Irish People Try Spicy American Salsa

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We got sent some of Mrs. Renfro's gourmet American salsas, ranging from mild to scary hot so we decided to unleash the heat on our TRYers and see what they thought of these spicy American salsas!
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Vanessa Ifediora: TRY.Media/Vanessa
Justine Stafford: TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
Martin Angolo: TRY.Media/Martin
Brian Gallgher: TRY.Media/Brian
Éadaoin: TRY.Media/Eadaoin
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31-Dek, 2018



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Justin Reed McNair
You want real American salsa, get it from the border states. These sound like they're from everywhere else
spokentruth89 Kun oldin
As an American who has lived in 7 different states throughout the country and spent 4 months traveling them- I have NEVER heard of Mrs. Renfros....
The Wholesome Emo
Supervalu tortillas aswell
Jake Szmyt
Jake Szmyt 2 kun oldin
I. Want. To. Marry. Justine. There I said it
red viper
red viper 2 kun oldin
I'm Mexican and this is insulting... Peach salsa WTF is that shit!?!
vwjmkv 4 kun oldin
I’d love to see the TRY channel crew to the wings from and now we feast
humptytx 4 kun oldin
Mrs. Renfro was my 3rd grade teacher. One of our field trips was to the salsa factory in Fort Worth, Tx.
the slayer
the slayer 4 kun oldin
Ghost pepper is yummy
Chris Jacklin
Chris Jacklin 5 kun oldin
I do look the part and I am the guy from Seattle that has crabbed in the Bering Sea, like that stoopid fuckin TV show... Look at my LinkedIn
Joel Graham
Joel Graham 5 kun oldin
I've never heard of Mrs. Renfro's anything! George is her husband's name.
Clem Cadiddlehopper
If you're expecting any kind of spice from a Jarred sauce forget it the only salsa is make it-yourself. I'll make salsa for Miss Shannon any day of the week and deliver it myself from Pennsylvania to where she is. But in the last couple of videos Shannon looks like she is pushing maximum density just a bit 😉 steady relationships are like that you just don't give a s*** after a while you know you look good enough for your man! I love you Shannon😋😘 I'm was such a Dick!
Rob Kelly
Rob Kelly 6 kun oldin
Any single Irish girls
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison 6 kun oldin
I took a dare once to eat a whole jar for 20.00 of that ghost pepper salsa in a single sitting...i muscled through and collect my 20.00 and then couldnt sleep for about a week...kept having stomach pains..went to the doc and they stuck a scope down my throat...the salsa had eaten away a largr amount of the lining in my stomach and it was bleeding..i was on meds for another week after that...in the end i was out 1200.00 for doc bills over that stupid jar of salsa
Karen Mullen
Karen Mullen 6 kun oldin
Salsa is not supposed to have spices in it except maybe garlic and onion but are those really spices? They are plants just like the other things in salsa...t's actual garlic and actual onion, cilantro -another plant - actual hot peppers and hot chilies and such in a tomato base. Mango and pineapple are often added, but pomegranate, raspberries and pumpkin show up too, ALL IN KEEPING WITH CONSUMER DEMAND FOR "SWEET HEAT". It's all about the hotness not spiciness. All of it is blended to be a nice compliment to any food you may want to put it on the idea is not to overcome but to compliment the flavors of other foods. It's to be a light repast with alcohol beverages OR soft drinks. Unless y'all are misusing the word spiciness, I don't think y'all get it. Mrs Renfro's gourmet salses our Award-winning world wide even the Caribbeans who know about spicy food and hotness of peppers and sauces/salsas/relishes/chow-chow/chutneys - AND the difference between ALL them love it, love it, love it. Renfro foods are all over UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Spain and the Carribean. By the way chutney originated in India. Salsa is not trying to be chutney, So we're if you are looking at it and expecting chutney of course you're disappointed - it's not meant to be chutney - it's salsa !!! Two different things. To the girl popping off "...if it's Mrs Renfro's why would it be called George Renfro blah blah blah ..." well the company was started in 1940 in Fort Worth, Texas and unfortunately George died, Arthurine, with the help of her sons, has brought it to it's status to day, it's held by 2nd and 3rd generation family. With sales of 22.5 million dollars last year, there is something to be said for a privately owned company that's quickly reached worldwide status as an Award-winning specialty foods company started in a garage just 78 yrs ago, in 1940, 30 minutes from my house. Oops! Well, actually, my house was built 3 years later but, you know what I mean! Have some respect. Signed, Touchy 'bout Texas
Gijs B
Gijs B 7 kun oldin
Anyone else still waiting for her tits that she promised at the end of the video ?
