Irish People Try Not To Cry (Challenge)

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"I'll give it a three out of ten because old people"
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Video Description :
We decided to get our contributors to do the "Try Not To Cry Challenge". They held it together until we showed them THAT scene in Up :(

People featured in this video:
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8-Fev, 2017



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Gavin Bessford
Gavin Bessford 12 soat oldin
I defy you to watch haichi and not cry... Even Ryan would
allie miles
allie miles Kun oldin
finding magic
finding magic 2 kun oldin
Okay real people (even if they're actors)- no emotion but put on a cartoon and they start weeping. Something is off here.
The random person You subscribed to
So much cuts
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 kun oldin
I haven't cried since I was 8 years old
TELJAN 28 kun oldin
You want men to cry? Play Fast and Furious ending scene, where Vin and Paul drive their cars.
MorningStar Kematch
"UP" does it to me every time, especially when they lose their baby...waterworks.
dead ed
dead ed Oy oldin
The sound of silence in the cinema was second only to the end of American sniper....
Davey Houston
Davey Houston Oy oldin
up was tragic even I cried
Sophia Insanity
I'm on an Up intro watching spree so I can desensitize myself to the sadness and watch it with my mother
bunnygrill Oy oldin
Why the hell would anyone cry over those first two?
farber2 Oy oldin
Wouldn't cry over spilled tear gas.
Joshua Leclerc
In Happy Feet Two when Eric sings to the elephant seal....I cry every time!!!!
julie Oy oldin
Ryan is a drag. I'd much rather fuck either one of the other guys
Brionyx 2 oy oldin
I literally don’t find the up clip that sad?... I think it’s because it’s an animation and it goes through their history too fast. The notebook is more of a killer. You see their whole relationship from start to end
Bethany Grimes
Bethany Grimes 2 oy oldin
That’s a rip off of a little house on the prairie espisode where the old lady faked her death for the same reason.
Malorie 2 oy oldin
I'm 28. I seriously have never seen Up. That was the most I've seen.
Blue pickle
Blue pickle 2 oy oldin
Well, I think I'm just a cold hearted person? People be talking about how UP gets them every time.
Kody Salazar
Kody Salazar 2 oy oldin
I forgot how shitty you guys are with showing actual emotions. (Except anger or sarcasm)
Nala 2 oy oldin
ryan is hilarious
Erroll Leggo
Erroll Leggo 2 oy oldin
Ryan, ryan... you are nutty, but I feel you might be the most interesting.
John Doe
John Doe 2 oy oldin
Blonde hair and blue eyes what a cutie
Digital Doe
Digital Doe 3 oy oldin
The "one" dude prob does cry when he gets home to a lonely existence. I feel sorry for the guy. He seems to be just a lonely soul, angry, and just empty inside. All joking aside, he seems depressed. I hope it's all an act.
RiftZM 3 oy oldin
That's the beauty about that portion of "Up". It tells an entire life story, without ever saying a word.
Matthew Jimenez
Matthew Jimenez 3 oy oldin
2:51 you should have tried to put the photo album
YgritteWildling 3 oy oldin
that last one was really a sucker punch of feels after the first 2 didn't do anything at all.
Mike Graves
Mike Graves 4 oy oldin
Ryan? A 1 your the biggest piece of shit. The Irish should be ashamed of your participation in this video. You SUCK.
Chris Sede
Chris Sede 4 oy oldin
Scrubs has some really sad episodes.
James Horace
James Horace 4 oy oldin
You can’t give them the Up video. It’s not cool. NOT COOL.
spookym123 4 oy oldin
The first one, "He faked his own death", I've watched it three times and I'm not seeing that!
Alice Gibson
Alice Gibson 4 oy oldin
Facts watch Budweiser Clydesdale commercials
Michael Duvic
Michael Duvic 4 oy oldin
UP! was a brilliant film.
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts 4 oy oldin
Everyone in the '90s grew up thinking nothing Disney could do would ever top The Lion King for saddest moment. Then they grew up and watched the first few minutes of Up.
MR. BOOM 4 oy oldin
The Happier by Marshmello music video...
