Irish People Try Thanksgiving Cocktails

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We made our Irish people very thankful by giving them some Thanksgiving cocktails! MERCH: TRY.media/Merch
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Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in Canada, the United States and many other countries across the globe. To get our TRYers in a very thankful mood, we thought we'd whip up some Thanksgiving cocktails to see what they thought!
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19-Noy, 2018

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meggers1015 3 soat oldin
Something I’ve noticed... their bubble is a lot smaller than most Americans or maybe just me. If I feel like someone’s elbow is going to touch me, I get squirmy and move away.
Jackie Santangelo
Jackie Santangelo 7 soat oldin
Are all these people booze bags?
David Brenner
David Brenner 8 soat oldin
The entire family shows up for thanksgiving so yes we get drunk to get through the day.
Ben 15 soat oldin
Girl with the glasses on her head is legitimately funny. Not the one with glasses on her eyes, the one with big hoop earrings and her glasses up near her hairbun
Miya Jheale
Miya Jheale 21 soat oldin
A Thanksgiving drinking video that doesn't include Wild Turkey...
Nic Forster
Nic Forster 22 soat oldin
Anyone else shipping Colin and Darren?
Jessica Casto
Jessica Casto 22 soat oldin
HIM-mosa hahahahaha
Anna Coderre
Anna Coderre Kun oldin
Its lovelier the deeper I go... That's what's he said....
AnarchyShogun 3 kun oldin
Every time Blaithin is in a video, I fall more and more in love. This is entirely unhealthy for me.
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk 3 kun oldin
Tag yourself, I’m cider
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison 3 kun oldin
teeth soooo yellow
IncubusGirl06 5 kun oldin
i'm willing to watch them two together in Cider and Tequila
IncubusGirl06 5 kun oldin
i'm willing to watch them two together in Cider and Tequila
Jeremi Salinas
Jeremi Salinas 5 kun oldin
Apricot Bourbon Smash is my jam!!
Adalberto Sampaio
Adalberto Sampaio 5 kun oldin
These people must smash hard after the filming is done right?
I Play One On T.V.
I Play One On T.V. 7 kun oldin
Apples and onions look similar only if a person's drunk.
I Play One On T.V.
I Play One On T.V. 7 kun oldin
Thanksgiving Cocktails? What are they? Just give me a beer, or a glass of good wine.
HardtHorned Outdoors
You’re fucking right we get drunk on thanksgiving MERICA you bloody fucks
Lesha 7 kun oldin
Dermot just absolutely ruins these videos for me.
Shelby Rogers
Shelby Rogers 7 kun oldin
This channel is gold but it gets better the more you've had to drink. 😂
oldschoolman 144
oldschoolman 144 7 kun oldin
I'm Irish and I approve this video! ... =)
Matthew Charles/MCS Bear
Any holiday with the family is a reason for us to get hammered.....
mmaeb 7 kun oldin
I’m so glad to see this is back! Seeing you all was my favorite part of UZvid. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 “Here’s the thing! Onions and apples are very similar.” 💀
René Ottmar
René Ottmar 8 kun oldin
4:48 she sound like a 14yo girl :O wtf :O
-Belue- -Myst-
-Belue- -Myst- 8 kun oldin
Why do I relate to the blonde chick sooo much? 🤔😂... "I'm drunk!"... "TASTE LIKE PRUNES, YOU'RE ELDERLY, YOU TELL ME!" (THE GUY: 😳)... "TASTE LIKE CRIME FIGHTING!" 😂😂😂... She doesn't give a shit and she is like thinking, "Well, this is happening! 🤷" HAHA! 😂😂😂...I'm the honest, goofy one at a party and in life!
Jeffrey Kenney
Jeffrey Kenney 8 kun oldin
if you can not get the mixes pause it.
Miðgarðsormr 9 kun oldin
I don't watch this for the content, i watch this because i love irish people talking
David Alcaraz
David Alcaraz 9 kun oldin
Well Mr. Ward ... There wasn't any Peanut Butter!
gromit789 9 kun oldin
I was actually gutted when I thought I wouldn’t see you guys again, just discovered your new channel yesterday, buzzing to say the least 🥰
Lucy T
Lucy T 10 kun oldin
Starts eating cinnamon
Dora Thompson
Dora Thompson 10 kun oldin
Pair Blaithin and Tom more!!
Hephesto 10 kun oldin
Next time you slice an apple for a cocktail, might be an idea to take the sticker off first. ;-)
Deana Wells
Deana Wells 10 kun oldin
Thanksgiving is our holiday to get very drunk
Jeff Cameron
Jeff Cameron 10 kun oldin
You're elderly...ROFLMAO!
Zaria Jones
Zaria Jones 10 kun oldin
At 3:38 you can literally see the moment she got horny.
Lili G
Lili G 11 kun oldin
"am i drunk or is he getting more charming"
Justin 12 kun oldin
Thanksgiving is essentially for eating, getting drunk, and watching American football.
chippychin 12 kun oldin
Darren and Colin were hilarious! I'm also now a big fan of Jade. She's beyond adorable.
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor 12 kun oldin
If this is the peanut butter cup of wine, I know what the M&M is: Jewish kosher wine. It tastes like somebody poured high-fructose corn syrup into a jug of Welch's grape juice and then spiked it with Everclear. It was good the first time, but even I, even back then, had a limit to how much sweet I could take.
Mikaela 12 kun oldin
@7:15 is my favorite. XD
F King Opinions
F King Opinions 13 kun oldin
I am also now convinced that Irish people have no idea what citrus is
F King Opinions
F King Opinions 13 kun oldin
As an American, I've NEVER heard of these cocktails. Regional dares are different then regional drinks.
SuperNetSpyder 13 kun oldin
My wife detests mayo - so that mug is awesome. Glad to support good fun content and buy some of your merch. My wife will love the mug... and still hate mayo.
DjJtown 14 kun oldin
The more vids I see with Dermot & Jayde together, the more it looks like they're dating. BTW....WHERE'S CIARA?!?!?!? BRING HER BACK!!!
jacob snelson
jacob snelson 14 kun oldin
The best thanksgiving cocktail is scotch mixed with scotch.
Vlka Fenryka78
Vlka Fenryka78 14 kun oldin
i got to thinking the maple bourbon smash is just a maple flavored whiskey sour
Kevin B
Kevin B 15 kun oldin
"Americans must get fucked up on Thanksgiving, is that what happens?" Ye man that's pretty much the gist of it.
Segolame Pearl Rapula
"It's nicer the deeper i go, *pause* No, No" 😂😂
thisdamnthingy 16 kun oldin
Funny how when you've been drinking, most of these seem like a good idea. Bugger the cinnamon sticks though.
Brandon Danforth
Brandon Danforth 16 kun oldin
I really would love to get smashed with the people of The TRY Channel lol