Irish People Try Spicy American Candy

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"Why do you do this to me? I never did anything to you."
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American Candy! Specifically American Spicy Candy! We were sent some packages from Mindy and Amber as well as our resident Tryer Sarina brought some Redhots back from her trip to the States so we decided to collect them altogether into a lovely spicy American candy video for our lovely Tryers to try!!
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18-Iyl, 2018

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Spooky Puppy Demon
Spooky Puppy Demon 17 soat oldin
That’s an interesting amount of purple eyeshadow 😬 very unique 😬
R. Marchand
R. Marchand 22 soat oldin
This channel make the Irish people look like they never went out of their backyard and don't know anything about what's out there. Irish women shouldn't use makeup, they don't know how it work.
Porkins II
Porkins II Kun oldin
Ever tried Atomic Fireballs? Or did they ban those..? I remember eating them in Glasgow about 20 years ago. A bit like eating fire.
Chris Braz
Chris Braz 3 kun oldin
I like spice, but with candy? Eeeeeeeehhh....
Rodger Page
Rodger Page 5 kun oldin
i was waiting for warheads and then i realized this was spice and not sour
PhoenixXMC 5 kun oldin
What I learned from this video is that Emily is Ireland’s Karen
Cult Boy
Cult Boy 5 kun oldin
As an American, Hot Tamales are literally the only "spicy" candy I can think of
embrezar 6 kun oldin
Clisare was all up in John's area... she trying to smash or something? She was practically all over him.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 6 kun oldin
First 00:08 seconds....why I repeated and heard them 100 times..."the sync"
Michael Foster
Michael Foster 6 kun oldin
This is like watching basic leprechauns.
H0BBS68 7 kun oldin
Try things from vat 19
Patricia Kiener
Patricia Kiener 8 kun oldin
Brian, I am with you on the cinnamon! Hate all things cinnamon! Hate the smell and taste of it!
Grace Novell
Grace Novell 9 kun oldin
“It’s like something to distract you from...I don’t know...your life.” Yeah, that’s the goal.
MistaLee 10 kun oldin
Have they tried the Satan's toe or spiciest chocolate?
Sarah Kupka
Sarah Kupka 12 kun oldin
They should try fireballs! I love them and brought them to Korea for my students to try, lol that was fun
Jay K
Jay K 12 kun oldin
Clisare is bangin
Matthew Pool
Matthew Pool 14 kun oldin
Spicy chocolate sounds amazing.
Noah Trezona
Noah Trezona 14 kun oldin
Clisare is literally perfect lol
Edward Hall
Edward Hall 17 kun oldin
Salvatron 18 kun oldin
Is the chick with the SLUT shirt looking for an American green card marriage situation? Asking for a friend.
What's Happening
What's Happening 19 kun oldin
You missed the atomic fireball
bridgett 19 kun oldin
"They're my kids Emily." Hilarious.
Carlene Kennedy
Carlene Kennedy 20 kun oldin
Is John and clisare a couple??
LittleHawk Artist
LittleHawk Artist 20 kun oldin
I'm the weirdo who downs hot tamales by the fistfuls
kuro Tsuki
kuro Tsuki 20 kun oldin
We made redhot cookies as a kid.
David Harrison
David Harrison 21 kun oldin
I like that girls sexy appeal, the one with the people eye shadow; she's a real hottie, you should have her back ;)
Jacqueline Rodriguez
I'm new to the channel . But did you guys do a video for Mexican candy.. that I need to see.. with Irish Jesus
Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson 22 kun oldin
Toledo Tourbillion
Toledo Tourbillion 22 kun oldin
Can I ask for subtitles for these videos? 😂
Keith G
Keith G 22 kun oldin
Something spicy I'd like to try... Clisare!😍
somedudelol 23 kun oldin
im talking about high scoville units
somedudelol 23 kun oldin
irish people try super super spicy chocolate and not the shitty kind either
Con Joe
Con Joe 23 kun oldin
"Get up d yarrrd"
Christopher Terry
Christopher Terry 24 kun oldin
They should try applesauce with red hots mixed in.
TobiBeats 25 kun oldin
Paprika isn’t spicy wtf
AbbeySynthe 25 kun oldin
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall 26 kun oldin
Missed the American Classic Fireball
willy102073 26 kun oldin
Ryan and Martins taste buds are screwed up, everyone else felt heat. Hey Ryan and Martin if you want heat and only heat try eating a spicy pepper.
Boring Goth-Chick
Boring Goth-Chick 26 kun oldin
I seriously can't express how much I love seeing Ryan and Martin hate everything. Lmao!! Ryan was even laughing more than usual. Ugh.. this pair works. 😁😁😁
The guy with the red hat
Are all Irish women that hot??! I need an Irish woman lmao
Cory Tanksley
Cory Tanksley 29 kun oldin
Most people I know only buy red hot candy to put in cider
Sarah Haide
Sarah Haide 29 kun oldin
John Sargeant
John Sargeant 29 kun oldin
red hots are my entire childhood. along with the cinnamon jolly rancher planks and cinnamon-oil soaked toothpicks.
Mike Emmons
Mike Emmons Oy oldin
I make fudge with dragon peppers. spicy chocolate can be done well. I had a nice dark chocolate bar with a pepper jelly filling not long ago. it was aces.
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania Oy oldin
Everyone is super entertaining except that whiny skinny chap with the razor burn, 0% funny 100% obnoxious.
J Maybe
J Maybe Oy oldin
those red hots are the kind of thing you eat before you hang yourself
kyndakrazy Oy oldin
2:15 - the moment Ryan realized he was racist.
annalisa avaloz
That T is of the hook funny Ride the Slut
American Sociopath
Sweet heat skittles are amazing
Connor Rombough
Get something with peanut butter and cinnamon and put Brian and Dermot together