Irish People Try Alcohol Cookies

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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - We had our Irish People try some Alcohol-infused cookies...did it affect them?
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Two things that should never be mixed...or should they? Alcohol and cookies! We acquired some interesting 'Boozy Biccies', consisting of Lager, Prosecco & Vodka infused baked goods. Of course, we needed to see what our resident Irish People thought of them...so here you go!
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7-Dek, 2018

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toomuchfourU 11 soat oldin
I hope that the girl who said "fuck off with your mayo" is getting a huge percentage of the merch
Faile no Ohayo
Faile no Ohayo Kun oldin
What a nice mug for a cuppa.
Jon Anthony
Jon Anthony 2 kun oldin
I bet I can tell who smoked the most before....
tsbubba1999 5 kun oldin
We need qball.
Grace 5 kun oldin
It took me forever to figure out that John and Donal are not the same person.
Ezionation72 5 kun oldin
I love these videos because I just watched that entire thing without any distractions and yet when the video ended I remembered nothing of what I had just watched
Ash :D
Ash :D 5 kun oldin
am i the only one who scrolls down before the video to see if leather jacket guy has commented, and gets disappointed when he didn’t, knowing he’s not in the video
Jayney y
Jayney y 6 kun oldin
beer? wine? stout? *COKE* 3:37
Laura Bowman
Laura Bowman 6 kun oldin
No John, why the Cubs hat! You need a St. Louis Cardinals hat...much better team 😉
TrevScott 7 kun oldin
I’m going to have to put my hand on one of your biscuits.... that look hahaha
Atrophy Queen
Atrophy Queen 8 kun oldin
I want to say that I love the sounds of all of you talking. the Irish accent is so lovely. long live the Irish and your lovely accent.
lil bean
lil bean 8 kun oldin
Ooooo I gotta try those
Tipsy Gypsy
Tipsy Gypsy 8 kun oldin
Love the little rap jingle at the end! 😸
Emily Belina
Emily Belina 8 kun oldin
Would've liked a blood alcohol test after to see of the cookies actually did anything.
Summer xo
Summer xo 9 kun oldin
"ooo fancy pakki"
kyndakrazy 9 kun oldin
Those should be served as communion wafers.
kyndakrazy 9 kun oldin
2:32 L M A O !!!
Kimberly Mills
Kimberly Mills 12 kun oldin
Ryan and Donal are always my favorites to watch 😅. Donal is adorable.
AnimeNerd25 12 kun oldin
I’m liking the Bad Brains shirt that Ryan has.
Luke R
Luke R 13 kun oldin
Lena's accent seem a bit Australian. Irish-Australian ?
gaskan666 15 kun oldin
Ciara Is so hot!!! I want her to have me children. There 6 10 and 12 years old
Stephfunie89 15 kun oldin
ZipplyZane 16 kun oldin
Have we seen Lena before? She was adorable in this.
Beetus Maximus
Beetus Maximus 16 kun oldin
Holy shit, Lena Klein looks like Emilia Clarke
Nala 17 kun oldin
did facts die?
dcthegreatest24 17 kun oldin
Do Irish try Bourban Balls (and use actual Bardstown Ky bourbon)
Rami Melas
Rami Melas 17 kun oldin
"We going to the pub?" LMFAOOO
naomie adair
naomie adair 18 kun oldin
Wait...doesn’t the alcohol burn out when it gets cooked??? So are all the cookies iced? Bc they would be up keep the alcohol content since you wouldn’t cook the icing,unless there’s another way to keep the actual alcohol content??🤔🤔
Devil0356 18 kun oldin
I so want to see Donal and John at the same table for an alcohol one XD
Tylor Wendt
Tylor Wendt 20 kun oldin
Haven't enjoyed the videos as much lately. Seems to be a lot of repeat.
Nala 20 kun oldin
ryan is my favorite try person
MrTingles 21 kun oldin
"Coke." - "Coke?!" - "Hm."
HaydenX 21 kun oldin
"Sweet-ass merch" or... Sweet ass-merch. This is my suggestion: You should offer TRY underwear like printed boxer-briefs, boxers, panties, and bras.
Lauren Teesateskie
Lauren Teesateskie 21 kun oldin
The chick in the black jacket and maroon shirt sounds way too American when she’s talking about the lemon ones
HTakara82 23 kun oldin
using hard liquor to cook is a scam, it doesn't add anything and the alcohol burns off during the cooking process, they can literally not use any alcohol and you won't be able to tell the difference.
A.C. 23 kun oldin
You have to try liquor/alcohol chocolates!! They’re the fucking devil in disguise. You think that they’re gonna taste sweet and heavenly, but OH FUCKING NO.
Lynsey Lee
Lynsey Lee 23 kun oldin
Alcohol cookies? What I’m the-
Frank Natkong
Frank Natkong 23 kun oldin
Where the hell is leather jacket guy!?!?
YoJimBo851610 24 kun oldin
Jager and Oreos
Nikki Ezzell
Nikki Ezzell 24 kun oldin
Do Irish people try hunch punch recipes!
billy Thompson
billy Thompson 25 kun oldin
Ciara is a hottie. Like a 12
Sleazy Mouse
Sleazy Mouse 25 kun oldin
id suck a fart out of that lenas chicks ass.
Adrienne 25 kun oldin
I wonder what Ryan's favorite Bad Brains album is.
Christopher W
Christopher W 25 kun oldin
mmm, Lena.. Is it just me or does she have a Emma Watson look/vibe?
TheTandTProductions 26 kun oldin
Wait so like do these make you drunk I’m super confused..
Monika Diaz
Monika Diaz 26 kun oldin
Donal mentioned the lord of the rings/hobbit I love him 😂😂😂
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 26 kun oldin
Why in Sweet Jesus would anyone make cookies with.....vodka? Disgusting.
T Young
T Young 27 kun oldin
"It doesn't taste like Vodka" "I'm not sixteen and getting sick"😂 So true
kevn and bren and juses
That girl with the white and red striped shirt is honestly so beautiful
Angelsilhouette 27 kun oldin
Donal and John should be paired at least one time.