Irish People Try Canadian Cadbury's Chocolate

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Things get a bit peanut-y for our Irish People trying Canadian Cadbury's Chocolate! MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch
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We got sent some Canadian Cadbury's Chocolate and we decided to give them to our TRYers to see what they thought! They had some interesting to say about the more peanut-y bars.
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Irish Jesus: TRY.Media/Jesus
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Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
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23-Noy, 2018



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jack mehoff
jack mehoff Kun oldin
It's enough with the peanut hating gimmick. We get it. You dont like peanuts. Although I dont really believe you dont like peanuts
Jacob Kun oldin
Fascinating that watching other people eat candy is ruining candy for me. Making me think too much about the actual experience and how most candy genuinely doesn't taste good at all, it's just sugary garbage.
Central Scrutinizer
..........FYI...the secret of the Caramilk bar is......How did they get the caramel inside the squares? This has been the topic of their advertising campaign since the 70's. We STILL don't know. Probably magic.
Manda Bodenrader
Manda Bodenrader 3 kun oldin
I live in SavannH, Ga. USA. I LOVE that shes wearing a Savannah Banana sweatshirt. Representing.
Danica Russell
Danica Russell 5 kun oldin
Karen Mullen
Karen Mullen 6 kun oldin
What have Irish got against mayonaise? I saw the shirt and wondered...
Anna DuVall
Anna DuVall 7 kun oldin
I want Dermot to taste the Reeses peanut butter products, his hatred for peanut butter cracks me up!
Cosmonaut ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ
As a canadian, I was more surprised that all of this stuff was Canada exclusive. Caramilk is great, Wunderbar is eh, Crispy Crunch is always what you had a bunch of spares of after Halloween and you'd give them to your dad. Mr. Bigs are sort of like.. airy and crispier Oh Henry's, but I never really liked it myself.
Lol Br
Lol Br 8 kun oldin
My blood is Irish & I guess that's why I'm crackin up. So funny & honest. Wish I could afford to go party one weekend there...
Charlie G
Charlie G 8 kun oldin
Crispy Crunch is, without exaggeration, mankind's greatest accomplishment in the field of chocolate candy. It is chocolate candy bar perfection.
Dennis Godaire
Dennis Godaire 9 kun oldin
Thank you ...
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Brown 9 kun oldin
No dermot you missed the coffee crisp
Steve Steveson
Steve Steveson 10 kun oldin
Ben Finny
Ben Finny 10 kun oldin
No coffee Crisp or smarties? Come on Canada you gotta bring your A game
Aiden Schmidt
Aiden Schmidt 11 kun oldin
It’s just peanut butter....
Dave Brohman
Dave Brohman 12 kun oldin
No Coffee Crisp? For shame.
MeghanTalks 14 kun oldin
shocked there wasn't a coffee crisp in this video.
Kim Edwards
Kim Edwards 14 kun oldin
Paul!!! 😊
happymemories 14 kun oldin
Try Cadbury eggs
Maximilian Von Spee
Maximilian Von Spee 14 kun oldin
Dermot: “I came here to enjoy sweets and I’m honestly feeling very attacked right now”
Nic Mackowey
Nic Mackowey 14 kun oldin
I prefer eatmore my self..
Carol Hayes
Carol Hayes 14 kun oldin
OMG, Cadbury is the worst chocolate EVER.
Damon Kinney
Damon Kinney 18 kun oldin
When watching the Mr. Big part, it just reminded me of the pool scene in Caddyshack.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 18 kun oldin
Not knowing what a Lion Bar is, it looks like a single Kit-Kat stick enlarged and then smothered in melted Nestle Crunch bar(s)
Josef Mária Cajthaml
MR.Big is the best bar i have ever tasted !
Monique Bouchard
Monique Bouchard 19 kun oldin
It's simple. The US has huge peanut farms, so.....peanuts are in lots of products.
gvalencia80gv 23 kun oldin
Dermot, get rid of him
john hannibal
john hannibal 24 kun oldin
Best Canadian chocolate bars are Wunderbar, Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp
DJ Wise Pariah
DJ Wise Pariah 24 kun oldin
Why do they have this British guy who doesn't like peanut butter on a show about Irish people?
Richard The Hutt
Richard The Hutt 25 kun oldin
Your next t-shirt: "Fuck you, Colin"
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight 27 kun oldin
should have sent a dairy milk. best milk chocolate in my opinion and its only like a dollar at the Dollarama.
Central Scrutinizer
.....Hey.......Try the 3/$1.00 4fun bar at Dollarama......Sometimes it's back with the Sweet tarts and stuff. Lately they have been putting it up at the till with the 2/$1.00 bars (as I suggested) It's the size and generally the same as Kit Kat Thick. They're going to sell a BILLION of them....mostly to me.
