Irish People Try American Cereals

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Irish People trying a selection of American cereals...it does what it says on the tin!
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We like to have our TRYers taste a variety of American foods here on the channel, as you must know. We noticed they had missed out on the most important meal of the day - breakfast! American cereals, to be precise. So we had our Irish People try a selection of the popular breakfast items. See what they thought!
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12-Noy, 2018

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Uli K
Uli K 14 soat oldin
IF YOU LIKE PIÑAbutter......
BeckhamBelieves 15 soat oldin
If you are going to represent our food, do it honestly and from this era. Stop pushing things we never eat or are absurdly outdated or rarely sold. Be real, it is insulting.
Ionacus toy reviews
Ionacus toy reviews 17 soat oldin
They need to try the monster cereals.
TheRymac1010 18 soat oldin
It’s like the bought bastardized American cereal.. what the hell is that Mario cereal? French Toast Crunch? What are these knockoffs?
The Nuclear Reactor
The Nuclear Reactor 19 soat oldin
I’ve never had super Mario cereal! Where can I get them I’m in Florida
Sherri Burton
Sherri Burton 20 soat oldin
Where's Capt'n Crunch??
William Wynn
William Wynn 22 soat oldin
Black guy an white women , Not watching this.
Don't get me started I don't have breaks
They gave them the worst cereals....oh no
Tanner Robbins
Tanner Robbins Kun oldin
Why is it not the good tasting cereals I’ve never even had the Mario one
RM K Kun oldin
A black guy is Irish?
Christopher B.
Christopher B. Kun oldin
You know you want to be an American , just to pick through about 100 different cereals.
goombamike49 Kun oldin
It's like "The Commitments" having breakfast. "It's all poxy! Fuck off with ya' an' yer blueberry pancakes, ya' tosser!"
goombamike49 Kun oldin
I've binge watched more than 200 of these videos, and while Irish people are lovely and expressive, I do think that they live in tiny Hobbit hovels in the Irish countryside and all they've ever known is Guinness, fish and chips and boiled potatoes. It's like they've never emerged out from their hovels to try anything new. "Is this a salad? I've never seen that!" "Oh, is this what they call chicken? Fancy eating a chicken." Still, I will watch more.
scotie scotson
scotie scotson Kun oldin
Gotta love the token black fella. He isn't very good and doesn't talk properly but hey, at least they made the black quota. Well done!
Monique Castro
Monique Castro 2 kun oldin
Why is it always the American items American's DON'T eat? Frosted Flakes, original Capt n Crunch, Apple Jacks, geeze even Count Chocola would've been more classic.
smd my son
smd my son 2 kun oldin
Fruity pebbles?
Zolar Czakl
Zolar Czakl 2 kun oldin
Hey, here's a bonkers idea. Have Irish people try whiskey. That ought to be worth some shits and giggles.
john richards
john richards 2 kun oldin
They picked all the bad ones.
Kay 21
Kay 21 2 kun oldin
I live in America and have only tried 1 of the cereals that they tried
Nicole Cary
Nicole Cary 3 kun oldin
I haven't heard of most of them and ALL of them look disgusting!
Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor 3 kun oldin
The first one is my favorite but it's SOoooooo unhealthy and sweet. Lol I didn't even know most of tthe other ones existed.
Tristan Hvid
Tristan Hvid 3 kun oldin
You guys definitely shouldn’t feel bad about crapping on any (or at least MOST) of these cereals, because basically NOBODY your age actually eats those unless their SUPER BAKED... I literally hadn’t even heard of like 3 of them, and they sounded pretty gross to me too (30 year old american male)... your consensus pick was pretty much the only semi-acceptable ONE anyway (Reese’s),,, so good job there
KLM Hooked Moore
KLM Hooked Moore 3 kun oldin
Those are cereals children eat. Honey Nut Cheerios, Rice Crispies, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats...More adult type cereals.
Donovan harris
Donovan harris 3 kun oldin
I didnt even know of these cereals. Are the people that choose the food for this channel actually American.
Phillup Abowl
Phillup Abowl 3 kun oldin
I get you guys have our american cereals across the pond but fuck man why eat the shit us americans wont even eat? I have watched all of your vids an in every one you make of american products you put us down. You ppl suck really. If you came and spent time in america you might find it a good time. Hell if your country had 370,000,000 or so ppl you would have some bullshit too
Kayla Davenport
Kayla Davenport 3 kun oldin
Try using whole milk not low fat
Cannibal Lynn
Cannibal Lynn 4 kun oldin
You gave them nothing but super sugar cereals... and of course you're going to feel sick after eating all of it.
