Irish People Try the Texas Chicken Challenge

Diane Jennings
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You guys wanted this so much I had to find a way of doing it for you. Irish People Try the Texas Chicken Challenge... in ireland and edited in Spain Haha!
Many thanks to Hillbilly's restaurant in Rathmines for hosting us and even opening an hour early!
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7-Yan, 2019

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Ron S.
Ron S. 4 soat oldin
I don't believe hillbilly is a term applied to Texans. Hillybilly could be offensive depending on the context.
Dularr 17 soat oldin
Drink plenty of water or you will be horribly constipated.
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson Kun oldin
Where is the Hillbillies at the food looks good ,must be back east ,I don't think the West has this .
Morgan Stone
Morgan Stone Kun oldin
That chicken looks delicious
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania 2 kun oldin
Too much makeup and sparkly dangly earrings in the intro/outro sorry not sorry, just a tad distracting, you are way too pretty to even need much makeup nevermind in excess hahaha great video anyway, thumbs up, great to see some Facts. Bois in the house!
Lara Maaike
Lara Maaike 2 kun oldin
Aww man....It is 01H36 in the night and watching this made me craving for chicken and all I have left in my house is bread and peanut butter. I'm hungry, yes even after watching the whole video!
rideswithscissors 2 kun oldin
These guys are moonlighting!
Kevin Oloane
Kevin Oloane 3 kun oldin
She is so sexy 😍
Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 4 kun oldin
Hillbilly is not a bad term coming from a hillbilly hell I call my self a hillbilly redneck all the time
Shannon McLean
Shannon McLean 4 kun oldin
Love this, but it has nothing to do with Texas.
Bret Cantwell
Bret Cantwell 4 kun oldin
The proper appellation for "regular folks" in Texas would be Redneck. Hillbilly is really more for those who live in mountainous areas like Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 5 kun oldin
I think politically correct term for hillbilly is Appalachian American
seth watkins
seth watkins 5 kun oldin
Hillbillys find it not offensive but find the term redneck offensive. Rednecks dont find redneck offensive but find hillbilly offensive, people who consider themselves neither find both offensive. It all depends on where they're from. I wouldn't worry about it you can't please everyone!
Bart Howard
Bart Howard 5 kun oldin
How can you eat those without cream gravy? 😉
Raven Temple
Raven Temple 5 kun oldin
Should have been spicy chicken lol!
Sandra Weilbrenner
Sandra Weilbrenner 5 kun oldin
Yes i have had the meat sweats
donrainesoh 5 kun oldin
Hillbilly can be offensive if used that way. Also depends if the hillbilly finds offense in it. I mean it’s just a fucking word, but then again people are literally offended at everything these days.
Kewl Beans
Kewl Beans 5 kun oldin
wow this makes me want to open an irish pub in the states and call it "alcoholics" lol
Gerber Bernstein
Gerber Bernstein 5 kun oldin
Too much chicken, but the rest seems reasonable.
Julie Halverson
Julie Halverson 5 kun oldin
I can't believe Paul's skinny ass beat you both. 😂😂😂 Go Paul 🤒😱😵😳
Angel Almanza
Angel Almanza 6 kun oldin
That looks bomb!
Jonathan Abrego
Jonathan Abrego 6 kun oldin
Live in Texas and love it
Blade GTR
Blade GTR 6 kun oldin
Hillbilly can have a negative impact, it all depends in how the term is used. I guess it would be the equivalent of calling someone from Ireland a potato farmer. If you do it playfully, it is like jokingly calling someone a twat, or insultingly calling someone a twat if said with anger behind it.
Gillian Amy
Gillian Amy 6 kun oldin
Depending on where you are in the US it's both slang and offensive. Where im at it's offensive
Petalslash 6 kun oldin
True hillbilly's would embrace the name imo. kinda like redneck.
Sir Chunkmuffin McFloofybottom
Hillbilly is more Appalachian mountains people than Texas. I would say Texans are Rednecks.
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson 7 kun oldin
Hillbilly can be taken variously. If you are one it is affirmation, a greeting even a hail to someone just within earshot. If you are not a 'billy tone is very important and of course context.
Josh White
Josh White 7 kun oldin
Anyone offended by the word hillbilly ain't one and shouldn't have an opinion about it lol
Jegnur 7 kun oldin
I.... I want that..
Damani P.
Damani P. 7 kun oldin
Bacon grease can be weaponized up here in the North. Now doing eating contests I can do, I work out hard and it can work very well. I just don't do it that often (spurge day)
Cinder Man
Cinder Man 7 kun oldin
LOVE that you have your own channel. More fun for us Facts fans!
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander 7 kun oldin
Ur awesome. Idk y but ur comments on random stuff make me smile! Than you!
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant 7 kun oldin
Diane you are so awesome... Beautiful as well. Love the Irish accent.
Axis 7 kun oldin
Moist is my favorite word in the entire World, lol.
Big John
Big John 7 kun oldin
Well here in Arkansas we use the terms Hillbilly and Redneck as compliments. Just dont call a Redneck a Hillbilly or Vice versa. Lol
Donn Burge
Donn Burge 7 kun oldin
I'm a hillbilly
HelikaonIX 7 kun oldin
White people who are afraid to be associated with hilbillies don't like the term but real hillbillies are proud to call themselves that.
Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson 7 kun oldin
Enjoyed and Thumbs Up
T Wayland
T Wayland 7 kun oldin
Hello from texas. You look like ellie goulding btw lol. Also calling someone a hillbilly or country bumpkin isn't offensive.
xadam2dudex 8 kun oldin
PS what are the three of you doing in Texas ??
xadam2dudex 8 kun oldin
so this is chicken tenders and not regular fried chicken parts ? is Diane the only one eating her fries ( chips ) ?
Charlie Swearingen
Charlie Swearingen 8 kun oldin
All hail Irish Jesus!! 😎
Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan 8 kun oldin
Hillbilly, as with other terms like it, are only offensive to whiney little snowflake pansies.....
1COMIXMAN 8 kun oldin
Anyone who's a hillbilly won't be offended at the least they take pride in being a true hillbilly and besides they are some of the nicest or meanest people on earth depending on the situation by which u meet them. I have true ozark hillbilly in my family so yeah, Texas is redneck though not hillbilly. Just a fun fact.
Purple Zucchini
Purple Zucchini 8 kun oldin
Matt Stonie could do it.
randall bollinger
randall bollinger 8 kun oldin
Don’t worry about offending people, they will get over it.
Ryarios 8 kun oldin
Strange, I thought you would be able to give Paul a couple of pieces of chicken and he could feed a thousand...
raiderking69 8 kun oldin
I love these three!
Brooks Driver
Brooks Driver 8 kun oldin
Nah I live in Nashville ,hillbilly shouldn't bother anyone. People stop being ❄
Aurin saint
Aurin saint 8 kun oldin
Its a slang term... Hillbilly. Its not offensive.