Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

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-- Irish people taste test southern food like Gizzards, Grits, Tater Tots & more
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Behind the video :
In this video we asked our contributors to try Southern food for the first time. Some foods they loved and some they didn't like. Check this one out for a laugh!
Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett.
You can hire Neil yourself at hotinthekitchen.net/
Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
Music licensed from AudioMicro and Epidemic Sound
You can view the contributors that featured in this video at:
Facts. is an online brand that creates short and relate-able videos including taste tests, watching TV/ youtubers, gender taboos & more!
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31-May, 2016



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 12 756
Janetnva 7 soat oldin
You left out the two tablespoons of butter and extra salt. Southern part of what continent?!
Daphneyd 11 soat oldin
"It's Gumbo! I knew that from the Princess and the Frog"...Great gumbo history learned through Disney..shit.
Alan Cameron
Alan Cameron 22 soat oldin
I'm not Southern but I lived in WV for three years and I have a good friend from Georgia. The main argument I hear is whether grits should have butter and salt or butter and sugar.
Joshua Micheal
Joshua Micheal Kun oldin
The girl with the lipstick is fucking adorable.
ThatGuy Man
ThatGuy Man Kun oldin
I don’t know what those were but they weren’t grits
Daniel Huelsman
Daniel Huelsman Kun oldin
Grits are made with grits. Gee! How informative! Perfectly logical recipe right here!
James McInnis
James McInnis Kun oldin
I know I eat udder tings.
lamont lovett
lamont lovett 2 kun oldin
Yall need to just stop the madness.If you cheese head cock suckers think this is southern food. You all need a talk with the gods.
David Rathjen
David Rathjen 2 kun oldin
Y'all need an American ambassador on your program. 6/10 for effort 5/10 for presentation 4/10 for authenticity Overall, I'm disappointed. Well all know ya can do better
Carly Perreault
Carly Perreault 4 kun oldin
Oh honey no thats not southern food! We do it better!
Bee Doe
Bee Doe 4 kun oldin
I never thought Scottish people love potatoes.. A" rasher of bacon" though, yes.. But who doesn't love bacon?🤣
Laura Tieffel
Laura Tieffel 4 kun oldin
I was raised in Tennessee. Grits are disgusting & gizzards are equally DISGUSTING. When you soak them ... the house smells like SHIT.... 🤢🤮
Feircy 5 kun oldin
Wheres the rice or potato salad in the gumbo? Lol also why was it orange?
Conner Jones
Conner Jones 5 kun oldin
lol im not even from the south but as soon as I saw that so called "gumbo" I was like "nope that isn't right".
Martin De Los Santos
I don't think those recipes can from anywhere in the south
B.A. Lamkin
B.A. Lamkin 6 kun oldin
Collard greens , what in the hell?? Chilli, chicken stock, who the fuck is in your kitchen? Please find a southern person to prepare your food.
B.A. Lamkin
B.A. Lamkin 6 kun oldin
I feel like a non southern person made the grits. grits should be made with butter, water,salt and pepper. And use really grits not instant grits.
Life of a Mom
Life of a Mom 6 kun oldin
Oh no baby! Coming from a true down south Georgia girl, I'm highly offended lol. This ain't hardly how we eat. They must've had a chef from up north prepare this foolishness and tried to get fancy with it...lol.
CC_SniperGirl 7 kun oldin
Biscuits and gravy? Southern fried chicken? Corn bread? Okra? Sweet tea? Country fried steak? C'mon, you guys didn't even get the basic southern foods.
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith 7 kun oldin
Im Irish i eat all food,love fried chicken after it's baked intalian beef's dipped well with hot 🌶 scott's peterson hot polish sauges green and black olives 😏and banna pepper's
Catina DeAnn
Catina DeAnn 8 kun oldin
Why do the grits look like mashed potatoes lol
CryptoZoo Mauler
CryptoZoo Mauler 8 kun oldin
Those don't look like the grits I love to eat at the local diners/Biscuitville/Bojangles/Waffle House even.