Kaitlyn Kelley
Kaitlyn Kelley 27 kun oldin
we did the golden ticket thing in Canada at one time actually LOL
Lily K
Lily K 29 kun oldin
How can you not like Crispy Crunch? It's the best 😍
Andrea Espinoza
Andrea Espinoza 29 kun oldin
Blaise Arwyn
Blaise Arwyn Oy oldin
I agree with everything they said but i fkn love all these bars and all the peanuts in every form.
micky Fleming
micky Fleming Oy oldin
Peanut butter..is the best
a1safe2 Oy oldin
So do they trawl the failing students of theatre and drama studies in Irish universities for these videos?
Colin is quite attractive, just saying. -🇨🇦
Adele Crawley
Adele Crawley Oy oldin
I am going to have to send the good stuff from Canada those aren't the best bars... plus you need chips!!
Rob Griffis
Rob Griffis Oy oldin
Love seeing that Savannah Bananas hoodie!!! 😁😁 Much love to Try channel from Georgia!!
Megan Corrigan
It's always nice to Indulge in little schadenfreude watching Dermit eating peanut butter candy!
One of the better popular Canadian brands of chocolate is Purdy's chocolate that carry a variety of flavors.
Tyler Majer
Tyler Majer Oy oldin
Has Dermott had Crunchy Peanut Butter? That would be hilarious
Rick Schwab
Rick Schwab Oy oldin
I don't eat any of those chocolate bars so I don't consider them "Canadian" at all. And you idiots with capital letter names...JP JS GP P need to grow up or shut the fck up! Tiny peckered trolls and community college drop outs hating on life.
Jenny Young
Jenny Young Oy oldin
No coffee crisp though?
clarissa Oy oldin
I never noticed how many of our chocolate bars have peanuts or penaut butter in them... until I watched this. Probably because I love peanut butter in my chocolate. :) from a mapley canadian
kayla yaremko
kayla yaremko Oy oldin
crispy cruch is the worst
Tammy Anderson
They didn't try Coffee Crisp. How sad as it is one that doesn't have peanut butter.
jayme kenyon
jayme kenyon Oy oldin
Either Irish Jesus is drunk or high but either way he's my favorie
J S Oy oldin
How can you not like crispy crunch? Maybe if you damn Irish potato diddlers brushed your damn teeth. I thought you didn’t like being mistaken for English
GP P Oy oldin
It's chocolate...and there's caramel, and or peanut butter, and it's shaped like everyon other chocolate bar in the world. What are chocolate bars shaped like in Ireland? Fuckin leprechauns
TarHeelsUp15 Oy oldin
I've gotta be black Irish...because peanut butter SUCKS. Mayo SUCKS. I was born in the wrong country!
TarHeelsUp15 Oy oldin
+Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees racist comments don't hurt me. Grow up. And the pussy ass that liked your comment too.
JP Oy oldin
These people are fuckin nuts. Mr Big and Crispy Crunch are the BEST
Central Scrutinizer
........Mr. Big is on my sh*t list.......It was forced upon Canadians, with it's big name and extensive advertising campaign.....and it killed the similar and smaller.... but vastly superior ...Snack Bar.
David DiRusso
David DiRusso Oy oldin
Peanuts originated in Brazil. So peanuts are popular in the entire western hemisphere!
artmonkeyarmy Oy oldin
Gas station chocolate. They should have tried real Canadian made chocolate like Purdy's.
TheNylter Oy oldin
All you peanut butter haters out there, I see you! I recommend avoiding Thai food because they use a lot of peanuts in their sauces and sides.
"OH Behave!" Fabulous, what a team those two are.
DevInvest Oy oldin
Sorry You all need a TOTAL WORLD PEANUT BUTTER SAMPLER show for Dermott Yes, one penut butter based confection from every continent (except Antarctica, which has no native business not covered by 30 million years of ice) That would be fun-tastic watching him get more annoyed at each subsequent bar
Lian McIntyre
Lian McIntyre Oy oldin
I don't think I've ever really thought about how many of our chocolate candy has peanuts or peanut butter in it until I watch these.
usernamedkjah Oy oldin
Whu...whoa whoa...wait. What wait. The fact that she refers to the Wunderbar as looking like a melted dick means she's using brown /black dicks as reference... As a chocolate man you have my respect and attraction.
