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A lovely fan, Delwin, sent us some more goodies! This time, sending a selection of American cookies for us to try, Grandma's Cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies - so we dished them out to our TRYers and see what they thought!
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26-Noy, 2018



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Ty Hart
Ty Hart 3 soat oldin
I’m going to say it right now. Peanut butter is fucking amazing!
Overwatch93 3 soat oldin
Idk who makes chips ahoy but you shouldve done those. Grandmas cookies are gas station cookies.
A Rose From Concrete
A Rose From Concrete 16 soat oldin
No one really likes Grandma cookies. Those are the cookies we eat when there's nothing better 🤮🤮🤮
MS. Lillie
MS. Lillie 16 soat oldin
I have never fully opened a bag of grandma's cookies
MS. Lillie
MS. Lillie 16 soat oldin
He threw grandma's cookies and he got mad why am I so attached to a cookie?
Red'sbrand GTZ
Red'sbrand GTZ 19 soat oldin
all you clowns are mistaken those are united States cookies not American cookies !!
Aaron Bays
Aaron Bays Kun oldin
Okay so mom makes cookies, dad makes chocolate and peanut butter fudge, they send this out to friends/family for Christmas presents. And holy shit are the cookies amazing and the fudge is nothing like you get at the cheesy shop in Gatlinburg, its 1000x better. Funny thing is as they get older, the people they send this to shouldn't be eating it. They're getting older, fatter, some of them borderline diabetic or our one friend is way diabetic(although I think they started sending him something else) Still if we are going to rate "American cookies that come in a box" you better include Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints(green box), Tagalongs(red box), and Samoans(purple box with coconut).
Holland Novak
Holland Novak Kun oldin
Well there's your problem, you were drinking tea and not milk.
Anne Collins
Anne Collins Kun oldin
To my Irish friends I'm sorry you don't like our crappy cookies lol we will do better.
Caroline Bunce
Caroline Bunce 2 kun oldin
Grandma's cookies are the absolute WORST representation of American cookies. As an American I'm sorry for you and we have so many better cookies than those.
Southern Farm Momma
I as an American do not eat those. Yuck! Why they chose Grandma's I'm not sure. Tollhouse chocolate chip is what they should have went with.
Tamera Newberry
Tamera Newberry 3 kun oldin
The grandmas brand cookies are a bad choice. They're disgusting .
Popular Sheep
Popular Sheep 3 kun oldin
Yo. Leave grandma's cookies alone. Its all about the COSTO cookies.
Dark Lightning
Dark Lightning 3 kun oldin
Why the hell didnt u get them chips ahoy or something good
johnnie1600 3 kun oldin
I dont know the guys name with the squishee t-shirt, but in every video he is absolutely brilliant.
Massiel Hernandez
Massiel Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Grandma's cookie are the worst. You only get those when you're high and broke.
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson 4 kun oldin
Someone get these Jameson guzzlers some Chips Ahoy or some Famous Amos cookies
Dan Marrero
Dan Marrero 4 kun oldin
VDubya 4 kun oldin
Lolsy's moist was special
Amina Jennings
Amina Jennings 5 kun oldin
They gave you guys the worst cookies to represent us. Sorry guys lol
Whit Trusty
Whit Trusty 5 kun oldin
The grandma cookies are the worst anyway! Barf!
AwesomeSean0108 6 kun oldin
They fed them cheap cookies we buy expensive for good quality give them Oreo and chips ahoy
scott little
scott little 6 kun oldin
I guess they din't have fekin sugar in Ireland.... For god sakes
A.J. Pal
A.J. Pal 6 kun oldin
Why did you pick the grandma's cookie brand they're the worst I will make you some cookies they will be good
Disney_rocks _always
Is that how this works? People send this stuff in? I feel like people just hate the irish so they are trying to slowly kill them by sending in the worst of America's goods to see if they survive........this looks like torture on a screen. Has anyone seen the one with spreadable lunch meat? I mean, at least they left out vienna sausages. I one time had a set of barbecue vienna sausages that I had to eat in a church camp relay, it was disgusting (they were all feeling around the bag, those dirty traitors). Americans may make amazing things, but that just means we have a bunch of failures mixed in. I feel like somone was trying to create the perfect sausages then messed up and was like "why dont we sell the excess cooked meat" and called it 'spreadable meat'. If meat is on a sandwhich it is supposed to be a slice, 'spreadable meat' is grotesque. But they pretty much have the cookies right. I always have to make my own because store bought taste either to sweet, to hard, or to soft.
