Irish People Try American Corn Nuts

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Hoo boy, we got our Irish people trying some American Corn Nuts!
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Corn Nuts are a crunchy corn snack made of crunchy corn kernels. An interesting alternative to your regular bar peanuts, these American Corn Nuts were sent to us by Allison who said that they "kinda suck." Well, all the more reason to give it to our Tryers to see what they thought! Thanks for sending us these, Allison!
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5-Noy, 2018

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Andrew Nieto
Andrew Nieto Soat oldin
They didnt try the cheese corn nuts
Cringe Police
Cringe Police 2 soat oldin
JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt
This has become my favorite youtube channel to watch. Also, chili picante are the best corn nuts. I just wish that they had a corn chips version so you dont have to risk a broken tooth.
Amanda Connor
Amanda Connor 7 soat oldin
The ranch flavor is my go-to road trip snack.
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 12 soat oldin
Ive always wondered, if the irish people think us americans doing a shit impersonation of irish accent, is as bad as dude doing american! I felt like dude come on now stop it. Then i figured what a wank.
james crain
james crain 15 soat oldin
They are great in the cinema
Brock Landers
Brock Landers 17 soat oldin
Corn Nutz are like eating a very used urinal cake. Disgusting...
Dalas Ryser
Dalas Ryser 20 soat oldin
They have to try Takis next
ravenwda007 21 soat oldin
BBQ is awesome. Loved those as a kid
Drowning Chorus
Drowning Chorus Kun oldin
"Cornuts. Don't forget the cornnuts" "Plain or BQ?" "BQ!!!" *cue JD singing tragically about slushie addiction*
Yvette Luna
Yvette Luna 3 kun oldin
Corn nuts and pickle juice...yum.
dojokonojo 4 kun oldin
My go-to snack that I could buy from the vending machine in the mid-2000s.
sandy 4 kun oldin
Better than TV!
Benjamin Stevens
Benjamin Stevens 6 kun oldin
Always open from the bottom, more flavor that way. Same goes for chips, popcorn, and some cereals.
I Play One On T.V.
I Play One On T.V. 7 kun oldin
I ate "Corn Nuts" all the time when I was growing up.
Takashi 125
Takashi 125 7 kun oldin
PB 7 kun oldin
chile con limon has always been my fav
Nanette Vermillion
Nanette Vermillion 7 kun oldin
I do not like corn nuts but if they're around me I have to eat one or two.
AmberJay16 7 kun oldin
I’d love if you guys had Caribbean snack combinations and sweets. They’re generally homemade though...like sugar cake, Ashom, Zoomers with condensed milk...
StrivingFor Mindfulness
@0:17 Niamh _perfectly_ nailed the description of corn nuts. *Nailed* it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Lil O
Lil O 8 kun oldin
Ranch flavor are the best!
Justin Corder
Justin Corder 9 kun oldin
Lol I was so hoping they would have the chilli ones curious to how you would feel about them. Those are really the only good ones. I'm eating some as I watch you eat them lol.
Briaa Laynee
Briaa Laynee 11 kun oldin
Did she really just say “what is ranch?” My Midwest soul is hurting right now. Somebody send them a box full of ranch flavored snacks
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit 11 kun oldin
Look at Ryan liking everything. Beer, corn nuts, football you’re practically American!
Barry Werdell
Barry Werdell 12 kun oldin
Madi is so articulate, makes everybody seem unschooled.
Paul B
Paul B 13 kun oldin
Somehow, I had never seen or heard of these in the US... until this video, and now I notice them everywhere. Wat
Jonesy RDNR
Jonesy RDNR 14 kun oldin
The ranch flavor are the best
Jonesy RDNR
Jonesy RDNR 14 kun oldin
Hey "Uncle Tiger".....I have a real Southern Redneck accent.........and ya did good, partner. YEEEHAWW 😎👍
Larry Brown
Larry Brown 14 kun oldin
The 3 American flavors on everything from ass to toes...honey, ranch,bbq. (I forgot peanut butter)
artao5 14 kun oldin
Not even watching this video. I just came here to say, as an American, that Corn Nuts are disgusting. I literally don't know a single person who actually likes them.
Art_Draw _Art
Art_Draw _Art 15 kun oldin
George you are hilarious! !!!
Vivi Mage
Vivi Mage 15 kun oldin
Dermot is daddy af
Gilgamesh 16 kun oldin
3:44 That's how you eat Corn Nuts.
Belac84 18 kun oldin
You didn’t provide beer? You missed the bus. That’s like eating salsa with a spoon instead of tortilla chips “crisps”
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 20 kun oldin
Lol daddy dermot 😂
Jason Michael Gomez
Jason Michael Gomez 20 kun oldin
Texas Corn Nuts. Ranch flavor poured into full Dr. Pepper can.
Herbie and Missi
Herbie and Missi 21 kun oldin
These are Fritos, but recommended by your dentist. He needs a new Porsche.
Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler 21 kun oldin
Ranch Corn Nuts are hands down the king of road trip munchies 100%
Lori Wagner
Lori Wagner 21 kun oldin
I've found that Raccoons really like the BBQ ones.
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 22 kun oldin
dude said, "All in at once....And then youll go deaf." HAHAHA!!
Joni Neal
Joni Neal 24 kun oldin
Why do you all look so scraggly?
HTakara82 24 kun oldin
its a beer snack, give them some beer to go alongside it, and they'll enjoy it more.
Music4TheSoul 24 kun oldin
Please do an episode with Ranch Dressing Bacon Bit Crinkle Fries!!
steverdbvd 24 kun oldin
The guy with the red hat
Niamh is so freaking cute
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 27 kun oldin
Cornnuts are not good at all
A Av
A Av 27 kun oldin
Corn nuts are bis
Willow Summers
Willow Summers 28 kun oldin
Corn nuts are so good! But it's like eating teeth.
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 28 kun oldin
US citizens do not eat those very often. I haven't seen anyone eat those since the 90's. They are bad for your teeth.
Magy 88
Magy 88 29 kun oldin
Maybe i will actually send you some stuff to try. Some nice stuff :P