Irish People Try Singapore Snacks

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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - We had our Irish People try some Singapore snacks...including DURIAN fruit paste?!
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We were very kindly sent a selection of Singapore snacks to let loose upon our TRYers. Our Irish People were curious...but were they ready for another round of the unique taste of Durian??
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Éadaoin: TRY.Media/Eadaoin
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Brian Gallagher: TRY.Media/Brian
Martin Angolo: TRY.Media/Martin
Justine Stafford : TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
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24-Dek, 2018



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cool music
cool music 5 soat oldin
"Whoa, that is hard". that's what she said. 😄
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro Kun oldin
You guys eat stick.??😀😀✌🤙
nEthing4Her 4 kun oldin
Ok. The image on that 'Herbal Jelly' shite is the bottom of a turtle's shell. Omg.
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson 4 kun oldin
Does the sun ever come out in the U.K. even their black folks even needs some sun. Joking!!!
Anonymous Anonymous
try filipino food lumpia and pancet
Anthony Pascale
Anthony Pascale 7 kun oldin
Carter D Johnson
Carter D Johnson 8 kun oldin
OneMoreSOB 10 kun oldin
quite jizzin on ya pillow and you wont have that problem. Trust me I know. YW
Tatianna gray
Tatianna gray 10 kun oldin
Shannon's shirt is dangerous
Matthew Simmonds
Matthew Simmonds 11 kun oldin
Penguins live in the antarctic and Eskimos live in the arctic.
Jim P
Jim P 6 kun oldin
They airlift the penguins in twice a week.
Dave Dahl
Dave Dahl 11 kun oldin
I kind of feel sorry for the beautiful woman next to Shannon. The look on her face as the taste hit was awesome.
Nic Mackowey
Nic Mackowey 14 kun oldin
Lol just the video I need when I'm depressed
Grant Bakken
Grant Bakken 14 kun oldin
This is fun to watch ...impaired...
AarayKyramud 16 kun oldin
Who is this vanessa chick? Super hot.
GodIsImaginary 17 kun oldin
5:50 "It's very penis-like..", "I think that it looks like a big dirty shit."
AE Reilly
AE Reilly 18 kun oldin
Durian, smells like Hell, but tastes like Heaven!
Groove Federation
Groove Federation 18 kun oldin
dry trimps=dry shrimps
Tiziano De Martis
Tiziano De Martis 19 kun oldin
Two girls are ready for a complete tonsillectomy after this video!
Tiziano De Martis
Tiziano De Martis 19 kun oldin
NSB TV 20 kun oldin
@ksi 7:00
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 21 kun oldin
They eating a snauscumber? You know? From BFG?
Emou Walsh
Emou Walsh 21 kun oldin
You should try Canadian food
midnightmoker 22 kun oldin
Love you guys! Been a rough week. Your videos are making it better!!!!
Holy Potato
Holy Potato 23 kun oldin
Whoever sent these snacks want these people to puke I’m south East Asian and I detest those.
shigeolincolntaco 24 kun oldin
Was I the only one watching to see if the one in pink was going to fall out of her shirt
Joharassit 24 kun oldin
why are Shannon's eyes so glassy in this vid?
Trey N
Trey N 25 kun oldin
The smell of that plant is actually a defensive mechanism. If some thing comes by wanting to eat it,either the smell would chase them off and if that doesn't the the taste definitely will. Animals will go out of their way to avoid that plant afterwards. I don't know why people think it tastes good. I would never eat that nasty shit. The folks on this channel have some seriously strong stomachs.
Crawdaddy 26 kun oldin
lol Wrong area hahaha Penguins are on the South Pole ..
DevInvest 26 kun oldin
If they gave me a choice of pissin’ off Ron & Reggie Kray during the day.. Or eating that shyte.. Gimme the Kray’s.. At least I could potentially BS my way out of that!
Buffalo Wing86
Buffalo Wing86 26 kun oldin
I asked for a meat stick and all i got was a sadness stick
Buffalo Wing86
Buffalo Wing86 26 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice the turtle shell on the package ?
Buffalo Wing86
Buffalo Wing86 26 kun oldin
Perfect snack to have with a pint !
Hyun 27 kun oldin
Some of those snacks seriously are not commonly munched on by Singaporeans. Some of the snacks given are pretty misleading especially the herbal jelly, it is not something anyone would just go to the shelve and throw it into your grocery basket. I hope all of you won't deter yourself away from Singapore just because of these snacks you've tried, especially the durian. Singapore has a variety of food coming from different culture and they all taste good. There is definitely something for everyone's tastebuds if you ever come to visit. Thanks for trying the food, just make sure to not let your judgment on Singapore get clouded. Hi, from Singapore!! :D
kenyeo55 27 kun oldin
This is so rude and disrespectful
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes 29 kun oldin
If Shannon's top was much lower cut, and that desk wasn't in the way....... not complaining..... but I was watching for slippage......
Knuckles Dragon
Knuckles Dragon 29 kun oldin
Things that should not go together: Peanut butter and ketchup. Rice pudding and castor oil . Fish skins and egg yolk.
Kai Poh
Kai Poh 29 kun oldin
Oh wow I felt so offended. ... I'm from Singapore...
RoyalKitty Cat
RoyalKitty Cat 29 kun oldin
I ate the Egg Yolk Fish Crisps. They're DELICIOUS! :D
Brady White
Brady White Oy oldin
Aren't the Irish white enough (full disclosure - look at me fucking name), without that one woman wearing, um, er, 'whiteface'?