Gutslinger 6 kun oldin
Idk what the rest of y'all are talking about. I love those grandma peanut butter cookies. 😂
ORCAS ARE BEST 7 kun oldin
how can people not like peanut butter? that boggles my mind. also Grandmas cookies is like the 99 cent cheapo brand cookie everyone eats when they are stoned or drunk. no sober person bites into a grandmas brand cookie and thinks "man this is good". nope, its never happened.
MarkHD 7 kun oldin
These videos are basically just almost 10 minutes of people trying really hard to be funny and failing horribly.
Rufus Bayne
Rufus Bayne 7 kun oldin
I'm an American and even I don't eat Grandma's cookies. I hate soft cookies. How about a big glass of milk and a box of Oreos ?
Lattetown 7 kun oldin
Best comment: "The problem is getting through the dry wall"...LOL
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 7 kun oldin
All your guys food sucks so get off it.
TheMattHoskins 7 kun oldin
The only thing I got from this is that the Irish doesn't like penut butter
Bluerose11 7 kun oldin
Why the heck did you give them dollar store stale Grandma's cookies? NO ONE eats those, in fact there are whole landfills full of un-purchased Grandma's cookies. You should redo this video with some decent brands. I would also like to know what you consider a cookie because apparently ours are "not cookies". Mr. "I hate peanut butter", WE GET IT.
Melanie Cravens
Melanie Cravens 7 kun oldin
Why is it you Irish folk try the less likeable items who picks those out for you they need to get the better brands for you no wonder you hardly ever like our food bless your heart
Aaron Asmus
Aaron Asmus 8 kun oldin
Why they chose grandmas i have no clue. Lowest brand cookie ever
DrEvilToBe 8 kun oldin
The Grandmas Peanut butter cookies revealed had me crying 😂😂😂
Mafew Vasquez
Mafew Vasquez 8 kun oldin
Who is in charge of picking foods!? They need to be fired. All the good cookies out there and you choose this shit
alabama trixie
alabama trixie 8 kun oldin
These are not a good representation of American cookies!
James j
James j 8 kun oldin
Irish people try "american" cookies that were given to them by some weird canadian fucks that know nothing about america...
Acia Menafee
Acia Menafee 8 kun oldin
Irish yall hate
Acia Menafee
Acia Menafee 8 kun oldin
Soft cookies are bomb
Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas 9 kun oldin
Eat a chocolate chip cookie made from scratch. Now that is Americana Amazing!
Danika Silva
Danika Silva 9 kun oldin
Lol I have a friend who works at a local neighborhood store and these are the worst selling items in the sweets department...☺
MrsSerene Xero
MrsSerene Xero 9 kun oldin
Why are they giving you those American cookies?
Crashtest Clay
Crashtest Clay 9 kun oldin
What!!?? No chips ahoy?? No oreo?? Oh i get it they let Pearce Morgan choose the cookies since he knows sooooo much about the U.S. smh
Jennifer Noonan
Jennifer Noonan 9 kun oldin
Irish people try talking about the english who sold Irish children for free service to America. Good start to addressing history. You suck
Susan Farley
Susan Farley 9 kun oldin
I would love to see them try pecan sandies (a pecan shortbread cookie). My favorite, next to chocolate chip cookies made at home
My ShadowKungFu
My ShadowKungFu 9 kun oldin
Nicole O’Connor. Love that girl that loves girls.
denise grays
denise grays 9 kun oldin
Picked the worst cookies for them to try. 😣
dcricket1 9 kun oldin
Oh good heavens, I’m sure Americans would have a real problem with rock hard cookies that are really hockey pucks and as far as all that tea crap...........triple yuck!!!!! I only drink hot tea if I’m sick and dying and then it’s green tea. I would have enjoyed an actual honest comparison without all that childish bull it was nothing but annoying. Come to Texas USA with those bland pallets and we’ll lite up your tastebuds with some Tex-Mex and Habenero hot sauce!!!! You’ll be screaming for your Mommy!! FYI, there is nothing better than licking the cake batter from the bowel after making a cake. We also love to eat raw cookie dough and many of us love warm cookies right out of the oven when they are warm and soft and fall apart. 100% Native Texan!!
