Irish People Taste Test Mexican Food

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"I don't want to enjoy my food, I want my food to hurt me"
Food deliciously prepared by The Hungry Mexican
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Behind the video :
So we decided to celebrate "Cinco De Mayo" in the best way we could, by going to a Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious! Check this one out for a laugh!
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5-May, 2016



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Carlos Frutos
Carlos Frutos 3 soat oldin
Come to juarez in México... to taste the real burritos!! Regards
gypsyangell Kun oldin
Wow. Could you be more racist tourists? Cause I'm thinking not.
1969Vanessa G
1969Vanessa G 4 kun oldin
Hey Irish people, you need to heat the tortilla on in a pan first then fill it.
Catherine Arnpriester
Fajitas and chimichangas were invented in the United Staes. Churros are Spanish and Portuguese.
Aarón Martínez Garza
That's not real mexican food, it's a variety located in the border between México and U.S. called Tex-Mex food
YouFlatBro ?
YouFlatBro ? 6 kun oldin
It made me made when they ate churros with a SPOON! YOU COMMUNISTS! WHO EATS CHURROS WITH A SPOON!?
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier 6 kun oldin
Basically, none of that was traditional Mexican food. Mexican food is very regional, many areas specialize in stews and soups. Tortillas, yes, chili rellenos, yes, rice and chicken, yes, carne asada, yes. Tacos, yes. Burritos, not really. Fajitas, Tex Mex. Churros, fried ice cream, no.
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill 7 kun oldin
I would burn down that whole menu though
Eliseo John Davila Jr
Shiiiit....go to my Tia Yaya's that's Mexican Food.
Yvo Martinez
Yvo Martinez 8 kun oldin
Yeah not Mexican food especially those churros...lol
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
Why don't we have this? We're so un-inventive,we have Guinness stew. Almost fell out of my chair.
Carlos Mairena
Carlos Mairena 10 kun oldin
I´m from Guadalajara, one of the most mexican cities in all Mexico.. And ask you: where are the pozole (corn soup with pork meat), where is the MOLE, (Oaxacan mole, mole de pepita, green mole, black mole, etc).where is the most famous food in Guadalajara: THE TORTA AHOGADA??? (bolillo, (guadalajara´s finest traditional bread, with "carnitas (fried pork), onion, tomato sauce and chile de arbol sauce).. c´mon!! the food you taste is not mexican food..! Something to remember: The mexican food was named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO). C´MON, PEOPLE..! YOU NEED MORE RESEARCH.....!!!
Ghosty 11 kun oldin
TF When did abuelita ever cook "chicken wings." So strange! Please, reach out to a real Mexican and get some real food in there. Please. Trust me - it isn't that expensive.
AllenArt64 11 kun oldin
Most of that food is what I would call Mexican American rather than just Mexican ;).
Onioncore 13 kun oldin
that's mostly Americanised Mexican food. We already know how to make Mexican food. if Trump builds a wall we already have the food. We don't have to go across the border to get it.
JJ All
JJ All 15 kun oldin
hahaha!!! Excellent! Soy Latina tambien.
Alejandro Espinosa
Alejandro Espinosa 17 kun oldin
these bullshit are tex mex food!
georgiaman1926 18 kun oldin
If there are 20 Mexicans in a town then there are 20 Mexican restaurants.
Omar Brathwite
Omar Brathwite 18 kun oldin
So your guys think its cool to wear sombreros and mustaches for what exact reason? Its an ok video just poor choice in using an uncalled for stereotype
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 20 kun oldin
Keep politics out of your videos
mr Chii
mr Chii 24 kun oldin
Even the people eating the food is more Mexican.
Vicki Meek
Vicki Meek 25 kun oldin
This is not Typical Mexican food
Julio Frias
Julio Frias 27 kun oldin
Thats not even real mexican food . Lol
Jim P
Jim P 29 kun oldin
Does anyone have any idea if this is real Mexican food?
Selena Hernandez
Selena Hernandez 29 kun oldin
Not really mexican food...but uhhhh okay
Sullivan's Slaughterhouse Podcast
What? They dont have mustaches in Ireland?
Amanda s.
Amanda s. Oy oldin
It's a burrito, it's a chimichangas, it's a cassidilla,....... yes.
fatty begals 343
This tex-mex we're the temales the gorthetas we're inchilatas
Gerardo Gomez
Gerardo Gomez Oy oldin
That's not Mexican
Cassandra Garcia
This is bullshit, Who approved this video. Its Wrong ALL WRONG. EVEN THE FUCKIN SOMBREROS ARE WRONG.
