Irish People Taste Test Weird American Food Inventions

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"I think my mouth is having a nervous breakdown."
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Behind the video :
We found some of the weirdest American culinary inventions and got our Facts. contributors to taste test the strange creations. They ranged from the bizarre to the disgusting and still our contributors tried them all.
Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
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Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett.
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7-Mar, 2016



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Ladi Jane
Ladi Jane 14 soat oldin
I'm about to make a rainbow cake with milkshake all over it!
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
Oh yeah, that's what I imagine when I think of Irish people, an African... fuck multiculturalism.
urabampot Kun oldin
The colored fellah with the Jamaican accent... how is he Irish now?....
John Sheffield
John Sheffield 2 kun oldin
Favorite line: "This is taxidermy gone wrong."
madestmadhatter 4 kun oldin
Why do vegetarians keep coming on your show?
Diego Villaseñor
Diego Villaseñor 6 kun oldin
The redhead lady is gorgeous but she chews like a dog. Ew.
Georgejmh 6 kun oldin
The blonde is ZOWIE, but the redhead still has my heart.
Tim Wong
Tim Wong 7 kun oldin
A burger with chocolate thats just fucking gross
wake up stop sleeping
Corn dog too fancy??? Poor black man 😂
Mr Wiseman
Mr Wiseman 10 kun oldin
Its jack Sparrow
Michael Boyce
Michael Boyce 11 kun oldin
My Aunt Jan's Hamburger Chop Suey.
C Dalton
C Dalton 12 kun oldin
That first one is a Kolache, it is more czech than American but adding meat to them started in Texas.
Thermalburn 12 kun oldin
This is like faire food
Bill Liberati
Bill Liberati 14 kun oldin
16 seconds in and the dude looks like the geico caveman had a baby with a vampire
Carley Crowe
Carley Crowe 15 kun oldin
How is corn dog weird!? It’s literally a staple in America
thefriendermen123 17 kun oldin
Doughnurger comes around *confused screeching*
Carolyn Payne
Carolyn Payne 19 kun oldin
I want all of these people to make a movie!
Klaa2 19 kun oldin
lily slo
lily slo 22 kun oldin
I’m certain that we Americans did not make any of those wtf
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher 24 kun oldin
Watching you guys makes me want to get some Irish friends so I can just sit around filming them while they eat.... not weird foods, just sit there and film them eating normal food.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez 25 kun oldin
If y'all are ever in Texas and the state fair is going on (September 28 through October 21) Get yourself a proper Fletcher's Corn Dog.
christian libecki
christian libecki 26 kun oldin
On a corndog, you need a 50/50 mix of Mustard and Ketchup.
Mrmagoo77 Oy oldin
I am weirdly attracted to the redhead.....only thing i can see that would ruin it is finding out she is a leftist!!
I'd easily have the doughnurger if they don't add any chocolate or sugar to the donut.
Chile Gunner
Chile Gunner Oy oldin
This is just junk food, middle of the line, what's the point of this?
Curtis Galper
Curtis Galper Oy oldin
No MUSTARD for the corn dogs? Philistines.
1:17 these two need their own movie
Beth Chaney
Beth Chaney Oy oldin
Corn dogs require MUSTARD😉
Chris Black
Chris Black Oy oldin
I invented the doughnut with sliced American cheese back in 1988, but only famous within my own home. Much later about 20-25 years later it became famous in American food culture when a small restaurant started serving it. Not sure how they came across it but, we (only my mom and me) didn't have much food because we were poor, but we had a package of individually wrapped sliced American cheese and my mom brought some day old donuts and I figured I needed something to balance out the sweetness of the doughnut and all we had was sliced cheese. And it was delicious!
MGTOW Rubicon
MGTOW Rubicon Oy oldin
Did they make this video right after the alcohol taste test?
Jason Oy oldin
" Like heaven in your mouth" 😶
Seth Napier
Seth Napier Oy oldin
As an American I have NEVER heard of someone describe a corn dog as "too fancy"
Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker
1% of the world's population is gay yet FACTS insists on having personalities which are 50% gay. Bloody queer overkill if you ask me lol
mike alvarez
mike alvarez Oy oldin
We don't eat none of that except corn dogs
joe dirt'e
joe dirt'e Oy oldin
Corndog w/o mustard n ketchup isn't proper state fair fare. Really needs vinegar fries too.
DjJtown Oy oldin
Coney Dogs need mustard to dip in. C'mon guys, they need to eat it the way We do and not your interpretation. BTW, the egg in the Doughnurger is supposed to be over easy. FAIL!
Karen Sizemore
You need mustard on the cornDog!😋
Doozy Animation
If it hasn't been done, Irish People Taste Weird American Carnival Food. Basically, everything deep deep fried!
Unknown Caller
I am liking it because we have the Irish jack sparrow in this video
Dom1118 Oy oldin
Most of that shit is rare for Americans to eat, but corn dogs are in everyone's freezers.
Tim Clark
Tim Clark Oy oldin
what madman created the doughnurger?
that general guy from full metal jacket
Thats not a pizza burger you uncultured swine
Baltimore Z-Wad
Never ever heard of someone refer to a corndog as too fancy. LMAO
Average Intelligence
What this needs is a good sauce ---- ITS CALLED KETCHUP YA SHIT
Shanan Alexander
I’m from the US and never have I heard of a cronut
Becky Barnes
Becky Barnes Oy oldin
Draknfyre Oy oldin
paul1x1 Oy oldin
WTF all the guys look like shit all that women are really great
Julius L'Orange
Why is there a FIVE HOUR AD for the second Lego movie??? Thank you Sweet Zombie Jesus for the Skip Ad button.