Marcus Childers
Marcus Childers 7 kun oldin
If it’s not from New Mexico it’s not real!!!
martinw28703 7 kun oldin
HAHAHAHA....."Tell my wife I love her" "............I will" I lost it!
Ram Valdez
Ram Valdez 8 kun oldin
They new Mexico style salsa Sadie's 505 Cervantes Mexican sauce salsa
Luis Valle
Luis Valle 8 kun oldin
I'm american and um .... never heard of this shit salsa
wdnew 8 kun oldin
Try true Texas salsa - not that crap shown here.
hoodmobbin 8 kun oldin
Homemade or nothing when it salsa time. I like fresh taste and good heat that has a lot of flavors.
hoodmobbin 8 kun oldin
The woman in the blue jacket is the best. I must know her and have a drink or 2.
Chalky 8 kun oldin
Secretariat doesn't want any salsa, but if he does have salsa it'll be spicy.
Sefrizal Nugroho
Sefrizal Nugroho 7 kun oldin
Chalky love craig ferguson reference
Nick Lavigne
Nick Lavigne 9 kun oldin
The brand that always looks untouched in ct, USA markets.
Sigh Clone
Sigh Clone 9 kun oldin
AMERICANS don't eat that crappy salsa
rfdsdf1 9 kun oldin
Glad you had the kabuki actor come in for chips and salsa.
dcricket1 9 kun oldin
They picked unknown Salsa to send. I’m in Texas and when he’s not making homemade salsa my husband brings home all kinds of salsa’s to try and that has never entered our house. Guys, NEVER drink water after eating hot peppers!!! Ever! It spreads the heat and makes it hotter. You drink milk to put out the fire!!! I laughed so hard when each of you reached for the water!
Michele Nelson
Michele Nelson 10 kun oldin
Salsa is not American it's Mexican
William Smith
William Smith 10 kun oldin
Get them the Carolina reper hottest spice in the world ghost pepper is the second hottest spice
William Smith
William Smith 10 kun oldin
Went to say reaper
William Smith
William Smith 10 kun oldin
Sorry didn't now they had Carolina reaper
Mitch Burke
Mitch Burke 10 kun oldin
ew did she just say she would show her tits for subscriptions? …. what a slutty thing to say joking or not.
Canuck Loyalist
Canuck Loyalist 10 kun oldin
Hate to be the one to tell you then...all salsa (according to you) would be a chutney because tomato is technically fruit!
Jæda Kim
Jæda Kim 8 kun oldin
I thought this!
drschplatt 11 kun oldin
I honestly feel bad for them. None of those even looked like an actual salsa. Salsa is such a wonderful and amazing product, to give them that sad excuse for a salsa is just mean.
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor 11 kun oldin
Mrs. Renfro's is ASS. And grease. Ass with grease. If you're gonna test a salsa, don't test THAT garbage.
C Dalton
C Dalton 11 kun oldin
Any real American makes their own salsa... At least in Texas. All this stuff looked terrible lol.
Dennis Broschart
Dennis Broschart 12 kun oldin
I make a peach mango salsa that is very good in my humble opinion. Ingredients : 1-1/2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes , 3/4 cup chopped peeled fresh peaches, 1/2 cup chopped red onion, 1/2 cup chopped sweet yellow pepper 1/2 cup chopped peeled mango , 2 tablespoons chopped seeded habanero pepper, (I use different color peppers because I like how it looks, red orange green and yellow) 3 garlic cloves, minced , 1-1/2 teaspoons lime juice, 1/2 teaspoon minced fresh cilantro (if you like cilantro, I think it tastes like soap) In a large bowl, combine the first nine ingredients. Cover and refrigerate until serving. (overnight is best) Oh and for Christ's sake wear gloves when your seeding and chopping the peppers and don't touch your eye. Also if the Habanero peppers are too hot you can use jalapeno pepper.
Jæda Kim
Jæda Kim 8 kun oldin
I might use this recipe for a BBQ in the summer! Thank you Dennis!
Where the FUCK is your pace picante salsa!! This shit isnt salsa!
Marvin Medina
Marvin Medina 13 kun oldin
I got a spicy pepper they can try.
