Irish People Try Spicy American Chips

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We got sent some spicy chips from a lovely fan, Delwin, and so we decided to unleash the heat on our unassuming TRYers and see what they thought of the fiery foods, including the Paqui ghost pepper chips!
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3-Dek, 2018



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yeti jackson
yeti jackson 5 soat oldin
What happened to Habanero Doritos? That is what they need to try lol
Nude_boy Gaming
Nude_boy Gaming Kun oldin
I used to sell those paqui ghost pepper chips. They are hot.. but no where close to uneatable. Ive had a whole bag in one sitting several times.
Jacquard Isaiah Wyse
i just realized one of the ladies got her braces out! good on her!
Deborah Nance
Deborah Nance Kun oldin
Paqui one chip challenge I would love to see that
Matt Kelso
Matt Kelso 2 kun oldin
i only watch for the irish girls i find irish men to be a lil on the pussy side that being sayed im half irish but american so that weeds out the pussy part
Adam Santiago
Adam Santiago 2 kun oldin
Doritos are all so delicious! 😍😍😍
Cosmin Trascu
Cosmin Trascu 2 kun oldin
Takis are the underdog of spicy snacks, everyone loves them but no one talks about them or you don’t see commercials for it. They are one of the best spicy snacks and you guys must try them
FriendofWigner 2 kun oldin
The secret to eating super spicy food is to not stop. As long as you are shoving those chips into your mouth, the burn is subdued until the end, at which time a beer or six is chugged. Unfortunately, there is no similar technique when they are making their exit.
Tamera Newberry
Tamera Newberry 2 kun oldin
The ghost pepper chips are amazing!
Shaynah Johnson
Shaynah Johnson 3 kun oldin
Drink milk!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 4 kun oldin
Combos are awesome.
Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey 5 kun oldin
Ghost pepper chips!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
j00ce 4u
j00ce 4u 5 kun oldin
I'll say it once. *iTs cRiSpS*
Isiah Ruiz
Isiah Ruiz 6 kun oldin
Try takis if you haven’t
A.J. Pal
A.J. Pal 6 kun oldin
Red Robin's ghost pepper Burger is not that hot but so good!!! So you know if you're ever in America hit it up.
Taariq Carnegie
Taariq Carnegie 6 kun oldin
Ah ah I really wanna lick my fingers😂🤣
Mleew 7 kun oldin
7 Minutes of white people trying mildly "spicy" things
Aeox 6 kun oldin
try 16 million scoville sauce or don't speak
LemuresXL 7 kun oldin
Funyuns are made in Heaven and sent down by God himself. Little known fact.
Trace Tidwell
Trace Tidwell 7 kun oldin
I didn't think Lolsy could get anymore adorable then you see she is still rocking a tongue ring!
Cat Momma
Cat Momma 7 kun oldin
And THAT’S Why they’re called GHOST Peppers 🌶 !! My son’s Favorites btw.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Denise Tucker
Denise Tucker 7 kun oldin
The ghost pepper chips are gross not spicy I ate 4 of them thinking they would get better nope and absolutely no spice
The Only J.S.
The Only J.S. 6 kun oldin
Do you eat spicy stuff all the time? Those were VERY spicy to me lol
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 7 kun oldin
Those Paqui chips are hot, but I wish they were nacho cheese flavored because its just all heat. I bought 2 bags and I didn't even finish the one bag
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 6 kun oldin
+The Only J.S. I just found the perfect "compromise" chips...They're the Doritos Flaming Hot Nacho. They have the nacho cheese flavor and then are pretty hot...The kind of hot thats bearable enough to continue eating more chips. uzvid.com/video/video-oMYn_-pQ0kc.html
The Only J.S.
