Irish People Taste Test Mexican Food

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"I don't want to enjoy my food, I want my food to hurt me"
Food deliciously prepared by The Hungry Mexican
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Behind the video :
So we decided to celebrate "Cinco De Mayo" in the best way we could, by going to a Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious! Check this one out for a laugh!
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5-May, 2016




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Lalo KeepCalmAndDie1
That's americanized Mexican food
Andy Santandreu
Andy Santandreu 4 soat oldin
I'm not in any way Mexican and I couldn't find it in any way to not be absolutely not offended by this I ain't
Taylor Edin
Taylor Edin 4 soat oldin
Yeesh. Irish people taste test taco bell, basically. To be fair though, it is nearly impossible to find Mexican food in Europe though. I tried to find it in London, went to a place with great ratings, and it was so bland I wanted to cry. Also they tried to pass off a flour tortilla as a corn tortilla.... no bueno.
Breanna Church
Breanna Church 22 soat oldin
This is TexMex, totally different from authentic Mexican food.
Sergio Alcantar
Sergio Alcantar Kun oldin
I’m a Mexican-Irish catholic and I approve this video. Lmao. Love it. Much love from the U.S. to my Mexican and Irish people out there.
Patricia Dutcher
Not true we have half of Mexico already living here🤦🏽‍♀️
Frollic&Cavort Kun oldin
Its funny how they always talk about Trump. You never hear about any Irish leaders at all, good or bad. What's wrong with them? My only guess would be that they don't actually have anything worth talking about in Ireland other than potatoes and Guinness.
b10rain Kun oldin
Nothing like a entertainment show forcing in political garbage... Great work! You're changing the world... Lol. And that sh*t is Tex Mex not Mexican.
O'frabjous Day
O'frabjous Day 2 kun oldin
First time I'd ever seen people eat a doughnut with a spoon.
Gustavo Arzaga
Gustavo Arzaga 2 kun oldin
if they had real Mexican food I would have said may God have mercy on their souls
Alejandra Mendez
Alejandra Mendez 2 kun oldin
Not real Mexican food... 😒😒😒😒
alexis blanco
alexis blanco 3 kun oldin
Not really mexican food. It really is the texmex. Was really looking forward to them trying real mexican food but no......
rachel marie
rachel marie 3 kun oldin
Now ill have to make enchiladas..thanks
Mike Lysic
Mike Lysic 4 kun oldin
This wasn't Mexican. It was Tex-Mex.
kris duke
kris duke 4 kun oldin
These are all gringo dishes pretending to be Mexican. Give them some street tacos where you fight the flies for the limes. Some lingua over a flour tortilla cooked outside on a cast iron skillet. Pulled pork my ass.
Castiel Null
Castiel Null 5 kun oldin
Some of the things like the chimichangas were invented in America
Lena McGee
Lena McGee 6 kun oldin
Tex Mex. Not mexican
Christian Soto
Christian Soto 6 kun oldin
churros aren't mexican....
Maria Negron
Maria Negron 6 kun oldin
That's shit was not Mexican food looks like they gave y'all Tex mex
Just too sad.. WTF.. Who made the menu? Just sad... Give me a chance to take you to my grandmas and Moms house...
Amanda Alderink
Amanda Alderink 9 kun oldin
So glad the said Mexican instead of Spanish food
Paola Ambrosio
Paola Ambrosio 9 kun oldin
But but but... Are chimis aren't Mexican.. are they? What about los tacos de carnitas ir al pastor?
Manuel Vallejo
Manuel Vallejo 9 kun oldin
Spoiler alert "No real Mexican food on this video"
The Dumbest Cousins
The Dumbest Cousins 10 kun oldin
Clickbait wheres the Mexican food 😂
The Dumbest Cousins
The Dumbest Cousins 10 kun oldin
This isn’t even Mexican tequila wings really and burritos aren’t even Mexican deep fried ice cream where in Mexico is that from huh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 10 kun oldin
Bro I’m Mexican wow la pared
piggs 1929
piggs 1929 10 kun oldin
If donald trump build a wall whats stoping us from going around or under
José Daniel Espinoza López
That’s offended me deeply. Far from Mexican food, really far away
Juan Almaraz
Juan Almaraz 11 kun oldin
Please stop making videos about tasting Mexican food when you don’t serve Mexican food!!! The only thing offensive on this video is the American made crap on the plates. Smdh...
Different Things
Different Things 11 kun oldin
Ah canijo, esos son churros?
Rosa Salazar
Rosa Salazar 13 kun oldin
There not eating real Mexican food....it's Americanized Mexican food.
Diego Pelaez
Diego Pelaez 14 kun oldin
I feel a little bit offended some of that doesn't even represents Mexican food
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan 15 kun oldin
There will be plenty of Mexican food, because of the ones here legally!
Princess Dona
Princess Dona 15 kun oldin
I am Mexican and this is not Mexican food! Make a video actually trying Mexican food please! Like Posole, menudo , tamales, aguachiles, birria, mole, enchiladas, flautas that’s real Mexican food.
John Fiscal
John Fiscal 16 kun oldin
I agree this is tex mex food
Louie Villa
Louie Villa 16 kun oldin
As a Mexican I can't believe they wore big mustaches and big old giant oversized Mexican hat I was shocked to see them not wearing a poncho my God can't believe they forgot that I'm hurt
VisualAddict 16 kun oldin
Mexican? That's Tex Mex!
JtRipper 17 kun oldin
Fuck this. I saw no Mexican food on this list. Chicken wings are not Mexican, regardless of how you season them. Where's the pozole? the menudo? Enchiladas? Pastor? Barbacoa? Fuck, I'd even accept nachos! But this?! This is just insulting!
Fake Name
Fake Name 18 kun oldin
This was TexMex, WHICH is still amazing I love TexMex but it's not the most authentic
kamilla davila
kamilla davila 18 kun oldin
This was a terrible misrepresentation of Mexican food. As a Mexican, none of these foods represent just how much our culture has tasteful, beautiful, and great foods.
The Doughnut King
The Doughnut King 19 kun oldin
Jeez Sombreros? talk about racist stereotyping...
John C
John C 19 kun oldin
We already have to many Mexican food places we can build the wall with out worry!
Robert Acosta
Robert Acosta 20 kun oldin
need to redo this Mexican food its not Mexican food.
Blake Kenley
Blake Kenley 20 kun oldin
Im an American that lives with Mexicans. This is American food.
Paul Yanez
Paul Yanez 20 kun oldin
I love Irish people ☘️
Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes 21 kun oldin
Should've had Leprechaun outfits on instead of the stupid hats and mustaches.
Jaegr Productions
Jaegr Productions 23 kun oldin
The background music was more Spaniard than Mexican
MaryJane K
MaryJane K 23 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 I'm AfroLatina this aint Mexican food...this is TexMex 😩😂 how do u make a "Mexican food" vid and not include Guacamole? Thts basic Mexican 😂😂😂😂😂
Norcal Silver Stacker
Stupid fucking irishmen. Worry about your own borders and politics. The wall is already up
maria's everyday life
That was not Mexican food you ignorant. Should have taken the time to research and find authentic food.