Irish People Taste Test Danish Alcohol

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More Information:
The Danish have created a wide variety of drinks, beers, liquers, spirits, you name it! We thought it'd be nice to sit our contributors down and have them try a selection of alcohol the Danish have to offer.
Contributors, in order of appearance:
Eoin and Seán,
Mary-Claire & George,
Shannon & Joe.
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16-Yan, 2018



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Fikrlar 1 829
Mark Barton
Mark Barton Kun oldin
Shannon is perfect for tv, cute and dumb as a fucking rock. She also has no scruples and will fuck her way straight to the top!
OBF Outdoors
OBF Outdoors 2 kun oldin
Yes..yes,yes,yes do you know it yesss😂😂
Mike Bjerregaard
Mike Bjerregaard 2 kun oldin
They needed "små sure" Btw nobody fucking drinks that disgusting piss as Aalborg in Denmark
Randomness Calls For Randomness
I wonder what gammel dansk would compare to some Captain Morgan 40%/80pf
Rune Jesken
Rune Jesken 5 kun oldin
Carlsberg is my one true love. Can't stand tuborg though. Drink a whole glass of carlsberg, then start drinking tuborg. Doesn't taste like anything. Awful.
Blood Cotton Candy
Blood Cotton Candy 7 kun oldin
Lordy lordy Lord. I miss tuborg. Gold.
Mattias Åkesson
Mattias Åkesson 8 kun oldin
I have a bottle of Gammel Dansk in my liquer cabinet that I bought in 2010, it's still three quarters full. My Danish brothers and sisters I love you, but what the hell is up with that. Akvavit is the shit though, cheers from Sweden.
Marc Vincent Klitgaard
Put the akvavit in the freezer and eat some rye bread with herring with it. VIKING!
jens jense
jens jense 9 kun oldin
Danish, the people who out drink the Irish. Easy.
ᚱᚮᛒᛅᚱᛑ ᛑᛂᚾ ᛋᛏᚮᚱᛂ
You’re supposed to drink the akvavit with a side of pickled curry fish on rye bread
jiiibbeen 11 kun oldin
Damn irish people are weaklings xD // Swede
Kristian 17 kun oldin
Basicly the relationship between Tuborg and Carlsberg is the equivalent to pepsie max and regular pepsie. Somehow Tuborg sell more even though the big company was founded by the main beer Carlsberg
AE Conn
AE Conn 18 kun oldin
Lot of triggered danes in the comment section lmao
KnifeguyDK 19 kun oldin
Holy heck?! We took you out??!! EXCELSIOR !!! :D
Shipwreck Diving
Shipwreck Diving 20 kun oldin
Carlsberg, as exotic as a rusty boot....
Lilje Polak
Lilje Polak 20 kun oldin
Should've tried "de små sure", that shit is what all the cool kids bring to parties
COMEGETYOMANS 22 kun oldin
0:28 why is she drinking it like its wine lmao
jinxbeecee 23 kun oldin
I like how the melody in the background is the Danish national anthem
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis 23 kun oldin
What no Strega ?
Sean H
Sean H 25 kun oldin
"Jeeesus, good luck with that' 😂😂😂😂😂🍺
steffen 25 kun oldin
best wishes from Aalborg, denmark! tell me if you want more bottles of akvavit!
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor 26 kun oldin
Akavit is fucking DISGUSTING
irishwolf 987
irishwolf 987 27 kun oldin
I think some of these reactions might be scripted. Still enjoyed though
Villads Trier
Villads Trier 27 kun oldin
im from denmark
Mikkel Mogensen
Mikkel Mogensen 28 kun oldin
Snaps is godlike, but it taste even more amazing with karrysild 😅
bobouistic 29 kun oldin
Irish accent on women, hmmmm..........hmmmm hehehhee
lol you guys in Ireland must have cheap beer. Carlsberg ain't that cheap here in Canada
T3DDY B3AR Oy oldin
Jo N
Jo N 29 kun oldin
Why eat a a delicious spicy meatball before eating a Carolina Reaper? Doh!
Anon Omas
Anon Omas Oy oldin
Will you consider doing weed?
Lens Perspective
Aquavit is some cocktails in some books I read
John Lynch
John Lynch Oy oldin
If there's anything I've learned from this channel is that Irish women tend to gurgle a lot.
6B Jonas Bjørn Henriksen - RantzausmindeSkole
They are gay.....Cocktail
6B Jonas Bjørn Henriksen - RantzausmindeSkole
I’m from Denmark fuck you dicks.... cock
ladycplum 11 kun oldin
Åh for Guds skyld, få et liv.