Jano Kock
Jano Kock 5 oy oldin
The guy who gives the videos a one and a zero and that is really missing the spirit of the whole affair. It's not about how hardcore you are my dear, it's how emotional the video is according to your hardcoreness. You could still give it a nine and not shed a blooming tear.
movie gurl74
movie gurl74 5 oy oldin
1 yea 1...so ur gonna die alone
Vis X
Vis X 5 oy oldin
Try not to cry challenges? Most people: "pfft yeah whatever... I never cry!" Pixar: "Hold my beer"
Wrath91 5 oy oldin
“Yeah the camera just fucking watched.” You don’t say lol
Victoria Rosales
Victoria Rosales 5 oy oldin
I didn't cry until up!!! 😭
Joanne Bridget Simpson
Showing the start of Up is cheating
Willard Long
Willard Long 5 oy oldin
If you want to challenge them emotionally, then show them the Band of Brothers episode "Why we fight". I am an old Jarhead and I can not watch that without crying. Especially the part where Liebgott has to tell the concentration camp prisoners that they have to go back into the camp.
Mike Graves
Mike Graves 5 oy oldin
Ryan is worthless.
Mike Graves
Mike Graves 5 oy oldin
The bald idiot is a asshole. Get rid of him.
Tom Hardeveld
Tom Hardeveld 6 oy oldin
The opening of UP gets a one? Somebody please check Ryan's oil, he's malfunctioning.
Just a bit of Junkie
So... where was something sad? I do not understand.
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith 6 oy oldin
Ok...video 3 had sweating from my eyeballs
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith 6 oy oldin
I must be dead ... video 1 made laugh out loud .. video 2 made me go umpph ... and so on and so on and so on
Miata love
Miata love 6 oy oldin
these adds are bullocks lol.. he faked death death?.. what the bloody hell man...
Sam D
Sam D 6 oy oldin
oh boi. I challenge you guys to NOT CRY while watching Jollibee commercials.
Cavecat 6 oy oldin
I was waiting for the Up-clip to be a an ad for viagra or something.
plucas1 6 oy oldin
Pixar is like weaponized feels. If they'd showed the 'Take her to the moon for me ' scene too they'd all be puddles. Well, except for Ryan. He'd probably just cackle and devour some more puppy souls or something
MaryAnne Achieng
MaryAnne Achieng 7 oy oldin
Ryan who hurt you? Sheesh
giraffegirl2016 7 oy oldin
The beginning of up is so heart wrenching
ChrystalLily Van Breet
Damn cutting onions here
Dorcas Winter
Dorcas Winter 7 oy oldin
I think I might be made of stone..... I cried at none of these....sorry
Noah Jay Jibke
Noah Jay Jibke 7 oy oldin
Okay I get trying to come off as strong and defensive of emotion but it really just makes you look inconsiderate and heartless in the end. "1" dude... like what? Was there a traumatic event in your life that caused you to have the worst recorded case of headupmyass syndrome?
Thomas Wallingsford
Who's the hot guy in the grey sweater
Shane Tsosie
Shane Tsosie 7 oy oldin
Up got me again.
This and That
This and That 8 oy oldin
Do a video called "Who is a monster". Show people the scene from 'Grave of the fireflies' where the brother remembers his sister, and then cremates her. Who does not cry at that scene is the winner.... and a complete monster.
Lena 8 oy oldin
Love Irish people.
aLLMaK3y0uFaM15 8 oy oldin
I failed....
MG Wray
MG Wray 8 oy oldin
Grandpa's a sociopath! LOL
6kchea !
6kchea ! 8 oy oldin
Should've had them watch Marley and me
Brittni Smith
Brittni Smith 8 oy oldin
I swear to god that one man is a psychopath. Not a damn thing affects him.
Jamie Anan-ua
Jamie Anan-ua 8 oy oldin
😭man you guys pulled out the big gun with 'Up'. .. i cried through the whole movie called 'Inside Out'
Jess Aguilar
Jess Aguilar 8 oy oldin
Are the first girl and the blonde related??
Skylar Noire
Skylar Noire 8 oy oldin
I'm never gonna cry during the first video. Not call grandpa
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller 9 oy oldin
Up okay who cut the onions.
Tori Heart
Tori Heart 9 oy oldin
Puedo decir que no siento emociones cuando se trata de muertes o videos tristes, mis amigos dicen que hay algo mal conmigo, pero no veo nada malo en mí.