SteezyTaylor 4 kun oldin
I’ve literally never even seen any of these cereals except for the Reese’s... super Mario cereal?? Wtf??? How about Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, cocoa pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch?? Yeah they picked the most obscure novelty cereals
itsxtashi 4 kun oldin
So these cereals aren't the classic cereals. Where's the (regular) capt'n crunch, coco puffs, frosted flakes, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, honey nut cheerios.????? I have never had any of these cereals.
Brett 4 kun oldin
Honey Bunches of oats?! I don't think anyone really eats the cereals they ate in this lol
Ashley Jenner
Ashley Jenner 4 kun oldin
I’ve only heard of 2 of those... never seen the blueberry one in a store 🤷‍♀️
Tate Yerk
Tate Yerk 4 kun oldin
80% of these aren't the popular American cereals.
BF 'BoutTime
BF 'BoutTime 4 kun oldin
I'm odd American then. I don't like marshmallow cereals, chocolate, any of them on here at all. I'll eat crunch berries sometimes but what the hell is blueberry crunch??!!
Josh Fisher
Josh Fisher 4 kun oldin
I think they should do another cereal one, but do a taste test with the milks after. Like there would be a cinnamon toast crunch, a cocoa puff, a fruit loops/fruit pebbles, a honey nut cheerio/honey comb one. It is a newer trend that I noticed has become more popular here in the US, eg. there is a place literally called Milk Bar in NYC that uses cereal milk in all of their products.
earthxmeltdown 4 kun oldin
Where are those cerials sold????
Mike Grace
Mike Grace 4 kun oldin
Where the fuck did you get those cereals?? I think you’re a free focus group for General Mills.
lx DINGO xl
lx DINGO xl 4 kun oldin
why do you have to serve the most odd cereals to them and not the popular ones like fruity pebbles coco pebbles cinemon toast cruch and so on
Lost Thoughts
Lost Thoughts 5 kun oldin
Never heard of a few of these cereals
gooz0mbie 5 kun oldin
Literally never have had any of these
M Hurly
M Hurly 5 kun oldin
Although i love Lucky Charms, i generally avoid the sugary ones... I love Shredded wheat ... large and mini size, frosted or not, chocolate, vanilla or strwaberry... and especially the raisin, blueberry, raspberry filled ones... Raisin Bran... so good and healthy... even un sweetened Cheerios are nice occasionally... Corn flakes (not so much, too sticky and get sloppy really fast) , but frosted Corn flakes ? ok, I'll make an exception, but eat them fast!! . And the absolute "Most" addictive... (drum roll with dinosaur roarrrr!!!) Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate Pebbles... DO NOT EAT THESE... You will Never be the Same ... You can't stop !!! Oh and in winter ... Quaker cinnamon-apple oatmeal...
Dawn DiPierro
Dawn DiPierro 5 kun oldin
I *L O V E* all of these cereals *BUT* I can’t do the cinnamon ones due to stomach issues. The cinnamon doesn’t seem to agree with me but I can *NOT* help but eat because it’s soooo good.
Micah Brookey
Micah Brookey 5 kun oldin
As an American, the only one of these that I was even aware existed was the Reese's Puffs, and I haven't eaten it.
Roadstar1602 5 kun oldin
Nobody in America eats any of that shit other than the Reese's cereal, and even that is not a big one.
TL Young
TL Young 5 kun oldin
Where are the Cheerios, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops???
christian garcia
christian garcia 5 kun oldin
Who CHOOSES these "American" things. They need a new job ima be HONEST cause who eats French toast crunch???
mari Estrada
mari Estrada 5 kun oldin
All marshmallows in cereals are freeze dried, so there supposed to be weird. But, they are marshmallows
Elias Melendez
Elias Melendez 5 kun oldin
That's a load of bullshit cereal!! I live in Montgomery county Maryland and I NEVER heard of Captain Crunch blue berry pancakes cereal. Y'all need to eat something better than that bullshit.
Rob Lavalle
Rob Lavalle 6 kun oldin
I don't like the chick wearing the Captain America t-hirt. She needs to go away. Fire her
Nic 6 kun oldin
The guy wants soggy cereal? Ireland should be ashamed.
Nic 6 kun oldin
It's weird that they are eating one off cereals. Most Americans haven't tried or even seen these cereals. The only common one you have on there is Reese's Puffs. These are the ones I would give you so you had a little bit broader spectrum. Frosted Mini Wheats Cocoa Pebbles Raisin Bran Captain Crunch Honey Nut Cheerios Frosted Flakes Cinnamon Toast Crunch Not because these are the best (S'mores is the best) but because there's a wide range. The ones they had were all similar types of cereal.