Irish People Taste Test Subway

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"This is probably like a Detroit cheesesteak"

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We got our contributors to taste some of Subway's popular subs.
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11-Apr, 2017



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Raven Q. Wallyss-Guiliani
what do they do stomp on the sandwiches before they give them to you?
I Play One On T.V.
I Play One On T.V. 19 soat oldin
Subway is my favorite sub sandwich. Yet, do those people even have enough knowledge about subs, in general, to know what a good sub is, because no matter what place I get a sub from, there are certain breads, meats and sauces, etc., that I'd, personally, think would make for terrible tasting subs? And, so, I'd never get a sub consisting of those terrible ingredients. But, these people got a lot of what sounded like "garbage-" and unfinished subs, which makes for an incredibly bad "rap" for Subway.
Michael Vandehey II
You, might want to comment...when your face clears up!
trfatman Kun oldin
Who did you send to get these subs??? Have they never been to Subway before???? YOU DON'T GET JUST MEAT ON A BUN!!! DID YOU NOT SEE THE ARRAY OF TOPPINGS STARING YOU IN THE FACE????
marchatesyou1 Kun oldin
i love how some random irish guy trys to claim what a philly cheesesteak is, gtfo
Trollsif Stalin
Trollsif Stalin 3 kun oldin
Subway sandwiches aren't great and they're not awful. They're just meh.
Rene Morgan
Rene Morgan 4 kun oldin
American franchise bread 🍞 that’s not Panera is just embarrassing compared to countries whose people frequently make fresh bread 🥖 at home.
Danny Workman
Danny Workman 5 kun oldin
Stop picking your zits kid.
SebtownRx8 5 kun oldin
Someone get that man proactive
tobysmom1111 7 kun oldin
Where is all the good stuff?! Lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions, oil 'n vinegar, pickles, etc.!?!?!?
Sarah Hess
Sarah Hess 8 kun oldin
I have not been to subway since the owners pedophilia conviction .
Rapsha100 8 kun oldin
Who ever ordered them those sandwiches has a mental problem.
bootfan !!
bootfan !! 9 kun oldin
Subway blows! Worst sandwiches ever!
Steve Gabbert
Steve Gabbert 10 kun oldin
Most of those Subways looked like they had been sat on. Not a fan of the iceberg lettuce, but the spinach works for me, and usually with ranch dressing..Damn, now I may have to stop by the Subway in my small town, which is where you can find them a lot, and sometimes they're the only place to eat.
Michael Boyce
Michael Boyce 11 kun oldin
Irish People-Test Guenia Pigs?
David Tingwald
David Tingwald 12 kun oldin
Subway was my first actual job when I was in high school. I never grew tired of eating their sandwiches either. I don't know who made the sandwiches for this video, but they either need re-trained or fired! They did look pretty horrible. My favorite is the honey ham with bacon on wheat (lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet peppers and mayo.) :)
HeavenlyHell66 12 kun oldin
Not a true subway sandwich. No toppings or sauce....smh. Do a true test.
Janice Studebaker
Janice Studebaker 12 kun oldin
Subway is all about the sauces and veggies. Not a fair or good representation.
Roger Norris
Roger Norris 12 kun oldin
I quit going to subway when the Mexican behind the counter couldn't speak English.
AK 1776
AK 1776 12 kun oldin
The girl with the glasses needs a hug.
A.m P.m
A.m P.m 12 kun oldin
Very naked sandwiches.
David Conrad
David Conrad 14 kun oldin
Subway is crappy corporate food that hires known pedophiles, and @BeingBla is right to point out how bad their subs are. Subway deserves the shit not her.
Dennis Bunik
Dennis Bunik 15 kun oldin
wow...is that scarlett o'hara?...and does it say...soooo juicy on her t-shirt?
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 15 kun oldin
Hey Glasses/Redhead - do you like anything American? You poo=poo all over everything in every video. You say "I'm not a bitch." um, yeah, you are. LOL
j knott
j knott 16 kun oldin
Good Lord that fat fooking twat with the glasses is a proper right fooking killjoy. Shut your festering gob you gelatinous gastropod.
dill pickle
dill pickle 16 kun oldin
That's it, I'm done with this channel, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, give the worst representation of the foods these people are trying. Fuck off!
Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson 16 kun oldin
"Is this cat food again?" lmao what do you put your testers through!
OrionSentry 16 kun oldin
Ginger with Nice Jugs at 2:30 I would like to give her some of my special sauce.
CTKB 18 kun oldin
Soooooo Juicy indeed.
ebl 421
ebl 421 19 kun oldin
Now I want Subway!
