Irish People Try Stereotypical Irish Foods

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"It tastes like dog food?."
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We had irish people try out those "traditional" irish foods kindly supplied by the UZvid commenters.
Haggis, Corned beef & cabbage, Pigs feet, Guinness, Lucky
Charms and Colcannon.
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Produced by Creative Nation
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31-Yan, 2015



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jutubaeh 5 soat oldin
wass n kappess v v
Mr Wiseman
Mr Wiseman Kun oldin
2:36 this need to be a meme! Olga's epic reaction.
DefOni 3 kun oldin
I'm 100% american and I love corned beef and cabbage.
Kyle Lebrocq
Kyle Lebrocq 4 kun oldin
Wow this was boring as fuck
windcalmer 5 kun oldin
What is her name?
Class tilton
Class tilton 5 kun oldin
Who are these dumbasses at the beginning, multiple comments about haggis :/ thats scottish you knob jockies
Concreteowl 5 kun oldin
We would have trotters when we were young but we were very poor and shared it with the cat.
John Smith
John Smith 5 kun oldin
How is Guinness a stereotypical Irish food if it's made in Ireland and not America?
Kegan Mahon
Kegan Mahon 7 kun oldin
(Discretely eats his corned beef and cabbage while wearing a shamrock hoodie)
Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed 7 kun oldin
Can't stand cabbage. When I visited Ireland I ate fish and chips. They were great. Haggis is Scottish
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 9 kun oldin
I've always wondered, are you supposed to drink Guinness warm or cold? I've tried it both ways and I was just not impressed.
Melanie Cravens
Melanie Cravens 10 kun oldin
Love cornbeef potatoes cabbage bread so good
Melanie Cravens
Melanie Cravens 10 kun oldin
Love that accent.
trust okerezi
trust okerezi 10 kun oldin
I now understand why yall drink much . imagine having to eat pigs foot when sober :>
trust okerezi
trust okerezi 10 kun oldin
you need some jollof rice and suya in your life : )
Katie Morgan
Katie Morgan 11 kun oldin
Why don't you make them eat Thanksgiving dinner? I did it to my Irish friends..all the standard crap etc.
Katie Morgan
Katie Morgan 11 kun oldin
I'm American and we ate ham and cabbage..no one made them a shepherd's pie 👎
Robert R O'Brien , Jr
What about fish and chips or bangers and mash?
if people would stop mumbling in these videos...that would be great
Morgan Best
Morgan Best 23 kun oldin
Baby Ryan. He looks so timid here lol
Bobby Raketic
Bobby Raketic 23 kun oldin
The redhead is sexy
Fizzy Sparkles
Fizzy Sparkles 28 kun oldin
Ciara Whoriskey
Ciara Whoriskey 25 kun oldin
Fizzy Sparkles yeah that’s...that’s the point of the video
Sullivan's Slaughterhouse Podcast
Just came to hear the Irish say the words "Lucky Charms" It was magical!
Mary Infante
Mary Infante Oy oldin
I never heard the Irish ate pigs feet, but I know a lot of Americans from the south that eat pickled pigs feet. Yeah, EEWWWWWW!
Wheres the raw dirt spud on a stick?
Chris Black
Chris Black Oy oldin
No wonder Irish react the way they do to American foods. These foods would make me so depressed if most of my foods involved eating cabbage and potatoes. BLAH!
Nelson Viveiros
Usually when someone stereotypes a race most of the time it's the Americans enough said
Ryan Oy oldin
I think that's the best mood I've ever seen Ryan in
David Green
David Green Oy oldin
I get absolutely wasted on St. Patrick's day. I don't eat before hand either, that way I get drunk faster, it's called financial responsibility.
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover Oy oldin
I'm so glad that's not American food , ha! That's why Irish food isn't known around the world, it's basically boiled meat with potatoes! So sad.
Ciara Whoriskey
Ciara Whoriskey 25 kun oldin
Lemon Lover you do realise that this isn’t actually Irish food right?
ladycplum Oy oldin
Cabbage and kale are not the same thing, Elga
Waylen Underwood
Elga if you ever read this know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world
Alfred Hitchcock
My grandmother wouldn’t allow us to eat corned beef because she said they never ate it in Ireland. There’s plenty of fresh pork, so why eat old meat? Instead, we had pork tenderloin with cabbage & potatoes. I hear they call it a “boiled dinner” up in New England. I love it. I never even tasted corned beef til I was in my 30s. We also ate farls, but my grandmother called it soda bread. When I saw what they sell in bakeries as Irish soda bread during the month of March, I was stumped. I love farls with fresh butter and a cup of tea. Add bacon and egg (fried in bacon grease), dip the buttered farl in the yolk ....oh boy. That’s breakfast. I miss my grandmother.
