Irish People Try Maltese Snacks

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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - Irish People trying some interesting Maltese snacks...did they enjoy?
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We managed to acquire a variety of snacks and drinks from the lovely land of Malta. Well done us. So what better way to celebrate this acquisition, than sitting down our resident Irish People to see what they made of them?
The Tryers featured in this video:
Niall Gleeson: TRY.Media/Gleeson
MC (Mary-Claire): TRY.Media/MC
Richard McConkey: TRY.Media/Richard
Niamh Tumbleton: TRY.Media/Niamh
Justine Halpin: TRY.Media/Justine
Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
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11-Yan, 2019



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Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin 3 soat oldin
I'm half Irish and half Maltese....
Kyle Bonello
Kyle Bonello 15 soat oldin
Miriam Briffa
Miriam Briffa 3 kun oldin
I live in malta
James micallef grimaud
Im Maltese and i loved the video but there are other amazing Maltese snacks worth trying. My personal favourites apart from the backos are the french fries, party time and twistees - twistees are maltese to the bone. They even come in a number of different flavours
5:40! my new ringtone!
rebecca Cobarrubias
the irish people are obsessed with potatoes!!!
Tinegia Mizzi
Tinegia Mizzi 8 kun oldin
No malteser are not from malta
Ryan Buhagiar
Ryan Buhagiar 9 kun oldin
Fejnom I'll pastizzi u gbejniet ras ?!!
Jam S
Jam S 13 kun oldin
There are so much more snacks 😂😂😂
SSV 15 kun oldin
You should have tasted Twistees.. Kinnie is the best drink ever.
Alex Scicluna
Alex Scicluna 20 kun oldin
Im from malta
Logovanni 20 kun oldin
MCluvs2laugh cracks me up so much. I want to be her friend. I feel like it would involve mild abuse on a regular basis and a mixture of absurdity and surprise. She seems a load of fun to drink with.
Giulia Muscat
Giulia Muscat 22 kun oldin
I'm from malta and kinnie is delicious
PrincessLoveBug 23 kun oldin
HOOOOOOLY SHIT!!! He said NICE HISS!!!! Steve1989 would be proud
vwrocco17 24 kun oldin
I love when mc talks racy
Steve Mccart
Steve Mccart 25 kun oldin
top of the morning ya prick! In heading for the t-shirt store right now
JadedGrey 25 kun oldin
so they tried dog snacks? thats weird
robyn 25 kun oldin
how can you do a maltese snack video without twistees?
robyn 25 kun oldin
i’m irish and maltese hahahah
Joedy Spiteri
Joedy Spiteri 26 kun oldin
It takes a while to get used to the after taste of kinnie 😂♥️
Skram Amme
Skram Amme 27 kun oldin
I reckon this lot would love a Violet Crumble or a box of BBQ Shapes. Aussie lollies too, columbines, red skins and fruit tingles.
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas 27 kun oldin
Well slap my dick, that's lovely! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂💀
OG_ SKIPZ 28 kun oldin
Im from malta
CMDR Vllama87
CMDR Vllama87 29 kun oldin
Floor... flavored..?
diandra spiteri
diandra spiteri 29 kun oldin
Im Maltese 💜
nick camilleri
nick camilleri 29 kun oldin
from a real malteser, the beer is pronounced like chisk, in maltese the letter C is pronounced like a 'ch' sound, good video btw, also yeah, fuck kinnie lmao
Julia Mercieca
Julia Mercieca 29 kun oldin
My ex stepmother is from Malta. It's also where they filmed Popeye with Robin Williams.
Angelle Buhagiar
In Malta we drink it plane pls don’t be mean I’m Maltese
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Oy oldin
Cockney John
Cockney John Oy oldin
"Is that where Maltesers come from " OH GOD JESUS PROTECT US FROM THE IRISH YOUTH...
