Irish People Try Thanksgiving Cocktails

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We made our Irish people very thankful by giving them some Thanksgiving cocktails! MERCH: TRY.media/Merch
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Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in Canada, the United States and many other countries across the globe. To get our TRYers in a very thankful mood, we thought we'd whip up some Thanksgiving cocktails to see what they thought!
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Jayde Blake: TRY.Media/Jayde
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Tom Moran: TRY.Media/Tom
Darren Lalor: TRY.Media/Darren
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19-Noy, 2018



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jilly_bo 98
jilly_bo 98 3 kun oldin
Tom is fucking georgeouuussssss
Dragon's Armory
Dragon's Armory 8 kun oldin
Glad to see the 10th Doctor enjoying these 🤪
April Grenot
April Grenot 9 kun oldin
Line of the video--you're elderly!
Nate Jorandby
Nate Jorandby 11 kun oldin
The sexual tension reaches it's peak at 3:03. These drinks were really liking these girls.
Dave Brohman
Dave Brohman 11 kun oldin
I keep expecting Darren to get called away mid-video to go fight Daleks.
Dave Voice of NH
Dave Voice of NH 12 kun oldin
The "Maple Bourbon Smash". You folks have discovered the wonders of Maple syrup, and it appears to me that it's the favorite in this episode. We are proud of this product here in New Hampshire, and I think I need to send you a pint so you can compare the real thing, to what you used here. I love this episode, I love the production values, I am overwhelmed. 10/10.
Jon Walter
Jon Walter 13 kun oldin
Yeah...I’m DRUNK...
Dustin H
Dustin H 13 kun oldin
It looks like the end of Infinity War in my glass.
Wyatt W
Wyatt W 14 kun oldin
there was some sexual chemistry going on in this video
raven1andfriends 15 kun oldin
5:30 that was cute lol I totally ship it 😊
Frenchy PooWho
Frenchy PooWho 17 kun oldin
I had no idea there were Thanksgiving cocktails boy will my mother be thrilled. I always bring wine, but now, now!! I can make something truly spectacular where she won't remember she did all the cooking. Nice. That maple bourbon smash sounds delightful. I'm taking notes.
Shadowchao121 19 kun oldin
This is actual gold.
victorpapaavp 20 kun oldin
OMG the near miss on the party foul..... the pucker factor on try just went to 1000...
Samuel Reeb
Samuel Reeb 20 kun oldin
I'm a huge fan of facts. And can I just say, you guys are on a totally different level of swearing than us over here in the U.S. Keep up the great work!
Marcus Rivera
Marcus Rivera 21 kun oldin
"That's it! That's that fake smell. Smells like all my friends from school!" I fucking died!!
Jason Kay
Jason Kay 22 kun oldin
Christ, so that's where all the ditzy California Valley Girls went......
CE Bailey
CE Bailey 24 kun oldin
And filmed immediately after this: Irish People Try FWB or was it Irish People Try Swinging
Rhonda's Regular Days
Am I bad or drunk? I would give every last one of them head right now, lol!
sherrijean03 Oy oldin
The best part of all your “alcohol videos “, is watching the descent into drunkenness 😂 freaking hilarious journey
Noah Linnik
Noah Linnik Oy oldin
This smells like drunk is going to be my new favorite phrase lol
Colin is my life. And whomever Dermot was paired with should be his only coed partner
Josie Henke
Josie Henke Oy oldin
EVERY HOLIDAY is about getting fucked up XD
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman Oy oldin
I want to try all these!
Tara Kirkpatrick
Jeez Tom is so cute
Jim Brown
Jim Brown Oy oldin
I do enjoy seeing you guys getting smashed but where are you getting all these weird (fru-fru) drink ideas. I don't know anybody that drinks anything like that - I think your producers are just screwing with you. The only 'thanksgiving drink' I know of is hard cider, but mostly people drink what they always drink - beer, wine or normal mixed drinks like Rum/Coke, Jack/Ginger, Gin/Tonic, etc.
iDrumGod Oy oldin
5:19 "ugh, men" That was a quick round of 'spot the feminist'. Ugh. Sexist.
