Irish People Try Spicy American Chips

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We got sent some spicy chips from a lovely fan, Delwin, and so we decided to unleash the heat on our unassuming TRYers and see what they thought of the fiery foods, including the Paqui ghost pepper chips!
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3-Dek, 2018

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Davis Gilliland
Davis Gilliland 2 soat oldin
Would subscribe but, language is a little much.
juggalo biker
juggalo biker 10 soat oldin
I think you should try the world's hottest chip. It's one single chip per package
Jacob 13 soat oldin
Am I allowed to wear TRY merch if Im not Irish?
Jacob 13 soat oldin
2:32 Can you do a Combos one? You're gonna regret asking that.
Spooky Puppy Demon
Spooky Puppy Demon 17 soat oldin
“I really wanna lick my thumbs though” “Don’t” *Licks thumbs anyways* XD
Gareth Oman
Gareth Oman 18 soat oldin
i lost it at “mouthful of knives”😂
Mr Birdwell
Mr Birdwell 19 soat oldin
I would love to try your allfood and drinks and shit
Mr Birdwell
Mr Birdwell 19 soat oldin
Love U guys and some stuff u try from the USA u miss some the best stuff
B. Wells
B. Wells 22 soat oldin
You guys, and gals need a glass of milk standing by for these hot TRYs. Will also cleans the pallet for the next hot bite.
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Kun oldin
I want to join the Lolsy fan club :)
Danika Silva
Danika Silva Kun oldin
People keep exposing their mouths to oxygen in these... don't breathe like that... lol ... keep the lips closed and breathe in through your nose and slowly over your tongue on the exhale... (learned how to preform this at the age of 12, punishment for cursing = a big bite from a jalapeno)....
Danika Silva
Danika Silva Kun oldin
Haha lov the excellent sound effects @ 1:14
Dawn Shaw
Dawn Shaw Kun oldin
Milk cools your mouth more effectively than water. I'm cringing, watching you all drinking water. Love your videos.
Douma Keita
Douma Keita Kun oldin
There is more spiciest American chips
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 kun oldin
Dude I’ve eaten an entire bag of those chips before in one sitting 😂 it may help that I’m from Texas and eat that hot shit all the damn time
Jerokhna 2 kun oldin
Paqui's are surprisingly weak in comparison to the actual thing. These folks are definitely NOT accustomed to actual spicy food.
Katie Sue
Katie Sue 2 kun oldin
You should do a combos one!!!
Darrin H.
Darrin H. 2 kun oldin
try the hot chip challenge
TheDrblu 2 kun oldin
Them poor Irishmen and women didn't get any taki's
Lesley Gebhardt
Lesley Gebhardt 2 kun oldin
Drink a beer next time! Lol!
Lulu DoYouBoo
Lulu DoYouBoo 3 kun oldin
Like who gives you all this “American EVERYTHING you’ve tried lol 😂 “ because over 80 % of stuff you eat and drink I’ve never heard of or seen lmao 🤣 seriously and I’m 35 and been in America since 1991 lol 💯😘☝️ love your channel though and all featured !!!!! 🤟🏻😍🙃
A Bowl of Soup
A Bowl of Soup 3 kun oldin
I had a bag of those last chips from the campus store at my college. I had to refill my water bottle 5 times. I looked like a loon walking across the entire cafeteria that many times in a frame of 15 minutes.
Andria Garriott
Andria Garriott 3 kun oldin
Combos are called combos because they are a combination of prestle and cheese
Andria Garriott
Andria Garriott 3 kun oldin
I'm from Bakersfield California so the heat doesn't bother me I love spicy food
Erik Back
Erik Back 3 kun oldin
I love those Paqui chips
samesaw 3 kun oldin
Horrible last comments about filling a hole
Brittany Arnette
Brittany Arnette 4 kun oldin
I normally could eat a half bag of the Paqui chips in one sitting :)
Marina and the dimontes
No leather jacket guy? I’m raging
Davonm713 4 kun oldin
Combos are soooooo good I’m super into the 7 layer dip ones at the moment. But combos eater for life right here been eating them since the 80’s. 😁👍❤️
Angela walker
Angela walker 4 kun oldin
Heat burst doritos that's American I have never seen them!!@
The VDub Guy
The VDub Guy 4 kun oldin
I actually eat them on occasion, but no more than 10-12 at a time. You want a REAL Fiery Death Chip? Try the One Chip challenge for instant Death to your mouth.... and later your arse! 🤣🤣🤣😉👍🏻 Good Luck! 🍀👍🏻
KelleyLi 5 kun oldin
I would if everyone could try Naga Chilli Vodka.
Mariah Sanders
Mariah Sanders 5 kun oldin
Lol Irish people think the least spicy things are spicy.
Tim Vu
Tim Vu 5 kun oldin
I like how that one guy is still reeling in pain from the flaming hot cheeto infused vodka episode hahaha
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik 5 kun oldin
If you think that's bad, you should try some atomic horseradish.
Narrative Knight
Narrative Knight 6 kun oldin
Disappointing. :( ROFLMAO!!!! Too funny. I wish I had seen this before so I could have warned you to NOT drink water to get rid of hot pepper oils. Milk. Milk. Milk or any other kind of fat that you like to drink or eat!
Robert Eckman
Robert Eckman 6 kun oldin
Here's a thing to think about... There are people that grow some of the hottest peppers in the world and they've actually somehow become desensitized to them. Like this one guy that has grown the world's hottest peppers that has even HOTTER ones in reserve for every time someone makes one hotter than his, he fucking puts ground ghost pepper in his coffee because he enjoys the flavor. Like what in the actual fuck?
MissVictoriasys 6 kun oldin
i just found this channel last night. im obsessed with it. love love the american liquor video
justin Souders
justin Souders 6 kun oldin
Please please do the " one chip challenge " its the world's hottest chip
Joseph P.
Joseph P. 6 kun oldin
Umm hello! Where are the flaming hot Cheetos??? And takis????? I have never seen any of these chips here btw lol idk what state in America they got those from
Eddie King
Eddie King 6 kun oldin
The Paqui ghost pepper chips are awesome with a sandwich and cold soda. By themselves they will wreak you.
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal 6 kun oldin
Try doritos in cheese or cool ranch
Cody-Gaming 6 kun oldin
Snyder buffalo wing style pretzel pieces
DeviousOne0 6 kun oldin
This would be even more entertaining if they had smoked Cannabis before starting filming.
K Fallon
K Fallon 7 kun oldin
Mary Scheitler
Mary Scheitler 7 kun oldin
I wouldn't have done the pacqui chips. At least keep milk handy!
dreddjenkins 7 kun oldin
I literally ate half a bag of those ghost pepper chips in one sitting...theyre fuckin hot
Kayla Fran
Kayla Fran 7 kun oldin
One "spicy" chip that just taste amazing but aren't really spicy are Andy Capp Hot Fries. They are delicious
Quarantined Cosmonaut
My favorite Doritos are blazin' buffalo!
Nicholas Marshall
Nicholas Marshall 8 kun oldin
Combos are disgusting. Also, no Takis Fuego?!
Kari Ridge
Kari Ridge 8 kun oldin
The blonde has great style
Lucy T
Lucy T 8 kun oldin
Breathe into the fireplace 🤣