Irish People Try American Pringles

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Holy moly, American Pringles! We were sent in a bunch of different Pringles flavours from Cliff all the way from the Americas and we gave them to our Tryers to see what they thought!
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Tom Moran: TRY.Media/Tom
Nicole O'Conor: TRY.Media/Nicole
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Anne Doyle: TRY.Media/Anne
Justine Halpin: TRY.Media/Justine
Ciara O'Doherty: TRY.Media/Ciara

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7-Yan, 2019



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juan lezama
juan lezama Kun oldin
Green sweater girl dont run from no challenge
some_girl a
some_girl a Kun oldin
i feel like the charm has left these videos
martinw28703 3 kun oldin
Dill pickle is the BEST!!!
Emily wood
Emily wood 3 kun oldin
bbq,dill pickle & cheeseburger are my 3 favorite pringle flavors :3
John Smith
John Smith 6 kun oldin
Wtf is wrong with Irish people, talking about sticking a Pringles can up their vagina! Haha
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood 7 kun oldin
Tom is a Brady bunch kid pretending he's from compton!
Outlaw 420
Outlaw 420 8 kun oldin
When the can said loud I thought it was weed
Russell Oxford
Russell Oxford 8 kun oldin
My son found ketchup flavored Pringle’s at a Convenience store. He bought them and ate them and I died a little inside.
Horizon sky
Horizon sky 11 kun oldin
Irish Taylor Swift is so pornographic I like her a lot
Rhiannon Meier
Rhiannon Meier 11 kun oldin
Love the musical reference Also, My favorite is pizza
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith 12 kun oldin
It is entirely possible that Tom Moran is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life!!
Stephanie Duchesne
Stephanie Duchesne 12 kun oldin
Dill pickle is a big favourite in Canada!
BF 'BoutTime
BF 'BoutTime 12 kun oldin
Salt and vinegar only ones I like, yum. Did he say it would her little vagina??!!
Shelby LovesIreland
Shelby LovesIreland 12 kun oldin
Ciara: "I don't handle spicy things well" Also Ciara: * chugs high proof liquor and doesn't flinch *
mistatibbs 11 soat oldin
Right? She can drink basically jet fuel and be so calm about it, but jalapenos are where the line is drawn...go figure lol
Tracy  Stanley
Tracy Stanley 13 kun oldin
Dill pickle is the BEST on any sandwich..
Kelsey Mikel
Kelsey Mikel 14 kun oldin
Nooo you guys gotta try sour cream and onion and salt n vinegar and some other ones
J Weider
J Weider 16 kun oldin
It's too bad that you didn't get to try the cheeseburger flavored Pringles. They are the best!
Rae Dow
Rae Dow 20 kun oldin
0:43-0:46 is one of the most accurate statements in the History of Ever. I'm an American, and I approve the hell out of that shit.
Erik Hollis
Erik Hollis 21 kun oldin
Need to have them try takis!!!
Jim P
Jim P 21 kun oldin
Don't whip your pickle out at a party.
Chloe Anderson
Chloe Anderson 22 kun oldin
Pickle is the best flavor and cheeseburger 😍
spookym123 22 kun oldin
"I'd rather eat a cheesy dick than cheesy Pringles."
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee 29 kun oldin
Pizza and Mequite BBQ are my favorite Pringles thus far.
Danny Camara
Danny Camara 29 kun oldin
It's LOUD with flavor not the crunch
Jazmn Rose
Jazmn Rose Oy oldin
To bad, they didn't send you guys the Loud Pringles Salsa Fiesta. They're way better than the queso ones.
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Oy oldin
A’niya Richards
They think American snacks are over the top. I think their snacks are bland😂
Roy Baker
Roy Baker Oy oldin
Should this be "Irish People try Pringles that Americans have never seen"?
DeEnna Matthews
Why are these people so obsessed with sex?
JDawg Oy oldin
@DaveyReilly I love that old school WWF shirt!
