Irish People Try American Goldfish Crackers

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"I guess this is the last video, because nothing will ever beat this!"
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More Information:
Goldfish are fish-shaped cheese crackers manufactured by Pepperidge Farm, and have been a hugely popular snack food in America for years. As we don't regularly see them here in Ireland, we decided to get four varieties, and see what our resident Irish People thought of them!
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Clisare: TRY.Media/Clisare
Nicole O'Conor: TRY.Media/Nicole
Fiona Frawley: TRY.Media/Fiona
Diane Jennings: TRY.Media/Diane
Darren Lalor: TRY.Media/Darren

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13-Iyl, 2018

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Aimee Weeks
Aimee Weeks 2 kun oldin
Omg I’m just discovered your guys page and it’s amazing. Hello from California btw. (Also I’m really sad you guys didn’t get a chance to try the S’mores goldfish, those are the absolute best ones)
Beth Michael
Beth Michael 2 kun oldin
I hate cheese crackers....its the smell.
KLM Hooked Moore
KLM Hooked Moore 2 kun oldin
I love these guys. I hope I can visit Ireland one day.
DBLU 3 kun oldin
Clisare is the Irish goddess of my dreams please marry me.
Jill Lewandowski
Jill Lewandowski 3 kun oldin
The girl with Dermot is horrible to watch. I think she shouldn't be on screen. Too aggressive.
nick abel
nick abel 3 kun oldin
Is there like a... DateAnIrishBeauty.com or something? The more of these videos i watch im starting to feel some type of way? Is Ireland having a population issue and this was the propaganda departments solution?
Specter1065 4 kun oldin
I'm an American, never had the last three types, never even seen them...
Jim Payne
Jim Payne 4 kun oldin
Diane Jennings... Doppelganger for Crystal Bernard from the 90's TV show "Wings"
Cody Hughes
Cody Hughes 6 kun oldin
The red haired gal looks kinda stoned 💨🌲
K Fallon
K Fallon 7 kun oldin
Dear Irish People at TRY: Goldfish are indeed very popular but people only care about the savory flavors.
Danielle Cormier
Danielle Cormier 8 kun oldin
I’m upset they didn’t eat the extreme pizza ones wtf , there the best.
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA 8 kun oldin
I hate goldfish
gilmour Keirs
gilmour Keirs 8 kun oldin
Clisare is my favourite she's hilarious
SeaGrave 9 kun oldin
that second bag reminded me of some washing powder
Liam Matley
Liam Matley 10 kun oldin
I've had a filled red bull and I'm siked.. haha loved it
J LA 11 kun oldin
Goldfish crackers are just amazing. I've never seen the sweet ones though! Do they not have them in the US Midwest?
Azenturi 11 kun oldin
I don't think I've seen Dermot happier than when he asked for that tea.
Drew Whitcomb
Drew Whitcomb 11 kun oldin
Geez, most of these I haven't tried XD We usually only get regular and sharp cheddar. I'm guessing the special ones are in big cities (Tourism) and online.
Robin The Irishman
Robin The Irishman 12 kun oldin
I still love the older commercials that sang “they smile back until you bite their heads off”.
Arsoncrafts 12 kun oldin
I want to hang out with Clisare and just shoot the shit while drinking from big fuck-off mugs of tea.
Spooky Boii
Spooky Boii 13 kun oldin
Clisare 😍
justhavnfun here
justhavnfun here 14 kun oldin
7:35 did she say they stepped their pussy up with this? If so what the hell does that mean.
Madison Sigel
Madison Sigel 14 kun oldin
It’s so cool seeing your reactions. I live in America and if I open my pantry there in there. It’s so cool seeing your reactions.
Larry Brown
Larry Brown 14 kun oldin
I'm thinking you guys are actually gaining insight into our obesity troubles 😁
Brum Kid
Brum Kid 15 kun oldin
Sorry but Clisare is so funny and mad at the same time i feel sorry for the man that is married to her.
TheShad0w 15 kun oldin
Can't beat girls wearing chokers.
Dylan Twyman
Dylan Twyman 15 kun oldin
People wonder why us Americans are fat
FM PARANORMAL 15 kun oldin
I only watch these for CLISARE
shanette Strizek
shanette Strizek 16 kun oldin
The advertising campaign was the snack that smiles back till you bite their heads off. Until moms didn't like the kids singing that. 😂😂😂
Sandra Ferguson
Sandra Ferguson 16 kun oldin
My cat will attack and take your bag of gold fish.
CrippledMerc 16 kun oldin
You see why American’s are generally overweight? Out snacks are delicious and addictive. You grab a bag of goldfish, have a handful, then next thing you know the bag is empty and you’re not even sorry. Ya we put too much sugar and stuff in foods, because it’s delicious. It sucks, but it’s glorious at the same time.
Paul Naylor
Paul Naylor 17 kun oldin
The more you put in your mouth the better it is....what a great moment
Jea E Bozo
Jea E Bozo 17 kun oldin
You should try the pizza flavored ones they are my favorite
Grey Cloudz
Grey Cloudz 19 kun oldin
6:09 I love this show!
This is beautiful. As an American everyone I knew growing up ate these on the regular, so seeing adults trying them for the first time is awesome. Most of us were originally exposed to them in Kindergarten, so our reaction was tainted by the suck of being in school.
Mark _
Mark _ 20 kun oldin
Cookies and cream or cinnamon french toast 👌👌👍
SherriSLC 20 kun oldin
This video makes me want to send Dermot 10 bags of vanilla cupcake goldfish.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 21 kun oldin
I so much wanted there to be peanut butter flavor.
Barbara Kerr
Barbara Kerr 21 kun oldin
These are a Midwest staple. Every child in my family has eaten them as soon as they got teeth. God forbid you run out!
Deathbinge 22 kun oldin
If there isn't another woman just like Clare I'm never going to be happy...
Deathbinge 22 kun oldin
Clare 😍
Jonas J
Jonas J 22 kun oldin
damn! i was waiting for goldfish peanutbutter :D
Herbie and Missi
Herbie and Missi 22 kun oldin
Please help us Goldfish chugging Yanks out, what are digestive biscuits??????? And yessss (think Jeremy Clarkson saying yesss) America does make everything bad for you, its what we do. Thanx for these vids.
Hey4Horses 22 kun oldin
I vote for a round 2 of the goldfish cuz i know they didn't get to the pretzel ones 👍
Céline Dækin
Céline Dækin 23 kun oldin
Pretzel ones are my favourite
budget vegan
budget vegan 24 kun oldin
I cant believe no one said they look like cat food
Robert Redfield
Robert Redfield 24 kun oldin
As an American this makes me happy seeing Irish enjoying things from here
Lisa Donahue
Lisa Donahue 25 kun oldin
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
Try Kettle Corn,the crack- heroin of popcorn.
Queen of The world
Queen of The world 25 kun oldin
I LOVE goldfish