Jennifer Rissetti
Jennifer Rissetti 21 kun oldin
hey look, murikan food! 🐽🐽🐽🐷
Zeldar From Planet Beldar
I have the exact same knife
Marcelino Dreams
Marcelino Dreams 21 kun oldin
I hate Subway too. Don't worry you're not a bitch. You have opinions people can't adults and deal with that need to grow up. Plus I've seen enough of these videos to know you like things.
David Glenn
David Glenn 21 kun oldin
These women are so hateful and socialist, and fat. Um so are the men. And the men are gay. They are spoiled children who have had everything.
Vicki Meek
Vicki Meek 22 kun oldin
Where are the toppings...you need all the veggies and cheese on all of these sandwiches.
lacadale 22 kun oldin
Did someone sit on those sandwiches? I have never seen Subway bread so flat.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 23 kun oldin
"a Detroit cheesesteak...lol...yeah like "Don't Breathe", chained in the basement Detroit" 0:36.
michelle homan
michelle homan 23 kun oldin
I’m not a huge subway fan either there are so many better choices where I live. We have them all plus a million and one delis I like one sandwich at subway the sweet onion and teriyaki chicken, my favorite subs shop is hands down Ike’s!🥰
Brandon Gambino
Brandon Gambino 24 kun oldin
The redhead nerd bitches about everything shut the fuck up
LA Leyenda
LA Leyenda 26 kun oldin
Yes...that is NOT a philly whiz steak...no kid😲
toasteee252 27 kun oldin
No condiments or veggies equal not a soggy sandwich when you transport and eat it 3 hours later. Come on guys. I'm not the only one who would think of this? Btw...you could have put it on right before the shoot tho.
toasteee252 27 kun oldin
Ok another note. Subway is crap now. No one wants there anymore.
hifijohn 27 kun oldin
Dont forget the bleach.
Jim P
Jim P 27 kun oldin
Kind of scared by how many people here like Subway.
Kevin Dougherty
Kevin Dougherty 29 kun oldin
Subway use of such low quality meat. Pre-sliced laying out exposed to the air yuck. Not surprising she doesn't like it I can't believe the others do. There are much better sub places out there
TheJannaR 29 kun oldin
Those sammies are NOT complete when they're missing the lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, n' stuff!
The Boss Tex 117
Most of their accents sound American, but they aren’t American, they are Irish.
eleanor7 Oy oldin
Ugh Subway is rank, it's dry, bland, and flat of contents. So many better sandwhich making chains in the US than Subway.
SubZero39 Oy oldin
Complaining about lack of sauce and ingredients when you've intentionally ordered your sandwich without sauce and ingredients... Okay then
Jennifer Coleman
Tuna girls taste buds are dead from all the alcohol shes drank obviously
Fuilleverte Oy oldin
They didn't get the veggies on it.. you need the lettuce and peppers and pickles and at very least Vinegar and Oil if not one of the dressings my Goto is the Southwest Chipolte
David G
David G Oy oldin
Its a $5.00 sandwich . what do you want for 5 bucks lol Subway is not known for great sandwiches just affordable. Lucky it was not made in the USA as it would have been mostly lettuce and bread.
tuna hump
tuna hump Oy oldin
no veggies ? wtf boooooooooooooooooo
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer Oy oldin
Do people actually think subway is good?.. It's like desperation food.. It's what I eat when there's nothing else available..
thelast33 Oy oldin
I am American and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt.... Subway sucks! It’s nothing more than a poorly flavored bread.
Terri U
Terri U Oy oldin
Ah Jeez ... its that red-headed gourmet with the glasses who hates every possible food group!
Consecira Dixon
Why the hell they so flat subway sandwich can't close or anything no lettuce tomato sauce pickles onions nothing
Llywylln Gryffyn
Doh! I am so hungry right now...
Raniere Oy oldin
Subway IS fucking TRASH
That was NOT Subway, every video should be redone with proper American food and portions!!
Nelson Viveiros
Porky smells just as bad as he looks and he looks like he's going through puberty too
Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes Oy oldin
I may have to stop watching these if they keep the girl who complains all the time, she sucks the fun out of watching.
DPir1320 Oy oldin
Not the true Subway experience. Subway is a very personal sandwich. From your choice of breads ro the types of veggies you want and condiments. Each person's sandwich is unique to their tastes
JannieJubille Oy oldin
Having worked at Subway in highschool at the height of $5 footlongs...*cringe*
Rick Shields
Rick Shields Oy oldin
Subway, where you can get meat added to your salad sandwich, for an extra cost of course😂😂
Charles Kenney
my every time sub: toasted deluxe Italian BMT on wheat with double pepper jack and cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, jalapenos, salt & pepper, chipotle sauce
solar clapson
solar clapson Oy oldin
Where's Levi?
Dustin H
Dustin H Oy oldin
Do this again and take them to Subway.
C Charles
C Charles Oy oldin
What subway made this garbage? Of all the subways I've been to. I've never seen such poorly made subs. Subway subs made properly are so good.