Fuilleverte Oy oldin
If one falls in the forest and there is nothing there to hear. It does not make a Sound but it does make a Noise. A Sound requires a receiver and a noise is simply a disturbance...
GlumGatsby Oy oldin
get that man a cheesy dick.
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover Oy oldin
If you're bored, why don't you do us a favor, AND QUIT!!! (Tom)
Drew Mikel
Drew Mikel Oy oldin
Never seen Cheesy Italian
Ohmega Oy oldin
How did they get J.K Rowling on the show!
Amanda Saenz
Amanda Saenz Oy oldin
I love Davey’s T-shirt
IBTV - Internet Broke the Television
Justine and Nicole look like they put their make-up on with a trowel.
Jacob Frost
Jacob Frost Oy oldin
You have to take a bbq pringle and a pizza pringle eat them together for bbq pizza
Renee Elias
Renee Elias Oy oldin
How do you get the taste of pizza in a crisp...CHEMICALS!
Piper 1027
Piper 1027 Oy oldin
I cant find the pickle Pringles where I live which is NYC you would think they'd be everywhere here..
kairoshin Oy oldin
As someone who lived in Buffalo for a long time, it's cool to know the flavor has made it to Europe.
Petrey94 Oy oldin
The honey mustard flavor tho
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza Oy oldin
At 0:43 she's right😎...don't at me it's a joke!!!😂
Ddawg M
Ddawg M Oy oldin
Smaller can = more expensive flavorings, cut back on product portion to keep the price point the same.
Joyrdan N
Joyrdan N Oy oldin
You guys need some hot cheetos😂. (I'm kidding)
Matthew C
Matthew C Oy oldin
Does he have a jake the snake t shirt on?
Age Of The Witch
They need to make Pringles cannabis blue cheese flavour just for the heck of it
Amber Marie
Amber Marie Oy oldin
Holy shit! Davey liked them all. I'm shocked since he's so picky.
MN_Hockey Oy oldin
Reviews Pringle’s ... doesn’t give them the original lol
Y4J Oy oldin
Maybe it's just me but they tried the least popular pringles lol
Ravan Kennedy
Ravan Kennedy Oy oldin
I love that he realized he was being harsh on Pringles 😂 That was adorable
tuna hump
tuna hump Oy oldin
nah these are flavors most Americans don't eat..... try sour cream and onion or chedder or original
Tonya Miles
Tonya Miles Oy oldin
Tom is a cute flirty fellow
Travis Vaughn
Travis Vaughn Oy oldin
The pickle ones are for putting in sandwiches.
Dief Enbaker
Dief Enbaker Oy oldin
So, Tom would rather have a cheesy dick than a cheesy Pringles. That tells me something I didn't know about Tom. 💖❤💛💚💙💜 Welcome to the RAINBOW Tom.
Calvin Page
Calvin Page Oy oldin
Buffalo ranch doesn't mean actual buffalo.
Jeffery K
Jeffery K Oy oldin
MSG is not bad like the media has portrayed, do some research, it’s completely ok to consume but of course don’t go crazy with it as with everything else.
vBoxxyy Oy oldin
Why do people not take off the paper bit? Fuckin weird
Tasin Ibrahim
Tasin Ibrahim Oy oldin
How do you go from Pringles to sex toy xD
Caryn Oy oldin
Pizza Pringles are my all time favorite. They don't taste a thing like pizza but they're sooooo good!
marie utube
marie utube Oy oldin
Try some Zapp's potato chips! Y'all will love trying the Vodoo flavor!
Mohamed Oy oldin
Have they done a Taco Bell video yet?
Mohamed Oy oldin
Try Canadian Doritos.
Matthew McPeek
I love how they have plenty of criticism and digs at Americans, but just remember the main export of Ireland is alcoholics. You could throw potatoes in there, but they don't have enough.