The Only J.S. 6 kun oldin
That would have been GREAT, the corn chips they use for those start out tasting really good then yikes the spice kicks in
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 8 kun oldin
I ate four of those ghost pepper chips during one of the coldest nights this winter. About four hours later my stomach started going apeshit. Then my septic line froze mid crisis. I was outside snaking out the septic line, cheeks clenched, hoping I could clear the line before I “cleared my line,” if you catch my drift. By the time the night was over I couldn’t tell if my butthole was frostbitten of burned to the point of being numb. First time in a while it felt good to feel nothing.
Tracy Rowe
Tracy Rowe 8 kun oldin
Dermot, I'll help you fill your hole winkwinknudgenudge
T T 8 kun oldin
the Paqui’s are the type of chips you shove a handful down then suffer for 10 mins, then do it again and again
I can tell that they aren't used to spicy cause I eat an entire bag of paquis easy, like it burns like a bitch but a bag is doable
Nick Lavigne
Nick Lavigne 9 kun oldin
Yum paqui!
Fuck You Very Much.
you fuckin cunt😹 lmao
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching 9 kun oldin
Lolsy, once again I have tshirt envy.
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison 9 kun oldin
Flaming hot funyuns is not a great intro into funyuns
brad stout
brad stout 9 kun oldin
They are actually pronounced Funny Uns.... Not fun yuns....
GreyFox23 10 kun oldin
Yes. Combos are delicious. That cracker and pretezel just have that right amount of crisp to it that its not to hard or flaky and it just goes so well with the various fillings they have.
Mark Chism
Mark Chism 10 kun oldin
Now combine the spicy salsa and spicy chips.
madestmadhatter 10 kun oldin
We do not fuck pretzels.
Leonardo Willi
Leonardo Willi 10 kun oldin
Some people dig that self immolation shit with the ghost peppers - I love watching vids of people eating them. The best is seeing someone eat the actual Carolina ghost pepper - that is always funny.
PH4T JOKER 11 kun oldin
Stomach cancer in a bag . I love it.
Tommy ten speed
Tommy ten speed 11 kun oldin
I've actually tryed thies chips.......its not a joke there fucken hott lol the paqui ghost chips :P
Wish I Was Sleeping
Wish I Was Sleeping 11 kun oldin
Those are the WORST flavor of Combos!!
Eric Santiago
Eric Santiago 11 kun oldin
I've had the Paqui Ghost Pepper chips. Those will kill you. I can eat maybr 2-3 before I throw in the towel. And I'm from New Mexico so I can take spicy,but those are too much
Eric Santiago
Eric Santiago 6 kun oldin
+Aeox I've built up a tolerance to get hot food over years
Aeox 6 kun oldin
Where you're from has nothing to do with spice tolerance
Farhad Kazemi
Farhad Kazemi 12 kun oldin
The right side of my mouth and tongue went numb after eating 6 of those Paqui chips
drschplatt 13 kun oldin
Ah, watching northern Europeans eat slightly spicy things. Funny stuff there.
raven nevar
raven nevar 13 kun oldin
idk i grow my own peppers and eat habaneros on crackers with cheese they aint really that hot ..... then again i started eating this as a snack while watching tv with my grandfather as a small child was jalapenos back then
Raging_Moose 13 kun oldin
I would love to see them try Grippo's bbq chips
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 14 kun oldin
The lumberjack couple were pretty entertaining and seemed so loving and supportive to one another.
DeEnna Matthews
DeEnna Matthews 14 kun oldin
Dermot and George look like lumberjacks today.
Nicholas Paladino
Nicholas Paladino 14 kun oldin
I live in America and I haven't even had these yet..
buckley Stevenson
buckley Stevenson 13 kun oldin
Really?! I get them at Wal-Mart. I can only eat about 6 at a time before it's too much, but practice makes perfect!!
kyle weekley
kyle weekley 15 kun oldin
I love these paqui chips.
bru numzy
bru numzy 16 kun oldin
lol water makes it hotter lol
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 16 kun oldin
The best one! I laughed too god damn hard to this one.
