Irish People Try American's Strangest Cocktails

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"I'd rather drink horse jizz than that again."
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While searching the internet for fun new cocktail recipes to give our contributors, we came across a variety of....well, unique mixes of drinks to say the least! We thought it might be fun to have our contributors come in and tell us what they thought of these unique American concoctions.
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11-Sen, 2017



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Paris Bowen
Paris Bowen 5 soat oldin
Why in the hell would anybody think “you know what I’m going to mix mayonnaise and alcohol and drink it 👌🏽” tf that made me gag 🤢🤮😷
Anu Adam Ninja
Anu Adam Ninja 13 soat oldin
Haha😍😍😍😀😀😀👍👍👍u guys r te best . Tq u soo much for putting soil into the world's best cocktails 😀😀😀😀😂😂
Dana Webster
Dana Webster Kun oldin
I've never heard of any of those except an old fashion. That's just gross. Is this where the group stopped trusting the producers?
Viperphoenix 2 kun oldin
I have a bartending license....and let me tell you all, there is no drink weirder then this one a friend when I was younger told me about. It's name?....Grinch Dick. It was literally pickle juice, bourbon, and coconut shavings.
Larry Bradley
Larry Bradley 2 kun oldin
Only idiots in America drink those
Ayy Lien
Ayy Lien 4 kun oldin
Kick that over dramatic girl off the show holy shit
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 5 kun oldin
And now we know why the rest of the world thinks we're a bunch of idiots. Horse Jizz, Smokers Cough & Prairie Chicken.
Monique Mitchom
Monique Mitchom 6 kun oldin
I’m American and I almost puked watching this. That’s gross!!!!!!!!!! 🤢🤮
Laura Tieffel
Laura Tieffel 6 kun oldin
ZoanBlade90 6 kun oldin
4:14 Thank you! =D
ZoanBlade90 6 kun oldin
3:04 No, you remind me of Boy George. That was a complement, by the way.
B. Scott Farthingsworth
Never heard of any of these gross concoctions.
shawniece partick
shawniece partick 7 kun oldin
The guy with thick accent is 🤤🤤🤤🤤😜😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Jenny Brooks
Jenny Brooks 7 kun oldin
This American has never drink any of that shit!! Never even heard of those!! 🤮🤮🤮
The Baroness
The Baroness 10 kun oldin
LMFAO! Better you than me!
Aaron Forward
Aaron Forward 11 kun oldin
Her reaction to the jager mayo was fuckin priceless. I don't know who thought that drink up, but i think those are the faces they were going for with the idea.
Gerber Bernstein
Gerber Bernstein 12 kun oldin
Boy George tries American cocktails.
Thermalburn 12 kun oldin
as an american i would like to mention that other than the old fashioned i have never seen, heard or tasted any of these
Dark Empress
Dark Empress 13 kun oldin
Do all Irish people hate peanut butter & eggs, maybe my ancestors are Irish. I also hate eggs & peanut butter. ☘️
Xoeilove G
Xoeilove G 14 kun oldin
Couldn’t even watch the whole thing .. ... hey i might be pregnant .. the gin egg An salt got me to fully puke
Shyanne Garrison
Shyanne Garrison 15 kun oldin
Literally the girl in the hat looks like young boy George!
Virginia Martens
Virginia Martens 17 kun oldin
I’m Canadian and I’ve herd of these before.
victorpapaavp 18 kun oldin
I feel like these aren't actually cocktails, I think that people are just suggesting a bunched of random bullshit just to see if you guys will drink it...
valwow187 20 kun oldin
Yea those aren’t American drinks. Idk what those were. Except the old fashioned
Nikkita Robinson
Nikkita Robinson 20 kun oldin
"gym/alcoholic" haha
MGTOW Rubicon
MGTOW Rubicon 23 kun oldin
The party starts when the Irish get splashed on horse jizz.
Shadoh 24 kun oldin
Who in the actual fuck mixes beer with milk?? And why??????