Rick Schwab
Rick Schwab Oy oldin
This would be much better without the political rhetoric. The Mexicans illegally crossing the border aren't opening freaking Mexican food restaurants in the US! Most of them a fleeing criminals so put a cork in it! And how many UN migrants has Ireland taken in??????????? I hate when a show gets stunk up by ill informed opinions.
Creatif Etudes
Creatif Etudes
Nice way to destroy the culture of a country in front of the world. That is not close nor the sombrero. Go to Mexico and get advice from real Mexicans. For me Mexico and Japan have the best food in the world.
Eric Casarez
Eric Casarez Oy oldin
I am Mexxican-American and these Irish blokes were cool and funny. And anyone mad that they put on sombreros can suck my fat Mexican peepee. We are all just people. Like we don't act Irish on St. Patrick's day. Irish people are generally good hard working people. I would love to visit Ireland.. 5 stars Irishmen... "I got the Irish spring in me" you see everyone simmer down...
nat Guajardo
nat Guajardo Oy oldin
Can I get some Irish recipe for cooking
nat Guajardo
nat Guajardo Oy oldin
Am real Mexican
nat Guajardo
nat Guajardo Oy oldin
Then with the chicken put lemon pepper and for sauca get tomato green peppers lemon juice and put it in the blender with a little salt and pepper
nat Guajardo
nat Guajardo Oy oldin
That not real Mexican food am am Mexican hey get garlic powder ground cumin chicken boyan and fried that with the rice brown it then add water tomato sauce a little fajitas seasoning and lemon pepper and then put a little more grounded cumin garlic powder and chicken boyan
I Aguilar
I Aguilar Oy oldin
I mean, i wouldn't call this REAL Mexican food. More like tex Mex. Meh
Anwar Goulouh
Anwar Goulouh Oy oldin
did the long haired dude cast the dude in the red hat cos he has a woody fetish?
Derick Cruz
Derick Cruz Oy oldin
How come we haven’t invented this BECuse we are too uninventive 😂😂 love this YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME
Seth Hernandez
There are restaurants that do not prepare the food as it should be these are a few dishes that we have tamales, enchiladas verdes y rojas, tacos al pastor, tortas ahogadas, pozole, chiles rellenos, mole
Jared thrash
Jared thrash Oy oldin
What no Burritos??
Antonio Valdez
Trash fake Mexican food.
TheNickleusa Oy oldin
Too bad it was and not real Mexican food
Furichi Abe
Furichi Abe Oy oldin
The cultural appropriation is insane here.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown Oy oldin
Not real Mexican food
Marz Riv
Marz Riv Oy oldin
That’s Americanized Mexican food. Not authentic at all!!! 😑
hugo sanchez
hugo sanchez Oy oldin
No authentic Mexican food what so ever...
WhyYouMadEse Oy oldin
3:03 that my nigga
WhyYouMadEse Oy oldin
9:42 Jan 30
John Sargeant
John Sargeant Oy oldin
where is the torta??????????????????????????????
Kyle Klein
Kyle Klein Oy oldin
.......thats not Mexican food
thelast33 Oy oldin
Are you guys at fuckin chilies? Deep fried ice cream? Wtf!
Marvin PhiRatio
This is not Mexican food
M Hill
M Hill Oy oldin
No fucking menudo, pan dulce, asada, Mexican rice, arroz con leche, chilaquiles?!?
LeFat_ Mexican
It’s a white version of Mexican food. Real Mexican food would be tacos, tamales, tortas, sopas etc
LeFat_ Mexican
This was bull crap and a disgrace
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Oy oldin
Mexicans are always getting offended. Just shut the fuck up already.
felix cat
felix cat Oy oldin
Odd I have never heard of an Irish restaurant, are there any?
Zenia Bautista
Zenia Bautista 2 oy oldin
What kind of shit is this? What kind of churro was that it sounded hard as shit they’re suppose to be soft and the best ones are filed with cajeta or lechera that was a load of shit. And ice cream? Are you fucking kidding? Where’s the choco flan?
Dinkdownn 2 oy oldin
I’d like to order a Sharpson please. Thank you.
Lalo KeepCalmAndDie1
That's americanized Mexican food
Andy Santandreu
Andy Santandreu 2 oy oldin
I'm not in any way Mexican and I couldn't find it in any way to not be absolutely not offended by this I ain't
Taylor Edin
Taylor Edin 2 oy oldin
Yeesh. Irish people taste test taco bell, basically. To be fair though, it is nearly impossible to find Mexican food in Europe though. I tried to find it in London, went to a place with great ratings, and it was so bland I wanted to cry. Also they tried to pass off a flour tortilla as a corn tortilla.... no bueno.
Breanna Church
Breanna Church 2 oy oldin
This is TexMex, totally different from authentic Mexican food.