Dana Webster
Dana Webster Oy oldin
More Team Clisare & Dermot! Irish Jesus (yes I know your name is Paul) and anybody. Would y'all stop trying to kill Dermot with peanuts. As far as why peanuts are in everything, I think it has to do with peanuts growing very well in our South.
april cee
april cee Oy oldin
It's a no for me dawg
No Sir, Not I
No Sir, Not I Oy oldin
Wow, Irish women are beautiful. Lol next trip
Todd Staten
Todd Staten Oy oldin
Nicole O'Connor you are the sexiest woman alive!!
tinybrownin Oy oldin
All the way from Canadia LMMFAO!!! This Canadian is laughing at that 😂
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Oy oldin
Clisare, I dig your personality! So chill, and then, BANG!!!!! Always fun to watch.
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens Oy oldin
Canada is the best. I loved the one time I visited it.
Cortney Kaszowski
It's a conspiracy, peanut butter in everything
Prof.Haterade Oy oldin
i swear ireland is the only place in the world that thinks potatoes go with fruit but hates peanut butter
Christopher Santiago
How could you not have coffee crisp?
swtv1754 Oy oldin
Does peanut butter taste that bad to people who don't live in North America? I am not of a fan, but I do like a Reece's peanut butter cups. Their peanut butter doesn't taste like peanut butter to me. And why wasn't Coffee Crisp in this video. I live in Seattle, and I would go to Vancouver about once a month because their drinking age was only 19. When we had the munchies, we'd eat Coffee Crisp or ketchup chips.
oropher777 Oy oldin
Peanuts are overrated. They're not even nuts.
Ash Thrussell
Ash Thrussell Oy oldin
Peanut butter is life 🍁🇨🇦
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Oy oldin
Poor Dermot🤣🤣
Should have gotten a Big Turk, or Coffee Crisp, Terry's Orange. Crunchie, that delicious combo of chocolate and sponge toffee.
"How do they get the caramel in the caramilk bar?"
Shona Eldering
This makes me proud to be Canadian 😂😂
meaghan rogers
I really dont like the guy who hates peanut butter. He cusses just to cuss with no content. Example: "Fuck you Wunderbar!" He is way over the top. My kids like to watch these videos with me.
Big John
Big John Oy oldin
Why are all the women so freaking beautiful?? I mean I'm not complaining but omg lol thank you Ireland lol.
Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees
Except the ugly bastard selling the t-shirts at the beginning
Coramelimane Oy oldin
No Coffee Crisp? What the hell is this Heresy?
Mark Curry
Mark Curry Oy oldin
Dermot, it is a peanut butter conspiracy. That is just all people send in to you guys. The states actually have a lot of good candy bars and cookies and such, that do not have peanut butter.
Constant Chaos
More Dermot+penutbutter
Constant Chaos
I could tell from the packaging there was penutbutter and i saw Dermot.... i had to watch
Sal Rocha
Sal Rocha 2 oy oldin
dermont+peanut butter= happiness
Maruta Kelers
Maruta Kelers 2 oy oldin
We were raised on peanut butter. How could we not like it? lol
paul1x1 2 oy oldin
I'm Canadian isn't chocolate pretty universal is Irish chocolate different from ours
TonyQuackston 2 oy oldin
Dermot is genuinely sad that he doesn't suffer from peanut allergy. 🤣
Sixty Coats
Sixty Coats 2 oy oldin
Damn I would love to date Clisare. First 6 months I don’t think I’d let her leave the bedroom.
Gustav Kreuter
Gustav Kreuter 2 oy oldin
Irish Jesus is my favorite, even though I can't understand what he says...
I'm-a-Player2 Gaming
Is that on the merch store yet the ability to ring the ladies bells? Cuz ahhh I could be down that!
Connor philipe
Connor philipe 2 oy oldin
Kinda disappointed to see that the eat more bar wasn't included. That stuff is the absolute best
Central Scrutinizer
............it's an acquired taste.....and you're stretching it a bit : )
RunOnGasoline_ 2 oy oldin
a funhaus shirt omg
Una Corn
Una Corn 2 oy oldin
Camera man,"I thought you liked peanuts." Dermot," I am... I am going to tear you apart."😂😂😂
EmmyCorrigan 2 oy oldin
I'm Canadian and I LOVE peanut butter. It's the tits and peanut butter and chocolate anything is my FAVORITE
Stacey Rosbury
Stacey Rosbury 2 oy oldin
from Canadia?? LOL he didnt send the best bar...Skor
trevor honicutt
trevor honicutt 2 oy oldin
Mr big is my nickname😎
Tamara Nelson
Tamara Nelson 2 oy oldin
I love Durmot he is so funny and sexy to boot!
Everett Hawkins
Everett Hawkins 2 oy oldin
Durmot... get over it and eat more peanuts
Everett Hawkins
Everett Hawkins 2 oy oldin
Yay Irish Jesus!!
The Canuck
The Canuck 2 oy oldin
Lol as a native born Canadian I can honestly say Dermot, you're cracked for not liking Crispy Crunch and Wunderbar!
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