ID10TANK 8 kun oldin
Who puts milk in grits, butter and cheese not milk
Big Al
Big Al 8 kun oldin
if you told me that Tater Tot Casserole was from Canada I would have believed you...
Dave Hardin
Dave Hardin 9 kun oldin
Milk in Gritz? No idea WTF that is. No person of respectable southern heritage would ever put milk in gritz...it just ain't done.
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
Who in the hell gave this video 35K likes???
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
Who the hell puts milk in their grits, and where is the damn butter??? Salt and pepper pls!
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
Ain't no ham hocks or smoked turkey necks in them collards!
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
A liquidfied burrito??? Umm no its not! Then again, I don't know who made that. 🤣
YaShanda Skinner
YaShanda Skinner 9 kun oldin
I am born and raised in the South and I have never even heard of a tater tot casserole.
hoodjonjon1 9 kun oldin
Lol imagine having to eat that and believe that it’s actual southern food.
Flournoy mason
Flournoy mason 9 kun oldin
A lot of these foods most southerners don't eat. I grew up eating butterbeans and boiled cabbage and fried chicken and pork ribs. Apple or lemon pie on the side sometimes peach or blackberry. cobbler for dessert. Cern bread and lima beans on the side. Buttermilk etc.
ariel danielle
ariel danielle 9 kun oldin
As a southerner I’m disgusted. I couldn’t even finish watching this
Jerren Johnson
Jerren Johnson 9 kun oldin
The guy with the long hair is invited to the cookout😚❤
Jerren Johnson
Jerren Johnson 8 kun oldin
+CryptoZoo Mauler he cute..but i dont mix my seed...still can love tho❤💋
CryptoZoo Mauler
CryptoZoo Mauler 8 kun oldin
Jerren and long-hair Irish dude, sittin' in a tree... lol
Karrington Xo
Karrington Xo 9 kun oldin
I'm a disappointed Tennessean. This ain't it
madestmadhatter 10 kun oldin
Did you at least give them butter for their grits? Like my family break our fried eggs into them to them for flavor, most traditional southern states either serve them as cheesy grits and\ or grits and shrimp, I don't think it's normal anywhere to eat just the grits.
trinaaltanea 10 kun oldin
Omg I love this
Tiffany Javonne
Tiffany Javonne 10 kun oldin
This is not southern food. Lmao
Cheetylicious meow meow
I adore chicken gizzard
360 DRAY
360 DRAY 10 kun oldin
Chicken testicles 😭😭😭
Jess Glam
Jess Glam 10 kun oldin
Total disrespect to southern cuisine 😡
Alicia Willis
Alicia Willis 10 kun oldin
Whoever prepared these southern dishes for you did you a disservice. First off, nobody eats plain ass grits ! And secondly, if y’all thought the collard greens were chewy....they weren’t cooked properly !
Archie Lloyd
Archie Lloyd 10 kun oldin
Jesus Christ is real in the blue top omg 🤟🏽
Charles Hall
Charles Hall 10 kun oldin
How dare you serve them grits without butter!
James Johnson
James Johnson 10 kun oldin
Facts....EPIC FAIL!!!!
Nahnie2552 10 kun oldin
This video did not represent the southern culture of food at all. Not one 'southern' dish was accurate. It's a disgrace and an embarrasment to all southerners. I no longer trust these videos because they're FAKE! You all have to do better.