Jennifer Nkana
Jennifer Nkana 13 kun oldin
“it has seemed to given u pink eye” yOOOO💀💀💀 the banter between these two i can’t
nic lecher
nic lecher 13 kun oldin
Pity everybody on here is Scottish.
ParisChristianne 13 kun oldin
The Carolina Reaper one probably wasn't all that spicy because you'd already fried your mouth with the Ghost Pepper. Do the Reaper on its own and feel the burn
drschplatt 11 kun oldin
Also, depending on how long the jar has been setting, it probably needed a good shake to get things mixed up. The chunks and seeds would have settled.
Cobb Knobbler
Cobb Knobbler 14 kun oldin
How about "Irish people get on the TRUMP train"? Oh yea, this is just more liberally biased programming.
Bannon Dael
Bannon Dael 14 kun oldin
That shannon Keenan chick is highly fuckable
Curt Yeomans
Curt Yeomans 14 kun oldin
No Pace salsa. No Tostitos salsa. No Chi-Chis or Ortega salsa. Just Mrs Renfros ... which no one in America eats
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy 14 kun oldin
2:51 - GHOST PEPPER SALSA - that’s their punishment for not liking the tequila one...
The Duke
The Duke 14 kun oldin
I gotta ask, is spicy food something America is known for? Cause I'm American and I've been to a few other countries, most Americans cant stand real spicey food.
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 15 kun oldin
Well Shannon finally got me to subscribe...
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 15 kun oldin
Mrs. Renfro's is great salsa... the mango habanero is so damn good!
Knuckles Dragon
Knuckles Dragon 15 kun oldin
I call BS. Stir the salsa before sampling it to get the real flavors. Anything else is fakery.
netronet 15 kun oldin
Ugh, Mrs. Renfros?
Jacob A. Gallant
Jacob A. Gallant 16 kun oldin
2:50 Talk about an upgrade
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 16 kun oldin
Mrs George Renford That not her first name it's the name of her husband George Renford and she is his Mrs My grandma was known as Mrs James William Harris but her first name was Vonnie.
Marty Contestabile
Marty Contestabile 17 kun oldin
What the HELL I liked and subscribed but no tits!
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 17 kun oldin
On another note. Believe it or not as gross as it may seem drink milk after eating something very hot and spicy and it will cool your palette down. Don't know why it works. Google it I guess. Grandma taught me that.
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 17 kun oldin
Vanessa. Her name is not George. A lot of married women formally go by Mrs and insert husbands name. Yes it's sexist but it's old fashioned. Her husband was George Renfroe so she became Mrs. George Renfroe when she got married.
adrburr22 17 kun oldin
Before making purchases online of what you think is american items, google the top American brands because this was not it, I have not seen this brand or even heard if this brand
Joy Mayberry
Joy Mayberry 18 kun oldin
My nephew eats Ghost peppers like theyre going out of style lol
Higdonb23 18 kun oldin
The last one being Carolina reaper is supposed to be mixed up because all of the stuff goes towards the bottom
Alexander Vajda
Alexander Vajda 19 kun oldin
mrs renfro also has ghost pepper nacho cheese sauce its DELISH!!!
Demetria HappyHuman
Demetria HappyHuman 20 kun oldin
Damn...most Americans don't use this brand of salsa! There's so much other salsas to taste test #doesntdosalsajustice #smh
Jeremy Siegel
Jeremy Siegel 20 kun oldin
I have some of those. The ghost pepper one isn't the hottest salsa in the isle at the store.
Andy Kuhn
Andy Kuhn 21 kun oldin
mmmmm...she sang 'one tit now, one tit later' in pitch. I'm in love.
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 21 kun oldin
Make your own salsa and guacamole or you are eating shit 👍🏻😂
70s- rock
70s- rock 21 kun oldin
wait till they go to the bathroom
Mandy Story
Mandy Story 21 kun oldin
As bad a Pace is that would have been better than that salsa.
Eric Bailey
Eric Bailey 21 kun oldin
Does Ireland not have bowls? F***ing neanderthal savages.
Mandy Moreno
Mandy Moreno 21 kun oldin
Can I say wtf w her makeup
pdg gooddy
pdg gooddy 22 kun oldin
best line . put your toilet paper in the fridge ..
Demetrius Ross
Demetrius Ross 22 kun oldin
Maybe take it out of the jar and stir it
Eric Gaudet
Eric Gaudet 23 kun oldin
One question why is the Irish lady in the fur coat what as a ghost she funny as heck.
