Irish People Try Drink Roulette

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"I think? I'm going to get sick?"
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More Information:
Drink Roulette - a fun new family game! Well, not too family-friendly exactly but....definitely fun! The aim is simple: Each person picks a colour, spins the spinny...thing, and whatever number they get, they take the shot corresponding to it. Each shot has a different rule or question - whoever gets most shots wins! Or honestly, whoever gets the least drunk...how did our Irish People get on?
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Leather Jacket Guy: TRY.Media/LJG
Justine Stafford: TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
Niall Gleeson: TRY.Media/Niall
Nicole O'Connor: TRY.Media/Nicole
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25-Iyn, 2018



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Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 4 kun oldin
Drinking liquor blindly makes it harsher to the taste because your brain doesn't know how to adjust your tastebuds for reception.
Gutslinger 5 kun oldin
....I don't get this game.
Serena Bielecki
Serena Bielecki 5 kun oldin
Donal is damn adorable
doot 5 kun oldin
Girl with the brown hair was wearing a mighty ducks shirt. Respect.
Rainbow StarBlast
Rainbow StarBlast 5 kun oldin
OMG his face matches the red shots
z e
z e 6 kun oldin
i need to drink with leather jacket guy. he is the man.
Tracy Rowe
Tracy Rowe 8 kun oldin
my guess is that Leather Jacket Guy has a lot of experience drinking while on his knees with his chin on the bar.
Ivan Sexe
Ivan Sexe 9 kun oldin
Mighty Ducks Jersey!!! Automatic points for you!
shadowluna 83
shadowluna 83 10 kun oldin
I loved this its hilarious
Braeden Loveless
Braeden Loveless 10 kun oldin
Good old Irish Jack sparrow
Mitch Burke
Mitch Burke 10 kun oldin
justine is such a sweetheart.
Stefan Arndt
Stefan Arndt 10 kun oldin
"You're so much cooler drinking than I am." Understatement of the year. We are here for Leather Jacket guy.
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 11 kun oldin
I bought this a year ago for 15 bucks on amazon... it's a fun game
zzz Vlogs
zzz Vlogs 12 kun oldin
7:38 killed me HAHAHHAHA
XtremeNightwhisper 12 kun oldin
I'm here for leather jacket guy
MrDavidquintero11 12 kun oldin
Leather jacket guy is an absolute crack! I’d drink with him any day!!!
Hunter Ellis King
Hunter Ellis King 12 kun oldin
I swear to god I'd watch leather jacket guy fist a brick wall whilst wearing a meat suit and drinking 95% vodka by the bottle and enjoy myself greatly.
Kale Christianson
Kale Christianson 12 kun oldin
EPIC - love irish jesus
ilantzur02 13 kun oldin
"Where is she?, who?, she!"
Stephanie Leann Simmons
I'm only here for leather jacket guy...😊
Snoopmasta 14 kun oldin
Do you wanna shower? XD
Carley Crowe
Carley Crowe 15 kun oldin
Donal and leather jacket guy as a pair yes!!! My dreams come true
N/A 15 kun oldin
Replace the gay guy
IdleBigots 16 kun oldin
I-I would kiss and shower with Irish Johnny Depp.....
Scott Halloween
Scott Halloween 19 kun oldin
Who won?
Hello There
Hello There 24 kun oldin
Tara Kirkpatrick
Tara Kirkpatrick 24 kun oldin
Donal is here. I'm good (:
george 25 kun oldin
Leather jacket guy typical Irish alcoholic
Roy de Wit
Roy de Wit 26 kun oldin
Vodka... ooooooo yum😂😂
Hey there
Hey there 28 kun oldin
Why do I like to watch people get drunk?
Frenchy PooWho
Frenchy PooWho 28 kun oldin
I'm very interested in that "Let's summon Demons" shirt. That is right up my alley or in my handbasket.
Brittany McGinnis
Brittany McGinnis 28 kun oldin
“Are we gonna kiss” but then they cut to other pairs and when they cut back to LJG and Donal LJG arm was coming from around Donal so what happened? 😂🤣
uun teguh santoso
make video like tgis again
marzipan kush
marzipan kush Oy oldin
nicole looks like kate mckinnon
W Minogue
W Minogue Oy oldin
Anyone that says they don't have anything embarrassing is their room must be hiding a dead body or something.
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Oy oldin
Looks like a great time
Bleah Bloobly
Bleah Bloobly Oy oldin
"I'm Ron Burgundy?" I think I just fell in love with Justine.
"D'you want a shower?!"
Carolyn Cotton
They all crack me up❤️ 🤣
Malayna Graceee
5:24 🤣🤣
Marilyn proulx
I have that roulette at home :) we love it
Rae Dixon
Rae Dixon Oy oldin
waiting for the day we get a ciara vs. leather jacket guy video
94summerangel Oy oldin
I want leather jacket guy inside me???
Gordon Lamb
Gordon Lamb Oy oldin
I'm Ron Burgundy?
Sora Rioku
Sora Rioku Oy oldin
"Your so much Cuter at drinking than I am." -Irish people
Anthony Ramirez
The more I watch these, the more I love the Irish..
Connor Aistrope-Dowling
It would be awesome if you guys did a video with you all together. Example, over a table playing a drinking game? I think that'd be hilarious!
Cinder Man
Cinder Man Oy oldin
Nicole is a goddess. 'Nuff said.
Carolyn Payne
Carolyn Payne Oy oldin
The black haired guy reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow!
