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The Toe of Satan is a devilishly devious lollipop made from a 9 million Scoville heat chili extract. The challenge is to simply hold the lollipop in your mouth for five minutes. Four of our bravest TRYers stood up to The Toe of Satan challenge. But how well did they do?
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21-Dek, 2018



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The TRY Channel
The TRY Channel 3 oy oldin
HELLO PEOPLE, just to clarify: Vanessa was in first, and it was our bad - we messed up the rules of the challenge & explained it wrong. Please direct any and all fiery rage towards us and not her - we'll have to get a few more toes of satan in for round 2...🔥🔥🔥
kim bennett
kim bennett Kun oldin
why is Vanessa so dam Obnoxious she's like a kid talking shit in every video
Haeinscute Kun oldin
I want to see either of the Justine’s, Leather Jacket Guy, Eadaoin, Ciara, Jesus, MC or Donal do it.
mblogan 2 kun oldin
Don’t make her do it again, GAWD she was annoying!!
drschplatt 6 kun oldin
The rules aren't the point. She's just irritating. That's the point.
jaymaryfred 7 kun oldin
@Rebecca R , She has a sense of humor . I really don't think she's as arrogant as you seem to think, I'd bet she is a blast to hang out with!
gypsyangell Daqiqa oldin
How do you explain "you have to eat this sugary napalm for five minutes" wrong? When you're doing a challenge to put something hot in your mouth for five minutes, taking it out should be an automatic disqualification. Ask anyone...She knew what was expected. She really did turn the entire shoot to shit.
SitDown Dusty
SitDown Dusty 2 soat oldin
Vanessa you are still awesome dont listen to all the comments
Hugh Fuller
Hugh Fuller 6 soat oldin
This never gets old. I’m not pissing off Vanessa to try and make my dick fall off.
pyruleanfire demon
pyruleanfire demon 8 soat oldin
Yeah, would need a whole gallon of milk after that to cancel out the heat. Also the vengeful "suck ur ex's dick" fuck u for that mental pain
Daphneyd 14 soat oldin
OMG just watching Colin Regan suffer, I have NEVER sympathetic-wanted 2 throwup for someone, my GAG reflex reacted....
Ashley Toth
Ashley Toth 17 soat oldin
Comments are absolutely vicious. 🙀
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson Kun oldin
The new one is a bit full of her self only talks of her and how good she thinks she is dont like her i want the russle brand looker like back he was funny
Nunya Goddamnbusiness
Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater. Vanessa is a cheater.
Haeinscute Kun oldin
Clisare clearly won. Vanessa had it out of her mouth the majority of the time. That doesn’t count.
LaLa Kun oldin
Dermott 😍
Mark Damalas
Mark Damalas 2 kun oldin
Thanks I had to look up railed. I must admit never heard anything like that such a polite way of saying you feel like you just got fucked.
marco polo
marco polo 2 kun oldin
Bitch cheated for real..... no explanation needed on the rules. just put the damn thing in yo mouth .
Tim Hartley
Tim Hartley 2 kun oldin
Vanessa said she do that for another 10 minutes. Yeah, it didn't spend any time in your mouth.
Bubz Ben Lurkin
Bubz Ben Lurkin 2 kun oldin
Her pussy I would try that 😋🤷🏾‍♂️
Twila Jones
Twila Jones 2 kun oldin
Really annoyed with the cheating female. She's annoying. Please don't use her again.
Foof50 3 kun oldin
Bitch needs to stop talking and suck the toe
Quentin Foxworth
Quentin Foxworth 4 kun oldin
I literally gave this a thumbs down and then UNSUBSCRIBED because of The chick in the Gray....
Lisamarie Garnica
Lisamarie Garnica 4 kun oldin
The new girls so annoying talked way too much isn't the challenge to keep it in your mouth not like that annoying chick who kept taking it out
Gutslinger 4 kun oldin
Funny how everyone in the comments act like little saints in normal episodes where everything goes without a hitch. But then their true colors show when someone on the show rubs them the wrong way. Lol
Cameron Paulger
Cameron Paulger 4 kun oldin
Was that a final fantasy vii shirt i saw :O well he is now my favourite of them all
Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos
Wow, soooo annoying. Should have edited her out.
