Irish People Try Little Debbie Treats

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"I assume Little Debbie is now Massive Debbie"
Irish People Taste Test Little Debbie Treats
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More Information:
Treats featured in this video:
Oatmeal Creme Pies
Zebra Cakes
Cinnamon Streusel Cakes
Cosmic Brownies
Honey Buns
Star Crunch
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People featured in this video: (in order of appearance, l-r)
James & Donal
Aine & Paul
Dermot & Harker
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2-Avg, 2017

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kathrynck 8 soat oldin
They're really all "extreme low budget" pastries. Some aren't bad, but it's hardly the creme de la creme. LD's are pastries which have a billion years shelf life, and cost half as much as the ones next to them in a shop. Mainly good for a sudden sweet tooth attack when you only can only find a dollar or two in change under the sofa cushions.
Chelsea Kirk
Chelsea Kirk 16 soat oldin
No fudge rounds?! 😱
Qubilah Jones
Qubilah Jones 20 soat oldin
Ok can we get in on the Irish jokes. I want to laugh too. What’s a brownie and a honey bun?
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky Kun oldin
Oatmeal Creme Pies are the BEST Little Debbies!!! The Dunkin' Sticks are a close second!
Sustainability in the City
We have brownies and scouts
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans Kun oldin
Little Debbie is the poor mans treat,lol. Yes, none of it healthy.
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans Kun oldin
No one I have ever known eats the cinn buns. But the Zebras & brownies my kids love. I like the oat meal pies.
s¡rawrah Mornin
I've never had any of these
Lyssa Baby
Lyssa Baby 2 kun oldin
I’m American and I hate all of these besides the Streusel cake & and star crunch 😂😂
Nic 2 kun oldin
No Swiss Rolls??
where's augist
where's augist 2 kun oldin
Omg cosmic brownies are the shit so I'm a little pissed
Jennifer Atchison
Jennifer Atchison 3 kun oldin
"Generic dessert #4" LOL!!
Mercedes Heisterberg
The guy with the glasses seems to make everything sexual... It’s hilarious 😂
Robert Echols
Robert Echols 4 kun oldin
the dark haired lite skinned lady is HOT!!!
Pancakes Perry
Pancakes Perry 4 kun oldin
bwahahahahaha what age is she now lol
Steven Sorenson
Steven Sorenson 5 kun oldin
Its diabetic debbie now
Domeshine Clown
Domeshine Clown 6 kun oldin
I'm surprised they can show Little Debbie's creampie's on UZvid.
Briana Khamp
Briana Khamp 6 kun oldin
Those two with all the perv jokes is me everyday. 😂😂😂
Juanita Barnes
Juanita Barnes 6 kun oldin
Nutty Bars are my favorite.
Jklopoppcorn 6 kun oldin
America defenitely has brownies. I don’t even know what a scout is.
Autistik Waldo
Autistik Waldo 6 kun oldin
These are a treat, of course they are filled with sugar you're not supposed to eat one every day.
High Frequency
High Frequency 7 kun oldin
I die when the blonde chick says "I'm expecting more from debbie " that's exactly how I feel every time somebody offers me one of debs treats.
Charlie Galbraith
Charlie Galbraith 7 kun oldin
Lmbo i love them
Broc Baney
Broc Baney 7 kun oldin
She asked for him to clarify and he never did :( I have no clue, honestly
Abby Salak
Abby Salak 7 kun oldin
as an american i feel deeply insulted
O'frabjous Day
O'frabjous Day 7 kun oldin
Has anybody else noticed that these guys seem to have more zits with each show?
martianshoes 7 kun oldin
Proudly made by Seventh Day Adventists at McKee Bakery in Silverdale TN, just north of Chattanooga. If you grow up in this neck of the woods, you are used to Little Debbie snack cakes raining down on you like a hail storm. And oddly enough, at the local supermarket...as close as we are to the bakery....a lot of them are stale.
Reginald Dawson
Reginald Dawson 7 kun oldin
The Irish will always bring a wholesome smile out of me...
Lydia Butler
Lydia Butler 7 kun oldin
And I'm sure Dermot was glad he didn't get stuck with Nutty Bars.
Kerry Ann
Kerry Ann 7 kun oldin
Americans also have Brownies FYI - they’re before Scouts though
Empty Empty
Empty Empty 8 kun oldin
Honey buns dipped in hot coffee. Best snack ever.
Lil O
Lil O 8 kun oldin
Lil debbie def not the best U.S. has to offer
Jeremy Broussard
Jeremy Broussard 8 kun oldin
That blonde is wicked hot
Orella Minx
Orella Minx 8 kun oldin
Watched a girl shove a honey bun in her ho-ho once. Was pretty hot.
BAM 24
BAM 24 Kun oldin
Just like her infection afterwards 😖
Kai Thongsavanh
Kai Thongsavanh 9 kun oldin
Living in the states, I’ve never seen Little Debbie Streusel Cakes. Never knew those existed. In any case, my favorite is the Honey Buns. For an ever better eating experience you should microwave the honey bun for a few seconds to warm it. It’s even more amazing slightly warmed.
Lavafish swims
Lavafish swims 9 kun oldin
I'm late but American's have Brownies as well as Scouts. A Brownie are the younger girls (8ish), Scouts are older girls (10ish)
Just Me
Just Me 9 kun oldin
the irish in me screams at the torture... you irish blokes and gals remind me of the bloody brits... so I guess i'm saying you suck as bad as the brits.....
Just Me
Just Me 9 kun oldin
prove me wrong you limey brit imposters....
Shipwreck Diving
Shipwreck Diving 10 kun oldin
Honey bun slightly warmed are pretty good but they will put u in a sugar coma !!
nick long
nick long 11 kun oldin
Irish Jesus wearing the Colorado shirt is stoned out of his Damn mind
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 11 kun oldin
If you are going to do Little Debbie's I will always go with Swiss Rolls, and it's creme inside the Zebra cakes, not marshmallow.
247spyz4life 11 kun oldin
Holy moly, fuck me
Jamiee Morgann
Jamiee Morgann 12 kun oldin
We have Brownies in Canada.
Anita Dimaya
Anita Dimaya 12 kun oldin
2:30 what was happening im so confused
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 12 kun oldin
So they don't care how much sugar alcohol HAS! Or the fact it leads to liver FAILURE. But they spit their tea out when hearing about calleries from sugar? Least you can't kill someone in a car while under the influence of sugar! And you don't have to stop eating it altogether when pregnant and nursing like you do alcohol! So I will stick to sugar instead of an Irish diet of let's see how many days in a row we can have a hangover! From booze!
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 12 kun oldin
Omg lol I'm eating an oatmeal cream pie now. Love them
Lacey Allison
Lacey Allison 13 kun oldin
Oatmeal cream cookies 100% are the best 🇨🇦
Nova Prime
Nova Prime 13 kun oldin
Cosmic Brownies bring back childhood memories
Chris Canterbury
Chris Canterbury 14 kun oldin
For the guy who asked how old she is now, not sure her age, but you can definitely call her Big Deborah now a days.........
Jim life24/7
Jim life24/7 14 kun oldin
You guys missed the swiss rolls ,nutter butters,peanut butter creme pie,strawberry shortcake
David Lahti
David Lahti 16 kun oldin
Forgot the peanut butter chocolate wafer bars.....Little Debbie is a goddess....albeit a fat, diabetic goddess......but a goddess nonetheless....