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Oy oldin
To Dermot McDermott. Yes. Americans get locked on thanksgiving so we can suffer our families.
Jason Oy oldin
Girl in the black top and big hoop earrings has amazing tits!!!😍
lee R.
lee R. Oy oldin
Dermot is crackin me up!
NerdSomnia Oy oldin
I don't understand 3:04. Can someone explain it to me?
Chris8423 Oy oldin
"Yep, it's tree bark!" Darren, that was way too definitive. How many trees have you bitten?
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi Oy oldin
"Onions and Apples are very similar" That made my day!
cathulhuftw Oy oldin
Also, where are these drinks being drunk?
cathulhuftw Oy oldin
The marshmallows go on sweetpatatoes. Ive never really understood why.
Brian Teeter
Brian Teeter Oy oldin
I want to drink with you 😋
BiGYBz Oy oldin
Can I get a like for everyone who agrees that the beautiful redhead with the glasses "maple smashed" the young chap with the button up shirt after the recording. 😂😭😂lmao
Travis Luther
Travis Luther Oy oldin
I loved the combination of "looks like a piece of chocolate and you kinda want to bite it. But it's not." Then instant switch to a man eating the cinnamon stick. Classic man behavior.
Bruce Shook
Bruce Shook Oy oldin
I havent laughed so much in a while!!! Great job
Toe Oy oldin
I like to imagine they all hook up with each other after filming
cheder1980 Oy oldin
Im soooo the flannel guy!!! This is shit, this is less shit, this is alright, YO ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!!!
Julie Martin
Julie Martin Oy oldin
Had to find a recipe for the Maple Bourbon Smash, now I'm hooked 😉
Evan F
Evan F Oy oldin
She wanted his dick lol
Elias Rolén Nystedt
I need to go to Ireland. I really like Irish women apparently...
GhostDrummer Oy oldin
“Cider and Tequila...oh, that’s the name to that cop show we were gonna star in!”
ur local qt 🌼
A him-mosa 😂
Erica-Rose Farrand
He said a himosa totally missed the opportunity for calling it a manmosa
Hugh Fuller
Hugh Fuller Oy oldin
I’ve watched this episode many times. This is funny
James Durnein
James Durnein Oy oldin
“You like it?” “I love drinking” Oh how savage Irish people are😂
lucan369 Oy oldin
"Taste like crime solving bitch"
Zyphyr Flux
Zyphyr Flux Oy oldin
Anyone else think they used Darren as David Tennant's body double on Dr Who
David in Barstow
You need to do a show trying old drinks that no one drinks anymore
Jesse Oy oldin
I seriously would love to date Dermot
Chief Solo
Chief Solo Oy oldin
Try Marble IPA beer from New Mexico
Ryan McKeag
Ryan McKeag Oy oldin
They're Smashed, and I LOVE it!
Joeseph McBride
I'm going to name my sin Scot short for scotch
BakiWho Oy oldin
why so many juices on thanks giving??
Sara Kelesis
Sara Kelesis Oy oldin
“It’s nicer the deeper I go..........no.....no....nope”😂😂😂
Sara Kelesis
Sara Kelesis Oy oldin
Mark Piekacz  Piekacz
Thats a lie there making this up because I never drank with my family other then beer hahahah at Thanksgiving and I am from Michigan so the Detroit Lions are on t.v. you need beer hahahaha.
Hugh Fuller
Hugh Fuller Oy oldin
I love these
Jekku Oy oldin
"Himosa." EPIC. And Blaithin is a YUGE flirt!
PersonalTV Oy oldin
Y’all should have Irish people Try and watch my UZvid channel next
Veronica Blum
Veronica Blum Oy oldin
Tom is hot. Yes 😊
snatched batch
A himosa💜😌
Chantelle Tennant
The drunk flirting was the best
Richard Putz
Richard Putz 2 oy oldin
Laughed so hard I almost pissed myself!😆
Sheldon Nicholl
Sheldon Nicholl 2 oy oldin
We have Thanksgiving in Canada too. We celebrate in October though.
meggers1015 2 oy oldin
Something I’ve noticed... their bubble is a lot smaller than most Americans or maybe just me. If I feel like someone’s elbow is going to touch me, I get squirmy and move away.
