Irish People Try American's Strangest Cocktails

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"I'd rather drink horse jizz than that again."
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While searching the internet for fun new cocktail recipes to give our contributors, we came across a variety of....well, unique mixes of drinks to say the least! We thought it might be fun to have our contributors come in and tell us what they thought of these unique American concoctions.
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11-Sen, 2017

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Jill Lewandowski
Jill Lewandowski 21 soat oldin
Why does that 1 girl look like 80's Boy George?
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma Kun oldin
My dad was a bartender, I have never heard of any of those drinks, not one.
johnny cashew
johnny cashew 3 kun oldin
"Youre not getting a Christmas card from us" - ultimate disdain
wildrose39 3 kun oldin
Boy George in da house, getting drunk 😂🤣😂🤣🍷🥃🥂🍻🍼
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA 5 kun oldin
That looked so bad for thegirl having all part of that egg slide down her tongue and slip the lips ewwww. Tf away with these bs drinks you're full of garbage
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA 5 kun oldin
I thought Boygeorge was British. Maybe he's Irish lol. Sorry. I'd where it
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas 5 kun oldin
"You just like alcohol" 😂😂😂
SushiCrabs 5 kun oldin
“The texture of that was an absolute...” *burf*
Ari Amir
Ari Amir 5 kun oldin
Sky rain
Sky rain 6 kun oldin
*honeycrisp oldfashioned* "I like it. I can taste the honey. Well done bee's!" Honeycrisp is an Apple.
ExoticGoat 79523
ExoticGoat 79523 7 kun oldin
These arent real Irish, my American mom can handle an old fashioned no problem
Matthew Vogt
Matthew Vogt 7 kun oldin
As an American I can say no one ever orders those. Ive never heard of them except the one fashion
Adrianne Merideth
Adrianne Merideth 9 kun oldin
Dermot at 4:10 - Shush, tell no one.
Kyle Leyden
Kyle Leyden 14 kun oldin
U.S.A. here, and never have i ever heard of any of these nasty drinks
mo arroz
mo arroz 14 kun oldin
The girl in denim jacket snapped her neck and became possessed for a sec....no?
John Stultz
John Stultz 16 kun oldin
I almost threw up just watching this
Retromoderngaming2k NOOB CHANNEL
I want nichole O'conner in my mouth lol
Ematched 18 kun oldin
The girl in the jean jacket would probably grate on the nerves, but she looks like a pretty fun ride.
Tyla Kee
Tyla Kee 19 kun oldin
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 19 kun oldin
Watching this while drinking lol
Roger Cross
Roger Cross 20 kun oldin
Why was Boy George doing the taste test?
Bass-Slayin! 20 kun oldin
"is this just another type of cum?"
Mark Hollars
Mark Hollars 20 kun oldin
On behalf of Americans I'm sorry also I wouldn't have drank any of those lol.... well maybe the old fashion but that's not scary
raymond weaver
raymond weaver 20 kun oldin
Do one on old fashioned cocktails.... Singapore Sling, Tom Collins, Zombie......
DepressoExpresso 21 kun oldin
"what kind of semen is this?"
noisyturtle 22 kun oldin
How did they get Boy George on this channel?
HaydenX 22 kun oldin
If you warmed up the "horse jizz" you'd get "Possett" which is an old stomach "remedy" given out in the 17th century and before...in places all over, including Ireland.
0hopscotch0 22 kun oldin
Us Americans love to ruin everything
Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore 22 kun oldin
3:32 - 3:36 when chick spits her drink out lmao
crin28 23 kun oldin
I’m from the US and the only one of these I’ve ever seen is variations on the old fashioned. GROSS! Haha
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania 23 kun oldin
I didnt know Boy George was basically female not Irish.
Malani sue Wheeler
Malani sue Wheeler 23 kun oldin
We don't drink this shit🤢
Malani sue Wheeler
Malani sue Wheeler 23 kun oldin
Can I just say yuck!
Herbert Bielefelder
Herbert Bielefelder 24 kun oldin
Dee Allen
Dee Allen 25 kun oldin
I’d like to volunteer to be the token Redneck drinking with these folks,they are hilarious!
Laina mae
Laina mae 27 kun oldin
We don’t drink any of these but the 1st one.
dustin stafford
dustin stafford 27 kun oldin
I'm American and never heard of these ..so dumb
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher 27 kun oldin
I’m American and would consider myself a Professional Drinker..... I have NEVER even heard of these drinks. Lmao I want to go back to Ireland and hang out with these Facts crew. They are awesome
Haider Ghazi
Haider Ghazi 27 kun oldin
I died at 03:33 lol
Prime Fly Company
Prime Fly Company 28 kun oldin
"Is it called cum bucket"- dead
Rell Green
Rell Green 29 kun oldin
Lady Boy George is trying way too hard.
Tory B
Tory B Oy oldin
I have never heard of any of these other than the old fashion, but this was freaking hilarious!
J MA Oy oldin
Wow I actually gagged with the egg one. Disgusting!!!
schmidt640 Oy oldin
The video goes back and forth between "World's strongest" and "America's strongest". Either way, if a Manhattan is not drunk in this video, then they are LYING!! LOL
Dark Abyss
Dark Abyss Oy oldin
What's the guys name at 0:11 ?
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Oy oldin
When I was a kid, my mother would put two raw eggs in a glass with milk a spoon of vanilla and some sugar, mix it up and down the hatch.
SkullKing Gaming
I’ve seen this one bar in America that sales a drink called the tide pod and it literally looks like a tide pod and it’s hilarious
dotatough Oy oldin
Dallas Hardy
Dallas Hardy Oy oldin
Lol I'm almost positive that is Aaron Rodgers in a Levi's denim shirt and a Irish accent.
Jason VanAuken
Been American for 45 years, been drinking for most of that, never even heard of some of these atrocities! Take a shot of ammaretto, float 151 rum on the top of that, light it on fire and drop it into 8 ounces of pilsner beer and you have a Flaming Dr. Pepper. That's an American drink!