Lupita Gonzales
Lupita Gonzales 27 kun oldin
I don’t think any American has ordered horse jizz lol sounds like they were played 🤪🤪🤪
Lexi Starbuck
Lexi Starbuck 27 kun oldin
The 2 blonde girls are everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trouve Cetto
Trouve Cetto 27 kun oldin
I like the stripey blouse
Tammy Abner
Tammy Abner 27 kun oldin
That's some funny shit ..lmaf
Roxanne Veigelt
Roxanne Veigelt 28 kun oldin
I used to bartend and never got asked to make these. Don’t think I could. I want to puke right now!
Blake Burrill
Blake Burrill 28 kun oldin
I like this show but these irish are bad at drinking drinks, sure id be plastered after 3 drinks because im light af but i can drink just bout anything
David in Barstow
David in Barstow 29 kun oldin
I've lived in America most of my life and have never drank an egg.
Peyton C
Peyton C Oy oldin
As an American, the only one I’ve ever heard of or tried is the old fashioned the other stuff is nonsense 😂
Enchanted_ Corgi
"You can taste the honey!" I genuinely think I just died
Elisa Rigoni
Elisa Rigoni Oy oldin
Interest to how these folks could deal with a shot call “cement mixer” which is Baileys Irish cream and lime juice. traditionally ingested by taking the shot of Bailey's, holding it in the mouth, then sipping the lime juice and mixing both liquids either by swirling them around in the mouth or shaking the head.
Amber Powell
Amber Powell Oy oldin
Never heard or drank any of those and I was a bartender
Dante Howlstice
Should have done Prarie Oysters instead of chicken.
Twisted Angel
Twisted Angel Oy oldin
To the guy in the green shirt. We tune in for legit opinions about what ever you're drinking, watching, etc. Not your political persuasion. There are those of us who have no interest in politics, that includes yours. So stfu. Get it? Got it? Good!
L.D.M 22 kun oldin
None of them were wearing a green shirt
Emma Davis
Emma Davis Oy oldin
Prairie Chicken just seems like something a flapper would have for breakfast
Hypno Coosh
Hypno Coosh Oy oldin
Who knew Boy George was Irish? Learn something new everyday *shrugs*
Zoë Fullbuster
Yes, yes America is Insane and I'm from it 😓😓😓
ECL28E Oy oldin
Holy shit! How'd you get Boy George in this?!
First Names Last Names
2:24 - 2:37
David in Barstow
I'm American and I've never seen an egg in a cocktail. Where do they find these drinks? Do they Google weird shit?
Renee Elias
Renee Elias Oy oldin
Thank You
Karen Sizemore
OH God. I’m actually gagging!😩🤢
The one girl has the boy George look going! 😉😃
Steven Shepard
Shannon LITERALLY had me laughing so hard I was crying!!!! She spit out that egg then she’s like “I’m literally not the same bubbly person I was before “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMFAO
sourocker77 Oy oldin
How much fucking Mayo did they put in that smoker’s cough? It looked like half and half
April Gatlin
April Gatlin Oy oldin
I am an American and I have never heard of anyone of those cocktails more power to yahoo for drinking them most of the look really gross
Sami Guenther
Sami Guenther Oy oldin
Smokers cough isn’t meant to be mixed, it is supposed to just settle at he bottom and go down the through disgustingly at the end
Gorgeous Frazier
Where in America do they drink these
TheLogical Lowdown
Funny how us Americans have never had any of these 😂.
Shawn Oy oldin
Shannon's reaction to the smoker's cough is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!
Didn't think it was possible to find two dream girls in one video. Diane and Shannon are wonderful. ❤️
Useless Cause
Useless Cause Oy oldin
I never knew these existed. You serve some of that crap in a bar and people will beat you up. Come to think of it, that is probably why we have guns. NO ONE wants to serve horse jizz to a man that's packing.
** Phryne**
** Phryne** Oy oldin
I think they were pulling y'all's leg.. haha! 😄 I'm an American and I've seriously NEVER heard of any of those drinks.. my ex played in bars for years (probably still does 🤔😆).. so seriously.. nope.. this was some crazy, hilarious version of 'Fear Factor'.. I did enjoy watching it, esp the egg one! Uck!! 🤮🤢🤭😜😂😁😀
Nick Doe
Nick Doe Oy oldin
Boy George is looking good :D
Dee Bell
Dee Bell Oy oldin
Who invited Boy George??
