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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - We had our Irish People try some Singapore snacks...including DURIAN fruit paste?!
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We were very kindly sent a selection of Singapore snacks to let loose upon our TRYers. Our Irish People were curious...but were they ready for another round of the unique taste of Durian??
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Éadaoin: TRY.Media/Eadaoin
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Brian Gallagher: TRY.Media/Brian
Martin Angolo: TRY.Media/Martin
Justine Stafford : TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
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24-Dek, 2018

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Paul N
Paul N 16 soat oldin
Note to self..... Singapore Snacks only after the third or more beer.
MATHHEW TOMPKINS 18 soat oldin
Penguin hat cracked me up lol
Sass enach
Sass enach 19 soat oldin
For fuck sakes. . Eskimos is like calling a black person a ni##r! INUIT. And since penguins are only native to Antarctica where THERE ARE NO HUMANS... no one is eating them.. Inuit or otherwise.
Z Z Kun oldin
Unsurprisingly, the white people are super close minded and can;t enjoy Asian snacks.
Such a Bad Ash
Such a Bad Ash Kun oldin
I have a crush on you Shannon!
rj west
rj west Kun oldin
For the egg yolk you add it to rice
Timmy M
Timmy M 2 kun oldin
omg Shannon and Eadaoin are adorable!
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 3 kun oldin
Your face is nasty!
Aubreydrow Sithlord
Eadaoin takes "white girl" to a whole new level....
BadHabitMarco 3 kun oldin
"All I asked for was a meat stick..." Wow!
BadHabitMarco 3 kun oldin
@Shannon Keenan ... Did 18 do your eye make-up? Looks fancy :)
L. Artemesia Challenger
...Penguins and Inuit are not from the same polar region, folks
Rob Rich
Rob Rich 5 kun oldin
wow Brian's eye is so blood shot
Mel vin
Mel vin 5 kun oldin
i'm from Singapore and i hate everything in this video except the fish skin
better Viana
better Viana 5 kun oldin
Try salvadorian food
Helen Claudio
Helen Claudio 6 kun oldin
Will there be an actual durian fruit for them? Maybe with the two guys who have peanut butter and Donal...
dethaddr 6 kun oldin
Saw Vanessa... left.
Hyland Capin
Hyland Capin 6 kun oldin
Vanessa is flaming hot
seker7 6 kun oldin
Interesting how the 2 paired girls that BOTH LIKED the 'fish snacks'.. while rest ...not so much....
Lady Sky
Lady Sky 6 kun oldin
The 2 blonde girls need to be cut out of the video..they ruin it..I'm guessing they are just extremely picky eaters..
Elendengel 6 kun oldin
Try needs to revisit surströmming.
O Who
O Who 7 kun oldin
I wish Shannon would say what she really means instead of holding it in. lmao! She is great.
EndlessescapeDV 7 kun oldin
Is that Bill Lawrence holding two pints on that shirt? That is fantastic!!!
Tan Victor
Tan Victor 7 kun oldin
Edward Hardin
Edward Hardin 7 kun oldin
Try the one chip challenge and see who can last for 5 minutes before they reach for the milk or icecream.
ironwarmonger 7 kun oldin
I always love the dislike for Americans love of Peanutbutter and Cinnamon, but then comes the really strange stuff, suddenly I bet Peanutbutter and Cinnamon do look so bad any more :-)
Phelan Wolfe
Phelan Wolfe 7 kun oldin
I've watched so many of these. What the hell DO Irish people like? They fucking hate everything. Hahaha.
DragonTwilight 7 kun oldin
I’d love to see them try Indian snacks!
The1200sportster 7 kun oldin
you have got to love SHANNON , she will try ANYTHING , the ABCINTHE tests was funny
Paper_Sword 8 kun oldin
People from Singapore are by and large snooby cunts.
Paul Smallriver
Paul Smallriver 8 kun oldin
Bloody hell, no Bushmills to wash away the aftertaste!?
Zoey's #1 fan
Zoey's #1 fan 8 kun oldin
Why is everyone here so beautiful 😂 love oml
thehighlife forsure
I think I just might love Shannon.
Burnout Films
Burnout Films 9 kun oldin
1:29 Yo she is an absolute trip lmao
gromit789 9 kun oldin
Try smart price Asda food
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina 9 kun oldin
Jake Paul eats this hahahaha!
MrTingles 9 kun oldin
who knew that some women and men don't like smelly, salty, fishy, bitter tasting stuff and will outright refuse to swallow it...
Liam Matley
Liam Matley 10 kun oldin
It smells how it taste ya get me....ya get me
kombo 10 kun oldin
Durian is a super acquired taste. I've had it since I was a kid and I like it. The smell isn't bad in the fresh fruit, but if it's been frozen it smells extra terrible 😩 honestly I think the most offending part about it is the texture, which a lot of people tend to be particular about. Being told it resembles rotten flesh while you eat it will definitely get that reaction 😂
Ender 11 kun oldin
Where did all the cute girls go?
Vampvengeance92 11 kun oldin
Have I missed them ever doing a Swedish snack video?
Jewell White
Jewell White 11 kun oldin
I think my fone off jewell
Zechariah Toh
Zechariah Toh 12 kun oldin
durian isnt that bad omg, and the jello should be eaten with the syrup they provide it really helps
Aki Mayo
Aki Mayo 12 kun oldin
Ang mos saying durian should be ban when there are many ppl in sg love them
jeremy wien
jeremy wien 12 kun oldin
Lutefisk please
Felicie Zhang
Felicie Zhang 12 kun oldin
You guys should try fresh durian it tastes so much better than packaged durian
Felicie Zhang
Felicie Zhang 12 kun oldin
Herbal jelly is the best!
Kirito Neo
Kirito Neo 13 kun oldin
I like durian tho-
helinille 13 kun oldin
and the herbal jelly is usually eaten with some syrup, cos its bitter... usually as desserts in a chinese restaurant -.-
Marc Myers
Marc Myers 13 kun oldin
Eskimos = Arctic. Penguins = Antarctic ! This is why you get fish food and Durian. ;^)