Irish People Try Gunpowder Gin Cocktails

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We had our Irish People try some funky Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin cocktails...was it yay or nay??
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More Information:
Gin is all the rage these days, particularly in Ireland! We decided to team up with the Shed Distillery to put together a selection of cocktails from France, Russia, the USA and Australia - all made with their Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin. Were our resident Irish People converted to the ways of this particular beverage? Watch and find out!
Thanks to the Shed Distillery for sponsoring this video, for providing the Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin and cocktails! You can check them out at the following links:
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Lolsy Byrne: TRY.Media/Lolsy
Richard McConkey: TRY.Media/Richard
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
James Mitchell: TRY.Media/James
Kellie Hughes: TRY.Media/Kellie
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30-Noy, 2018



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Sue Falls
Sue Falls Kun oldin
NicholasCorvin Kun oldin
"I can drink that until the dingoes come on me...Drumshanbo." rofl
scathson 3 kun oldin
Oh my god - "do i have a mustache?" "no, fortunately not" - is it me, or was that too hot (might be the 2 gin and tonics i've had)
Jimmy McQuade
Jimmy McQuade 3 kun oldin
This episode of where are they now. We find a retired WALDO finally no longer hiding in the crowd. Lmfao
Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott 3 kun oldin
You guy’s are awesome!
Eric Birdsall
Eric Birdsall 4 kun oldin
I know a few drinks you should try .. I think you might like them. Looking to hear from you
Lisa Hoyt
Lisa Hoyt 5 kun oldin
Dermot 🥰🥰🥰
B O 5 kun oldin
Clears up the eye sockets lol
Death Proof Gaming
Death Proof Gaming 6 kun oldin
Knowing Irish people, they did all of these videos back to back.
John E. Pezze
John E. Pezze 7 kun oldin
That was a fucking riot when he said that looks gay
Blackthorne369 7 kun oldin
Paddy's Last Call! Haha! Jim's Last Dance! Hehehe!
Dana Webster
Dana Webster 8 kun oldin
I was laughing my arse off and then it finished. What advertisement comes on at the end? A medication for ulcerative colitis. Maybe fitting, maybe not. Great video guys keep them coming.
jay padia
jay padia 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks one of them looks like Dillion Harper...
Nick Lavigne
Nick Lavigne 9 kun oldin
No Ramos Gin Fizz... Oh well.
anastasia ravenwood
Just rewatched this video, and I’ve got to say to a repeat alcohol video with this cast and pairing bc this is still (in my humble opinion) one of the best/funniest videos to date 🙌 love from Virginia USA
spiff2268 9 kun oldin
I wish they were a little more specific with the recipes.
Carol Hayes
Carol Hayes 10 kun oldin
LOL, is there any alcohol that Dermot doesn't like?
VDubya 10 kun oldin
"Twisted out yer bin" - Love this
Hendricks Milan
Hendricks Milan 11 kun oldin
0:48 Also known as the French 75, named after the French 75mm artillery piece of 1897, since it has been said to hit you like one.
PurpleMask131 11 kun oldin
Hendricks Milan it’s one of my favorite drinks. Tasty and smooth, if made correctly.
marc dewit
marc dewit 11 kun oldin
video starts and in 5 second LOL
Teresa Miller
Teresa Miller 12 kun oldin
I love and adore Kellie she is like a daughter I never had.....
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 12 kun oldin
Twisted out your bin is my new favorite way to say trashed, smashed, and hammered
FerrariDMC 12 kun oldin
Make some derailers.
seattlegrrlie 13 kun oldin
I love it how they get more intoxicated as the taste test goes on
ZoruaZorroark 13 kun oldin
i love seeing stuff like this
drschplatt 13 kun oldin
Jean jacket girl is the type of person that makes you get a taxi for four when there are five of you.
MrLuwid 13 kun oldin
I really thought it was marzia in the thumbnail (cutiepie)
Blake Cato
Blake Cato 13 kun oldin
"that was as good as the best episode of home and away" must have been fucking awful then
NickWalczak11 15 kun oldin
0:01 butt nose
Zohair Raza
Zohair Raza 15 kun oldin
I have such a hard crush on I heart NY t-shirt girl.