Dusty Ramirez
Dusty Ramirez Oy oldin
Paddy cake paddy cake bakers man. First time I had the same sayings with the Irish. Am i of Irish descendent?
John D
John D Oy oldin
Most of the girls in the video seemed to be trying too hard....
LEO1WOLF Oy oldin
Well, I'd like to first say - - I hate, hate, HATE seein' my favorite Irish people being tortured. That bein' said, because you all bellied up to the bar & ya' muddled through all of the shite, I gave y'all a massive thumbs up, because I can't stand foul tastes! Here's to you ALL & another GREAT job! =-)
Brandon Gambino
Shannon is the most annoying person on earth if she'd not speak your videos would be awesome.
H H Oy oldin
The trash can should say TRIED
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Oy oldin
homunculus7 Oy oldin
You can see the Trauma and PTSD in that girl's face when the Durian came out XD
Jason Pearce
Jason Pearce Oy oldin
Hi shannon i did and have luv xx ❤❤
prescription, recipe, receipt are often mixed up in Europe and Asia they often translate as the same one or two words recette/recept in Europe
NovaLaMason Oy oldin
"Jake Paul eats this." Éadaoin! xD
Kenshar1984 Oy oldin
Éadaoin is so hot!
Entropy Oy oldin
Brian has pink eye.
Poisonette Edits
Justine is my new favourite!! Absolutely love her humour
Anonwill Oy oldin
That red eye make-up pretty much ruins this video... So. bad.
darth neighbor
William Baldwin
Guess which reactor would doesn’t belong on a channel called the “Try” channel?
alisha woods
alisha woods Oy oldin
The black blob looks nasty and the sound it made yuck
jrag1000 Oy oldin
they outta try organic beef hotdogs, total shite.
J Ma
J Ma Oy oldin
Have them try change a diaper lol
Vanessa is straight up beautiful.
jdsd744 Oy oldin
'I think it looks like a big dirty shit.'
David in Barstow
OMFG 😂😂😂😂😂
BakiWho Oy oldin
the guys are the only role models in this video
Adam Troutman
Adam Troutman Oy oldin
I didn't think mimes were suppose to talk
New Rule Media
God, Shannon couldn't possibly be any cuter!!!
Sup Oy oldin
Fuck Vanessa
D Oy oldin
Is like to see the Irish ☘️ People Try Filipino food!! Like lumpia and UBE!!
Roudy Ruby
Roudy Ruby Oy oldin
Durian fruit is also known as the fruit of starvation.
Joe Pozinto
Joe Pozinto Oy oldin
your language was worse than the food
how do the irish have such a thorough aversion to fish? You're an island ffs. Did the british steal all your fish as well as the potatoes? actually. that's probably what happened, huh.
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco Oy oldin
I ate his brain with a bottle of Chardonnay and some Duran fruit. Fffffffff🤢
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco Oy oldin
It tastes like shyt it duz.
Spencer Jaramillo
I love Vanessa !!!! Always funny
DevInvest Oy oldin
Eadaoin is rockin’ that beret though✨
turi319 Oy oldin
That poor guy has pink eye. Send him home
Darby Milburn
Darby Milburn Oy oldin
There are no penguins in Alaska lol we don’t eat penguins
Shannon got Rotund , she kind of swelled since we last saw her
somethingnewplz8 bored
0:58 ME
Avvid-A Oy oldin
TRY is back and Shannon too I was in love before I still am ❤
alan wilder
alan wilder Oy oldin
2:52 is pretty clear
Angie Malone
Angie Malone Oy oldin
Lmao like a big dirty shyte 😄
Angie Malone
Angie Malone Oy oldin
That herbal Jelly looked gross
TheDivatoni Oy oldin
They crack me up!!! Lol!!
beingsneaky Oy oldin
lol salty surprise bwahahahaha
Jami Conroy
Jami Conroy Oy oldin
... that bin should labeled "TRIED"..... really...!
MitchN9660 Oy oldin
Just sayin’, but Shannon’s hair is in the way...
Guy Smith
Guy Smith Oy oldin
Stop torturing Justine.
icedwhite mocha
Love prawn rolls
Patricia Hopey
Oh I laughed out loud .your disdain and disgust your facial expressions it was just a funny ,a lovely indulgence I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh at your discomfort but it was really funny video thanks a lot 3cheers from Canada
Milly Clark
Milly Clark Oy oldin
Why is the bearded wonders eye so red?
Mark Harrington
#JustineStafford, you look very similar to an Australian woman called #SydneyWatson. She is on youtube as well, so pop on over and have a squiz at her channel.
Carrie Icash
Carrie Icash 2 oy oldin
this time I totally agree
Paul N
Paul N 2 oy oldin
Note to self..... Singapore Snacks only after the third or more beer.
Penguin hat cracked me up lol
Sass enach
Sass enach 2 oy oldin
For fuck sakes. . Eskimos is like calling a black person a ni##r! INUIT. And since penguins are only native to Antarctica where THERE ARE NO HUMANS... no one is eating them.. Inuit or otherwise.
Z Z 2 oy oldin
Unsurprisingly, the white people are super close minded and can;t enjoy Asian snacks.
Such a Bad Ash
Such a Bad Ash 2 oy oldin
I have a crush on you Shannon!
rj west
rj west 2 oy oldin
For the egg yolk you add it to rice
Timmy M
Timmy M 2 oy oldin
omg Shannon and Eadaoin are adorable!
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 2 oy oldin
Your face is nasty!
Aubreydrow Sithlord
Eadaoin takes "white girl" to a whole new level....
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