DeadPoolJr. Oy oldin
Jake Drake
Jake Drake Oy oldin
i love The Leather Jacket Guy!!! he is hilarious
Izzie Oy oldin
The sexual tension between leather jacket guy and the other guy is priceless😂
Izzie Oy oldin
“Ahehehe im not a lady”
Kiri Dowhan
Kiri Dowhan Oy oldin
Did anyone else think of Monty pythons “what’s your favorite color” scene hahahahaha
jcbmnd11 Oy oldin
Leather jacket guy the Irish Jimmy Carr 🤣🤣🤣
Brett B
Brett B Oy oldin
haha most embarassing thing in my room is my diploma :D
westie430 Oy oldin
This is hysterical & so entertaining!! I could watch hours of this😆 Good work guys😂
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose Oy oldin
“I, eh...um...did I win?”
Jackie Murphy
Jackie Murphy Oy oldin
Leather Jacket Guy, there is absolutely nothing about me that is Irish, but I need you as my drinking partner :)
I love black leather jacket guy
aric theodorson
Irish People Try __________________ is damn awesome. It builds my party lingo repertoire.
thedarkness97 Oy oldin
Leather Jacket Guy, the second coming..
Ruth Juarez
Ruth Juarez Oy oldin
Lmfao my favorite was when they had to make everything sound like a question 😂
J Tanashi
J Tanashi Oy oldin
weakconnor Oy oldin
I'd give my left arm to drink with LeatherJacketGuy
R Scott
R Scott Oy oldin
Totally didn't understand. But then, again, I was drunk myself
stefan klancnik
I feel hungover just watching this lol
ytubepuppy Oy oldin
What's so hard about drinking with your chin on the bar? That's the way I usually drink.
Megan Michaels
I thought you only drink if you mess up
Robert Gentry
Robert Gentry Oy oldin
Hell yeah
KittyKat Galore
Leather jacket guy and the guy next to him were hilarious
Richard Putz
Richard Putz 2 oy oldin
What the heck does leather jacket guy have for a liver ?
Ariona Lucas
Ariona Lucas 2 oy oldin
Girl acting like Kristen Stewart when she couldn’t look at anyone 😂
Peyton Schrock
Peyton Schrock 2 oy oldin
Are those gay couples
The Laughing Seagull
The guy with the black hair....the Irish pirate ;) is sooo funny! These vids are great!
Curtis Shelby
Curtis Shelby 2 oy oldin
These videos make me wanna drop what I'm doing and indulge in some shots with these fine Irish folk! Cheers from Canada!
Nick Tabarnack
Nick Tabarnack 2 oy oldin
"-I'll let the ladie choose" "-Im not a ladie !" . . cut to a big time ladie "III LIKE this ! 😍" ahahahahaha 0:37
reddybear 2 oy oldin
This is a good video? I might try this on a regular day and see how my co-workers react? Maybe? ?
Annie Groos
Annie Groos 2 oy oldin
Leather jacket guy makes me think of a drunk Irish Johnny depp lol
Jay C
Jay C 2 oy oldin
Erika Gällefors
Erika Gällefors 2 oy oldin
Going on a road trip to Ireland in April . And I need to find ppl like you to drink with 😂 you guys are Hilerious.
mofreeman223 2 oy oldin
I'm disappointed I didnt get to see them kiss
Perla Montiel
Perla Montiel 2 oy oldin
The guy in the leather jacket had no filter. He would be the perfect drinking buddy
Pip Pipkins
Pip Pipkins 2 oy oldin
Does the Leather Jacket Guy do side work as a Guy Fawkes impersonator?
KennyRiddim 2 oy oldin
ive got no friends, so I watch this and it makes me feel better
Whoopsydaisy 2 oy oldin
Cmon LJG, give that man a little smooch. He needs it.
Gayle-Heather Condo
The gentleman in the black leather jacket is hilarious I would have a blast of an evening hanging out with him
nathan larson
nathan larson 2 oy oldin
I am willing to pay for an entire trip to Ireland from Canada just to party with leather jacket guy
Patrick Pedigo
Patrick Pedigo 2 oy oldin
I know their Irish but do they have to drink on every try...yes. Yes is the answer
udaaz 2 oy oldin
With inflection on the end? Haha my favs are the gay guy and the black leather jacket guy all the way. And sorry if he isn't gay, love em anyway.
Hey It’s Erin
Hey It’s Erin 2 oy oldin
leather jacket guy is the best
Jako Master
Jako Master 2 oy oldin
I love Leather Jacket Guy, he's just a badass xD
tsbubba1999 2 oy oldin
Is that Irish Jake Baldino???
LeeAnna Lambirth
LeeAnna Lambirth 2 oy oldin
Okay is nobody gonna talk about LJG’s wink after saying pussy cat? Because I really wanna talk about it 👀
genesis hidalgo
genesis hidalgo 2 oy oldin
Leather jacket guy😍😍
Canaan's Photography
That chick was wearing an Anaheim Ducks T-shirt... I like her.
Jackie Claire
Jackie Claire 2 oy oldin
Leather jacket guy is low key hot af
Pinkcandy605 Hall
The one with curly long hair remind me of Taylor Swift who agrees
irene sopiadis
irene sopiadis 2 oy oldin
Irish people are the best 🤣🤣⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jess Ciottariello
I've watched probably 5 of these videos in the last 24 hours and I am so happy 😁
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