Steve Kimball
Steve Kimball Oy oldin
Boy George looks good!
MURR DOG Oy oldin
Please tell the gal in the striped blouse and hat, that bananarama already did that look in the 80's...
Gavin Lockheart
Irish women are so beautiful and that accent 😍😍❤️💙
Hugh Fuller
Hugh Fuller Oy oldin
Shannon is my fav!!!!
gruntqueen Oy oldin
I wish you hadn't moved to Patreon. I miss having the Irish taste-test booze. Dammit UZvid.
Shannon makes my day
Haeinscute Oy oldin
That last one was awesome
Agustin Peraza
That silver fox 🦊 looking like a snack 😍😍
mplwy 2 oy oldin
These have to be dare creations. 😂
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 2 oy oldin
These are the drinks you talk your "drunk off his ass" buddy into drinking, to get his dumbass to throw-up. Fun times!
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 2 oy oldin
The smoker' s cough would have made me vomit 👀
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 2 oy oldin
Horse Jizz? Yikes lol wtf
Charli Darling
Charli Darling 2 oy oldin
"Is it called cum bucket" 😂😂😂
Jill Lewandowski
Jill Lewandowski 2 oy oldin
Why does that 1 girl look like 80's Boy George?
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 2 oy oldin
My dad was a bartender, I have never heard of any of those drinks, not one.
johnny cashew
johnny cashew 2 oy oldin
"Youre not getting a Christmas card from us" - ultimate disdain
wildrose39 2 oy oldin
Boy George in da house, getting drunk 😂🤣😂🤣🍷🥃🥂🍻🍼
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA 2 oy oldin
That looked so bad for thegirl having all part of that egg slide down her tongue and slip the lips ewwww. Tf away with these bs drinks you're full of garbage
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA 2 oy oldin
I thought Boygeorge was British. Maybe he's Irish lol. Sorry. I'd where it
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas 2 oy oldin
"You just like alcohol" 😂😂😂
SushiCrabs 2 oy oldin
“The texture of that was an absolute...” *burf*
Ari Amir
Ari Amir 2 oy oldin
Sky rain
Sky rain 2 oy oldin
*honeycrisp oldfashioned* "I like it. I can taste the honey. Well done bee's!" Honeycrisp is an Apple.
SomeStupid Goat
SomeStupid Goat 2 oy oldin
These arent real Irish, my American mom can handle an old fashioned no problem
Matthew Vogt
Matthew Vogt 2 oy oldin
As an American I can say no one ever orders those. Ive never heard of them except the one fashion
Adrianne Merideth
Dermot at 4:10 - Shush, tell no one.
Kyle Leyden
Kyle Leyden 2 oy oldin
U.S.A. here, and never have i ever heard of any of these nasty drinks
mo arroz
mo arroz 2 oy oldin
The girl in denim jacket snapped her neck and became possessed for a sec....no?
John Stultz
John Stultz 2 oy oldin
I almost threw up just watching this
Retromoderngaming2k NOOB CHANNEL
I want nichole O'conner in my mouth lol
Ematched 2 oy oldin
The girl in the jean jacket would probably grate on the nerves, but she looks like a pretty fun ride.
Tyla Kee
Tyla Kee 2 oy oldin
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 2 oy oldin
Watching this while drinking lol
Roger Cross
Roger Cross 2 oy oldin
Why was Boy George doing the taste test?
Mark Hollars
Mark Hollars 2 oy oldin
On behalf of Americans I'm sorry also I wouldn't have drank any of those lol.... well maybe the old fashion but that's not scary
raymond weaver
raymond weaver 2 oy oldin
Do one on old fashioned cocktails.... Singapore Sling, Tom Collins, Zombie......
DepressoExpresso 2 oy oldin
"what kind of semen is this?"
noisyturtle 2 oy oldin
How did they get Boy George on this channel?
HaydenX 2 oy oldin
If you warmed up the "horse jizz" you'd get "Possett" which is an old stomach "remedy" given out in the 17th century and before...in places all over, including Ireland.
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