Fitzy Holden
Fitzy Holden 16 kun oldin
No, we don't call them bloody shrimp. ITS A FECKIN PRAWN !
Your Problems Aren't Mine!
So the last time that I saw a supposed gunpowder shot was when someone shot a high caliber rifle and used the spent casing as the shot glass no joke!. LOL Learn something new every single day. 😂😂
AquilaLiberum 17 kun oldin
I literally tried Gunpowder Gin because of this video. Spoiler alert: it's great.
Outer Nothingness
Outer Nothingness 19 kun oldin
Ok, so Lolsy is like the cutest person ever. I wish I weren't in love with her, but it's kind of unavoidable.
Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson 19 kun oldin
damn shannon lookin cute AF
Snurgum Wurgum
Snurgum Wurgum 21 kun oldin
I feel like the comely maiden in this video was on the down low making fun of the pretty blond. I know which i prefer.
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald 21 kun oldin
My last words will be “oh no”
Michael Kaye
Michael Kaye 22 kun oldin
Love all your accents, but I knowticed that you all have trouble pronouncing th , example I think sounds like I tink 😘😘🤗🤗
Tali Uili
Tali Uili 22 kun oldin
Marcus Rivera
Marcus Rivera 23 kun oldin
"You could lick us if you try..." I almost died choking on my beer!!!
Alejandrina Reeves
Alejandrina Reeves 23 kun oldin
Dermot is sexy for an older guy...is it just me? 😉
MGTOW Rubicon
MGTOW Rubicon 23 kun oldin
Drunken Irish folk are so much fun.
MGTOW Rubicon
MGTOW Rubicon 23 kun oldin
"This is definitely a breakfast drink." For the Irish, what drink is *not* a breakfast drink?
judy valencia
judy valencia 23 kun oldin
"This is definitely a breakfast drink." Who the heck drinks alcohol for breakfast?
Natalie Jimenez
Natalie Jimenez 24 kun oldin
I just bought a bottle of this. It's her baaaaaamb 😍
Natalie Jimenez
Natalie Jimenez 24 kun oldin
The Irish know their shit.
p0pp4 24 kun oldin
I very much enjoyed this video. Having said that: GIN is among the shittiest of liquors, it's nasty along with anything flavored with anise aka black licorice.
Dozer1642 25 kun oldin
Euca fuckin liptus? Ironically, In Australia, these trees are known as lesbian trees. “You could lick a puss”
Tabitha Bailey
Tabitha Bailey 25 kun oldin
Me: that looks like a MULE! Video: Gunpowder Mule Me: I should really stop drinking 😂
Sarahblo55om 25 kun oldin
It’s a prawn not a shrimp 😂
Daffy Dork
Daffy Dork 26 kun oldin
I love Shannon's personality and she's really pretty. she's the reason I watch these.. I like everyone else too.. but she's the best
DarkAllenX 27 kun oldin
doesn't the girl with glasses remind you of Amy from Big Bang?
mr22turner 27 kun oldin
Need to put together a montage of @lolsybyrne booze-tasting facials.
Geo Mondiale
Geo Mondiale 28 kun oldin
Irish girls are the best
Ozren Dzagic
Ozren Dzagic 28 kun oldin
I love to see you guys get hammered, greetings from Serbia, and try some Rakija. U picku materinu!
david ra
david ra 28 kun oldin
shannon keenan, is my cup of tea. she is really cute. i like a girl who can drink
Brittney Ryan
Brittney Ryan 29 kun oldin
I must be friends with the girls! The one in the Jean jacket is my soul sister 😍😍
thisisntkelsey 29 kun oldin
Nothing Oy oldin
I love gin, but if you put a fucking egg white ANYWHERE near my drink, we're going out to the parking lot with a pair of handcuffs and two knives, and we're going to cuff our off hands to each other and get stabby.
