Irish People Try Gunpowder Gin Cocktails

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We had our Irish People try some funky Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin cocktails...was it yay or nay??
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Gin is all the rage these days, particularly in Ireland! We decided to team up with the Shed Distillery to put together a selection of cocktails from France, Russia, the USA and Australia - all made with their Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin. Were our resident Irish People converted to the ways of this particular beverage? Watch and find out!
Thanks to the Shed Distillery for sponsoring this video, for providing the Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin and cocktails! You can check them out at the following links:
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James Mitchell: TRY.Media/James
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30-Noy, 2018

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Mason Richards
Mason Richards 4 soat oldin
so they can't cook, but they got a good bartender.
tony Boswell
tony Boswell 17 soat oldin
I chould really injoy drinking with these folks
Gaming Addiction
Gaming Addiction 18 soat oldin
I’m Australian no Australian says shrimp, it’s PRAWNS!!
Vasion gaming
Vasion gaming Kun oldin
Oh yeah
Kate DeGonia
Kate DeGonia Kun oldin
I love how excited Shannon was when she said "Oi luv Gin!"
Homer Burns
Homer Burns Kun oldin
is this... a tide ad?
MrsKocher26 Kun oldin
Kellie’s hair is so shiny and her humor so sarcastic! Gotta love a funny genius with great hair! Very funny group!
Todd Vandagrifft
Todd Vandagrifft 2 kun oldin
The Australian accent was hilarious. Very good try.
marioelbros 2 kun oldin
Wow, Irish people are not funny. I feel like I'm watching teenagers making stupid jokes all the time every time I watch this channel.
Kyle M
Kyle M 2 kun oldin
Is it basil? Pronounced like the name, and then, I have a bunch of leaves that I took in me purse. God she's so cute lol.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 kun oldin
Good gin is made in a dirty bathtub
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 kun oldin
Irish chicks are hot
lester mckee
lester mckee 3 kun oldin
don't care what color dress you put on it...still taste like alcohol.
opithisis 3 kun oldin
So, I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find the recipe amounts and instructions for the Drumshanbo Down Under. Yes, I see the ingredients in the video, but not the ratios and how to prepare. Anyone know it?
Has A
Has A 3 kun oldin
I don't drink alcohol, but the last one looked really lovely!
Reaver Clearblades
Reaver Clearblades 4 kun oldin
Nothing beats a Gin Fizz.
Don Cav
Don Cav 4 kun oldin
Try sloe gin and mountain dew. Shot of sloe gin mixed with 8 ozs mountain dew
Don Cav
Don Cav 4 kun oldin
Their vids are so addictive
David Slater
David Slater 5 kun oldin
Where the fuck is the leather jacket guy!? 🤯
Matrim42 6 kun oldin
Wait, eucalyptus? Uh...y’all do know that eucalyptus is poisonous, right? Like, unless you happen to be a koala, you should under no circumstances put that in your body unless you like vomiting and irritation. I doubt there’s enough in there to put you in a coma, but that’s a thing that can in fact happen.
Matrim42 6 kun oldin
3:14 Ooooo! We have a “Jay-sus, Mary, and Joseph!” We’ve achieved peak Irish! ☘️
Zeus Martinez
Zeus Martinez 6 kun oldin
Where the hell is Irish Johnny Depp?
Tim Earl
Tim Earl 6 kun oldin
6:43 " You can lick us". 😳 🤣
Debbie Pearce
Debbie Pearce 6 kun oldin
I love to watch Shannon. Her reactions are hilarious
george lucas weiss
george lucas weiss 6 kun oldin
shannon mary me!!!
calliope 7 kun oldin
The French 75 is my FAVE
Rick 7 kun oldin
*cause I could die, that'd be really akward* Also, how aren't yall used to copper mugs for gin and ginger pop????
Rick 7 kun oldin
The beginning music reminded me of BLOOD! by my chemical romance So now I'm just mumbling the song like a tweaker
Sisa Khoza
Sisa Khoza 7 kun oldin
They counted the mint leaves 🤣
The 17th Doctor
The 17th Doctor 7 kun oldin
6:58 guy on the left NAILED THE ACCENT, MATE!
Reece Carr
Reece Carr 7 kun oldin
It’s not a ducking shrimp it’s a prawn
Robot Rhinosaur
Robot Rhinosaur 7 kun oldin
Kelly, you're so dirty!
graham kehoe
graham kehoe 7 kun oldin
I hate it when gay people find it necessary to mention the fact that they are gay every five seconds “this drink reminds me of being gay” “I had this drink when I realized I was gay” “us gay guys love this drink”.. nobody fucking cares bud
Candace Baughman
Candace Baughman 7 kun oldin
PJ's last word. Is he dead?
WalkingPromissoryNote 1963
Irish people look like mutated British people.
i have an irish granny...and i live in north wales....does this make me irish?
kimbaplover 8 kun oldin
I love seeing shannon in videos!!
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer 8 kun oldin
jamie rose
jamie rose 8 kun oldin
Omg we dont say put a other shrimp on the barby (I'm an australian)
Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner 8 kun oldin
Shannon is lovely
Animinga 8 kun oldin
I've actually never tasted gin before
FlowersForZombies 8 kun oldin
“There’s no cucumber in these things right? Cuz I could die. And that’d be awkward” 😹
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 8 kun oldin
Patty's Last Call and Jim's Last Dance need to be made into real cocktails
JTFess 8 kun oldin
did they say "You can Lick this"
RaifNW 8 kun oldin
No recipes for the cocktails???
Lil Splyffy
Lil Splyffy 9 kun oldin
The TRY Channel: Sorry guys Black leather jacket guy was to hungover and out doing legendary shit. Me: *Clicks Off*
Robert Sogomonian
Robert Sogomonian 9 kun oldin
I want to come drink with you but I'm not Irish. :'(
EarthenWitch 9 kun oldin
“There’s no kiwi in any of these is there? Okay, cause I could die... that’d be really awkward” 😂😂
Liam Matley
Liam Matley 10 kun oldin
I like the girl with the glasses she is funny
Kaylea Stenz
Kaylea Stenz 10 kun oldin
Btw we don’t say “shrimp” it’s prawn if yoy ever say that to an Australian they might hit you just sayin