Irish People Try Little Debbie Treats

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"I assume Little Debbie is now Massive Debbie"
Irish People Taste Test Little Debbie Treats
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More Information:
Treats featured in this video:
Oatmeal Creme Pies
Zebra Cakes
Cinnamon Streusel Cakes
Cosmic Brownies
Honey Buns
Star Crunch
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People featured in this video: (in order of appearance, l-r)
James & Donal
Aine & Paul
Dermot & Harker
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BlackRose 46 daqiqa oldin
How many grams of sugar is in that? 15 grams (Spits out coffee) Me_Welcome to America, land of the Obesity! Anyone wants to know why people are fat? Well here fucking clue folks, all our food is way over salted and sugared that there needs to be a set of limits for that kinda shit.
Fredric Marquez
Fredric Marquez 6 soat oldin
I love the Oatmeal creme pies 😩😩❤️
Samantha_ Gale1900
As a kid I loved Little Debbie's now I'm grown I don't buy them I would literally eat the entire box
dark lord
dark lord Kun oldin
America also has a lot of fudgepackers
xjsem 2 kun oldin
That spit take. 😂
deadly gaming
deadly gaming 2 kun oldin
Brother Mutant73
Brother Mutant73 5 kun oldin
We have brownies AND scouts in the US of A.
Dean Oldfield
Dean Oldfield 6 kun oldin
Little Debbie is the lowest of the low in snack cakes. Not that long ago (unless you're 15 years old) they were selling at 79 cents a box.
Miranda Luna
Miranda Luna 7 kun oldin
irish people are so dramatic about nutritional facts because they label every little thing there lmao.
Psiberzerker 8 kun oldin
"Best Brownie i ever had was 12." What?
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner 8 kun oldin
John Cusack :)
Katie -JustKatie
Katie -JustKatie 12 kun oldin
3:13 I’m crying 😂😂😂
Nathan Juarez
Nathan Juarez 13 kun oldin
my dad always said little debbie a hoe guess those names confirm it
Hammy B
Hammy B 13 kun oldin
But I gotta say the cosmic brownies r the shitttt😂😍😍😍😍
Hammy B
Hammy B 13 kun oldin
My mom is so healthy that we never have little debbies in the house😂😢
Shirley Conerly
Shirley Conerly 14 kun oldin
I think everyone was high😂😂😂
Steve Bounds
Steve Bounds 15 kun oldin
So in the jail I worked the inmates could order most of those treats on commissary. The honey buns were popular. But the genius inmates would take the chocolate covered honey bun and warm it up and put peanut butter on them.
N/A 15 kun oldin
Gay guys annoying af dislike
Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress
First of all we do have brownies and we do know what a nice warm delicious brownie is....🤨 so no clarification need hun👀👀🍫 And yes I am a little serious about my desserts!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress
Oh well that’s what it sounds like and he was eating a brownie so I was just going off of what I saw and heard. 🤷🏽‍♀️ oh well.
Tessa White
Tessa White 2 kun oldin
But you know he wasn't referring to the dessert, right? 🤔
AllenArt64 17 kun oldin
I'm American and I hate everything Little Debbie makes. LOL
Ruckizzy 17 kun oldin
, Americans have brownies. Wtf is a scout( don’t know what she said)
Julius Morris
Julius Morris 18 kun oldin
"Little Debbies cream pie" lmaoooo
Consecira Dixon
Consecira Dixon 18 kun oldin
Little Debbie cream pie.....YIKES🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOVE HIM
Wm Beam
Wm Beam 18 kun oldin
all the names are sexually inappropriate because you have a dirty mind
Alexandria I. Hall
Alexandria I. Hall 19 kun oldin
lol debbies are gross
Jordan Dowery
Jordan Dowery 19 kun oldin
yo where is the nutty bars????
Bev Raznoff
Bev Raznoff 19 kun oldin
hunny buns are better warmed... as for the excessive calories.. there is a reason why some people refer to them as Little Debbie lard cakes.
Jim P
Jim P 20 kun oldin
Nobody did Princess Leia with the Honey Buns?
buttercreamsunshine 21 kun oldin
Little Debbie’s are generally disappointing unfortunately. Boston Creme Rolls are the best though~
Cynthia Del Valle
Cynthia Del Valle 21 kun oldin
This made me laugh so hard. I assume Little Debbie is now Massive Debbie. LOL And I loved the reaction to the grams of sugar. Well, isn't sugar the first on the list of ingredients!?