NJC Oy oldin
on the kinnie i hate it too xD
NJC Oy oldin
I'm from malta lol
Kosmic katt
Kosmic katt Oy oldin
They were so shook when they saw Mr Tato on the Maltese crisps
Kelly McGinnis
“What would you people mix this with? Tears!?” 😂😂😂😂
Pete Oy oldin
"Nice hiss!" Steve1989 would approve
LOL It is funny how they are so shocked about the branding of Mr. Tato, Last I checked Riley was and Irish name; and the English language alphabet has highly shifted from actually corresponding to the general worldwide values associated with letter pronunciation "tato" (tei-tow)would be pronounced by a "tah-toh" in Malta - thus the whole tomato variation issue that we have in English
Jeanluca Cachia
What about Twistees?
mrgamer xylophone
mrgamer xylophone
Not sisk
Hannah Psaila
Hannah Psaila Oy oldin
omg im from Malta. Beautiful place. Bongu , good moring in maltese
Jason Oy oldin
She said sax
Owl lover83
Owl lover83 Oy oldin
jiena minn malta kemm jiena ferhana!!!
John Grech
John Grech Oy oldin
Zian Bondin
Zian Bondin Oy oldin
I’m from Malta and I’m happy 😃 that you loved them 🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹
Loose Canon LTD
I see McConkey is a Young Bucks fan...
Adrian Zajkowski
Niamh 😍
MM Gaming
MM Gaming Oy oldin
I live in malta but im from germany and i hat kinni
Martina Zammit
Kinnie is pretty good I love it
Deyan Carabott
Im from Malta
Oy oldin
im offended that they didnt like cisk, its literally the 3rd best beer in the Eu :( im also maltese..
Jerome Farrugia
I am from Malta but I hate the Kinnie
Robert Grech
Robert Grech Oy oldin
I'm Maltese
Brenda Testa
Brenda Testa Oy oldin
Maltese here! Cisk cans can be in glass bottles or larger cans and can vary to lemon flavor and berries. I personally love the lemon flavor asI find the original one tastes pretty sour. You pronounce it as Ch-isk not sisk just so you know :) As for the kinnie, not offended with the ones that didn't like it, I personally know locals who hates it but I do love it and it's true that the taste explodes all over your mouth and you can taste the bitterness of the orange and aromas of the herbs. There are other nice snacks which we Maltese people go for, twistees, galletti which are water crackers, there are many flavors, krips and so on, cannot remember as I live abroad nowadays. You're welcome ;)
kailyn cricchiola
I am from Malta and I love it here
Aidan Štokas
Aidan Štokas Oy oldin
The Steve 1989 mre reference has made my week!
Nick Abela
Nick Abela Oy oldin
Who else is Maltese because I am
err0r0b0 Oy oldin
0:42 Wot!? Mr.Tayto?? He's arse!
David McKeon
David McKeon Oy oldin
yes kinnie goes well with vodka... yes... you're not fine drinkers ;) thats a brilliant mix of herbs like a classy negroni. If cisk is not good for you ur not beer drinkers... :p love the irish , im a descendent :p
kai suma
kai suma Oy oldin
EYYYYY I'm maltes and I'm so glad that a large channel made a video about us were such a under rated convey I'm so glad we are actually known XD
" *Nice hiss* " fuck yes
Kane Doneo
Kane Doneo Oy oldin
What about Twistees???
Random-Owen Oy oldin
What we have way more snacks am just surprised that they did not bring out twistees
Jovetj Oy oldin
I want to taste some Richard...
hairbandfluff Oy oldin
Malta is one of the nicest countries. People are awesome there too. Loved this video
Rosemarie Collins
I fckn love Irish ppl . You know, like the real ones, not like those of us from the US . I can't wait to visit Ireland
M Bergeron
M Bergeron Oy oldin
Yum yum yummy alcohol, sure we're Irish we'll drink anything ha ha ha top of the morning to you ya prick.