Sergio Alcantar
Sergio Alcantar 2 oy oldin
I’m a Mexican-Irish catholic and I approve this video. Lmao. Love it. Much love from the U.S. to my Mexican and Irish people out there.
Patricia Dutcher
Patricia Dutcher 2 oy oldin
Not true we have half of Mexico already living here🤦🏽‍♀️
Frolic&Cavort 2 oy oldin
Its funny how they always talk about Trump. You never hear about any Irish leaders at all, good or bad. What's wrong with them? My only guess would be that they don't actually have anything worth talking about in Ireland other than potatoes and Guinness.
b10rain 2 oy oldin
Nothing like a entertainment show forcing in political garbage... Great work! You're changing the world... Lol. And that sh*t is Tex Mex not Mexican.
O'frabjous Day
O'frabjous Day 2 oy oldin
First time I'd ever seen people eat a doughnut with a spoon.
Gustavo Arzaga
Gustavo Arzaga 2 oy oldin
if they had real Mexican food I would have said may God have mercy on their souls
Alejandra Mendez
Alejandra Mendez 2 oy oldin
Not real Mexican food... 😒😒😒😒
alexis blanco
alexis blanco 2 oy oldin
Not really mexican food. It really is the texmex. Was really looking forward to them trying real mexican food but no......
rachel marie
rachel marie 2 oy oldin
Now ill have to make enchiladas..thanks
Mike Lysic
Mike Lysic 2 oy oldin
This wasn't Mexican. It was Tex-Mex.
kris duke
kris duke 2 oy oldin
These are all gringo dishes pretending to be Mexican. Give them some street tacos where you fight the flies for the limes. Some lingua over a flour tortilla cooked outside on a cast iron skillet. Pulled pork my ass.
Castiel Null
Castiel Null 2 oy oldin
Some of the things like the chimichangas were invented in America
Lena McGee
Lena McGee 2 oy oldin
Tex Mex. Not mexican
Christian Soto
Christian Soto 2 oy oldin
churros aren't mexican....
Maria Negron
Maria Negron 2 oy oldin
That's shit was not Mexican food looks like they gave y'all Tex mex
Just too sad.. WTF.. Who made the menu? Just sad... Give me a chance to take you to my grandmas and Moms house...
Amanda Alderink
Amanda Alderink 2 oy oldin
So glad the said Mexican instead of Spanish food
Azalea Paola
Azalea Paola 2 oy oldin
But but but... Are chimis aren't Mexican.. are they? What about los tacos de carnitas ir al pastor?
Manuel Vallejo
Manuel Vallejo 2 oy oldin
Spoiler alert "No real Mexican food on this video"
The Dumbest Cousins
Clickbait wheres the Mexican food 😂
The Dumbest Cousins
This isn’t even Mexican tequila wings really and burritos aren’t even Mexican deep fried ice cream where in Mexico is that from huh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 2 oy oldin
Bro I’m Mexican wow la pared
piggs 1929
piggs 1929 2 oy oldin
If donald trump build a wall whats stoping us from going around or under
José Daniel Espinoza López
That’s offended me deeply. Far from Mexican food, really far away
Juan Almaraz
Juan Almaraz 2 oy oldin
Please stop making videos about tasting Mexican food when you don’t serve Mexican food!!! The only thing offensive on this video is the American made crap on the plates. Smdh...
Different Things
Different Things 2 oy oldin
Ah canijo, esos son churros?
Rosa Salazar
Rosa Salazar 2 oy oldin
There not eating real Mexican food....it's Americanized Mexican food.
Diego Pelaez
Diego Pelaez 2 oy oldin
I feel a little bit offended some of that doesn't even represents Mexican food
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan 2 oy oldin
There will be plenty of Mexican food, because of the ones here legally!
Princess Dona
Princess Dona 2 oy oldin
I am Mexican and this is not Mexican food! Make a video actually trying Mexican food please! Like Posole, menudo , tamales, aguachiles, birria, mole, enchiladas, flautas that’s real Mexican food.
Jon F
Jon F 2 oy oldin
I agree this is tex mex food
Louie Villa
Louie Villa 2 oy oldin
As a Mexican I can't believe they wore big mustaches and big old giant oversized Mexican hat I was shocked to see them not wearing a poncho my God can't believe they forgot that I'm hurt
VisualAddict 2 oy oldin
Mexican? That's Tex Mex!
JtRipper 2 oy oldin
Fuck this. I saw no Mexican food on this list. Chicken wings are not Mexican, regardless of how you season them. Where's the pozole? the menudo? Enchiladas? Pastor? Barbacoa? Fuck, I'd even accept nachos! But this?! This is just insulting!
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