Fred Prekel
Fred Prekel Oy oldin
only complete morons think lucky charms are Irish.corned beef and cabbage were very cheap during the mass Irish immigration due to the potato famine in Ireland. Haggis is Scottish the people that think it's Irish are stupid. pig's feet are more of a stereotypical Hispanic and black food. Guinness is just a good Irish beer, so piss off on that point
David in Barstow
It's like soul food. It's what poor Irish immigrants ate to avoid starving. So many Americans believe it's what modern Irish eat.
thanks for reading this i like cats
May I ask all of you people outside Ireland, why do you think we eat this?
love from Italy :) you guys are great ! always respect to Ireland :)
Hi from france
The red girl is absolutly lovely
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Oy oldin
I is it me or does homeboy look like the anonymous guy from v for vendet?
Kenneth Hess
Kenneth Hess Oy oldin
I don’t like Luck Charms !
kat kouch
kat kouch Oy oldin
my mother ate pickled trotters. and i make corned beef and cabbage a couple of times a year, and it looks nothing like that.
LeVar Berry
LeVar Berry Oy oldin
How about the tiny bowls they are using for Lucky Charms??? WTF
brion burkett
brion burkett Oy oldin
I want all of these people over for Christmas.
terry boyer
terry boyer Oy oldin
Guinness So much more than just a breakfast drink...
Dave Edsall
Dave Edsall Oy oldin
I have an honest question is Guinness meant to be drank room temperature or cold?
Derek Davis
Derek Davis Oy oldin
They are 14 miles apart or so, my family came over from Wales my grandpa's side is Dugan Davis, Ireland was my grans side Flowers, FARQUHARSON.
Derek Davis
Derek Davis Oy oldin
A road trip of all 3 would be awesome, I have a little red hair, fair skinned and bearded, I'm built for the weather, drist weather.
T. L. Warren
T. L. Warren Oy oldin
Haggis is Scottish. Not the same country. Trotters are from the US Southern states. Lucky Charms is a US food. Bah!!! This is what Irish think other people think they eat? I always thought, corned beef, shepherds or cottage pie, Irish stew, and ale or lager or beer.
The Geek Monster
That first couple has to be the best looking pair of humans on earth.
Nemalde Oy oldin
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph; they all drink Bud!
Dante Jeavon
Dante Jeavon 2 oy oldin
Kale&cabbage are two different things!
B Redfern
B Redfern 2 oy oldin
So.. this has nothing to do with the food but, is it just me or does the guy in the blue hoodie look like an Irish Ashton Couture?
Junie 2 oy oldin
This video should be titled "what Irish people think is Irish is food in America". How stupid.
Weirdly I knew a guy whose mother was Irish and apparently she did make haggis. I was so thrown off because I thought that was something Scotland did like America does meatloaf and casseroles
David David
David David 2 oy oldin
Elga is my favorite Irishman
Luke Devlin
Luke Devlin 2 oy oldin
Colcannon and Guinness are the only things I've eaten or heard of, and I'm IRISH
Amanda s.
Amanda s. 2 oy oldin
What are they saying when they "cheers"? I can't understand it. I'm curious.
Cher Walker
Cher Walker 2 oy oldin
The trotter 😂😁😂😁😁
Shawty Pepelina
Shawty Pepelina 2 oy oldin
There’s a wonderful Irish pub that serves Colcannon in my town and I LOVE it! It is amazing but then again I love most traditional Irish Foods!
Narrative Knight
Narrative Knight 2 oy oldin
He is a LEPRECHAUN! Americans think that leprechauns are Irish, we don't think that Irish people are leprechauns. I can never tell if you all like food or not because half of the time whoever is cooking has NO idea what they are doing.
Icanifiwant 2 oy oldin
I love me some corned beef and cabbage....
Nora Bryant
Nora Bryant 2 oy oldin
No Americans don't think you eat that crap.
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 oy oldin
Haggis is fucking Scottish, Ireland isn't even part of the UK, how do you fuck up this badly, I'm yankee as fuck a know this, who runs this shit. Now I'm bitter and hunger!
That music never fails to raise my spirits. I'm constantly on the lookout for stuff like it. I literally just came off of a 4 hour binge, adding songs to my Spotify. I'm so American but I swear I can feel the Irish blood coursing through my veins! Speaking of which... this music is my personal battery! (2:58) Well, music in general is what keeps me going but still!
Louie Villa
Louie Villa 2 oy oldin
They were some tough critics they didn't even like their own food son of a gun
Kenneth Prince
Kenneth Prince 2 oy oldin
So am i to understand my grandmother cooked corn beef and cabage on st patricks say every year my entire life telling me thats what we irish eat and they dont even eat it in Ireland? My whole life is a lie lol
Eva Maynard
Eva Maynard 2 oy oldin
I haven't seen anyone in Ireland eating that stuff when I visited..except for the Guinness!