TheLovliestTear 10 kun oldin
latanya gammon
latanya gammon 10 kun oldin
They need some hot sauce for them gizzards
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
And they probably fried them too damn long
Bird Buc
Bird Buc 11 kun oldin
Lol this was not southern food they didn’t have fried chicken..Mac n cheese..Candied yams.. cornbread..sweet potato pie.. red velvet cake or nothing
Randell Parham
Randell Parham 11 kun oldin
Who the fuck cooked that gumbo lol
Kristin Deandre
Kristin Deandre 11 kun oldin
The way the cooked the grits made me throw up a little 😩🤦🏽‍♀️
Darryelle Robertson
Darryelle Robertson 11 kun oldin
The way most these dishes look, they definitely didn’t have somebody from the south cooking all this food lol those grits looked like mashed potatoes🤢
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado 11 kun oldin
What makes an Irish man a food critic ? You guys can't cook :)....nyc....🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Collected. Eve
Collected. Eve 11 kun oldin
Where was the boudin?? That's a southerner staple!!
Collected. Eve
Collected. Eve 9 kun oldin
+BB Jo Boudin: Cajun protein bar 😂
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
They damn sure don't know anything about boudain. Lol. My favorite smoked on a pit, and eaten with crackers!
Collected. Eve
Collected. Eve 11 kun oldin
I really want to take the long haired guy on a date 💛
Collected. Eve
Collected. Eve 11 kun oldin
Grew up in Louisiana, south of I-10 & I've never heard shrimp called prawns. We call it shramp 😂
Collected. Eve
Collected. Eve 9 kun oldin
+BB Jo I always giggle when I hear someone say crayfish or crawdaddys, crawdads. Then, I tell stories of how you never eat a one that has a straight tale after being boiled bc that means it was dead before hittin' the water. For whatever reason, that's a mindblowing fun fact! Lol
BB Jo 9 kun oldin
It's a northern thing. I'm from Houston and relocated to Chicago. Shrimp is prawns and crawfish which the North knows nothing about is called crayfish or crawdags, one of the other. They sell them like many lobsters though, not like real crawfish.
Angel Earvin
Angel Earvin 11 kun oldin
This is not southern food ewww
Silverest, call me Silv
SMH😒 They should've came over my house... Who puts bacon bits in greens?
WAVVY MONIE 11 kun oldin
Soooouuuttthhh, who da fuck cooked that,
Rita Gutierrez
Rita Gutierrez 11 kun oldin
Deep fried poops!
Goofyyy 11 kun oldin
Y’all actually need to give them southern food. Come to New Orleans then we will show you.
Monty M
Monty M 11 kun oldin
wait... no pulled pork or hushpuppies?! this isnt southern food I grew up eating :(
Chardae Campbell
Chardae Campbell 11 kun oldin
Southern fried chickenish, mad dishes like that lmao
Zachary Younger
Zachary Younger 11 kun oldin
No butter or sugar for the grits? You can't eat them plain. That's just weird.
Beirin M
Beirin M 11 kun oldin
“I knew that from princess and the frog”😂
Bryce Suwoop
Bryce Suwoop 12 kun oldin
Are there any black people in Ireland
Brandy Janaye
Brandy Janaye 12 kun oldin
Come to NC and my family will prepare y’all a REAL SOUTHERN MEAL
Brandy Janaye
Brandy Janaye 12 kun oldin
Who made this food 😂 when I read how they cooked this greens and grits 😂 i almost got sick!
Caitlenn Knox
Caitlenn Knox 12 kun oldin
First of all ain’t none of that shit southern food especially cooking it like that !! Btw I’m from the south
Lissa Sharnae
Lissa Sharnae 12 kun oldin
Bacon in collard greens???.. greens shouldn't be that chewy. They didn't cook it long enough. You should cook grits 3+ hrs fam
Delilah Shields
Delilah Shields 12 kun oldin
I'll show u how real southern food suppose to look & taste.
jake kidd
jake kidd 13 kun oldin
Throw it all way got them people thinking that how southern food supposed to look like or taste like that 🤮👎🏽
Eric Nathan
Eric Nathan 13 kun oldin
First if you have to chew any green leaf veggies for awhile then it wasn't cooked right. NOBODY from the south use chicken stock as "pot liquor". You flavor the water by cooking smoked meat until they fall apart in the water then add whatever greens you plan to cook. If you have to chew more than 3 times.. "it ain't done" 😎🤗🤗😎
Lindsay White
Lindsay White 13 kun oldin
It’s not southern food unless somebody’s Big Mama from the south cooked it. This is NOT it.
