Irish People Try Reese's Peanut Butter Candy

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Man, some of our Irish people really like peanut butter and some of our Irish people really hate peanut butter. Our lovely viewers, Mindy and Delwin, sent us some sweet Reese's treats and we decided to dish them out to our peanut butter lovers and haters to see what they thought!
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19-Dek, 2018

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Brandy Schroeder
Brandy Schroeder 28 daqiqa oldin
PB is the food of the gods!
blondambition1223 2 soat oldin
Whatever concealer the leather jacket man uses... I want in on
BAM 24
BAM 24 2 soat oldin
Liars....u know they secretly loved that shit
paul1x1 2 soat oldin
What kind of a fucking communist hates peanut butter that is the taste of freedom
TheTubeLovers 3 soat oldin
They are racist towards peanut-butter
Cat on a Unicycle
Cat on a Unicycle 3 soat oldin
All these fellow Americans defending Reese’s like their blood relative and I’m just here, as an American, who will get sick if I eat any peanut butter + chocolate candies; the only one I’ll stomach is Reese’s Pieces. I’m good with peanut butter, but I’ll prefer Nutella any day mate
Cory Soto
Cory Soto 10 soat oldin
Reese's pieces are so gross
Louis Copechal
Louis Copechal 13 soat oldin
What is it about peanutbutter that you all hate?
Karen Simpson
Karen Simpson 14 soat oldin
Reese's Pieces are the worst. I like peanut butter, but this is gross.
Louis Harley Aguilar
Louis Harley Aguilar 14 soat oldin
They are the same people who like saltless steamed potatoes.
Louis Harley Aguilar
Louis Harley Aguilar 14 soat oldin
Uncultured swines!
Dief Enbaker
Dief Enbaker 14 soat oldin
Peanut butter is the best, I love love love eating right out of the jar all by itself. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the best candy ever. You know nothing, you WANKERS. LOL Love you guys.
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 16 soat oldin
As a peanut butter hater I'm absolutely dying 😂😂😂
Kyra Humbert
Kyra Humbert 16 soat oldin
This whole video I feel like was George trying to trick Dermot into eating the candy lol
Wolf Night
Wolf Night 17 soat oldin
I get why you would hate Reese's, granted I did enjoy them when I was around 11; but it didn't last long. About 17 years later and one bite is enough sugar to make me feel sick (though Reese's Pieces are better in my opinion). Butterfinger is better if you want a peanut butter taste that doesn't overwhelm you with flavor and sugar. Reese's is definitely not the best candy in the states, though I have a bias against chocolate sweets. Most of them anyways. Starburst and things of that ilk are better, if your teeth are healthy enough to handle it.
Dude Itsjeff
Dude Itsjeff 18 soat oldin
Dude Itsjeff
Dude Itsjeff 18 soat oldin
what is wrong with yall!?
Timothy Raimy
Timothy Raimy 23 soat oldin
There is WAY better candy than Reese’s, and I love peanut butter.
Frank Doss
Frank Doss 23 soat oldin
Not liking Reese's is so... so... Un-American 🇮🇪
Sheralee King
Sheralee King Kun oldin
Peanut butter is disgusting!!
Emily Russell
Emily Russell Kun oldin
these videos make me feel so much better about not liking peanut(s) butter
Buick Mackane
Buick Mackane Kun oldin
Wait a minute, Irish people don’t like peanut butter? Is that true?
Madeleine Mcilroy
Funniest episode ever
deathswoon23 Kun oldin
Bring back Reese's Swoops!!!
Thomas Hoog
Thomas Hoog Kun oldin
Leather Jacket Guy just needs to go and take a Quaalude
Syd Games
Syd Games Kun oldin
I need to see the Peanut butter haters eat a fried PB and banana sandwich.. :D
Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Kun oldin
I LOVE Reese's cups as long as the peanut butter isn't old and dried up. I HATE Reese's Pieces with all of my being . They r the absolute worst.
Paul Smallriver
Paul Smallriver Kun oldin
Cashew butter and almond butter, peanut butter's delicious friends.
Emeni Kaguya
Emeni Kaguya Kun oldin
I only like reese's peanut butter lol
Foe Dickson
Foe Dickson Kun oldin
I think i'm in love! She's gorgeous AND she loves Reese's?!?...I wonder if she's in to black guys?
unclejack123 Kun oldin
Dermont ... try the peanut butter cups refrigerated ..... much better ................... ;-p
N-to-the-B Kun oldin
I love y'all
dino S
dino S Kun oldin
Reeses peanut butter cup is the best candy in the world! Those guys are just weird lol
Ben German
Ben German Kun oldin
Oh look. 2 grown men acting like immature kids.
Alexa Dacre
Alexa Dacre 2 kun oldin
Someone tell Dermot they make a King Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, which is a big peanut butter cup WITH Reese's Pieces inside. (Spoiler: they are delish).
Sheen Estevez
Sheen Estevez 2 kun oldin
I'd pay a penny if you had Dermot and George back to Try different brands of American peanut butter with a spoon, straight from the jar.
Daniel Sweeney
Daniel Sweeney 2 kun oldin
The guy in the black leather jacket needs to go away! He makes all Irish look bad!
Jessica Spicer
Jessica Spicer 2 kun oldin
I don’t like peanut butter ... but I do like Reese’s !!!
Richard Davis
Richard Davis 2 kun oldin
I came here just for Dermot.
Daniel 404
Daniel 404 2 kun oldin
Wheres the Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwich?
Breanna Church
Breanna Church 2 kun oldin
I eat a jar of peanut butter straight as a snack lol
bacon hobo
bacon hobo 2 kun oldin
I don't like peanut butter from a jar but I love Reese's
Keri E
Keri E 2 kun oldin
Dude with a :-) hat and the other dude with him are so fucking dramatic. I don't understand why you hate peanut butter the only reason you would not like peanut butter is probably because of the texture. Or you're just ignorant Irish men and the only other reason you would stay away from it is if you had a medical condition and you were allergic to peanut butter so yeah stop dissing on peanut butter and actually try it before you judge it.
Winky Tinky Doo
Winky Tinky Doo 2 kun oldin
Sarinas fucking hot
Mama Confessions
Mama Confessions 2 kun oldin
Do WHAT??? 😱
J A Columbia
J A Columbia 3 kun oldin
Dermot Ward and George Fox.....dumbasses....and then again.,..beer makes sugary food taste like shit...then wait..beer tastes like shit...so hey...we all like what we like..... I have a lot of Irish in me...but I LOVE anything Reese's....and we here in America have not seen a couple of the things you got to try ...........REESE ON !
dreddjenkins 3 kun oldin
you better start like the fuckin peanut butter snacks for fucks fuckin sake theyre so fuckin good eat them
Tussii341 3 kun oldin
Plaid shirt guy is a douche.
Chris Braz
Chris Braz 3 kun oldin
You'd think they were all alcohol infused, they're laughing so much. Lmao?
the GTV6 guy
the GTV6 guy 3 kun oldin
Dont like PB? Probably the same types that put ketchup on everything