Irish People Try American Cookies

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A lovely fan, Delwin, sent us some more goodies! This time, sending a selection of American cookies for us to try, Grandma's Cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies - so we dished them out to our TRYers and see what they thought!
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26-Noy, 2018

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The Average American
The Average American 13 daqiqa oldin
Only Americans that eat those cookies...if you're at work, you forgot lunch and it's the only shit in the vending machine. Or maybe if you're smashed or stoned.
The Average American
The Average American 16 daqiqa oldin
If it ain't moist, I'm not eating it EHHHHH!!!! AMIRITE GUYS?!?! and lesbians
Alora Guiles
Alora Guiles 40 daqiqa oldin
Nope, nope, nope lol
Br. Bill
Br. Bill Soat oldin
Dark chocolate Milanos > Milk chocolate Milanos
Br. Bill
Br. Bill Soat oldin
Grandma's soft cookies are awful. Every American knows that.
Rm Stacy
Rm Stacy Soat oldin
no Oreo's , Chips ahoy , nutter butter, grasshoppers? you got the trash of American cookies.
Slade4420 Soat oldin
One thing I wonder after watching these, have they ever had true peanut butter. Everything I've seen them hate on is closer to candy than peanut butter. That stuff is loaded with sugar and cooking oils to manipulate the flavor and texture. There is peanut butter that has one ingredient, peanuts, it is true peanut butter. Crazy Richard's is the best.
Tracy Francis
Tracy Francis 3 soat oldin
Grandma brand cookies suck.
William Durham
William Durham 4 soat oldin
Hello Ms. Lolsy!😀😉
The DigBick
The DigBick 4 soat oldin
Wow I thought Americans couldn't be made to look any dumber, a brownie is a brownie a cookie is a cookie there is no brownie cookie or cookie brownie
Akiko Fujishima
Akiko Fujishima 4 soat oldin
I lived in England for 4 years and they also had an aversion to peanut butter.. I really don't get it.. lol. Though, I actually prefer cashew butter, because um cashews.. lol! While living in England, I had made some Banana Bread for my boyfriend and his mum to try, they both loved it, but my boyfriend's mates, they were scared of it. They couldn't seem to get over the fact that Banana Bread is not the type of bread one uses to make a sarni.. lol. They missed out, is all I can say.. Being chicken shits deprived them of something really damn delicious.. lol!
ThunderPaladin 15 soat oldin
No Famous Amos? Are you serious right now?
Dirk Griffin
Dirk Griffin 16 soat oldin
Grandma's Cookies are the cheapest and worst cookies you can buy stateside.
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 16 soat oldin
Im noticing a theme of them being given like the crapies food brands from the USA but im guessing the good brands are over there as well soooooo
Wolf Night
Wolf Night 16 soat oldin
"Let's see what abortion she's vacuum packed for us today", that's just fantastic. Many moons ago I actually used to eat those at school, if muffins weren't available to purchase. School lunch was far worse to try to force yourself to eat, just buy a thing of Grandma's Cookies for 50 cents or a muffin for 50 cents (at least the muffins were freshly baked earlier that day) and found a secluded place to eat it and read a book. I socially tried to outcast myself because I have always found children and teens annoying, even when I was one myself.
HellStingOzUnit 16 soat oldin
they gave you'll junk cookies
Lillith 16 soat oldin
I do always love how disrespectful the people are in these videos. "Looks like shit, moving along". I hope they're not like this about all various cultures of food. I feel, if you're going to review a product from anywhere or anyone, honesty is important but hedge back on the stream of insults, probably? SOMEONE likes that "shit".
Chelsea Kirk
Chelsea Kirk 17 soat oldin
You guys need to give these people some homemade cookies! I hate those grandma cookies
Brianna Amtsfield
Brianna Amtsfield 18 soat oldin
These are not actual American cookies. Someone needs to shows these Irish a true American cookie like chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle, and sugar cookie.
EosHeliosSelene 18 soat oldin
Try Girl Scout Cookies!!! Those are American FAVORITES!
abohawk1 18 soat oldin
Who the hell chose those cookies? Grandma's cookies are pure crap. Get some real cookies, not flavored plastic.