Jackie Santangelo
Are all these people booze bags?
David Brenner
David Brenner 2 oy oldin
The entire family shows up for thanksgiving so yes we get drunk to get through the day.
B 2 oy oldin
Girl with the glasses on her head is legitimately funny. Not the one with glasses on her eyes, the one with big hoop earrings and her glasses up near her hairbun
Miya Jheale
Miya Jheale 2 oy oldin
A Thanksgiving drinking video that doesn't include Wild Turkey...
Nic Forster
Nic Forster 2 oy oldin
Anyone else shipping Colin and Darren?
Jessica Casto
Jessica Casto 2 oy oldin
HIM-mosa hahahahaha
Anna Coderre
Anna Coderre 2 oy oldin
Its lovelier the deeper I go... That's what's he said....
AnarchyShogun 2 oy oldin
Every time Blaithin is in a video, I fall more and more in love. This is entirely unhealthy for me.
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk 2 oy oldin
Tag yourself, I’m cider
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison 2 oy oldin
teeth soooo yellow
IncubusGirl06 2 oy oldin
i'm willing to watch them two together in Cider and Tequila
IncubusGirl06 2 oy oldin
i'm willing to watch them two together in Cider and Tequila
Jeremi Salinas
Jeremi Salinas 2 oy oldin
Apricot Bourbon Smash is my jam!!
Adalberto Sampaio
These people must smash hard after the filming is done right?
I Play One On T.V.
Apples and onions look similar only if a person's drunk.
I Play One On T.V.
Thanksgiving Cocktails? What are they? Just give me a beer, or a glass of good wine.
HardtHorned Outdoors
You’re fucking right we get drunk on thanksgiving MERICA you bloody fucks
Lesha 2 oy oldin
Dermot just absolutely ruins these videos for me.
Shelby Rogers
Shelby Rogers 2 oy oldin
This channel is gold but it gets better the more you've had to drink. 😂
oldschoolman 144
oldschoolman 144 2 oy oldin
I'm Irish and I approve this video! ... =)
Matthew Charles
Matthew Charles 2 oy oldin
Any holiday with the family is a reason for us to get hammered.....
mmaeb 2 oy oldin
I’m so glad to see this is back! Seeing you all was my favorite part of UZvid. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 “Here’s the thing! Onions and apples are very similar.” 💀
René Ottmar
René Ottmar 2 oy oldin
4:48 she sound like a 14yo girl :O wtf :O
-Belue- -Myst-
-Belue- -Myst- 2 oy oldin
Why do I relate to the blonde chick sooo much? 🤔😂... "I'm drunk!"... "TASTE LIKE PRUNES, YOU'RE ELDERLY, YOU TELL ME!" (THE GUY: 😳)... "TASTE LIKE CRIME FIGHTING!" 😂😂😂... She doesn't give a shit and she is like thinking, "Well, this is happening! 🤷" HAHA! 😂😂😂...I'm the honest, goofy one at a party and in life!
Jeffrey Kenney
Jeffrey Kenney 2 oy oldin
if you can not get the mixes pause it.
Miðgarðsormr 2 oy oldin
I don't watch this for the content, i watch this because i love irish people talking
David Alcaraz
David Alcaraz 2 oy oldin
Well Mr. Ward ... There wasn't any Peanut Butter!
gromit789 2 oy oldin
I was actually gutted when I thought I wouldn’t see you guys again, just discovered your new channel yesterday, buzzing to say the least 🥰
Lucy T
Lucy T 2 oy oldin
Starts eating cinnamon
Dora Thompson
Dora Thompson 2 oy oldin
Pair Blaithin and Tom more!!
Hephesto 2 oy oldin
Next time you slice an apple for a cocktail, might be an idea to take the sticker off first. ;-)
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