Irish People Try To Identify The American States

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"All your knowledge of California is based on Beach Boys songs!"
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Behind the video :
Most people in Ireland have a vague idea about the US states so we decided to test our Facts. contributors geography by having them try to identify US states on a blank map. How well do you think they did?
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2-Mar, 2016




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ittybittyshoeshine 19 soat oldin
Twighlight was filmed in BC Canada. Nothing is filmed in US anymore.
Lauren Hanna
Lauren Hanna 5 kun oldin
All these triggered people in the comments and yet they probably couldn’t place a single European country on the map smh
Steven Abbott
Steven Abbott 5 kun oldin
Ive never met a person from Jersey who says joisey
FJ Marcliff
FJ Marcliff 5 kun oldin
People from NJ do not have accents you are thinking of Brooklyn and Staten Island.
Irish Cowboy
Irish Cowboy 5 kun oldin
I'm Irish but in live in America
victoria LoCicero
victoria LoCicero 8 kun oldin
California is not the sunshine state. The sunshine state is Florida
Elijah Culper
Elijah Culper 11 kun oldin
Our capital is Topeka. Not KC.
Angus McFife
Angus McFife 3 soat oldin
I was thinking Wichita, lol. Whoops.
Jordan Jnee
Jordan Jnee 12 kun oldin
Lots of my fellow Americans here saying they couldn’t identify the states either... speak for yourself. We all learned them in school. Take an online quiz and re-familiarize yourself.
harry callahan
harry callahan 13 kun oldin
Congrats you all did better than 2/3 of America
IamEm 13 kun oldin
Just got back from Ireland, love the country and the people. You guys are awesome
Stop Motion Lego Creator
Painful as fuck
Tohru 15 kun oldin
I live in japan with miss kobayashi! Hehe
Dinosuar Lover
Dinosuar Lover 15 kun oldin
"its the biggest state?" me: *breathes in and screams" R U FUCKING STOOPID ALASKA IS THE BIGGEST STATE!!!1!1!111 *cries*
Tony Mvr
Tony Mvr 17 kun oldin
US states are useless to know.
Harrison Fry
Harrison Fry 11 kun oldin
Tony Mvr unless you live here and if you don’t know a state you look like a dumbass
Lol it rains alot... really? "Yeah cause in twilight it rained alot.."
Robert Redfield
Robert Redfield 19 kun oldin
Man if Virginia has been on there I would have sent them gifts ah who am I kidding I’m still gonna send gifts
Krishna Doraisamy
Krishna Doraisamy 21 kun oldin
They still did better than Americans.
Jamee Smyth
Jamee Smyth 24 kun oldin
Aaron McVey
Aaron McVey 26 kun oldin
I'm from Kansas so that hurts
Nathan Ventura
Nathan Ventura 27 kun oldin
Heads up folks, New York is a WHOLE state bigger than the Netherlands, full of wilderness and agriculture, not just NYC. I'm in the border with Canada in Buffalo NY, Toronto is only an hour away driving, but NYC is 9 hours away by car!
David Miles
David Miles 29 kun oldin
oh hell can they really
B P Oy oldin
John F Kennedy memorial park is in New Ross. Boston has more Irish than any city in Ireland except Dublin yet you couldn’t identify Massachusetts?
kirkpanzer Oy oldin
That's better than most college grads do here in the states. They all take gender studies and minority protesting 101 geography and real history are inconvenient. lol
Heather Haub
Heather Haub Oy oldin
Oh look, another Wizard of Oz reference. Come on Kansas! We need to come up with a new way to be identified! 😩
guru-in-drag Oy oldin
California isn't the Sunshine State, ya dingus! That's Florida!
Parsiwi Paramaputri
“Its like the capital of America” *facepalms* its Washington D.C
Anna Roe
Anna Roe Oy oldin
“The sunshine state” 😂😂 You definitely got the wrong one, honey. Great video!
Senaleb Oy oldin
Texas and California don't count (along with Florida) everyone knows those. Was impressed they knew Washington and Kansas though.
wolfgirl82208 Oy oldin
Irish love their Beyoncé
Ethan Huxtable
Glad to know the stereotypes of my home state of Kansas have yet to change.
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas Oy oldin
Who is the girl in the 1976 shirt? She's amazing
Scott Blair
Scott Blair Oy oldin
Im 9 and can name all the states
Julia Garron
Julia Garron Oy oldin
New Jersey doesn’t have an accent, that’s the New Yorkers who move to Jersey, or at least that’s how it is where I live because I live in New Jersey.
Pepper 403
Pepper 403 Oy oldin
Lol New York " the capital of Americaaa" Lmao
flyback 2me
flyback 2me Oy oldin
You pointed to my state, Delaware (The 1st State) for New Jersey, lol. Just saying. Jersey's Northeast of us, to the right of Pennsylvania (where I was born). Still did an awesome job though. Oh, that's Maryland to our left.
Magsnmaisey Oy oldin
I am close to teen years and I can name almost all the states
Kell Brigan
Kell Brigan Oy oldin
2:08 Actually, a lot of the time they're both!
LynnGoldWolf Oy oldin
Random fact: alaska does not have the most coast line it is actually minnesota
Turkey Boy
Turkey Boy Oy oldin
Woman: Mississippi y'all Me: I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaila Y
Kaila Y Oy oldin
NEW YORK “It’s like, the capital of America” “It’s got New Jersey”
0:54 nope,Florida
Hampton Hancock
I wonder how many Americans can identify the counties in Eriu. For that matter, I wonder how many Americans can even name all the 50 states
uhavemooface Oy oldin
Actually Texas use to be the biggest state now its Alaska.
Kay Faith
Kay Faith Oy oldin
Why didn’t they ask them about any Midwest states???
Sophie P.
Sophie P. Oy oldin
To everyone who is triggered: try think of how much you know about Ireland before spreading hate and ignorance in the comments thank you.
the j
the j Oy oldin
I'll forgive my Irish pals, as long as the buy me all the Beemish and Guinness I can drink!
Dena Redford
Dena Redford 2 oy oldin
Stop laughing how can you learn if your talking and joking and making fun of everything .
Secret Ninja
Secret Ninja 2 oy oldin
I cringed when they got New York wrong (that’s where i live)
Sam Rohrer
Sam Rohrer 2 oy oldin
Alaska is the biggest state And half of it is still bigger than Texas. Also another fun fact is that the island of Kodiak is bigger than Rhode Island
Charlotte Larson
Charlotte Larson 2 oy oldin
Yay! my state was one of them, and they all got it right!