chantale makos
I want everything to do with that first drink! I love the “twisted out your bin” woman 😂
buttery1toast Oy oldin
The girl in the beginning is so hot
Adree Recsss
Adree Recsss Oy oldin
“There’s no kiwis in any of these right? Ok good cause I can DIE and that’d be really awkward” lmaooo I love her
Alessandra Aviles
"I could die and that would be really awkward"😂
Michael Schweisser
"there's no kiwi in any of these, right ? okay good 'cause I could die and that'd be vErY aWkWaRd"
disliked cause no leather jacket guy
94summerangel Oy oldin
I'm native. can i do a native's drink?
lee R.
lee R. Oy oldin
Keep Dermot, but please include more of Irish Jesus and Leather Jacket Guy.....thanks
Fat2Mad Oy oldin
2:38 lol
King Kaoko
King Kaoko Oy oldin
I'm PJ!!! I ain't dead ya damn jerks!!
HistoryIsLove Oy oldin
You should get koreans to do this. They honestly drink more than the irish.
schwegburt Oy oldin
Wait . . . Eucalyptus leaves? Those leaves, the oils in particular are mildly toxic. WTF
Kyaia Anderson
I sorry to be an ass but Moskal meal was invented in Las Vegas 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfao I’m just a whole nerd that’s why I know
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios Oy oldin
I’m in love with Lolsy she looks gorgeous
Brian Teeter
Brian Teeter Oy oldin
NY loves you too
wayne b
wayne b Oy oldin
the red headed chick is the hottest woman there
Samuel Aldrey
Samuel Aldrey Oy oldin
I have a degree in french! College/high school in a nutshell.
Andrew Barr
Andrew Barr Oy oldin
Why was the red head with the bob alone?
Billy Hughes
Billy Hughes Oy oldin
Sometime the "Irish People Try....." vids I don't get. I'm like,..."yeah, ok,....so what?" Then I watch and I'm all -- "aaah, ok,...this is pretty great." I love Gin -- G&T's are they wife and I's go to year around. Have been for years -- I love whisky/whiskey, but Gin is still the 1 seed.
trolley trolling
trolley trolling
that girl looks like a loli, may i fuck her?
trolley trolling
that guys face looks like my pubes
trolley trolling
that bitches nose longer than my dick
Hiro Protagonist
Who's the cutie in the jean jacket?
iamroot1664 Oy oldin
'Drink the metal and die' LOL!
Jon Eldridge
Jon Eldridge Oy oldin
You guys need to try a scorpion bowl
Jason Oy oldin
Irish women are not very attractive.. and a drunking Irish women would not be fun to be with
AwpitheAwper Oy oldin
I love Kellie's attitude towards getting drunk.
Ivan Jakanov
Ivan Jakanov Oy oldin
there are some dirty russians out there, you shouldn't be licking their faces
the soixante-quinze is honestly the best thing cause its tasty, strong and it hits u really fast
Joshua Ciardelli
I'm drawn in to the glasses chick and I think it's the personality and smarts. nice lol.
Joshua Ciardelli
Gin tastes like pine needles to me, I wish I could enjoy it.. =(
usuck2413 24
usuck2413 24 Oy oldin
i wanna know who's the guy making the drinks
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro Oy oldin
Shannon your drunk I'm a uber driver me pick you up?😄😄
Tim Fogus
Tim Fogus Oy oldin
"If I licked a Russians face"... 🤣
Cesar Carlos
Cesar Carlos Oy oldin
The gin will make you sin. 😂🤭
Angela Hernandez-Bischof
Kellie & Shannon crack me up
Domingo Maderes
Fuckin’ mc’s...
qb s
qb s Oy oldin
Eucalyptus! ..you can lick this! .
Azazel Ashbight
your not alone with kiwi allergy
Avvid-A Oy oldin
Im a simple man . I see Shannon I click And i like.
James Durnein
James Durnein Oy oldin
I love the Irish, everything they say is hilarious love the accent, I can’t really remember the other ting they were doing I liked 😂
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