Irish People Try American Oreo Cookies

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"I could sit in a dark room crying, naked eating fifty of these!"
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Oreo! Specifically American Oreo Cookies! They're great and amazing! We got a sent a lovely package of American Oreo Cookies and we thought we would give our Tryers some and see what they thought! :D
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Paddy Murphy: TRY.Media/Paddy
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Nicole O'Connor: TRY.Media/Nicole
Donal Sharpson: TRY.Media/Donal
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GE Smith
GE Smith 4 soat oldin
Nicole and her silver eye shadow makes me happy.
MSNking14 Kun oldin
The thumbnail did not disappoint
richard harkey
richard harkey Kun oldin
I don't know who Colin is but I can hear his shit eating grin from behind the camera
Eftychia Paris
Eftychia Paris Kun oldin
You know Try has their shit right when they put Dermot and peanut butter in the click bait
Saint Chadam
Saint Chadam 4 kun oldin
screw dermot's opinion..peanut butter is the best
Nicola Carey
Nicola Carey 6 kun oldin
I'm in the same boat as Dermot I hate peanut butter
Angela Bryant
Angela Bryant 7 kun oldin
I never realized how many peanut butter flavored products we had as Americans until I started watching this channel. So much peanut butter and so many people with peanut allergies, hmm...
Duder Manbro
Duder Manbro 7 kun oldin
Liked for "They can fuck off."
Beatriz Rodriguez
Beatriz Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Actually the Peanut Butter Oreos are the best ones. Just like the Peanut butter Captain Crunch.
Krissy Hansen
Krissy Hansen 7 kun oldin
Love Dermot! 😍
Amy Lawson
Amy Lawson 8 kun oldin
Dermot: please don't do this *Happy guitar plays in the background whilst peanut butter Oreos pop up on the screen*
Charlotte Hill
Charlotte Hill 9 kun oldin
Omg poor Dermot.....
Evelyn Aviles
Evelyn Aviles 10 kun oldin
madestmadhatter 10 kun oldin
Can we just get a video of him taste testing different brands of peanut butter?
Brian Santiago-Yoest
I can’t believe you filmed this video without giving them a glass of milk
Jan Rigby
Jan Rigby 11 kun oldin
Red velvet is my favorite
spykp 11 kun oldin
Just press 6 while watching this. Thank me later.
Andy Kuhn
Andy Kuhn 12 kun oldin
was it the editing, was it the absent father comment.....awesome. yep
Peta Stafford
Peta Stafford 12 kun oldin
“They can fook off!" I died 😂😂😂
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 13 kun oldin
I have never had any of these oreos and frankly I think I've been cheating myself... I have of course eaten tons of the original and it still stands as the greatest cookie ever created
Brandy Lower
Brandy Lower 14 kun oldin
I don’t understand birthday cake flavor. Only regular Oreos for me.
Mark Tucker
Mark Tucker 14 kun oldin
Who is that silver fox!? 🤤
Alexis Cohen
Alexis Cohen 14 kun oldin
You guys should taste girl scout cookies
Carter D Johnson
Carter D Johnson 16 kun oldin
Love these guy's they are hilarious even Dermot!
death rage
death rage 17 kun oldin
And they really didn't make them try the cherry cola Oreos with pop rocks in them
Aiden Schmidt
Aiden Schmidt 17 kun oldin
Dermot is such a drama queen.
ricky dunn
ricky dunn 17 kun oldin
They have had Oreos before...how is this the first time???
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 17 kun oldin
Oreo was one of my nicknames growing up. Black on the outside and white on the inside lol
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 17 kun oldin
The try staff really should provide tea or milk, coffee..most people don't eat cookies dry..ijs
irishgrl 18 kun oldin
That thumbnail tho!
Kit Hoff
Kit Hoff 18 kun oldin
Dermott's hatred of peanut butter is about half the reason i watch these videos at this point 😂😂
Acacia Myers
Acacia Myers 18 kun oldin
“I’d rather eat my own asshole.” IM SQUEALING. I genuinely hate peanut butter as well.