Learning to be Pretty
I love the Irish angry comments...now you see how Americans feel when we see the American food videos, we don’t eat that shit half the time
Guillermo Medina
Guillermo Medina 2 oy oldin
Thats weird that Irish people dont like there own food. Lmfao
Hokaro Orvana
Hokaro Orvana 2 oy oldin
Alot of these seem like Scottish foods not Irish... And that's coming from an American
Wesley luvs Oktoberfest
I only came here for the comments.
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood 2 oy oldin
We know the difference between Scottish and Irish!
Gabrielle Miles
Gabrielle Miles 2 oy oldin
I said this on a video about chicken feet somewhere on UZvid already. But pig foot souse from Trinidad 🇹🇹 (Caribbean) is 👌🏼
EINAR VOLSUNG 2 oy oldin
My family is Scandinavian. We eat a lot of cabbage and fish.
Valfalk 2 oy oldin
all the people commenting “haggis is scottish” r/whooosh they even said themselves in the video “right. irish, scottish, must be the same thing”
Oi40ozCasualty 2 oy oldin
To the Irish folk. It's a Leprechaun on the box of Lucky Charms. Not an Irish person lol. I have a feeling most know this though lol.
meis awsom
meis awsom 2 oy oldin
Irish women* r hot. And their accent... ;)
Sharon Dwyer
Sharon Dwyer 2 oy oldin
The Irish Fella @ 0:31 on the right..whit whew! He is handsome 😚
Omni Charlizard
Omni Charlizard 2 oy oldin
What is that catchy af tune going on in the background? Thats a foot tapping somg
Masi Ford
Masi Ford 2 oy oldin
Tbh the most I’ve taste that was Irish was soda bread literally nothing else
ForzaOnda 2 oy oldin
They're all right about one thing: *Guinness does taste better in Ireland*
CCornelius 2 oy oldin
Pigs feet? Hey, you Irish stop stealing our Southern cookin'!
Insane Hiker
Insane Hiker 2 oy oldin
Corned beef and Cabbage came to be associated with the Irish who tried to order Bacon and Cabbage at Jewish Delicatessens, who substituted the Bacon (what Americans call Canadian Bacon) with Corned Beef. The same delis likely tried to turn the meal into a sandwich to take on the go (for eating on the job) which lead to the creation the Reuben.
EyeWatchThemAll 2 oy oldin
On what planet is Lucky Charms Irish??
Mybubbles 2 oy oldin
Gotta love it when the yanks call it “St Patty’s Day”! Like, who the fuck is Patricia???😂😂😂
Adrienne 2 oy oldin
When they broke out the Guinness I smiled. It's a meal in itself.
Alex Grover's Gardening Know How
Of course many of the "American" things they eat are not top of the line American food or particularly popular.
Reming Morton
Reming Morton 2 oy oldin
I appreciate how they weren’t offended by the mix up between Scotland and Ireland. I expected them to be like “haggis is Scottish you uncultured swine”
Cher Poston
Cher Poston 3 oy oldin
I want to go on record saying I've never assumed any of these except the Guinness.
ursaltydog 3 oy oldin
This should be titled, "What Irish people think we Americans think they eat"..
ursaltydog 3 oy oldin
Btw.. we don't think ya eat Lucky Charms and pigs feat.. Welsh people who immigrated to here, ate pigs feet..
He spilled Guinness kill him with rocks and fire
Alan Novaes
Alan Novaes 3 oy oldin
It doesn’t surprise me how ignorant some Americans are to think that they eat some of these things something that I’ve learned growing up here is that you wouldn’t believe how culturally and geographically ignorant MOST Americans are especially the new generation
It's "Sláinte" and yet it sounds like "Slauncha" I WANT TO UNDERSTAND GAELIC BUT WHY YOU MAKE IT SO HARD?!
Also, where's the bread pudding? Thought that was "stereotypical"-y Irish lol
kwistiny 3 oy oldin
Who’s the gorgeous tall dark and handsome Irishman next to Ryan?
xadam2dudex 3 oy oldin
Well that's a cop out ... No real Irish food just what they think Americans think what Irish food is
Emily O'Connor
Emily O'Connor 3 oy oldin
We cook corned beef in a crockpot with mustard and brown sugar. I honestly can't imagine boiling it.
Matthew Larson
Matthew Larson 3 oy oldin
I like the music, anyone know specifically who that is playing?
Chad Max
Chad Max 3 oy oldin
haggis .. who is the idiot that thinks that's Irish? sheep stomach stuffed with meat and barley... where's the cabbage in that? .. jk :)
George Gebonicks
George Gebonicks 3 oy oldin
The American savory video was one thing but you cunts can’t even get your own food right.
gigi 3 oy oldin
These Irish men are so handsome, I'm in love. 😍😊❤️
crazyfvck 3 oy oldin
I always add extra sugar to my Lucky Charms :) It hides at the bottom, and you can either scoop it up with each spoonful, or you can drink it with the milk after you eat the cereal ;)
Staci Schuck
Staci Schuck 3 oy oldin
Irish boys with long eyelashes and black sweaters all American women would be had in that!
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