Portia Williams
Portia Williams 18 soat oldin
The Invisible Woman
The Invisible Woman 19 soat oldin
Why are these dear Irish folks being fed such a poor representation of our cookies? 🤨
OpticalGhost 20 soat oldin
I will let them come for a lot of things but do not come for Grandma's Oatmeal Rasin. That is just too far. Also, it is hard to taste test American Cookies. Some are made soft and some crunchy. For me I love cookies soft, but my mom just loves them hard, so it is harder to tell.
Maxx S
Maxx S 20 soat oldin
Chips ayoy, keebler, oreo
Maxx S
Maxx S 20 soat oldin
Fake ass American cookies. Chips ayoi!!!!!
Jaden N
Jaden N 20 soat oldin
Wtf ... don’t make them eat grandma’s cookies. The Irish are our friends! That stuff is crap!
Free D. Ottawe
Free D. Ottawe 20 soat oldin
Title Should be Irish People Try 2 Mediocre American Cookie Brands
Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers 20 soat oldin
Nah, I'm an American and no sane person eats grandmas cookies. You want some good shit, Famous Amos.
Ward Kelly
Ward Kelly 21 soat oldin
Hahahaha....they got the worst of packaged cookies!
Austracy 21 soat oldin
I make cookies for a living and grandma needs to leave that shit in the oven an extra 8 mins and cut back on the butter, sugar, and shortening. Try some flour, eggs, and milk there grandma, instead of pancake mix and high fructose corn syrup.
Dude Itsjeff
Dude Itsjeff 21 soat oldin
if you want a good cookie make that shit yourself or go to a bakery! these cookies are a under par to say the least...
Noah Hartman
Noah Hartman 21 soat oldin
From what it sounded like the Milano's were stale. Also since when is grandma's the definition of American cookies?
Renee Reives
Renee Reives 22 soat oldin
Found all the awful cookies. Haven't had a Grandma cookie since high school
Tina B
Tina B 23 soat oldin
I love these! That being said... I really wish someone would send these wonderful people some REAL cookies! Grandma's is what you find in old vending machines and county hospital cafeterias. Yuck. Also, I'd like to see a video where they try candies like Atomic Warheads, Super Sour Patch Kids, etc...
j shane
j shane 23 soat oldin
Grandma’s cookies are the worst “American” cookies you could choose. They are not that good.
j shane
j shane 23 soat oldin
Mint Milano’s are a better Milano lol
Vanessa Pagán
Vanessa Pagán 23 soat oldin
I will also state that Grandma’s Cookies are not representative of the variety available here in the USA. Grandma’s Cookies are usually found in gas stations and convenience stores. They are super sweet, especially their frosted sugar cookies.
No Ga
No Ga 23 soat oldin
Omg 1:10 moist. Laura you are yummy
Lochen Dude
Lochen Dude Kun oldin
Haven't the Irish suffered enough? Can't we send them real cookies?
Ariel Hagenbeck
Ariel Hagenbeck Kun oldin
No one eats those
John Cordingley
John Cordingley Kun oldin
hell with grandma's cookies they suck... need famous amos cookies
Chris m
Chris m Kun oldin
Gave them the worst brands of cookies ever.
Kayla LeAnn
Kayla LeAnn Kun oldin
I make THE best cookies. These are all trash Sad face
Sassafras & Lemons
What about chips ahoy, oreos or those elf cookies?
Sarah Nashed
Sarah Nashed Kun oldin
Davey and clisare were so fucking negative thru out the entire video, ruined it honestly
Ian Menne
Ian Menne Kun oldin
Omfg “Fuck you Collin”
allmagicgy Kun oldin
First these are thee worst choices for American cookies and generally we use milk not tea...
Patricia Bradley
Someone forgot they were filming that day and stopped at the gas station on the way to the shoot. How is an American cookie segment not offering Oreos or Fudge Stripes or CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!?!
Emeni Kaguya
Emeni Kaguya Kun oldin
Lmao they picked some of the worst brands
Sarah Paugh
Sarah Paugh Kun oldin
I have to say as an American I'm sorry they gave you Grandma's cookies🤮