here me thinks. ;-)
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 24 kun oldin
I used to eat the instant folgers crystals straight w/o water when I couldnt take a break at work.
NikeTheGemini 24 kun oldin
are we not gonna talk about the guy who said the second coffee tasted like blood????
felicia fershiaa
felicia fershiaa 25 kun oldin
to see them drink flavor coffee would have been cool.
Trippin Balls
Trippin Balls 28 kun oldin
A little cream and sugar makes it a thousand times better
Caseyorourke 28 kun oldin
You might let then know that most Americans prefer cream or sugar or both in their coffee because it is a bitter drink, but we love the caffeine.
Brandon Gambino
Brandon Gambino 29 kun oldin
The redhead is a complete knob she's such a drama queen
Doug Kichman
Doug Kichman 29 kun oldin
Coffee needs sugar...
Bran Boyer
Bran Boyer 29 kun oldin
Sugar and creamer work wonders..lol
SouthernBassHunter 29 kun oldin
They would have loved eight o' clock coffee
Lynkrig 29 kun oldin
Dunkin is ass fight me
Super Plyz
Super Plyz Oy oldin
No one in America drinks black coffee u weirdos
Fucking tea drinkers
noah_d_turtle Oy oldin
The only reason they didn't like American coffee is because it did not have booze in it.
Anthony Duffy
Anthony Duffy Oy oldin
Why are all of these nobody’s on a video with Goddess Jennings?
Damon Kinney
Damon Kinney Oy oldin
Cafe Bustelo worst coffee ever!
spikedart Oy oldin
WTF do you actually drink in Ireland? Oh yes, you add the whisky to make it go down.
spikedart Oy oldin
I roast my own. Screw prepared coffee.
dsteve54 Oy oldin
Best one:"Tastes burny...........like poisony burny".
MWP Oy oldin
2:45 that stuff looks like a tin of Tops tobacco lol
They did you guys incredibly dirty.... none of these are good except Cafe Bustello (it's an espresso, so you still got fucked over)
CalGirl20 Oy oldin
Cream and sugar
nelda blanco
nelda blanco Oy oldin
Don't like coffee, so add 3 french vanilla, and 3 sugars, and some chocolate powder. Palatable!
Unfair part about a coffee taste test is that it depends on who the heck prepared it. the ratio of grinds to water has to be properly balanced. it is why they say that making coffee is an ART
I need send yous guys some creamers from America to go with those coffees!
Susanne Anderson
Coffee is an acquired taste and I'm thankful I acquired it. lol
bwitch b
bwitch b Oy oldin
grandmother says if you wanted cream and sugar, you was gonna quote "bake a cake " .
Hey You
Hey You Oy oldin
oh yes cuz freaking Irish people grow coffee on their fucktard island right like they know good coffee please I'd rather let my dog shit in my mouth then consider their opinion.
lachazaroony Oy oldin
I`ll take a double double please.
Linda L
Linda L Oy oldin
How annoying! If youre going to have people taste testing our coffee, you might bloody get some that like it in the first place!! The redhead with the negative attitude and fake retching was the worst. Rude!
C Pulliam
C Pulliam Oy oldin
On cafe bustello: i wouldnt drink it without cream and sugar...thats EXACTLY how that blend is supposed to be enjoyed. Its espresso blend after all (ie super fine ground, super strong)
Piper 1027
Piper 1027 Oy oldin
Bustello is definately the Best!! ☕☕☕☕☕
Diane Cadeau
Diane Cadeau Oy oldin
your supposed to have cream and sugar in your coffee .... not many love black coffee
Quinn Golling
Quinn Golling Oy oldin
but Diane, yellow's your favorite color...no?
Armada1715 Oy oldin
Only here because Jonny is in the thumbnail, go on sir !!
Courtney Wight
lol the Café Bustello is mainly bought by college kids cramming for exams XD seriously thought, no one would call you a loser for adding milk and sugar.
Heidi Thomas
Heidi Thomas Oy oldin
The point of this was to taste the coffee, not the creamers, or other additional nonsense. A true cup of coffee is perfect on its own.
rlouis215 Oy oldin
Wait where they drinking those coffees without sugar or cream? Of course its going to taste like crap. We put sugar and cream or milk in our coffee some people don’t use cream or milk they like it black but yes we all use sugar
Tender Sheep
Tender Sheep Oy oldin
Isn't this channel dead? Why does it keep appearing in my reccomended?
Bill D
Bill D Oy oldin
"It tastes like blood"? Dude...
Laura Hogan
Laura Hogan Oy oldin
Europeans, there is no reason for you to drink American coffee. We come to your land for your coffee, which has actual flavor.
Ave Maria
Ave Maria 21 kun oldin
Nope I love my cup of Yuban in the morning brewed in my percolator
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