Irish People Taste Test Subway

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"This is probably like a Detroit cheesesteak"

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We got our contributors to taste some of Subway's popular subs.
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11-Apr, 2017

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Robert Friedman
Robert Friedman 2 daqiqa oldin
this is total bullcrap where are the ingredients and sauces...not a good representation.
Wulla Balloo
Wulla Balloo 2 soat oldin
I like a fucklong chicken teriyaki sub on italian bread with jalapenos, most of the veg, chipotle southwestie sauce, cheesed up and toasted
Shawna Fernandez
I don't like Subway either. More of a Blimpies fan.
Travis Brown
Travis Brown Kun oldin
Don't worry we don't like subway here either drowning company
wayne clark
wayne clark 2 kun oldin
Food rated by a race of people with shitty cusine😂😂😂
Donald Whitty
Donald Whitty 2 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure the redhead with the glasses didn't get that chubby by disliking all foods but you would never know to listen to her.
darkangelsoaps 2 kun oldin
Chick in glasses hates her own grandma
Wesley Marvin
Wesley Marvin 2 kun oldin
Subway is like the crappiest places to get subs only reason why people even get subway is because they want fast food but don't want the guilt of eating McDonalds or some crap
James Howell
James Howell 3 kun oldin
For some reason I like the tuna sandwich. I hate tuna, it's disgusting. But there's something about having it in a Subway sandwich that I love.
Gayle-Heather Condo
Awesome Watching their reactions are the best
Natily Riggs
Natily Riggs 3 kun oldin
Meat party in my mouth😂😂😂😂👅
Gerber Bernstein
Gerber Bernstein 3 kun oldin
You're supposed to eat it, not dissect it.
Larry Ballenger
Larry Ballenger 4 kun oldin
Whatcha it jerod will molest you!
Idontcare_626 5 kun oldin
Those sandwiches look pretty plain to me? No condiments, veggies, sauce in them?
Holly Butler
Holly Butler 5 kun oldin
If any of u ever go to the usa. Go to sub way its much better then what they give u
Tommy Jay
Tommy Jay 5 kun oldin
Fatty hates it but finishes the whole thing.
Tommy Jay
Tommy Jay 5 kun oldin
That fat kid is so excited about nothing, well other than he gets to eat.
Laura Huffstetler
Laura Huffstetler 5 kun oldin
Red headed girl hates everything-AGAIN!
linzombie 5 kun oldin
No veggies!? That's the best part!
Marzell Holbrook
Marzell Holbrook 6 kun oldin
Sadie Perez
Sadie Perez 6 kun oldin
Short hair glasses girl every video is so negative.
Why is Meg Griffin on here complaining?
SwillWill 916
SwillWill 916 6 kun oldin
That subway finessed them cause the subway down the street from me be loading the sandwiches up.
seker7 6 kun oldin
Really wonder how 'authenic' these so-called subway sandwiches ARE! either you 'faked it' and called it Subway ----or your were in such a hurry that you skipped everything past the meat and the bread....
Daniel D
Daniel D 7 kun oldin
A meat party in his mouth lol
KL Coffee
KL Coffee 7 kun oldin
Where are the veggies? Where’s the sauces? That’s not a good representation of SubWay.
John Sargeant
John Sargeant 7 kun oldin
the no sauce problem would be easily fixed if eaten in-restaraunt where you have the choice of all the toppings and condiments- let's face it; the "bulk" of subway sandwiches comes from the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spinach, onions, etc... and i eat that sweet chicken teriyaki sauce on every sub i get.
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 7 kun oldin
I'm not a fan of Subway but I've never seen such thin Subway sandwiches.
mechaFoxs 7 kun oldin
girl hates meatball and boy hates tuna... perfect couple
jj lad
jj lad 7 kun oldin
Cancer on a yoga mat.
Jordan Coleman
Jordan Coleman 7 kun oldin
Subway is gross
Jessica love
Jessica love 8 kun oldin
Wheres the veggies ?🤔
Sarah F
Sarah F 8 kun oldin
Those are the worst subway sandwiches I have ever seen.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 8 kun oldin
Subway's are the worst subs made. They aren't even real subs . I live in the South New Jersey area. Subs are part of our culture and I wouldn't eat one of them if you held a gun to my head.
MrBizteck 8 kun oldin
What the fuck ???? We *have* subway in Ireland for about 17 years !!!! What a load of shite !!
K 8 kun oldin
You actually have a choice of a gazillion things to add on to the sub to make it taste great. That's some billshit right there
Jaesha 8 kun oldin
These are obviously not traditional American Subway sandwiches.🤯
Lo N Slo
Lo N Slo 8 kun oldin
It’s funny how the skinny people love it and the fat dude hates it
lolsarahr 8 kun oldin
no lettuce or veggies? no wonder half of them were hated lol.
rachel marie
rachel marie 9 kun oldin
The girl with the red hair and glasses is so negative towards people and in general
Charles Hollins
Charles Hollins 9 kun oldin
Steak and cheese. Add lettuce, lite mayo, honey mustard, and tomatoes.
flipflop0480 9 kun oldin
The lady in the glasses ruins these videos, if i see her I stop the video, she is a disgrace
benderbuster 9 kun oldin
"I'm not a bitch." Oh yes you are.
Arvind Johal
Arvind Johal 10 kun oldin
Yeet Is another word for shit
Zidlef 10 kun oldin
Subway = The cheapest meat available out there, the chicken is processes chicken, so they make it into a paste with fillers etc and then make it into a fotmat that resembles chicken breast but it's not and then imprints the burn marks of a charcoal, that is not LOL So fake food, fake meat fur subpar meal!! Better eat the wrappers they might be healthier for you in the end than what they call food.
chris sheffield
chris sheffield 10 kun oldin
Red head with glasses is the only one with any sense. Subway is absolute GARBAGE!
Derek 10 kun oldin
The girl in glasses complain too much....everything is dry to her....someone put a dick in her mouth, she will get some sauce at the end
Roadrage 1263
Roadrage 1263 11 kun oldin
Anyone who likes Subway has obviously never been to Wawa. That being said, Wawa is only slightly above average compared to your basic mom & pop sub shop in SE DelCo, Pa.
Likkia Davis
Likkia Davis 11 kun oldin
Really?! Again with the bs. STOP misrepresenting American food!!!!
Matt Nichols
Matt Nichols 11 kun oldin
Irish Subway. Pathetic! LOL!
Matt Nichols
Matt Nichols 11 kun oldin
I am guessing they got the sammiches from one of the Subway's in Dublin.
Apple Be Like
Kun oldin