Matthew McPeek
The video should be titled "Irish young people making crude disgusting sexual jokes like it's funny and trying way too hard to be entertaining in a video to the point it's cringe-worthy"..... I guess I didn't mention the Pringles.
colin schabel
colin schabel Oy oldin
Fuck the Pringles can?
colin schabel
colin schabel Oy oldin
Why is video so dirty
Sai Kaushal
Sai Kaushal Oy oldin
I'd rather eat a cheesy dick than cheesy pringles.
Matt  Cline
Matt Cline Oy oldin
Hi Irish people I also Irish and I love Pringles
mshat18 Oy oldin
Fuckin Irish
The Squad
The Squad Oy oldin
1:37 to 2:00 wtf
Renzo Oy oldin
Flavors from Chemicals. Try eating real food.
Newer Account
Newer Account Oy oldin
Irish people are yuck
Shane Justice
Shane Justice Oy oldin
Pringles are greasy nasty chips!
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 oy oldin
Something strange about that girl talking about powder cheese right before she talking about fucking a Pringles can......what in the heck?
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 2 oy oldin
AMERICA Fuck yeah!!
Brian Sparks
Brian Sparks 2 oy oldin
So this is a video about how dumb the Irish are??? Where are the paddy wagons when you need em?
James Dooling
James Dooling 2 oy oldin
When my husband disappears mysteriously, I'm gonna marry an Irishman.
Forest Bertrand
Forest Bertrand 2 oy oldin
Why the heck would anyone want Pringles.
Michelle 2 oy oldin
Need to do Pringle combinations. Example: BBQ on top of Pizza or Sour Cream on top of Spicy Queso.
Jennifer Grabener
"Loud" is slang for bold. Like when a man is peacocking and wears a bold bright colored suit we say "wow that's Loud af!" Lol so no the pringles didn't crunch louder but they were supposed to be more flavorful than the original flavors.
Daehawk 2 oy oldin
Someone poke Davey to see if he is asleep. I think he's sleep walking.
Clemson Tiger
Clemson Tiger 2 oy oldin
Poor cans of Pringles are destroyed
Haley s
Haley s 2 oy oldin
Omg I got so excited when he said “pickles that you get on McDonald’s burger” when I was pregnant I craved them because it was like a McDouble flavor pickle Pringle so amazing!!
Jada Waldmann
Jada Waldmann 2 oy oldin
0:40 that girl DRAGGED Americans
Wonder World Vids
Sub to pewdiepie
Arvo Part
Arvo Part 2 oy oldin
I didn't like all the sexual innuendos. I was expecting more from the Irish.
Matthew McPeek
Why in the world would you expect anything from the Irish?
Hans Peter Wurst
Hans Peter Wurst 2 oy oldin
Cunt licking her fingers before grabbing another chip fml hate those kind of people
Huli81 2 oy oldin
When did Tom turn into a grumpy little pringle punching bitch
ienol 2 oy oldin
Dan Mac
Dan Mac 2 oy oldin
I think i just discovered my love for irish women but i guess it was predictable as im half irish.... How do i break the news to my fiance?
Nobawdy Special
Nobawdy Special 2 oy oldin
also...im srill waiting for Oreo to do biscuit only. NO creme filling at all. just gimme the biscuits!
Nobawdy Special
Nobawdy Special 2 oy oldin
im with dude. "gimme REGULAR Pringles any day of the week"
Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown 2 oy oldin
I'm an American and I don't know anyone who likes pringles loud. There disgusting.
꧁Mistral꧂ 2 oy oldin
I've always wanted a Irish Accent 😅
FR3EKGaming 2 oy oldin
Irish Woman are so Gorgeous.
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 2 oy oldin
I love this video! Tom is such a character, I adore videos with him in them!! He's funny and hot as fuck 🤩😍🤗
Dd Dedrick
Dd Dedrick 2 oy oldin
Pickle, IMO, is the BEST new one that I've had, and I love them! Having grown up with mostly straight, plain ol' Pringles, in the olden days, I'm sort of a Pringles purist, although I do occasionally enjoy pizza flavor, as well..You young Irish taste-testers are beautiful & adorable, btw...😍😘💕😀👍💓
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