Louise A Schmal
45% you'll get paint off the house!" Like bitvh
Shawn Wolf
Shawn Wolf Oy oldin
As a Canadian I rather enjoy Danish Water aka Akvavit
Titannia Brown
2:57 had me dying.....that throat grab.
JKB DK Oy oldin
Hillarious video, laughed so hard.
kuntry702 Oy oldin
Love love love the girl wearing the just imagine shirt. She was hilarious in the absinthe video!!! These are fucking funny!!!
Tiniest Violin
This is hilarious
Baltimore Z-Wad
I can imagine things, reading Shannon's shirt & the fact she is fucking sexy as hell......
Goosecore Oy oldin
Taffel is great.
Nikolaj Hågen Nørgaard
Calling cherry wine sophisticated is the biggest joke in this video
...fell asleep on a keyboard..
Mats Andersson
Mats Andersson 2 oy oldin
Girly girls. :-) Akvavit is the STUFF!
Anders Hansen
Anders Hansen 2 oy oldin
You may be surprised to know that a somewhat common passtime is to make extracts from various plants using snaps (essentially akvavit), and having drinking sessions with em. I got 23 different ones at this time myself, I'll send you a sample to see which ones get knocked out first!
Kkr Skrieleman
Kkr Skrieleman 2 oy oldin
Their scared of 45% 😂😂
Joshua Barnett
Joshua Barnett 2 oy oldin
3:37 the true look of betrayal lol
Ecron 2 oy oldin
Ohh my god 3:35 I watched it so many time
Michael 2 oy oldin
you made a mistake the aalborg has to be frozen or just in the freezer in 24 h
Abe 2 oy oldin
Rød Aalborg is personally one of my favourite ''snaps''
ChocochuJai 2 oy oldin
Shit I’m a whole year and a day late for that shirt
guguigugu 2 oy oldin
tuborg = instant headache. really terrible beer.
Drowning Chorus
Drowning Chorus 2 oy oldin
Their reaction to the Gammel Dansk sounded like Sims characters
Marcela Mosquera
Marcela Mosquera 2 oy oldin
I love every time they say: "I think I want to drink absent" or something like that. That shows how bad is what they're drinking.
Kasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen 2 oy oldin
Gammel Dansk is something old people drink :D
Grímnir Æsgeir Vargensson
AALBORG Akvavit.............my most beloved nectar of the gods. I love Norway and Sweden, but nobody makes AS GOOD Akvavit as they do at Aalborg in Denmark. NObody. Very expensive and rare to buy in Ireland :/ Yet for those people it's the worst poison. So unfair.
Taiun Doo
Taiun Doo 2 oy oldin
No sma sure? Get outta here
Mat Thomsen
Mat Thomsen 2 oy oldin
Kirsberry isn't for mixing!!!!
vagabond142 2 oy oldin
When she tried to speak at 3:37.... I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. That was like me the first time I had a, ahem, "clear alcohol" and it was like ".... (noise noise) *breath* (that alcohol whisper voice when you're trying to speak)... what's in that?!?"
Jack the pirate
Jack the pirate 2 oy oldin
ps AA = ø ;)
Grímnir Æsgeir Vargensson
wtf....... cut on the Akvavit then, it's actually the letter Å my friend
Antonio Casias
Antonio Casias 2 oy oldin
🤣🤣I can't be the only one to have noticed him say the fucked up joke "Well that's funny it starts with AA" (not the exact words he said I know that)
Antonio Casias
Antonio Casias 2 oy oldin
"It's perfect that it has AA as the first two letters in it."* Now it can be for him screaming Ah because it's horrible to them but I got a fucked up World War 2 joke outta that
lazarus30001 2 oy oldin
"Something a vampire would drink." Strange...LMFAO
J. Ewert
J. Ewert 2 oy oldin
How you can't love Carlsberg? 🍻
Blabla Ander
Blabla Ander 2 oy oldin
Im 16 and i Can legally drink, and sorry but I would drink all of you under the table🇩🇰
SaltySoySauce Oy oldin
+Steven In Accurate ;-)
Steven In
Steven In 2 oy oldin
@Blabla Ander - one day you’ll realize that only other 16 year olds and chronic alcoholics are impressed by that. 😹
Alice Kasuga
Alice Kasuga 2 oy oldin
The moment you think Irish Jesus in the end card is a girl and have to do a double take.
mm smith
mm smith 2 oy oldin
Gamel dansk tastes like cough medicine. It's horrendous. It will make your soul jump out of your body.
