Irish People Try Ramen Noodles

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"The old Justin TImberlake hair."
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We sat our contributors down to test some of the best ramen noodles the world had to offer. See how they went down in the above video.
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14-Fev, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 009
MzRtS12 3 kun oldin
Should have ended with the fire noodles 😋
courtney marie
courtney marie 3 kun oldin
Ramen is a brand... Just call them the disgusting factory processes noodles they are.
Ian Nicely
Ian Nicely 6 kun oldin
Someone’s ass prolapsed... lmao
Jeffrey Goodrich
Jeffrey Goodrich 9 kun oldin
ahh the taste of poverty
Dodger Day
Dodger Day 9 kun oldin
Most cup noodles are not good. Get Top Ramen for "instant" or go to a noodle house. Cup noodles-sadness.
Leonard Myers
Leonard Myers 10 kun oldin
maruchan instant noodles are my fav
Lilee The weirdo
Lilee The weirdo 10 kun oldin
all.the.homos lillesbian
Hearing Ryans accent is so weird for me because its my accent but a bit more country
HoneyPyo 14 kun oldin
cup noodles tastes like bath tissue smells
정지호 16 kun oldin
As an Asian, I see using forks for ramen as total heresy. Its like eating an entire italian cusine only with chopsticks.
demonheart547 {hellfire dragon}
im simple. I see the blonde beauty, i hit like
LPnWoW 19 kun oldin
The redhead is to die for she's a real beauty
Chad Max
Chad Max 20 kun oldin
you should do the korean hottest ramen challenge! :)
Deku Boom
Deku Boom 26 kun oldin
Ever tasted spaghetti
dolphin155 26 kun oldin
Once I have ever tried Ramen I fell in love and told my mom to Make 1 million more of them lol 🤣
Kristal White
Kristal White 26 kun oldin
Where did ya'll go???):
James Conte
James Conte 27 kun oldin
*Diane Marryy Meeeee Pweassse Youree Sooo Beautifulllly Perfectt*
Debra Clarkbrown
Debra Clarkbrown 28 kun oldin
you are supposed to twirl your fork in the bowl of a spoon to your ramen bite. They forgot to give you a spoon! So funny you guys, poitivity!
Drake Mcfee
Drake Mcfee 29 kun oldin
You slurp them, and you have to be impressed with ppl who can eat soup with a pair of sticks! Oh and no good ramen ever came out of a cup! BTW, dunno how things are in Irish prisons but that's pretty much alllll your gonna eat if your broke in prison. After 3 yrs, much like smoked salmon(snowed in Alaska for 5 months. By month 3 even the dogs didn't want it) I won't willingly eat ramen for the next 62 years
Peter Panassow
That's Diane Jennings in the first shot! Love her. 😊😄
Im a little bit Irish uwu
YinYangGang Oy oldin
A bit disappointed tbh. Would love to see em try real AUTHENTIC ramen instead of some Americanized microwave bs.
Cloudy Gamer
Cloudy Gamer Oy oldin
For real.. skinny neck beard shit... just stop bringing him in. He is constantly acting a wanker on screen. "Oh this is shit. Oh that is shit. Oh im just a bitch" he just sucks.
Renee Williams
Bless his heart, poor thing can't eat noodles with a fork.
boop AGM
boop AGM Oy oldin
You bring it to your mouth and then you slurp it. It's that simple
TheBlarefox Oy oldin
I'd like to see them try made-from-scratch ramen, cup ramen isn't a very good representation of the dish lol
Sharon Craig
Sharon Craig Oy oldin
Ramen noodles suck
VisualAddict Oy oldin
Sooo....when are you going to try ACTUAL ramen? Those package shit don't even compare to the package ones you get in Japan 😂
a guy
a guy Oy oldin
The saddening thing is I'm the only one here that seems to be rewatching all the videos before they died.
Ferenc Molnár
The worst Food ever in the world these pre packed foods. Its never came to my mind to even try it.
Candice Williams
Irish people try oxygen. welcome to the world.
Dave McBroom
Dave McBroom Oy oldin
They cost 10 cents per portion. Does that change your idea of the quality?
OvO Atrocity
OvO Atrocity Oy oldin
Stand By Me was referenced!!!!! My favorite movie!
Josh Tep
Josh Tep Oy oldin
I'm so triggered. Like what the actual fuck is wrong with the taste buds of the caste?
The Koka ones are fantastic! They are so cheap and very easy to get over in Scotland :) (the curry ones are so much better than veg :) )
Francis Inghels
omg...go on holiday, discover the world...be educated
Kaffu McStuffins
Kaffu McStuffins 2 oy oldin
The first one as curry is nice but don’t put the vegetables in the vegetables r shite
Zahra Z
Zahra Z 2 oy oldin
I love koka
DoThisJohn DoThatJohn
Im irish
jjjjmmmm 2 oy oldin
Does Ryan like anything...ever?
Madame Bomb
Madame Bomb 2 oy oldin
"Four kids would have walked on a railroad track for an entire weekend just to look at that!"
m noodles
m noodles 2 oy oldin
🔥 U guys should try nuclear fire noodles! 🔥
GeorgeVlogz257 2 oy oldin
They should have given them Chicken Flavoured Koka Noddles
Mychael Torres
Mychael Torres 2 oy oldin
“The gourmet version of crap” is my brand
Jelleh 2 oy oldin
lol dang, now i get that pot noodles are garbage but most of the asian noodles are so addictive! well the ones ive had.....
Heavens Flames
Heavens Flames 2 oy oldin
You guys tried all the terrible ramen lol
Michaela U. Vlogs
The last time I was sick which was a year ago I ate ramen noodles the smell and taste made me puke so I never ate them again and everytime I smell them I go to the bathroom thinking I'm gonna puke. Oh and I use to love them so much until I was sick and my dad made me eat them🤢🤢🤢
Louise Boland
Louise Boland 2 oy oldin
We have ramen noodles in Ireland p
Traci Walter
Traci Walter 2 oy oldin
too much sodium. They were probably all bloated after this one haha
Em Liz
Em Liz 2 oy oldin
Pretty sure Ryan Hayes Americans