BearDurangoLI 18 kun oldin
Really think Dermot needs to stop holding back an really tell us how he feels about peanut butter lol
Brian Parker
Brian Parker 18 kun oldin
Why do Irish people hate penutbutter so much
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 18 kun oldin
I love these videos and these people!
Zack Hammond
Zack Hammond 18 kun oldin
Eating Oreo peanut butter... that’s is punishment for murder in some countries... I’d coin toss against life in prison personally...
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi 20 kun oldin
In all fairness, the box of Peanut Butter cookies does look like the diarrhea one gets after a bout of food poisoning. Its the same shade of yellow-brown.
Leo Powell
Leo Powell 20 kun oldin
I'd like to see Dermot try peanut butter beer! (it's real and they make it)
Logovanni 21 kun oldin
Hey, Donal and I have the same birthday. Woo
Jax McB
Jax McB 21 kun oldin
I dip original Oreos in peanut butter. It's pure heaven
Niklas Storck
Niklas Storck 21 kun oldin
Wooow, hating Peanut Butter makes Dermot sooo unsympathetic to me!!
Tamara Walker
Tamara Walker 22 kun oldin
You had me at the thumbnail.
Amanda Danielstad
Amanda Danielstad 23 kun oldin
Strawberry shortcake and rocky road flavors are the BEST! I hope they come back soon!
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings 23 kun oldin
Fun Fact: anytime I see Dermot in a video, I secretly pray that he's trying something with peanut butter.
Lurkian Danti
Lurkian Danti 24 kun oldin
im with Dermot!!)))) HATE PEANUT BUTTER!!
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
Kaitlyn Slaymaker 24 kun oldin
Dermot though... He funny as hell!
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
Kaitlyn Slaymaker 25 kun oldin
4:03 - His face tho.
Melinda Estridge
Melinda Estridge 25 kun oldin
4:02 the look in Dermot’s eyes.....
A. Nonymous
A. Nonymous 26 kun oldin
Put me in a barrell and let Donkey Kong free me! STFU! I will be using that one. #birthdaycakeoreos
Cloud Begner
Cloud Begner 26 kun oldin
@Dermot My roommate's cat who is named Peanut Butter wants to know why you hate him so much
Rachel Koch
Rachel Koch 27 kun oldin
There are so many better flavors of Oreos. Lemon Oreos are one of my favorites. The thin ones are also better because there is more of a balance between the cookie and the filling.
Nick Dodson
Nick Dodson 27 kun oldin
Can you do a peanut butter only episode for Dermot? Just all the different flavors of peanut butter.
corsican lulu
corsican lulu 8 kun oldin
u are evil lol!!!
TokeingTony 27 kun oldin
2:47 my exact reaction lol
micky Fleming
micky Fleming 28 kun oldin
Dermat get your own show
mythra 717
mythra 717 28 kun oldin
Oreos don't taste like they used to. A lot of times when I've tried them lately, they actually taste stale already just after being opened and they have a weird flavor these days that's not quite right.
Aisha McDade
Aisha McDade 29 kun oldin
No mint Oreo?
Edward Maumbauer
Edward Maumbauer 29 kun oldin
I am so in love with the girl in the flowered red
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood 29 kun oldin
Connor should have given dermot the peanut butter first and the red velvet last !
Tyr Silverson
Tyr Silverson 29 kun oldin
Just a FYI.. it's blasphemy to have oreos without milk. It changes the flavor
Christopher Hunter
Christopher Hunter 29 kun oldin
like don't they have sugar in Ireland ?? that's all these potato eating drunks talk about . ooh it has sugar ..tastes like sugar ..sugar
Nana Lenox
Nana Lenox 29 kun oldin
Haha!!! I didn't watch this video because they have become too commercialized and cookie cutter. But the pic for this video is hilarious! I hate peanut butter, too!
Alexis Rush
Alexis Rush Oy oldin
I eat Oreos when I’m stressed out lol Red Velvet and Birthday Cake are awesome lol ❤️❤️💕 “ Roll me in a barrel and let donkey Kong free me” 😂😭🤣🤣 LOVE IT!