Americans hate Grandmas Cookies too.
It’s MeT
It’s MeT 10 kun oldin
Makes me wonder how good are Irish cookies???? 🍪 💭🤔
Áòn 10 kun oldin
Also, Grandma's Cookies are what inmates buy in Jails here in the USA. I mean they are available to the public but...their sales are mostly from inmates. So.....
Áòn 10 kun oldin
I recently went on a sugar purge ( As much as is possible while maintaining a healthy diet ) for Keto. After only a month I tried a "low-carb" candy bar and was completely taken aback by how sweet it was. My wife tasted it and said, "Really? It tastes kinda unsweet to me." That was the moment I realized American food is WAY over sweetened.
Sparkle Gems
Sparkle Gems 10 kun oldin
Why did they give them grandma's cookies? Gross!
DXXP SOUL 10 kun oldin
Dry Wall Milano lmao
madestmadhatter 10 kun oldin
"It's grandma!!!"
Jenny Mohr
Jenny Mohr 10 kun oldin
OMG they could've given them better cookies! I've never liked grandmas, so disgusting....what about oreos or chips ahoy or sandwich cookies or keblers! or homemade which will ALWAYS be better than packaged crap!
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones 10 kun oldin
So many idiots in the comment section who think that 'American cookies' are Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and other major brands. How stupid can you be? These brands may be owned by a company that is headquartered in the United States, but they are international brands widely recognized and known throughout the world. 'Grandmas' may not be the best America has to offer, but that's not the point, the point is you can't find them in other parts of the world. Irish people are very familiar with Oreo cookies, like everyone else on planet earth. Oreo cookies are made in numerous factories all over the world, including Montreal, Canada, Sheffield, UK, and even Manama, Bahrain. Oreo cookies come in many different flavors, some of which you can't even find in America - for example, the Matcha Green Tea Oreo cookies you can find in Japan. Your comments really aren't helping the stereotype around the world, which is; Americans are stupid. A video of Irish people trying Oreo cookies would be pointless, because most Irish people have tried Oreo cookies before. Don't get me wrong, the video is already pretty pointless as it is, but at least its entertaining. A video of people eating a cookie they have probably ate many times before would be dry, humorless and uneventful. Most Irish people have never heard of Grandmas because they can only be found in the United States. *That's the entire point of the video.* I didn't think this needed to be explained but the UZvid comment section has astounded me once again
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones 10 kun oldin
*"Irish people eat normal cookies from an Irish supermarket"* ... sounds entertaining.
Prog MetalDeity
Prog MetalDeity 10 kun oldin
"Tea, is there anything you can't do?" Keep an empire together.
Happy Homesteader
Happy Homesteader 10 kun oldin
Grandmas cookies suck. -America
Rose Marie
Rose Marie 10 kun oldin
American here...no WAY would I ever buy a premade cookie of any sort in this country. I only eat cookies I make in my own kitchen. Sorry they put you through that torture. 😱
Lumi Nariel
Lumi Nariel 10 kun oldin
Hâkx 11 kun oldin
I love grandmas cookies, these guys are just all pussys
Sister Kaylie
Sister Kaylie 11 kun oldin
We only eat Grandmas cookies if we have had 20 shots of tequila or there is literally no other options. We literally don’t like those cookies. And we usually eat like fresh baked toll house cookies. Let them eat thin mints or Oreos.
Bear Guy
Bear Guy 11 kun oldin
Grandma's is a TERRIBLE cookie company! I'm so sorry you all had to suffer through that! We have PLENTY of good cookies "biscuits" here.
Robin Barrett
Robin Barrett 11 kun oldin
I am American and I don't eat those. They're gross
OneStudPuppy 11 kun oldin
Love the videos in general but GRANDMAS cookies ?! Those are shite, they are the processed food that one would open AFTER 100 years of scorched earth radiation remains and those cookies would still be the exact same. Please realize those are NOT represent cookies in America. It might represent what ones granny would taste like! Much love from the states,
Horizon sky
Horizon sky 11 kun oldin
Oh my God they complain so much they deserve a famine
Nekiesha James
Nekiesha James 12 kun oldin
Grandma's vanilla sandwich cookies are the best out of the Grandma's brand.
MrIh8hondas 12 kun oldin
Are all Irish cookies stale or something? Cookies are supposed to be soft and moist. If they're hard, you've left them out too long.