Saint Galaxy
Saint Galaxy Oy oldin
Wtf do they eat? Like what do there subways have lol. N they're like children playing with the food and judging everything
Jenny Kovacs
Jenny Kovacs Oy oldin
Subway is where you go when you're traveling and there's no other place to eat.
james ohara
james ohara Oy oldin
Time code 1:57, does 5 loaves and two fishes ring a bell?, if it was good enough for Jesus to recommend , , ,
diane9247 Oy oldin
Subway sams are always dry. And heavy on filler lettuce, light on meat. I have never had a satisfying Subway!
Cheryl Masson
Cheryl Masson Oy oldin
Red haired girl is way too critical, why is she on here she ruins the entire show, send her away please..
Ga. Duck&Pussy Hunter
The girl in the glasses NEVER likes anything. She's about one of the worst ones on here!
MrsKocher26 Oy oldin
She doth protest too much. She says the same thing about being a nice person who loves food... data speaks for itself though.
dapsapsrp Oy oldin
I don't much care for Subway either. Fast food deli type sandwiches should not be a thing. Only genuine deli style deli sandwiches should be eaten. I have not eaten any Subway in more than 4-5 years but I would if I had no other choice and I wouldn't bitch about everything.
Waylen Underwood
Love elsa
J J Oy oldin
Why are all those sandwiches flat? Our Subway bread isn’t flat unless it’s flatbread.
XXJade LexingtonXX
*Subway Employee here*
XXJade LexingtonXX
*Subway Employee here*
UpAndOut Oy oldin
All that "stuff" and no real flavor.
Curtis Galper
Curtis Galper Oy oldin
Subway sucks, Elga is a cutie.
mychannel Oy oldin
Where are the salad and the 3 sauces options??
Jenean Bolton-Gentry
So, I work at Subway and no dressing or condiments is not the right way. Steak, not one of my faves, but add bell pepper, onion, chipotle, and salt and pepper = better. Tuna, with only provolone cheese melted, delicious. But again, onion needed. And, “MEATBALLS DO NOT BELONG ON BREAD”!!! But they are moist, not dry at all. And BMT or Spicy (minus ham), are equally delicious when toasted on Herbs and cheese bread. Can’t please everyone, but my customers always come back for the abuse!! Happy Friday all!!
Mel M
Mel M Oy oldin
I hate that girl more then she hates EVERYTHING omggggg
Nik Mills
Nik Mills Oy oldin
Yea ive work at subway trash
shernigz Oy oldin
Wtf??? Give then an Italian bmt with extra oil and vinager
André McKinnon
"I'm NOT a bitch!", cries Negative Girl! I saw one video where literally EVERY comment was something negative about this girl. I heard her say once, very defensively, that people "get mad" if you don't like their country's delicacy. I don't think that's accurate. I'm going to say it's really about your attitude & the way you present your objections to the products. You obviously know HOW you come across, whether it's intended or not. If you don't want people to say it...
No red you are a total BITCH and we hate you! Have a good day(but we know you won't)!
David Berry
David Berry Oy oldin
I don't care for subway either. I prefer a real deli sandwich. If I had to eat a fast food sandwich it would probably be Jimmy Johns.
Jackie Santangelo
You guys do know that the ex-spoke person for Subway is currently serving 10 to 15 for having sex with minors (girls)? Paedo in euro-talk... Subway sucked before he was arrested.
Jeff Pagan
Jeff Pagan Oy oldin
Subway is awful, I'm an American I can say that. It's cheap food that gives you the trots.
Brittany Hall
Brittany Hall Oy oldin
Footlong 🥖 Italian BMT Deluxe 🇮🇹 American or pepper jack cheese 🧀 (depend on my mood 😁) Not toasted 🚫🔥 Mayo✔️ Mustard✔️ Tomatoes🍅 Pickles🥒 Light light lettuce🍃 Extra jalapeños 🌶 Light black olives ✔️ Salt & Pepper✔️ &&&&&&& A WHOLE LOTTA VINEGAR✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ 💃🏽💨💨💨💨To Go Please
david jones
david jones Oy oldin
"detroit cheesesteak"that's a joke
Love to craft1974
Wonder if they know all the “toppings and sauces” you can choose from
The fat kid hates everything. I think he's just trying to impress the sandwich Nazi chick
Sheen Estevez
Sheen Estevez Oy oldin
"Is this cat food again?"....yup, it is
Pete Oy oldin
You can get vegetables on them when they make them in front of you. Why do they just have the meat and bread?
It is very difficult to understand Irish people when they speak but IMPOSSIBLE when they have food in their mouths. By the way, Subway offers veggies on their subs, I guess their lucky charms ran out and they didnt get any veggies.. hahahaha... too funny!
James Monroe
James Monroe Oy oldin
Glasses girl did better when she showed her tits
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