EmArgent Oy oldin
Why am i shocked theyve not had corndogs
BAM 24
BAM 24 2 oy oldin
Im american ....why have i never heard of ANY OF THESE??? ..well besides the corndog
marge palmer
marge palmer 2 oy oldin
U need French's yellow mustard with corndogs!
jnd13keba 2 oy oldin
I'm American and I'm still trying to figure out some of these....
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 oy oldin
Suffering from a hangover today, and just the thought of that donut burger things made me throw up.
Robert Echols
Robert Echols 2 oy oldin
That Red head tho!!! she is HOT!!!
XanthoGrl 2 oy oldin
I audibly laughed when he called the hotdog fancy
The donut burger looks so gross.
Andy Santandreu
Andy Santandreu 2 oy oldin
Vegetarian guy sounds damn near American
Zack Casagrande
Zack Casagrande 2 oy oldin
“This is taxidermy gone wrong!” That’s gotta be the best description yet! 😂😂😂
Andrew Tallman
Andrew Tallman 2 oy oldin
Wait, Ireland doesn't have corn dogs?
Travis Vaughan
Travis Vaughan 2 oy oldin
You need some ketchup and mustard for your corndog.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 2 oy oldin
American here... Only thing I've had in this video is a corndog. 🤣
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker 2 oy oldin
I must not be American haven't ate any of this stuff lol.
Dirrtyvictory 2 oy oldin
I've never heard of a cronut! 😯😯😯😯😯
Narrative Knight
Narrative Knight 2 oy oldin
Yes. We always have corndogs with mustard or ketchup.
G. S.
G. S. 2 oy oldin
I died laughing at the doughnut sandwich. “It’s really nice... and it’s really upsetting me. >_
TheFavess 2 oy oldin
all these heathens in the comments saying to use mustard for a corndog. burn at the stake witch!
Cecily Cook
Cecily Cook 2 oy oldin
I love meat and sweet .... chocolate covered bacon ..... bacon maple bars (donut)
Matthew Weatherman
I thought the woman in the first shot was some southern televangelist's wife. (it's the hair mainly)
Caelie Cat
Caelie Cat 2 oy oldin
1:20 it's a fucking pluto pup, there's no corn in it.
Redneck Canuck
Redneck Canuck 2 oy oldin
I'm not kidding I'd fly from Canada to Ireland to just meet that blonde girl. My God is she ridiculously attractive in every way.
Michael Dobson
Michael Dobson 2 oy oldin
The problem with feeding these guys American food is withholding the sauces we use on them which complete them. Never met an American yet who eats a Corn Dog PLAIN, without the yellow mustard. Freaky.
the Last Merrill
the Last Merrill 2 oy oldin
Welcome to America where our food is a heart attack away.
Lucy T
Lucy T 2 oy oldin
His mouth havin a breakdown
David Arnold
David Arnold 2 oy oldin
Some of those terrify me. And I'm an American
Raymond Pan
Raymond Pan 2 oy oldin
Question kind sirs, wtb fried butter? American classic at its finest!
Destiny 2 oy oldin
Somebody Get this man a liver
Elizabeth Watts
Elizabeth Watts 2 oy oldin
Why have I never heard of a pizza burger. I live in the South. Where is this popular? It cracked me up how they were eating hotdogs. 🤣 Also, where in the heck do they eat those doughnut burgers?
Rabboleth 2 oy oldin
A quick Google search for Luther Burgers near my address brought up seven hits. Whoever's eating them, it's safe to say they're going to be in the obituaries, soon. o.o
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 2 oy oldin
I know I’m late but I’m American and I haven’t eaten like 90% of these foods
redael81 2 oy oldin
No wonder you americans are obese
Julian Huntley
Julian Huntley 2 oy oldin
I've neber even hesrd of some of these before and I'm American
George Taylor
George Taylor 2 oy oldin
The girl in the pink sweater really needs to be banged hard while eating.
dakota rush
dakota rush 2 oy oldin
what962 2 oy oldin
everybody here is just mad about the corndogs lack of mustard. Yet they surved them a anceint greece dish... the Turducken.
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 2 oy oldin
Irish Russell Brand 🤘🤘
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 2 oy oldin
Irish Lasses are Beautiful ♥️💜 🌹
Mara Leavitt
Mara Leavitt 2 oy oldin
Corndog and fancy. . .😂😂 they sell those in gas stations!
NinjaNezumi 2 oy oldin
Turducken is NOT an American invention, British Kings from LONG ago had birds stuffed with other birds. In fact, it's recorded that King Henry the VIIIth actually had a giant banquet with a turkey stuffed with a goose stuffed with a chicken stuffed with ... god what was it, a grouse I think? Romans also did the same thing upwards of 2000 years ago!
Cadence Button
Cadence Button 2 oy oldin
The heck...
Alma Brasileira: Musicas SUD
I’m American, and I’ve never even heard of half of what they are lol 😂
tpm1868 2 oy oldin
The blonde is gorgeous
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson 2 oy oldin
Forgot the cackleburger and salsa
Kattie Belge
Kattie Belge 2 oy oldin
Why do I find Irish people so amazing!!! I swear I watch these videos everyday for hours!!!!
silent1967 2 oy oldin
Aine is gorgeous, she can have whatever she wants!
Dat Cobra Crew
Dat Cobra Crew 2 oy oldin
Even I wouldn't eat that and I'm American XD
Corndogs are just too fancy.
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera 2 oy oldin
Have jacksepticeye
merry marshamellow
Jake Neuman
Jake Neuman 2 oy oldin
Corn dogs are weird??
Eshwar s
Eshwar s 2 oy oldin
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