Irish People Try Spicy American Salsa

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We got sent some of Mrs. Renfro's gourmet American salsas, ranging from mild to scary hot so we decided to unleash the heat on our TRYers and see what they thought of these spicy American salsas!
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31-Dek, 2018

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William Durham
William Durham 3 soat oldin
Thee blonde in the fake fur coat is a little scary looking to me..... Too much makeup.😀
loladius nachnamius
loladius nachnamius 5 soat oldin
always amazed by the number of US citizens that comment on here and basically say all the same while no one besides them actually gives a shit if the showed products are from the US or not.
Obliterous 10 soat oldin
Who the hell sent them the crap salsa?
Sno sno
Sno sno 11 soat oldin
holy shit that bitch in the jacket 0:09 did a house painter put on your makeup? ive seen better heads on flat beers
Thomas Carpenter
Thomas Carpenter 13 soat oldin
Not real salsa and not real Irish ! C’mon man !
Stevie Salazar
Stevie Salazar 15 soat oldin
I've literally had all of the mrs renferros and for some reason the habanero one is STILL the hottest one.
Sean Denny
Sean Denny 17 soat oldin
The black guy is not Irish. You must be Irish by blood, not by accent or place of birth.
Itell Youlater
Itell Youlater 17 soat oldin
Sorry you had that crappy brand of salsa!
MATHHEW TOMPKINS 18 soat oldin
Please God turn the lights down I thought I was looking into the sun lol
I'd like to taste the girl in blue, please.
Larrie M
Larrie M 21 soat oldin
Get rid of Vanessa. If she's in your videos, I turn it off and you get a thumbs down. She's awful. What are you thinking???
OHMY DANK 21 soat oldin
Oh come on phrasing people phrasing
super jason
super jason 21 soat oldin
wow Shannon is looking great
dacotah dudley
dacotah dudley Kun oldin
I turned on subtitles and now I'm concerned for the "almond goat" that woman intends on eating
zatoth13 Kun oldin
Have them try some Dave’s Insanity stuff!
james glenn
james glenn Kun oldin
James from Marlin, Texas. Try some good Salsas. Pace, Herdez, even chain store brand HEB. Or make your own from a you tube recipe.
Glowstick48 Kun oldin
I use the ghost pepper queso one in Mac and cheese
Атомный Танк
Some times, people use the husbands name when saying "Mr and Mrs *so-so*". It's not HER name, it's the husband's. lol
stropheum Kun oldin
I'm an American and I haven't ever seen any of these salsas
Sassafras & Lemons
I think there are other salsa brands that are better. Or just go to a Mexican restaurant and get homemade salsa.
Richard phillips
My homies and I put Ms Renfro ghost salsa on everything we eat.
Mrblend27 Kun oldin
I just picked up a jar of the ghost last week. My asshole is mad at me now.
Mrblend27 Kun oldin
Dear Irish people. You’re already really white. There’s no need to add corpse paint to that.
Michael Mounts
Michael Mounts Kun oldin
WTF is this bullshit stuff...that's not American salsa...try Pace Picante
shab farhadi
shab farhadi Kun oldin
Ms. Ren who? They tried sissy salsa. You want real salsa, you need to go to Texas!
RexTheDinosaur1 13 soat oldin
That brand is from Texas. What the fuck are you talking about?
Ruthanne D'Antuono
We Americans love our Irish cousins 💋😁💕
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Kun oldin
That one girl looks like Pam, from the office.
Damiana Morales
Damiana Morales 2 kun oldin
BRILLIANT IDEA! Watching these videos make my day! However, this is my first comment after MUCH ENJOYMEMT and HILARITY....
Kylee Fabian
Kylee Fabian 2 kun oldin
As a native Texan, and I think I speak for every Texan when I say this, who and what the hell is Mrs. Renfro's Salsa???
RexTheDinosaur1 13 soat oldin
I'll salsa from Texas. That's actually quite popular from Oklahoma Texas to the east coast. You may have not eaten it but it sells well enough that it's sold in every fucking Walmart throughout the South.
Ivan Styles
Ivan Styles 2 kun oldin
Liked and subscribed. Where’s dem titties?
Dori Creed
Dori Creed 2 kun oldin
SiliconValleySky 2 kun oldin
What is it with these lame salsas? Any corner Mexican place here in the US has hotter and more appetizing salsas.
Dennis Belew
Dennis Belew 2 kun oldin
I get the impression that this entire channel is an advertisement for various obscure american brands. I've never heard of any of the shit you try. It's almost always the same brand of whatever.
DeShellie Hoyt-Fetterley
We also have cherry salsa in Michigan.
john paul bacon
john paul bacon 2 kun oldin
Why the f don't you pour it in a bowl? Wtf!
Winky Tinky Doo
Winky Tinky Doo 2 kun oldin
I wanna try a glass of the irish women breast milk
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Gregory 2 kun oldin
Do y'all know any actual Americans? How did you find that salsa? I can't even find it and I live here.
RexTheDinosaur1 13 soat oldin
Wren Mason
Wren Mason 2 kun oldin
Friend: Would you like some salsa? Mexican: OMG YES! Friend: Pulls our jar and it’s says Mrs. Renfro... Mexican: Get out of my house you offensive swine!
cmdrabbadon 2 kun oldin
Why are they only eating Mrs. Renfroes? Try normal salsas like Pace or Old El Paso or the like. Artisanal slasas are not the norm. I've never even heard of this brand.
Lesley Gebhardt
Lesley Gebhardt 2 kun oldin
Q uantum
Q uantum 2 kun oldin
Only here for the tits
Wolf On The Loose
Wolf On The Loose 2 kun oldin
Habeñero peach salsa is amazing on strawberries!!! Try it!!
Cosmin Trascu
Cosmin Trascu 3 kun oldin
I’m sorry but that girl with the weird make up makes me thing on the Penguin from Batman hahaha
Stu Egan
Stu Egan 3 kun oldin
Mrs Renfros is just a mass marketed brand. Pretty bland stuff to appease to the masses. How do I set up to send y'all some local-made Texas salsas?
error after dark
error after dark 3 kun oldin
Y’all need to try Frito Pies, no experience Frito Pies. Friday night at the town stadium, cool fall night, and in the distance you can see the Ferris wheel 🎡 waiting after the game.
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton 3 kun oldin
My folks have always had an affinity for spicy foods, we've even grown our own jalapeños and habaneros to cook with. The thing is, and this may be completely coincidental, I got these huge scars on either side of my tongue. Now whether this is from a lifetime of eating spicy foods, or if I can eat spicy foods as easily as I do cause the scars dull the pain, I couldn't say. All I really know, and all I need to know as far as I'm concerned, is that spicy foods are God's gift to Earth.
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton 3 kun oldin
Carolina Reapers are the spiciest peppers known to man, and they come from the Carolinas, believe it or not. Represent!
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton 3 kun oldin
Aw, I was hoping y'all, being Irish and all, wouldn't have enough experience with spicy food to survive the salsa. I suppose stereotypes don't always hold up
.40 S&W Fan
.40 S&W Fan 3 kun oldin
Hot Ones, The Last Dab
Richard A
Richard A 3 kun oldin
I eat salsa at least once or twice a week I have never seeing that brand in any grocery store so it must be from one of those hoity-toity places but usually the best salsa is when you go to a good Mexican restaurant to eat.