Patty Barnard
Patty Barnard 5 kun oldin
Clisare wins!
AuraMaster 5 kun oldin
Get rid of Vanessa. Immediately.
M. Christ
M. Christ 5 kun oldin
That shit was so spicy it had the last girl talking in 3rd person. Lol
Donnie Qualls
Donnie Qualls 5 kun oldin
Wait, what was she going to do for another 7 minutes? Hold it in her mouth for 10 seconds and spend the other 6 minutes and 50 seconds talking about how great she is while waiving the lollipop around?
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee 5 kun oldin
They all lost technically. You cannot win if you've got it out of your mouth more time than not. :P But I though Vanessa was entertaining still though. This was a fun video. Clisare was the real winner though.
Paris Richardson
Paris Richardson 6 kun oldin
Everyone is being so rough on the new girl. I'd like to see how she interacts with the other Tryers. Give her a chance...
Sweetjammzz 6 kun oldin
Can you replace Vanessa?
drschplatt 6 kun oldin
The girl in the grey sweatshirt lost like 20 seconds in. That and she's just a horrible, unlikable, irritating, person who never should be on this show ever again. Yeah, if subscribing means I actually have to hear more of the bullshit that gushes forth from her mouth, I'll be staying as far away from that button as I can.
Karen Wheeler
Karen Wheeler 7 kun oldin
Vanessa sux...congrads Clisare
jaymaryfred 7 kun oldin
to all the ppl hating on this girl, I counted the seconds she talked (at least in the clips shown) and she talked without the toe in her mouth for approx 60 seconds(give or take) out of 5 minutes, so she went about 4 minutes roughly in total which is longer than the rest, this is meant to be fun and entertaining it's not like it's the final of a world championship game of Football or that there was a prize involved...jeez all you haters need to go have a Coke and a smile and stfu lol
I am Negan
I am Negan 7 kun oldin
4:00 Baddest bitch they've ever seen? She does he even have it in her mouth half the time. Lol Whatever, dear. That red headed girl is a trooper though.
Matt Slack
Matt Slack 7 kun oldin
That one chick had the lollipop out of her mouth more time than in.. lol
Jacob Rohwein
Jacob Rohwein 8 kun oldin
I don't care if you explained the rules wrong she lost. She talked more than she had it in her mouth. SHE LOST! And you idiots can say the rules were told and explained wrong all you want to try and justify it but she lost. She says I could do it for another 7 minutes I believe her because it will only be in her mouth for 30 seconds of that 7 minutes.
Eric Zickefoose
Eric Zickefoose 8 kun oldin
Wow, after having scrolled though well over 100 comments, nearly every one about Vanessa and being able to count good Vanessa comments on one hand... damn... guess I'm not the only one.
Eric Zickefoose
Eric Zickefoose 8 kun oldin
Soooo, like... the chick in the grey sweatshirt is pretty much disqualified, right? I mean, She's the only one who didn't leave it in her mouth or stop ratchet jawing.
PapaBear 8 kun oldin
Thumbs down to Vanessa.
Who Cares
Who Cares 8 kun oldin
I liked vanessa, I thought she was funny. She has a competitive attitude.
Johnny Irish
Johnny Irish 8 kun oldin
The one bitch just didn't shut up, and then acts like she won. Lose that cunt.
Garnalenpeller 8 kun oldin
But can she survive the alternative entrance Satan's toe challenge?
Schindu McSchinderich
3:06 that is messed up. ouch
Delayed boar
Delayed boar 8 kun oldin
I call cheat!!!
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 9 kun oldin
brokin6 9 kun oldin
HAHAHAHAHA! "If any of you CUNTS..." Hilarious!!! BTW Clisare won!
Yeah Ok
Yeah Ok 9 kun oldin
Vanessa..... stop....