CD 23 kun oldin
Do Irish women shit themselves a lot?
dethplaque 24 kun oldin
Martin and Brian should be put together more often. I'm rolling
Rambo Rabbit
Rambo Rabbit 24 kun oldin
I’ve had that ghost pepper salsa. I’m sweating watching you guys eat it. Literally I just wiped my face. I love that stuff so much 🥰
Brennan Dean
Brennan Dean 25 kun oldin
I'm sorry guys I just never have warmed up to Vanessa and I still don't really care for her as a host I'm not trying to be mean or negative or anything I just think that she takes away a lot of quality from her partner's whoever she seems to be paired up with again sorry
Robb Butterfield
Robb Butterfield 26 kun oldin
Why the fixation on Mrs. Renfro's? It's not even that good.
Dozer1642 26 kun oldin
Is this a mrs renfros ad? Seriously, out of literally thousands of salsas you choose ALL mrs renfros salsas?
mushroom dragon
mushroom dragon 27 kun oldin
Now I what some spicy salsa so in get my buzz on : yes I get a buzz from spicy things so don't ask
lostagain 28 kun oldin
Gotta tell ya....I LIVE in Dallas, TX which is not quite 30 miles from Fort Worth and I've never even SEEN this brand of salsa, which is MADE in Ft. Worth. Also, you're supposed to serve salsa in a BOWL, not from the jar.
Kyrie Blackheart
Kyrie Blackheart 28 kun oldin
Mrs. Renfro's is the BEST salsa!!!!! Texas does it right. I LOVE GHOST PEPPER STUFF TOO!!! :D
rockyfan1011 28 kun oldin
Salsa from Fort Worth, pretty solid stuff.
Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs 29 kun oldin
"It creeps up on you..." "Much like death itself." Perfect.
Gamer23132 2.0
Gamer23132 2.0 29 kun oldin
Good idea is have them try different levels of spicy Larry Darrell and darrells hot sauce
waooga 29 kun oldin
3:20 Eadaoin - "Yep! Smells just like mother-fuckin-ghost-pepper!" LMFAO!!
Les Clanton
Les Clanton 29 kun oldin
Is Chewbacca wife Irish? ,the big wooly one!😀
miss when they had more good looking irish ladies here, dropping from 5 too two is probably a bad move... just sayin
bob brown
bob brown Oy oldin
i love the ghost pepper salsa that they tried. it is painfully hot but it does have a taste and it taste very good. your stomach and butthole will not like you for eating it though lol.
Marcus Rivera
Marcus Rivera Oy oldin
I loved how the Ghost Pepper salsa turned all their faces red lol
alick swiden
alick swiden Oy oldin
with the reaper in a salsa, the more of it you eat in a sitting the more it kicks in. I regularly buy this salsa made here in MN that has ghost peppers, scorpions, and reapers in it and it's the same way. Tastes delicious though!
Maria Ward
Maria Ward Oy oldin
I have an ungodly weakness for Brian. Goodness 🥰
chaos120m Oy oldin
The ghost pepper salsa is so good
orion khan
orion khan Oy oldin
*Vanessa* and *Justine* are the best pair ever !!!
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant Oy oldin
Oh ho shit mother fucker. That was a great way to exclaim just how right that salsa is:)
skeezah mcleaza
4:20 how have I never thought about that
Yeah, I'm American, and I had never heard of Mrs. Renfro's before I saw this video two days ago. It made me hungry for chips and salsa, so I went to a grocery store (at a Giant Eagle in central Pennsylvania), and sonofabitch! they had Mrs. Renfro's! Sadly, they didn't have the Carolina Reaper variety.
ailisha washington
ailisha washington 2 kun oldin
What?!? I'm going to check my Giant Eagle!
shanidar 15 kun oldin
Will check tomorrow... the peach salsa sounds like it has potential
Sleekmarrow 1
Sleekmarrow 1 Oy oldin
Whats up with that guys eye?
Mason Kunkel
Mason Kunkel Oy oldin
We need too send actually southern states salsa
Mason Kunkel
Mason Kunkel Oy oldin
None of that salsas hot or spicy haha 🤣
Courtney Johnston
You need to try salsa from Texas or Ohio we make the best freaking salsa
cathulhuftw Oy oldin
Where did y'all get that brand?
Trepanation21 Oy oldin
I have never heard of this salsa.
howard weitzell
Sponsored by Mrs. Renfro...
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