Irish People Try Booze Donuts

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"Are they just like... donuts with alcohol in them?"
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After hearing about an American trend called 'Booze Donuts' we got the Facts baker, Gary, to make a number of donuts using different alcoholic drinks. The donuts were marinated in the drink during the baking process and it was also in the glazing and the fillings.
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25-Iyl, 2017

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Fikrlar 1 042
Christopher William
LOL Laura @ 1:00
Tim Ellis
Tim Ellis 4 kun oldin
The only thing missing from this video is the belch they get after all the booze videos
elyb 6 kun oldin
I just like to listen to the Irish accent. It's sad they can't hear how cute they sound.
robert perez
robert perez 8 kun oldin
Omg wtf is the name of that song!!! I need to learn it!!!
Lucy T
Lucy T 9 kun oldin
Jam doughnuts r da best x
Ben 12 kun oldin
Fuck peanut butter! Smash dat thumbs up if you also hate it! Fuck @reeses
Eileen Anderson
Eileen Anderson 16 kun oldin
Never heard of them.
Robert Redfield
Robert Redfield 19 kun oldin
I love how sassy the guys are getting omg
jere 20 kun oldin
Don’t like chocolate??? Pure Blasphemy!!
Kommon Speaks
Kommon Speaks 21 kun oldin
"I think its too peanut buttery" "NO SUCH TING!"
James Almas
James Almas 21 kun oldin
Okay stupid American here but what the hell is the deal with your people and tea? What damn tea is it?
C C 25 kun oldin
I don't like chocolate I'm Sorry! lol
the newz
the newz 28 kun oldin
"I got a question,these arnt doughnuts", that's not a question lol
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall 29 kun oldin
I’ve watched this channel for two days straight...
J Oy oldin
So who's gonna make the 12 hour video of every time someone says that would go great wit a cuppa tea?
Karen Brown
Karen Brown Oy oldin
But where are the recipes??
durrty8 Oy oldin
I so love you guys
T J Oy oldin
🇨🇦But....wouldn’t most things be better with a cup of tea? 🤗❤️🇨🇦 🇮🇪❤️🤗
Jacko Rodulfa
Jacko Rodulfa Oy oldin
uhavemooface Oy oldin
You know why they like booze donuts its because they are Irish and they love booze. And its Coffee and donuts not Tea. Fyi.
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts 2 oy oldin
Bourbon is a whiskey.
Kiran Tampi
Kiran Tampi 2 oy oldin
Who doesn't like chocolates?!
Bruce Driggers
Bruce Driggers 2 oy oldin
I see Aine and think she's gorgeous and I see Laura and am mesmerized.
Traci Walter
Traci Walter 2 oy oldin
I love the way they pronounce Tequila
C Walkz
C Walkz 2 oy oldin
Don’t know how anyone could not like chocolate
Thomas D
Thomas D 2 oy oldin
Female that hates chocolate, female that hates chocolate, likes bourbons, can we check for Y chromosome please
EC A 2 oy oldin
What I have learned by watching a lot of Irish facts videos: everything looks like piss or vomit. Everything needs a fucking cup of tea. And they despise peanut butter.
Timothy Rich
Timothy Rich 2 oy oldin
the 2 dudes in this video are so freaking cute!!!!😍😍
Diana Dobson
Diana Dobson 2 oy oldin
Of course the Irish love the booze donuts
qtpysusie54 3 oy oldin
Adore Guinness; don't think I could eat it in a donut.
F J X 3 oy oldin
Where in america can I find booze donuts?
DarkRubberDucky 3 oy oldin
I don't drink much at all, but I have found in recent years I am in LOVE with rum. Shame there were no rum ones here. SHAME!
Jorge Alejandro Rodríguez
How can people not like guinness
M G 3 oy oldin
I’m making booze doughnuts tonight
Ockie Ditchbank
Ockie Ditchbank 3 oy oldin
*Why is it you insist the Irish only eat crap and garbage?*
goo5976 3 oy oldin
1:12 - 1:17 me when anyone says something i dont like
Doug Golden Golden
If I dream about pints of Guinness when I sleep does that make me an alcoholic
dana brown
dana brown 3 oy oldin
I'm from California and I've never even heard of donuts like this what the hell!
L.A.Wolfman 3 oy oldin
“These look like vomits.” 🤔😂
Robbie Olivo
Robbie Olivo 3 oy oldin
"I just don't like chocolate" WHAT? What fucking planet are you from?? O__O
Irome Oroshi
Irome Oroshi 3 oy oldin
Ya reckon what would be good with this cup of tea? Probably some more tea, ya shite
Mike Graves
Mike Graves 3 oy oldin
Cut the head off the chocolate hater. She shouldn't be doing reaction video's.
Matilda Burt
Matilda Burt 4 oy oldin
NO SUCH TING! 😂 Who can say that there is too much peanut better on something? Like I can eat a whole jar without a care in the world
Tanusree Saha
Tanusree Saha 4 oy oldin
Donal's- Whaaaaaaaat!! Get out.. literally get out.. And then John's- you don't like Guinness?? Slides plate & turns his back..best scenes They are brothers really!! 😂 I love them ❤️
Jasmine Rubin
Jasmine Rubin 4 oy oldin
Simplex420 4 oy oldin
is the lady with the blue watch single?
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith 4 oy oldin
I love 💕 how much they are enjoying these boozy donuts 🍩... I do not drink alcohol 🍺, but I so want to try them.
Thank you FACTS for keeping Laura on the payroll,... She's surely one of the most beautiful ladies on the Net!!
Ray Steffen
Ray Steffen 4 oy oldin
Why do the Irish have such infatuation with tea?
Steven Brown
Steven Brown 4 oy oldin
Is it me or does the girl in black look like a female Mr. Burns from the Simpsons