Najahte Smith
Najahte Smith 22 kun oldin
Spits out tea*
brian drazen
brian drazen 23 kun oldin
We have brownies here -_- 2:36
Chris Boz
Chris Boz 24 kun oldin
Little Debbie's cream pies 😂😂😂
peanutfly22 24 kun oldin
Lol! I’m American and just realized how sexually explicit the Little Debbie snack names are!!!
Erik Hines
Erik Hines 24 kun oldin
Dang, Part 2 coming anytime... Swiss Cake Rolls, Jelly pies, Nutty Bars, Fudge Rounds...
Kodi Jones
Kodi Jones 26 kun oldin
Um did yall seriously insult cosmic brownies?!?!?!?! Those are the bomb
Ben Cope
Ben Cope 26 kun oldin
Zebra Cakes are DELICIOUS
Loose Canon LTD
Loose Canon LTD 26 kun oldin
2:31...the accidental nasty!
Jovany De La Flamé
Jovany De La Flamé 26 kun oldin
Little Debbie's cream pie yikes! 😂
Suzie Q.
Suzie Q. 27 kun oldin
Looool the way the guy spit out the drink.... 😂😂
Creators Guide
Creators Guide 27 kun oldin
Yo that dude with the purple beanie is stoned as fuck, look at him!😂😂😂😂
BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee 27 kun oldin
Little Debbie Fudge Rounds, Honey Bun, Chocolate Cookie Pies are so good. Oatmeal pies are good too.
Tammie White
Tammie White 27 kun oldin
These people are stupid. They eat haggis
Marisa Miller
Marisa Miller 28 kun oldin
Ok for an elementary school kid that hadn't developed good taste or get a choice as to what went in her lunchbox. I hadn't had a desire to eat one since then. Remember them as dry & very sweet. 😦
J. Granger
J. Granger 29 kun oldin
The dark haired gal is a stunner.
Nia with red lips
Nia with red lips 29 kun oldin
Have they tried Entenmann's yet?
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 29 kun oldin
I see the happy the hyper the crazy and the fall..lol
Margo Winchester
Margo Winchester 29 kun oldin
“Little Debbie can go fuck BLEEP herself”
Sandee Payne
Sandee Payne 29 kun oldin
I’ve worked for Little Debbie 20 years, we are very proud of the products we put out. My family likes popping the Honey Buns in the micro for a few seconds, they are even better. I enjoy watching you guys, I don’t really care for some of the rude comments, I don’t like you making fun of My President, it’s unnecessary to me. I guess it helps the ratings of the show, but sometimes it’s too much for me. Is F__k a part of the Irish language? Yucky!!
Jim P
Jim P 20 kun oldin
And people say liberals are snowflakes.
toasteee252 Oy oldin
Why do they pick the most obscure flavors...cosmic brownie? Wtf is that supposed to be? To be fair oatmeal cream pies are kindergarten...its your starter. Then star crunch, fudge rounds, then the ultimate...the nutty bar.
piggyprinsess and jdog
1:30 I love them as a couple
Beard Box
Beard Box Oy oldin
I love how the first guy is wearing a Colorado T-Shirt. Not sure if that's for the weed reference or if he's actually been to Colorado.
Robert Sine
Robert Sine Oy oldin
These Irish individuals act like twelve year old kids!
Sarah Robinson
You need to freeze the Star Crunch! It tastes so much better that way!
Jim Prindle
Jim Prindle Oy oldin
my bih little debbie man her brownies fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Veronika DàFake
"I'm fat, so I know what a little debbie is" Gebus, yes, let me choke on my pizza and poutine for this vid Edit* Fuck, I'm just relieved my pre-school and grade school days. I'll give you some McDonald's fries if you give me your little debbie zebra cake
Mike Adams
Mike Adams Oy oldin
No, we do have Brownies. My wife is a girl scout leader. So rest assured it sounded as bad to us as it did to you .
Trevor Reilly
Trevor Reilly Oy oldin
the guy with glasses jokes had me laughing pretty good
K A Armstead
K A Armstead Oy oldin
I DIED at 1:34 😂😂😂
Miss Amanda's world
Because they aren't. American English differs to Irish English.
edenhalle Oy oldin
if only he had said "the best brownie I ever had was a 420"
Upendedgamer Oy oldin
3:47 "i'm guessing Little Debbie is now...Massive Debbie.....J u s t s a y i n g"
April Richards
I make Death by Chocolate Brownies. They don't last two days in my family :-)
Lala R93
Lala R93 Oy oldin
The spitting out the drink part was a bit OTT 😒
Chet Bush
Chet Bush Oy oldin
Oh shit. I miss zebra cakes so much. They were and still are a favorite treat of mine.
end of the line
Americans have brownies. And honey buns. And cosmic brownies
Acdc671 Oy oldin
Cosmic brownies are not worthy of being called food.