W. C.
W. C. 16 kun oldin
cool music
cool music 17 kun oldin
Fill Dermots hole with peanut butter, that'll make him feel good. 😅
Ogre 17 kun oldin
If you eat too many of those Paqui chips (my favorite by the way), it will burn when you piss.
emmannuelrob 17 kun oldin
There are way hotter chips
CNG On The Move
CNG On The Move 17 kun oldin
We just got the Paqui's in our grocery. Had a choice between Ghost Pepper and Green Chili. Glad I chose the Green but may have to go back for the Ghost.
Kiaja Kenard
Kiaja Kenard 17 kun oldin
At 5:23 is when I realized that Dermot and George were wearing the same shirt...5:23!
Ashley Romano
Ashley Romano 18 kun oldin
No hot Cheetos or TaKis?! 🤷‍♀️
Steve Farr
Steve Farr 19 kun oldin
sorry but the blonde girl is so hot. lol
Nonya Bizz
Nonya Bizz 19 kun oldin
The ghost pepper chips are really good. I've had those before. They're pretty hot, but taste really good.
Whyteout Gaming
Whyteout Gaming 19 kun oldin
None of those are exasperatingly hot. I felt gypped when the paqui chips weren't as hot as expected. Good chips, but not that spicy. I honestly feel Taki's Fuego chips are much spicier.
RogelinaI Lopez
RogelinaI Lopez 20 kun oldin
My dad loves the haunted ghost pepper chips. Idk why? I honestly think he has lost his tastebuds or just has an odd sense of adventure.
Juliet Mosby
Juliet Mosby 20 kun oldin
The flamming hot funyuns remind me of my childhood Also slightly sad they didnt try the tapatio doritos cause those are bomb
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 21 kun oldin
Damn the red head is cute 😉😍
Arran Adams
Arran Adams 21 kun oldin
You are suppose to have chocolate or milk after if it’s toooooooooo spicy
rappler32 22 kun oldin
Spoken word in the house?!? Kill Tony or slip softly into tomorrow
Dan Marrero
Dan Marrero 22 kun oldin
who's the red head ? shes sexy as hell
Emile Mcgee
Emile Mcgee 23 kun oldin
I hate the grey sweater bitch so much
Henrry Torres
Henrry Torres 23 kun oldin
the ghost pepper is so fucken good but sucks to me thag it’s spicy
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 23 kun oldin
are they just 2 stage chips like a moon rocket?
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 23 kun oldin
Those Paqui ghost pepper ones are no joke...and I habanero sauce on everything. What sucks about them is that they aren't nacho cheese flavored.
Lexi Daigle
Lexi Daigle 23 kun oldin
Random ass comment: the red haired girl would look so cute with the blonde's eye makeup
J S 23 kun oldin
Nothing to see here but a couple of gay lumberjacks getting spicy
gillotte 24 kun oldin
Ghost pepper, and other hot pepper chips, aren't actually that hot compared to sauces and actual peppers. Why you ask? Because the oil you would feel the heat from in sauces/peppers is baked out of the chips pretty much. Same thing with jerky though they have more oil retained in them. Anything that removes oil equals less heat.
Rachel Ginter
Rachel Ginter 24 kun oldin
Water makes it worse...u need bread...lol
gillotte 24 kun oldin
Yeah. It's amazing how many people thinking water or something similar will help. You need bread/crackers/something to absorb the oil or something thick enough to wash away the oil.
Salty Pepperonii
Salty Pepperonii 24 kun oldin
how are you gonna make a spicy chip video but not have hot cheetos and takis literally the main chips
RevDragonus 24 kun oldin
the most hilarious part of this video is watching them drinking water after eating the ghost pepper chips. for those who dont realize, the capsaicin that makes peppers so hot will spread when diluted with water and cause it to coat more of your mouth making the burn feel much worse. best thing to do is drink milk or another form of dairy product. which helps coat and neutralize the capsaicin. :)
1998 Cadillac DeVille d'Elegance
I used to eat those paqui ghost pepper chips all the time in highschool, like, a bag every other day
lee R.
lee R. 25 kun oldin
Holy crap! The end was beautiful LMAO!