Octopus Oy oldin
I can't stand Dermond
Kosmic katt
Kosmic katt Oy oldin
Was Dermot molested by peanut butter or something??
theAbyssSoul Oy oldin
best oreoes are the strawberry milkshake ones... i so hope they bring them back
Cult Boy
Cult Boy Oy oldin
What's the deal with this channel and peanut butter?
Marina Oy oldin
I feel Dermot on a whole different level. Peanut butter is awful!
lee R.
lee R. Oy oldin
Dermot's the best lmao
xadam2dudex Oy oldin
I think Dermot was tortured by somebody and he remembers they feed him peanut butter sandwiches while they kept him prisoner ...he blacked out everything but the peanut butter so now he has PTSD when anything with peanut butter comes close to him
Br. Bill
Br. Bill Oy oldin
Oreos w/o milk? No.
micky Fleming
micky Fleming Oy oldin
How they can live without real food........
JSM Oy oldin
Dermot is a complete mess......and I think he is brilliant! Good on ya big D!
Cole B
Cole B Oy oldin
Too bad you don’t have Firecracker Oreos. Those are the best!
Tracy Rowe
Tracy Rowe Oy oldin
I won't lie, I clicked because of Dermot's angry face in the thumbnail
D Boursiquot
D Boursiquot Oy oldin
I'm here bc of the thumbnail! Immediately started laughing. Subscribed!
Carolyn Payne
Carolyn Payne Oy oldin
I love all of y’all!!!! Stop torturing Dermot with Peanut Butter! Love y’all!
Kim Whitehead
Kim Whitehead Oy oldin
Not a huge Oreo fan, but extra stuff regular Oreos are hidden in cereal my kids won’t touch!
Aaron Dowd
Aaron Dowd Oy oldin
I'm likely the only one, but man that Donal lad seems like such a fucking try hard. Too over the top and forced to actually seem funny. But that's just me.
Gina Burton
Gina Burton Oy oldin
Dermot is my favorite!
Consecira Dixon
I loved him ohhhhh we ohhhhh we yea i eat whole packs of double stuff oreos
Derek Gunderson
Irish people really love red velvet
Angela Bigelow
"It smells like a church" LOL!!!
Sarcinotnarci Oy oldin
Totally agree with Dermot, Peanut Butter is Disgusting!!
toxxicbeautyx Oy oldin
so...which cereal did they use to kill children?
Jeanie Reich
Jeanie Reich Oy oldin
I hate Oreo's and peanut butter, what a nightmare!
Joshua Mann
Joshua Mann Oy oldin
You need milk with the Oreos, you savages!
Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho Oy oldin
0:17 Poooor Dermot. he was sooo excited for a second, then he realized. LMAO. ( * I think there are enough videos for a Dermot hates peanut butter playlist).
rinferno Oy oldin
i hope that office has a gym
Mariana Triantos
"this is... this is classless" omg lolololol XD :D
Kendall Butler
I want to sit in a corner naked and cry with Paddy!!
lonhuey Oy oldin
a very visceral reaction to peanut butter
TiMur Oy oldin
Really diabetic ?
beast from the east
Where was the milk? Everyone knows that oreos are better with milk!
Dontay Minter
Dontay Minter Oy oldin
Dermot is my spirit animal when it comes to peanut butter.
Megan Wilburn
Megan Wilburn Oy oldin
Awe, Donal and I have the same birthday!!! Love it!
Madison Bugley
Brenda Fager
Brenda Fager Oy oldin
Make Dermot do the hot coal in Peanut Butter experiment. LOL Heat up coal, xcover it in Peanut Butter, cover in ice and freeze for 24 hours and wash off.
Miah-zsa Halverson
I want them to try peanut butter beer and just as a twist bananas dipped in peanut butter just to watch the anger brew again...
Gry 0726
Gry 0726 Oy oldin
why dont they have glasses of milk?!
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