Tony Hardy
Tony Hardy Oy oldin
Little Debbie is now big Deborah
Needs more donut sticks!
higherthan u
higherthan u Oy oldin
fuck u little debbie cream pies are the best fuck u i tellu
Detective Djwizard
I was sheltered as a kid and the only chocolate I got was hershey's or Halloween, Easter and Valentine's candy. So the only time I got little debbie was when I went to school and I got kids to feed me things from their lunch boxes. The day I had a cosmic brownie was the day I stepped my food getting game up. I started asking not just my friends for brownies but strangers as well. All for the chance to experience the taste of greatness. Years passed I was soon in high school and i realized i had enough money to buy myself the brownies I so desperately desired. I was in pig heaven. I wiped out the entire box within a day, and everything was awesome. Until my stomach started gurgling and it wasnt hunger gurgles. I had to stay in the bathroom for 3 hours or more, and everytime I thought it was over it wasnt. After that experience I limited my self to just one brownie a day but it was too late. I messed up so bad that cant eat brownies without getting sick anymore. It's not just the brownies that do this though it's also cakes and pancakes and basically every thing I loved with sugar and flour. All I know is the brownies started it so Thx little debbie I wouldn't be like this if it wasnt for your brownies xoxo ❤❤ 10/10 would eat again
Bluetop Guitar
The brownies are good. The rest...ok
Sierra Green
Sierra Green Oy oldin
“Come on Little Debbie” 😂😂😂
Grace Rubio
Grace Rubio Oy oldin
Smoke a fat blunt then yall will enjoy it.!
Abdel Sayed
Abdel Sayed Oy oldin
1:36 exaggerate much
Yunan Klaus
Yunan Klaus Oy oldin
"Is she what, what age is she now?" "Sir I'm gonna stop you right there"
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer Oy oldin
More like lil debbie
Casey mp
Casey mp Oy oldin
so many sex jokes in this videos hahaha i love this videos
kurosan Oy oldin
3:36 "What'cha mean you doon't liiiiike dem'?"
Mr. M.
Mr. M. Oy oldin
I watched this to see the Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, which are the best thing ever, and they weren't here. FAIL
batman 666
batman 666 Oy oldin
Where are the Boston creme rolls!! Those are the best
Hope Nicole
Hope Nicole Oy oldin
America does have brownies. It is the group name of a girl scout. I was a brownie scout when I was little
Bruce Armacost
What about the swiss rolls? They would have hated them too. Irish hipsters must be on an uncharted level of Who Gives A Fuck What They Think Anyway.
kaaliyah steele
I absolutely love their accent😍
Qui Gon Jinn
Qui Gon Jinn Oy oldin
i got sick to the stomach watching this
Aimee Nading
Aimee Nading Oy oldin
little Debbie are gross
narutobion Oy oldin
Dude looks high asl
Hufflepuff Queen
Zebra cakes are better cold. Like borderline frozen and cosmic brownies are better warmed up with a glass of milk
pxn748 Oy oldin
Americans don't have have brownies, they have whats??
RedTheRabbit Oy oldin
Obligatory joke I learned when I was like 12. "I almost got kicked out of Cub Scouts because I ate a Brownie."
Julie Starr
Julie Starr Oy oldin
the guy insisting on making this sexual is basically announcing to the whole world he hasn't gotten any in forever...if he had he could focus on...anything else
Cadin Truesdale
You can really tell they’re not American from the fact that they think prisoners get dessert
Vanilla Vixen13
Speaking for Americans- one of the ranks in girl scouts is a brownie, so we get it lol 🤣
Kellie Arrowood
The pumpkin cakes in the fall are awesome
lorfalconswan Oy oldin
WTF???? NO SWISS ROLLS?????????????????????????? That's their best item!
MegzeeR Oy oldin
They're all nasty....except for the caramel cookie bars :)
jose sifuentes
Kristi Yagwit
Kristi Yagwit Oy oldin
Cosmic brownies are more like tootsie rolls nowadays 😑
gameovr17 Oy oldin
Throw some butter on the honey bun and in the microwave for 10 seconds. Game changer
Rhonda C. Willis
Don't FUCK with lil Debbie!
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