Rose Marie
Rose Marie 10 kun oldin
No....not necessarily! I bake my own at home, and I have to make two batches because I like mine crispy. Everyone else in my home eats them soft. They still come after my crispy ones if they finish theirs first though 🤣
dustinrkaimon 12 kun oldin
Love you guys
thelastgoodbrother 12 kun oldin
I stumbled upon your channel and was instantly hooked. I am sitting at my desk at work with tears in my eyes. This is the funniest channel on UZvid by far. Keep up the good work.
snowboy82 12 kun oldin
We have cookies here that are way better than what you served here. I don't eat grandma's cookies either.
Sandra Westmoreland
Sandra Westmoreland 13 kun oldin
Why didn't they give themsome good cookies?
LizziB19 13 kun oldin
"Impending death and incense" is my favorite thing ever🤣🤣🤣 Thank you Davey!!!
1st Mar Div Grunt
1st Mar Div Grunt 13 kun oldin
I want Irish people to try American Moonshine!
Eric Mack
Eric Mack 13 kun oldin
I’m guessing all Irish biscuits (cookies) are super crispy because they all seem to be dumbfounded by the softness of all the cookies they tried. Maybe I’m oddl but I like soft cookies. Even freshly baked I want them soft except for the edges. They can be crisp on the edges as long as the middle is still soft.
GRRRCEDES 13 kun oldin
How the fuck do you make this without nestle tollhouse or oreos?
homershippo 13 kun oldin
Grandmas cookies are nasty!
Dog Meat
Dog Meat 14 kun oldin
i think irish chicks are my new thing
samantha w
samantha w 14 kun oldin
Americans don't even like grandmas cookies!! They are so weird, and the texture just should not exist in a cookie, ew! So sorry they didn't give you better choices.
diane smith
diane smith 14 kun oldin
Grandmas are all sugar! 🤮
diane smith
diane smith 14 kun oldin
The stuff you’ve just eaten has like NO food in them. They’ve all gross
Thisis Bs
Thisis Bs 14 kun oldin
Spoiler alert: They don't like it. Because they are Irish. They don't like anything that does not taste like cow shit and/or boiled vegetables.
stumpy0227 14 kun oldin
LiL bitty reminder,,,,,,,,,,DONT MAKE FUN OF OUR TREATS!!!!!! We have ARSELOADS of nukes, just sayin'
Casey Deel
Casey Deel 14 kun oldin
Famous Amos cookies are a little better than Grandma's but not much. They could have given them some Nutter Butter cookies or some Fudge Squares from Keebler instead of that truck stop junk.
Twila Jones
Twila Jones 14 kun oldin
Whats up with the obsession with Grandmas Cookies? Those are NOT top American cookies!
Carol Hayes
Carol Hayes 15 kun oldin
what a horrible selection to give these guys!
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 15 kun oldin
Grandma's cookies have a very particular clientele... and they are known as pot heads who buy them at 24 hours convenience stores at 3 a.m.
player2aj 16 kun oldin
My mother's peanut butter cookies would change their minds about peanut butter
Lester Keller
Lester Keller 16 kun oldin
Don't judge us on the shitty choices they gave you guys...out of a million grand cookies the gave you the worst
Amber B.R.H
Amber B.R.H 16 kun oldin
Funny thing is most people I know don't even eat those grandma "cookies" unless they're stoned
Neena Lane
Neena Lane 16 kun oldin
Grandma's cookies are what you eat when you're in the middle of the desert on the way to Vegas and have nowhere to eat but the gas station.
Stephanie Martins
Stephanie Martins 16 kun oldin
These are probably the worst choices lol
Alex C
Alex C 16 kun oldin
Did they change the grandma cookie or something..when i was in school they weren't greasy looking..
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 16 kun oldin
Had to wear a bandage over my left eye when I was a child because my bro threw a cookie my mom made at me and hit me in the eye. Was the worst black eye I ever saw lol.
Tyson Quinlan
Tyson Quinlan 16 kun oldin
Amber's Second Chance
It really sucks that the only american cookies they are all offered are crap packaged cookies. Do people even still eat grandmas nasty ass cookies? YUCKKKK How about giving them some homemade cookies.....made with real ingredients instead of trash ingredients.
ricky dunn
ricky dunn 17 kun oldin
Grandmas cookies are not American cookies...Oreos, chips ahoy, ect are american...bad test!!!
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