Joeyplaysgames 25 kun oldin
It’s crazy to think how spicy Indian food is. I’m looking at them and thinking that food is no big deal but sweat when I eat Indian food but the Indians aren’t phased at all.
Skram Amme
Skram Amme 25 kun oldin
"oh you cunt..."
Robin Dennis
Robin Dennis 25 kun oldin
They need to do the Paqui one chip challenge
IrishBiteGirl 25 kun oldin
The blonde girl needs to close her mouth when she chews. Like..Why purposefully chew loudly with your mouth open? Manners.
Anthony Tamayo
Anthony Tamayo 25 kun oldin
Amanda Meaker
Amanda Meaker 25 kun oldin
Daermont is my favorite part of this channel!
Robb Butterfield
Robb Butterfield 26 kun oldin
You should try the Paqui one chip challenge.
Werli 26 kun oldin
call me a dickhead if that's what i am but i always feel like calling chips crisps is fuckin gay lmao, i know its just dialect but it hurts my hears to hear lmfao
Kaila Smith
Kaila Smith 26 kun oldin
No Hot Cheetos?!?!?!?!
Essem Sween
Essem Sween 26 kun oldin
Oh Lads, Thank you for the laughs. All that was needed for pure TV Gold, was to give ye Durian Ice Cream.
Julie Goodrich
Julie Goodrich 26 kun oldin
What no flaming hot Cheetos???!!! WTF?!!!! Lol!!
The Walking Crow
The Walking Crow 27 kun oldin
Ghost peppers are an acquired taste. That black bag of chips has a really flowery taste that I just can't get passed. Unfortunately, that's on the mild end of real spicy chips. They do get much much much hotter. Their nacho cheese chips are really freaking good though, and nowhere near as hot. Imagine sticking your face under the cheese fountain at a movie theater while you are stuffing corn chips in your mouth and you get a good idea of what to expect.
Ariana Fadroski
Ariana Fadroski 27 kun oldin
A few of my friends tried these and one of their reactions was priceless, " HOLY SHIT IT FEELS LIKE SATAN PISSED IN MY MOUTH"
Michelle Nieto
Michelle Nieto 27 kun oldin
looks like the Americans got the last laugh this round 😋
toasteee252 28 kun oldin
Revenge for the m&m video
devin chapman
devin chapman 28 kun oldin
We have the ghost pepper chips where I work. They really aren’t that bad and actually have really good flavor. Definitely spicy but not uneatable and I don’t even like really spicy stuff. I’ve eaten multiple bags of them and find them to be pretty good. Nice flavor with a nice kick. And if you put them on a good sub sandwich turns out really good.
Ian Dwinnells
Ian Dwinnells 28 kun oldin
I love these vids so enjoyable
Donald Horton
Donald Horton 28 kun oldin
Having eaten those Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips...they sell them at our local gas stations because when your tastebuds are unresponsive, you can't judge our terrible food.
Lakota39 28 kun oldin
Funny thing is you can go back and do this again cause the ghost pepper isn't the hottest chip Paqui sells. They have the Carolina Reaper chip too.
Rick C
Rick C 28 kun oldin
cm1996 cgcc6152jsl
cm1996 cgcc6152jsl 29 kun oldin
I love those ghost pepper chips. They have a great flavor. But man do they hurt by cop number 5. I always pair them with chocolate milk. 😂
Focus716 29 kun oldin
welllll my least favorite wassss the MOUTHFUL OF KNIVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Paula G Whyte
Paula G Whyte 29 kun oldin
I HATE SPICY FOOD!! I don't know why or how people like it! IT causes pain!
Darren Duty
Darren Duty Oy oldin
Those last chips arent even hot and they taste like shit
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