Andrea Robles
Andrea Robles 9 kun oldin
I love this channel but I honestly want to unsubscribe because of how annoying and just how much I did not like that new girl who obviously did the challenge wrong and was incorrectly full of herself. SMH
Chef Wright
Chef Wright 10 kun oldin
That one girl didnt really do it she kept it out longer then it was in
blipzero 10 kun oldin
up in alaska we use them to heat up the water to make coffie lol
DeAnn Young
DeAnn Young 9 kun oldin
blipzero AND, do not forget about the fireplace we keep in our igloo's that we live in. AND!!!, have polar bears as guard dogs.
Godwin Dabatos
Godwin Dabatos 11 kun oldin
I hope they get paid
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel 11 kun oldin
I love the Irish so much. God bless you all
John Smith
John Smith 11 kun oldin
Allstar cheated. Didn't keep it in her mouth like she was supposed to.
Janne Laitinen
Janne Laitinen 10 kun oldin
Yeah, ulster cheated. I wouldn't even accept that she kept it between her teeth at the beginning. What's challenge in that?
Papa Panda
Papa Panda 11 kun oldin
I didn't like the aggressiveness of the new girl
DJ Alboe
DJ Alboe 11 kun oldin
Went to comments to see if anyone else was upset about the fact that the one girl cheated. I mean yeah, she cheated, but some of the comments were extremely harsh. I didn't like her in this video, but I feel kind of bad for her after reading some comments.
Tracy  Stanley
Tracy Stanley 11 kun oldin
No more Vanessa Puhleez....
Preacher Jones
Preacher Jones 13 kun oldin
Vanessa has to go. Damn vulger and not funny.
sab y
sab y 13 kun oldin
Loooooove the new girl!! She’s bad ass
Monil Dutes
Monil Dutes 13 kun oldin
clisare won hams down vanessa annoyong ass only lasted 23 seconds
George  Bliss
George Bliss 13 kun oldin
Clarissa is the spiciest bitch this channel has ever seen. Didn't take the pop out to talk every 2 seconds - no she wrote shit down. That girl is hardcore. Big ups
lance crawford
lance crawford 13 kun oldin
The chick in the grey sweatshirt keeps taking it out of her mouth to talk ..... loser
Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker 13 kun oldin
Clisare 100% percent won. But Colin is a champ.
Jennifer McBroom
Jennifer McBroom 14 kun oldin
What the fuck is with all the puritans in the comments clutching their pearls over a girl saying pussy? Grow up. I thought Vanessa was just fine.
ESUSAMEX 14 kun oldin
Clisare won! No more BS please!
Jalibee 14 kun oldin
Vanessa was Hilarious.😂
Brianna Lynn Otaku
Brianna Lynn Otaku 14 kun oldin
100% of the comments - Don't bring Vanessa back
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan 14 kun oldin
That new girl is a cheater
Sir Loin
Sir Loin 14 kun oldin
The new chick sucks ass,cheated the whole time.
Rashod Lamar
Rashod Lamar 14 kun oldin
Ok grey sweatshirt was bad but give her another chance but explain the rules. She is cute though
Salguine 14 kun oldin
Out of five minutes, the new girl had the thing actually in her mouth for a total of about eighteen seconds. And she's absolutely insufferable. Nope.
Justin 14 kun oldin
lame the girl that is talking so much is lame
Robin Patterson
Robin Patterson 15 kun oldin
Vanessa barely did anything, Clisare wins
Rj Alegria
Rj Alegria 15 kun oldin
Dermot is such a wuss lol 😂 💯‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Morgan Stone
Morgan Stone 15 kun oldin
"Almost as spicy as my pussy" Sounds like a personal problem Vanessa. Does that issue cause you to not follow the rules on the box?
Nathaniel Jackson
Nathaniel Jackson 15 kun oldin
Clisare won! Vanessa talked too much.
twatts45 3 kun oldin
I think she had it out of her mouth for 3 of the 5 minutes
Cory Shilling
Cory Shilling 15 kun oldin
Fuckn wanker .... Grey shirt cheated ... Just pathetic !!