BoriquaAteo Oy oldin
McMary is McYummy
J Adams
J Adams Oy oldin
Why don’t they do the epic quote under the video anymore more 😩
Jasmin Briffa
Jasmin Briffa Oy oldin
I'm Maltese and I think you did a fine job.... btw ... for ur curiosity we dont mix kinnie with tears and with anything actually 😂😂😂😂😂
Bear Less
Bear Less Oy oldin
im maltease *cough* *cough* dont worry i said nothing
embrezar Oy oldin
Since when is a beverage a snack? Might as well include a whole pizza in the video. I'm not having beer and pizza for dinner, I'm just having a wee snack.
gaspowerrules Oy oldin
Nice hiss lol steve1989mre reference
Timothy Schmidt
Why do you raise carbonated beverages while opening them??
Anne Lohstroh
Anne Lohstroh Oy oldin
Does MC look exactly like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, or is it just me....?
David Martin
David Martin Oy oldin
Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastards!
nic_YT _
nic_YT _ 2 oy oldin
They forgot twistees theyre the best part
Alexander Emil From Larsen
If you want then I can get you some danish candy so you can try that from your danish friend Alex
JogelleSings 2 oy oldin
Twistees? Party Time? And the best ever Bacon Snax (significantly superior to Bacos)? And what about hot, freshly made snacks, like pastizzi and qassatat? And our never-ending list of desserts, such as figolli, kwarezimal, ghadam, zeppoli, imqaret and prinjolata? I believe these all fall in the "snack" category. C'mon guys, do us justice ;)
S J 2 oy oldin
MC - 5:36-5:42 Hilarious! Very funny throughout actually!
Vernon Jaworski
Vernon Jaworski 2 oy oldin
Should have one where they try weird cajun food
Larrie M
Larrie M 2 oy oldin
Get rid of Vanessa. I can't stand her...
Sam Galea
Sam Galea 2 oy oldin
Omg Maltese here 🇲🇹
Ena M ッ
Ena M ッ 2 oy oldin
Meh.... I can buy these any day any time #🇲🇹
Casey Rauchwarter
Nice hiss.
Marcel Audubon
Marcel Audubon 2 oy oldin
a new fat-faced guy ... just what the TRY channel needs, another fat-faced guy
cherish :re
cherish :re 2 oy oldin
4:27 "this is, cisk" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
A TwiztedDragon Bogdanowicz
"Slap my dick, that's lovely" Holy hell 😂😂😂
Herbie and Missi
Herbie and Missi 2 oy oldin
Our former mayor was a highmuckeymuck in the DNC so Bill Clinton made him ambassador to Malta. He did absolutely nothing for 4 years exept throw parties. And fish. I would love go there now we know the beer is OK. In WW2 the Italians and Germans bombed the place into the stone age and they still never took it.
Erick Draven
Erick Draven 2 oy oldin
Could I buy a shirt from you that has MCs 'Top 'o the morning' line on it? I'll pay extra if she autographs it.
Jake Gordy
Jake Gordy 2 oy oldin
I like how "top o' the mornin' to you, ya prick" was said into a glass of lager. Doesn't get much more Irish than that.
seker7 2 oy oldin
Ummm ..once again.. MORE MC PLEASE!!!
elyse moscozo
elyse moscozo 2 oy oldin
The girl in the orange long sleeve is hilarious lol
unclejack123 2 oy oldin
MC was either coming in off a tough night or just got up from a weird knight .............. ;-p ....... LufYa MC
Sovereign Sentience
MC you are a darling . have you tried the weed ? be happy to share with you .
Gebraheel 2 oy oldin
Wait.... Ireland has bacon fries? I live in America and I've never had bacon fries and we do EVERYTHING with bacon... WTF ME!?
ZombieBunnyPosse 2 oy oldin
Stanley Slabodnick
I love the videos. Especially when the Irish taste. Because you guys are so over the top, I have an idea... but want credit! Irish people taste my dick. 🙂 I love you all. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Stanley Slabodnick 🤩
nomo daser
nomo daser 2 oy oldin
5:36 I love her comment!
Darren Mizzi
Darren Mizzi 2 oy oldin
hello from malta you are welcome to come here whenever you like
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