Kodiakkia 13 kun oldin
Where did you get that gumbo? Taco Bell? If it tastes like a liquid burrito, someone did that wrong. And don't get me started on those grits...
I&a Gang
I&a Gang 14 kun oldin
I have never had greens with bacon in it
ReachingBeyond Skies
They tryna give da south a bad name. We don't eat it like that. Where da fried chicken, chili beans, homemade babymama mac n cheese? Like WTF
Tina Prince
Tina Prince 14 kun oldin
No self respecting southerner puts milk and sugar in their grits! U might as well be eating cream of wheat (ugh) Lol..After cooking ur grits, add butter, salt, black pepper, and throw in some sharp cheddar cheese and add a couple of fried eggs, over easy...now that's the way 2 eat grits!! I don't think I've ever seen a tater tot casserole look like that after cooking either..
tashigolean22 14 kun oldin
Im Texan and am laughing at this! Not one person in the comments is approving of thjs video. Lol
Vonetta Spencer
Vonetta Spencer 14 kun oldin
Ur supposed to eat grits with butter, salt and bacon or sausage and eggs
young nurse
young nurse 14 kun oldin
And another thing. How about some lima beans cooked with smoked turkey butts. And some corn pudding. Oh please let me stop !! Making myself mad and hungry!!
The Blackcelt
The Blackcelt 14 kun oldin
I wish I could eat steak all the time
Leona 14 kun oldin
What happened to the fried fresh out da hot grease fish with corn meal coating- spots, perch, whiting catfish porgies??? They didn't even have grandmom's Sunday after the chuch service potato salad!! (Yeah I said "chuch")
Alisha DonDiva
Alisha DonDiva 14 kun oldin
wtf is tatar tot casserole??!!! I'm from the south and I'm deeply offended. 🙅‍♀️
Bernard Riddick
Bernard Riddick 14 kun oldin
this is coming from people that eat haggis?😶
Tedra Baker
Tedra Baker 14 kun oldin
I’m from Mississippi and I am Offended by this meal..... Come to a real Soul food restaurant
Jordan Guerra
Jordan Guerra 14 kun oldin
what part of the south is this bullshit supposed to be from?!! NOT TEXAS
LibraLife 47
LibraLife 47 14 kun oldin
Poor southern presentations..
D Baker
D Baker 14 kun oldin
Omg that not grits, gizzard are the the neck of chicken. Next time you do a southern food review ask a black southern
Oni Ayanna
Oni Ayanna 14 kun oldin
Bruh wtf.... thats not gumbo
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder 15 kun oldin
The girl with the red flower slammed her gizzards down! Lol Who made those grits... black folks don’t eat grits like that. Grits is Butter and sugar or honey or butter black pepper and salt. What is this milk and water crap????
Angelofmusic Wonder
Angelofmusic Wonder 15 kun oldin
I just like listening to them Talk.
Lauren Stokes
Lauren Stokes 15 kun oldin
i don’t understand why they found it nasty to eat gizzards but eat other parts of an animal’s body
GlowinnGirl Shine
GlowinnGirl Shine 15 kun oldin
First of all. Get someone who can cook. Our shit look better and taste better than that
Renee J
Renee J 15 kun oldin
Wtf is tator tot casserole??? -a southern girl from Houston
Stephanie Dews
Stephanie Dews 15 kun oldin
I like this
Ghost Mw2
Ghost Mw2 15 kun oldin
What the hell do they eat? 🍟
Ghost Mw2
Ghost Mw2 15 kun oldin
All black folks looking at these dishes like Soulja boy
Mckenzie Armwood
Mckenzie Armwood 15 kun oldin
Could’ve been better dishes!!!
Ms. Christmas
Ms. Christmas 15 kun oldin
This is not southern food
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