StarDragon77 15 kun oldin
I call shenanigans on Vanessa Ifediora. Doesn’t it seem like she was cheating because she didn’t keep that in her mouth the whole time. If anything the clock should have been stopped each time she took it out or should have been disqualified altogether.
Sue Falls
Sue Falls 16 kun oldin
Beka Anderson
Beka Anderson 16 kun oldin
Can't stand the chick in the gray sweater. Please get rid of her.
FallenPhoenix 16 kun oldin
4:25 Ulster has about another 4 minutes to go.... spent more time looking at the damn thing and talking....
Matthew Howes
Matthew Howes 16 kun oldin
Vanessa... You can't just talk the whole time to distract people, lick it twice (hyperbole), and talk sh*t about how bad @$$ you are. Come back, keep it in your mouth, and then see what happens. But i don't blame her. Colin or whoever is running the challenge... Make people play by the rules.
Suicide Dice
Suicide Dice 16 kun oldin
Dis bitch spent half of the time without it in her mouth lmao
stretch nuttz
stretch nuttz 17 kun oldin
What's the hot black Irish women's name!? Shes sooo rad!?
James Gately
James Gately 17 kun oldin
Vanessa is annoying as hell like the pop
J Hales
J Hales 17 kun oldin
New girl sucks donkey dicks for a living... Please fire her. Pun intended.
Kitchen Doctors
Kitchen Doctors 17 kun oldin
Norn iron
Kim Edwards
Kim Edwards 17 kun oldin
Yeah, she probably actually had it in her mouth approximately 2 minutes lol
Fang PingFung
Fang PingFung 18 kun oldin
She can do it for another 7 mins? Lol... she didnt even go 1 min. Anyone can do it with half of the time not having it in ur mouth and talking all the time.
chase anderson
chase anderson 18 kun oldin
She didn’t do the challenge she kept taking it out of her mouth
Teresa Plancarte
Teresa Plancarte 18 kun oldin
Vanessa was.. something else. Didn’t quite like her. I agree with the majority of the comments, I would rather not see her on another video.
Tricia Tomlinson
Tricia Tomlinson 18 kun oldin
All this hate directed at a person doing a funny channel. So revealing!
NN A 18 kun oldin
"this is as spicy as my pussy" trashy Grey sweatshirt girl
triginta 19 kun oldin
Omg the new girl was jus talking a whole lot of nonsense!! Her counter should have stopped the second she opened her mouth!! The rest of them kept it IN their mouth. Booo
Ralph Dougherty
Ralph Dougherty 19 kun oldin
Notice how they haven’t had Vanessa come back after the shit storm of well deserved hatred towards her arrogant ass?
stephanie 101
stephanie 101 19 kun oldin
Hey sweat shirt girl, the challenge was not how much can u comment with the damn thing, it was to have it in your mouth for 5 mins.... the question is- y didn't they tell her to stop taking it out of her mouth... disqualified!!!!!!
Antzuprising 20 kun oldin
Everyone here is Dermot....and Vanessa is peanut butter!!
doro626 20 kun oldin
seems a waste of a lolli. Break it into pieces and get more in. Oh and only give dermot peanut flavored ice cream to cool his mouth. Im kidding. I love dermot. he looks like that hollywood actor.
Leo Powell
Leo Powell 20 kun oldin
When that new girl started talking about her spicey girl parts the first thing that came to my mind was unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, distasteful, offensive, objectionable, unsavory, unpalatable, dislikeable, off-putting, awful, terrible, dreadful, frightful, revolting, repulsive, repellent, repugnant, disgusting, odious, vile, foul, abhorrent, loathsome, nauseating, nauseous, sickening, detestable, execrable, abominable, insufferable, intolerable, unacceptable, despicable, contemptible, beyond the pale, poisonous, noxious, obscene, base and hideous. I don't have any desire to see her on here again. Yuck!
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 21 kun oldin
She’s a spitter not a swallower 😂
Kimberly Coates
Kimberly Coates 21 kun oldin
Lost a sub because of the girl in the grey
Essem Sween
Essem Sween 21 kun oldin
She spent more time with it out of her mouth than in. They should've added all her waving it in the air time on at the end.
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