Ole 2 oy oldin
Lol. that's not far off ;)
Jonathon Behrens
Jonathon Behrens 2 oy oldin
I live for the alcohol videos and the accents in them
Søren Elboth
Søren Elboth 2 oy oldin
Oh man, beating on "Gammel Dansk" - "Old Danish"? This stuff is perfect if you gurgle it while having a cold. You don't feel better? Take another one.
Sara S
Sara S 2 oy oldin
The Akvavit is supposed to have been in the freezer for many hours before you drink it.
xAKALISx 2 oy oldin
1:58 on: Pure GOLD!
Daniel3445 2 oy oldin
Gammeldansk is usefull as afterski repair. Me and the mates have it on the table by the hotel bed to drink in the morning.
Dariusz Sobański
beers like in Ireland 4,3%??? ROTFL
kisstantari 2 oy oldin
WAIT WAIT WAIT...Is that the twat whom won the lottery and is now suing the lotto for more money due to the fact money ruined her life?
Fortnite player
Fortnite player 2 oy oldin
i am from denmark
niko136b 2 oy oldin
At my 15th birthday party we drank 2x 70cl Aalborg akvavit. Eventually everyone was quite happy
Bjartthor Bödvarsson
This dwarf looking mother fucking doesn't like good beer and calls a country fake?... Eat A$$
alah 303
alah 303 2 oy oldin
Fuck that fat guy
Shawn Wolf
Shawn Wolf 2 oy oldin
Aquavit needs to be served ice cold......aka Danish Water
fsdafasd fdsafsda
3:03 had me howling
Grímnir Æsgeir Vargensson
Fy faen, I know.....
Ola Lundström
Ola Lundström 3 oy oldin
Come on! Taffel Akvavit is the best snaps ever... Irish..
skodbolle 3 oy oldin
Us Danes like our alcohol to be a challenge :P
DaPlys 3 oy oldin
Guys.. You chose to drink Carlsberg, but not Fernet Branca? Thats weak.. Thats like staying in the kiddie pool, and still complaining about not being able to swim :/
shannon o'neill
shannon o'neill 3 oy oldin
This is soooooooooo fucking funny
Aaron Bo Baron
Aaron Bo Baron 3 oy oldin
Yo when did Roman Atwood become Irish?
AsgerSamuel 3 oy oldin
snaps er det letteste og drikke af de stærke spiritusser (bare min mening) så wtf var det lige jeg så.
Twiggeh 3 oy oldin
Skål på er, danskjävlar
Christian Madden
Christian Madden 3 oy oldin
I love the freak out reactions to theses low % alcohols. It is very shocking from a people who live in a place with such a strong drinking reputation. Or maybe it's just us Americans are stupid when it comes to drinking. 45% is a minimum when it comes to drinking with my friends and I.
Sheepleton 3 oy oldin
How bout we do a video where Irish women try American men?
Eric Pardoe
Eric Pardoe 3 oy oldin
Shannon cracks me up!
Austin Davenport
Austin Davenport 3 oy oldin
Makes me wanna move to Ireland
Esé Weit
Esé Weit 3 oy oldin
I’m mostly here for the alcohol vids😅
Back2basics 3 oy oldin
A video showing how Irish people can't drink for $h!t ...🤣😂😂😂😂
Steffen Nielsen
Steffen Nielsen 3 oy oldin
Gammel Dansk is for breakfast. Akvavit is for lunch with pickled herring. Its tradition.
adam braga
adam braga 3 oy oldin
Irish country threw Irish men who served in the British army during the World Wars in Jail and tried them as killers, I believe they were pardoned in 2013 or 2015, bud Denmark isn’t a real country lol
dsevwrh 3 oy oldin
wimps haha
Rogier van der Meij
I used to get shitwaisted on shit that was 70% or higher :) you guys are pussys!
Paul B
Paul B 3 oy oldin
"We're really gonna kill someone this year, apparently." _Yeah, the channel_
Binxy Lala
Binxy Lala 3 oy oldin
A lot of racial undertones from the bearded guy with glasses
Christina Hansen
Christina Hansen 3 oy oldin
I like that the guy in red doesn't know anything about Denamrk. "I shoud be ü and not u", no that's deutch my friend.
valdemar dausel
valdemar dausel 3 oy oldin
That is not hard to drink trust me
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