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson 9 oy oldin
I'm in love with the blonde
Hello People
Hello People 9 oy oldin
The last one got me to
SuicideBunny6 9 oy oldin
"I gotta do something manly now, like masturbating or something ..." 😂😂
yobhsiFehT 9 oy oldin
"Up" is really good, sure, but there are certain Doctor Who moments that *LEVEL* me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME =| lol
aKINDofBEEF 9 oy oldin
.44 is one of the times I've laughed the hardest in my life. Well done.
BassasaurusRex 9 oy oldin
Dude...putting that beginning part of "Up" is not fair. That part is one of the best bits of filmmaking ever.
PhantomHT1320 9 oy oldin
poor ryan, hes so bitter and miserable
Chris Crowe
Chris Crowe 9 oy oldin
I'm addicted to these shows would love to see one where they try Nova Scotian food like rhappie pie, dandelion wine, blueberry buckle, boiled dinner, deep fried clams and more even east coast Canadian food in general its very Celtic, Irish, and Scottish, lol and french, German, and everything. One thing you should try is Halifax donair mm mm mm:)
Tazzie1312 9 oy oldin
Oh fuck you Facts I came here to watch Irish people do goofy things I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR UP FEELS
yg 9 oy oldin
Facts just seems more natural and funny and they’re all nice Irish ppl lol. Buzzfeed sucks and everyone is annoying
Melynda Suarez
Melynda Suarez 9 oy oldin
Dudes eyes are red and watery after UP but he says "1". Yeah sure man! SMH. lol
Sheen Estevez
Sheen Estevez 9 oy oldin
LOL.... "Must be a new Apple product"
These men are too pussy to be a pussy.😒
Drew Walker
Drew Walker 9 oy oldin
Yeah. .. That Shannon is a hottie pitottie
LadySinsReal 10 oy oldin
2 things I always cry for babies being born and up
Jacob Galloway
Jacob Galloway 10 oy oldin
TRIKNOX VOiCES 10 oy oldin
i like how none of these idgets understood the first clip they saw he faked his own bloody death to get his family together australia even got more perspective than you pricks and we drink twice as hard as you feckers
Angie Chan
Angie Chan 10 oy oldin
I dident cry as a matter of fact ive never cried for someone or anything
TheBoxingReport 10 oy oldin
Irish people cannot stfu
Edzewkurai 10 oy oldin
o you all suck!!!! UP.. the ONE animated film i CANT watch because of how sad the beginning is!! but on sad hard to watch videos you should try watching the Budweiser Clydesdale super bowl commercials.
BoundbyCronus 11 oy oldin
I must be the only person who didn't like Up. The intro is the best part about the film, and honestly would have been best as a short.
boop AGM
boop AGM 11 oy oldin
As soon as he said 1 to "UP" I audibly said "fuck you"
Dean Robbins
Dean Robbins 11 oy oldin
That fucking dude hates everything......yet does not have a single redeeming quality himself.....fire him and find more people with actual personality......aspergers is a serious disease he needs help ..not to be taped and publicized....help your friend and fire him or admit him!!!!!😁😁😁😁
Wrenchcool 11 oy oldin
the best comerzial from edeka,and you cut it in this bad way...shame on you
Izzy Azelea
Izzy Azelea 11 oy oldin
I know this is old but I think it be nice if they did a react to in a heart beat
veprecose Yil oldin
Oh, God, Up. The scene where she's just sitting there with her eyes closed and the wind blows through her hair sets me off. D:
bubby the whale
bubby the whale Yil oldin
LordDragul Smitty
The up Clip reminds me of how my grandpa is going through the deterioration of grandma right now not even a month ago she had a hernia injury and I'm sure grandpa is not having an easy time
Erik Baumgarten
Erik Baumgarten Yil oldin
They clearly didn't understand the first clip....
Wrenchcool 11 oy oldin
klar...weil die den spot so erbärmlich geschnitten haben
Simply Complex
Simply Complex Yil oldin
I didn't find any of those to be sad
jutubaeh Yil oldin
google spying (is Gü+) ^^ ground kön+Röll tö majöR ice ^ ^
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